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LLS Chapter 146 – You are the one who’s gonna die!

Chapter 146 – You are the one who’s gonna die!
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Abnormal.” Yue Yang could not help but thought of this word in his heart.

However, for Yue Yang who had undergone the beautiful girl’s special training regimen for a long time in the realm of dreams, he was definitely not an idiot who would resign himself to death the moment he saw a strong opponent.

Before the Marquis of Zhi Jin’s other fist collided forcefully with a loud ‘boom’, Yue Yang executed the silent summon which he had learnt from Xiao Wen Li. It was the silent summon that he had trained hard in and succeeded. His Silver Grimoire floated into appearance, and its protective shield rose up with an irresistible speed, repelling the Marquis of Zi Jin away. Yue Yang saw that the protective shield was slightly fluctuating from the aftereffects of the Marquis of Zhi Jin’s powerful fist. Although he was aghast, he heaved a sigh of relief silently at the same time. Luckily, this Marquis of Zhi Jin was not as overpowering as the Demon King Ha Xin. He had no means to smash the protective shield… If it was a punch or a finger thrust from Demon King Ha Xin instead, his protective shield would probably be unable to stand the impact. Yue Yang would definitely have a headache then.

At that time, the Halo Shield from Xiao Wen Li’s Diamond Grimoire was also not able to withstand a furious attack from Demon King Ha Xin’s finger.

However, this time, it seemed that even though the Marquis of Zhi Jin was an expert, he really wasn’t entirely unbeatable.

The first thing that Yue Yang did was to increase the number of Giant Phantom Shadows on his body. His strength, that had suddenly became a hundred times greater, exploded at that instant, enabling Yue Yang to completely recover his confidence to compete with the other party.

He did not use the Teleportation Scroll to leave. Instead, he started to compose himself and draw on his Qi, readying himself for a major confrontation with the Marquis of Zi Jin… As for the Marquis of Zi Jin who was floating down slowly from the sky, a surprised look flashed across his face for a second. He did not expect that the young-aged Yue Yang actually knew how to instantly summon a grimoire. He felt that if the protective shield of the grimoire had not blocked his punch, this brat would have already suffered from fractured bones, severed tendons and crushed internal organs.

What surprised him even more was that this fellow did not take advantage of the situation and run away, but instead summoned his beast, looking as if he wanted to fight him.

Could it be that he really had that much confidence?

“You’re playing the summoning card? I’ll entertain you.” Marquis of Zhi Jin summoned a Platinum Grimoire, flipping a few pages at will, looking as if he was choosing a beast. In the end, he chose one carelessly, and extended his hand to summon it.

A freakish dog-like animal with a human body, ox legs, and bat wings was summoned. It looked extremely ugly.

However, it seemed to have a little intelligence. It knew how to use a giant sword as its weapon and was also wearing a set of blue battle armour.

Its red eyes flickered with bloodthirst. When it was summoned, it immediately knelt in front of Marquis of Zhi Jin, as if offering its most respectful loyalty to its master.

Looking at it, Yue Yang discovered that this monster’s level was Silver-ranked Level Six. He was slightly pleased. It looked like this the Marquis of Zi Jin had not seen through his capabilities yet. Under the protection of [Counterfeit], enemies would always inaccurately estimate and also grossly underestimate his power. This is because they did not believe that such a young person like him would be an [Innate] Ranker, their line of thought was easily limited by reality.

They would definitely not expect that he was a guy who travelled dimensions and hence an exception…

“Come, what does a Monkey of Zi Jin even count as? Other than the Great-sage Sun, that monkey, other monkeys are just transient beings.” Yue Yang put away his Silver Grimoire and raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade as he walked over.
(TLN: Great-sage Sun is Sun Wu Kong, the monkey from Journey to the West)

“Eh?” the Marquis of Zhi Jin’s face colour had really changed now.

This fellow was not only not running away, he even put away his grimoire. Could it be that he was really not afraid of death?

Without the protective shield, he could instantly kill him off at any time. What was going on in his brain?

This, this was too strange.

Yue Yang’s actions were puzzling to the Marquis of Zi Jin. He frowned slightly as he also put his Platinum Grimoire away. Easing his hands behind his back, he stood distantly opposite Yue Yang. Instead of approaching him immediately and execute his moves to attack Yue Yang, he only sent a look towards the ugly beast and indicated to it to go forth and kill Yue Yang.

He was not anxious to kill Yue Yang. He wanted to test out Yue Yang’s capabilities first.

The ugly beast immediately leapt into the air as it received his master’s orders. Fanning its wings, it swooped towards Yue Yang like a swift lightning.

The huge blade slashed down from the sky.

Yue Yang dodged, avoiding the tip of the ugly beast’s blade with lightning speed. As he was about to counterattack, the ugly beast started to spin high up in the sky, its sword tip spiralling like a spinning top.

This was the humans’ martial art technique ‘Whirlwind Blade’. What was different was that humans stood on the ground and spiralled, but this monster spun in the air. Yue Yang leapt backwards, withdrawing from the attacking range of the sword blade. The ugly beast flapped its wings wildly and kept chasing, finally forcing Yue Yang to back up into the lakewater. Sure enough, this ugly beast had intelligence. When he saw Yue Yang enter the lake, the bloodthirst in its red eyes intensified, revolving and slashing faster as it chased.

The Marquis of Zi Jin felt a little astonished. He did not think that this masked brat would easily fall into a disadvantageous position.

Backing into the lake was most likely a crafty plan.

However, he completely did not control or warn off his summoned beast. He only quietly observed, looking at Yue Yang’s counterattacks, hoping that he could find a hint or trace from this fight to deduce Yue Yang’s identity.

The Marquis of Zhi Jin could be certain that this fellow in front of him was a young Ranker that was secretly nurtured by one of the Four Great Sects, because he did not recognise him at all and had never heard about such a young Ranker in this world. How did a person like him not even chosen to be one of the Three Great Killing Stars? Even if he was not chosen, how would he be completely obscure and unknown? Also, the most important point was that with this fellow’s skill, courage and insight, were definitely not something that normal people could have. He must definitely be a young Ranker secretly nurtured by one of the Four Great Sects.

“Counter-attack!” Yue Yang shouted loudly, raising his Magic Blade to fake an attack.

The ugly beast clearly could understand the human language. It immediately reacted with a kind of vigilant defense when it heard him, and its revolving speed had also slowed down quite a lot.

With this single test, Yue Yang confirmed what he thought… He then repeatedly raised his Magic Blade and put them down, shouting “Counter-attack!” at each time. The ugly beast was completely confused by his actions and its offensive attacks ended up hindered time and time again and again. Finally, its spiralling form ultimately disintegrated into nothingness.

“It’s really an idiot, haha!” Yue Yang jeered at it loudly.

When the ugly beast heard him, it flew over, flustered and exasperatedly, Meanwhile, Yue Yang was stepping on the surface of the lake, using his Magic Blade to stir the water slowly.

The Marquis of Zhi Jin noticed some irregularity. The true power did not lie in the purple flames on the Magic Blade, but in the turbulent undercurrents in the whirlpool of waves underneath this fellow’s feet.

Unknowingly, a giant whirlpool had appeared at the bottom of the lake, but the surface remained as calm as ever.

What made the Marquis of Zhi Jin’s heart beat faster was that this masked brat had used the Magic Blade in a very ingenious way. When he tried to observe and compare Yue Yang’s moves carefully, he actually found that he, himself, would not be able to do this… In the instant when the ugly beast thrust at Yue Yang’s face, Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade had arrived before it and met the sharp tip of the giant sword. Taking advantage of this moment, Yue Yang caused the ugly beast to entirely lost its balance and fell heavily onto the lake’s surface. When it flapped its wings desperately wanting to fly up, Yue Yang chopped at the wings on its back with one slash of the Magic Blade, laughing coldly. “Go to hell and be a water ghost!”

The ugly beast dropped onto the lake’s surface with a loud sound.

Initially, with its strength, even if it was injured, it would still be able to fly towards the sky within a few seconds. However, the strange whirlpool at the bottom of the lake entirely destroyed any possibility of it even struggling and simply swallowed it whole.

Suddenly, a fist cast a shadow onto Yue Yang’s head. “You too go to hell to be a water ghost.”

It was the Marquis of Zhi Jin.

Even though Yue Yang had already put the most attention on him, he still could not sense the Marquis of Zhi Jin’s movement.

Yue Yang completely could not understand how this fellow could move to the top of his head in an instant… It was like he had disappeared in midair, and then re-appearing again suddenly here. There was no trace of movement in between, no indication of change at all.

If there was, Yue Yang would definitely have been able to feel it. But the weird fact was that the enemy seemed to have gotten control of the entire space. He could carelessly disappear and appear in any place, including the place right above Yue Yang’s head. Looking at his punch which was almost within reach, Yue Yang dropped his body rapidly downwards, his entire back smashing against the lake surface. A hint of cold killing intent flashed through Marquis of Zhi Jin’s eyes. Nobody could ever escape from his clutches.


As long as he wished to kill, nobody could escape from him.

When his fist hit Yue Yang’s face, Marquis of Zhi Jin laughed coldly and snorted. “Young fellow, you are still too green.”

However, in the one-thousandth of a second, in the instant that the force of the fist had exploded, he discovered that the masked brat under his fist had disappeared…

At the same time, in the sky, with a frightening amount of power that seemed to be capable of overturning seas and waves, an unstoppable clenched fist ruthlessly punched Marquis of Zhi Jin vital pressure point on his back.

It was Yue Yang.

Some time unknowingly, he and the Marquis of Zhi Jin had exchanged positions and furthermore, they had also exchanged roles.

From being attacked, to become the attacker.

“You are practically courting death.” Marquis of Zhi Jin’s fury hit the roof. He turned his body, and as he reduced most of the impact of Yue Yang’s punch, his left palm counter-hit at Yue Yang’s chest with a speed and strength ten times more than his right palm just now. He no longer had the mood and patience to make fun of his prey. His move was one fatal blow.

“Two idiots.” Yue Yang did not avoid or dodge at all; he merely extended his hand and pointed leisurely.

The Silver Grimoire was yet again instantly summoned, and the protective shield started to spread over Yue Yang’s body.

The Marquis of Zi Jin’s powerful fist that had an incomparable power hit onto the protective shield, deforming it slightly. However the protective shield that had an unequivocal defense immediately rebounded the Marquis of Zi Jin into the lakewater. With a loud boom, the Marquis of Zi Jin was rebounded by the power of his own move and smashed into the water. Even though within a second, he had split the lake surface and leapt high up into the air with water splashing up everywhere… His clothes were half drenched in water. It could not be concealed anymore, his miserable appearance after playing right into Yue Yang’s trap was completely exposed.

This was definitely one of the biggest humiliations in his life.

Furthermore, it was an enormous humiliation that was, for the first time ever, caused by a younger generation.

“Abominable, Masked Brat, you are definitely screwed. I’ll let you see that in front of a truly strong person, that laughable witty plan, is simply a display of a weak person and simply not worth mentioning.” the Marquis of Zi Jin was really angered. There had never been anyone from the younger generation that put him in such a sorry state.

What made it so difficult to bear was that he was actually tricked by this fellow.

He hated the feeling of being tricked the most.

The ugly beast started to struggle up from the lake. It opened up its bat-like wings which were drenched in water and was about to fly up. Yue Yang immediately put his grimoire away again and landed down to the lakewater, wordlessly and soundlessly.

With one foot, he stepped on the ugly beast, pushing it back into the water, his Hui Jin Magic Blade revolving again on the lake surface.

The ugly beast struggled in the water, and was yet again embroiled by the whirlpool into the deeper waters.

The Marquis of Zi Jin disappeared.

Yue Yang kept using his Level Three [Divine Vision] to sense him, but the Marquis of Zi Jin still managed to easily disappear into the air without Yue Yang’s [Divine Vision] capturing even a trace or a hint.


When a furious voice travelled over from Yue Yang’s back, the Marquis of Zi Jin’s clenched fist had already hit the fulcrum joining Yue Yang’s spinal cord and head.

As long as he hit his target with one punch, Yue Yang would most likely die.

The terrible power of this one punch, let alone one person, even a Battle Mammoth or Battle Kodo Beast would be beaten into a pulp of mud. The Marquis of Zi Jin definitely believed in his own strength. There was no non-Innate Ranker body that could withstand his [Perishing Blow]. Under this punch, this follow would only have one end, and that was his entire body dissolving into flesh and blood fragments, splashing as far as hundred metres away.

“You are the one who’s dead!” Yue Yang bellowed in rage. He completely ignored the Marquis of Zi Jin’s punch, both hands clasping together, in that instant his [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi executed his [Supreme Sword].

He had already planned this counterattack and waited for this opportunity for a very long time.

Thinking of using normal weapons or punches to kill the Marquis of Zi Jin was one of the most ridiculous moves.

To kill Rankers that were Level Six [Elders] or above, the best way was to use [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi. Only this Sword Qi that could conquer every obstacle and destroy everything. Only this could cause a fatal blow to them…

The Marquis of Zi Jin saw countless golden sword tips extending out from Yue Yang’s ten fingers, then collecting into one extremely sharp Sword Qi. He was inwardly alarmed.

He instinctively wanted to summon his grimoire to protect himself.

However, he discovered that he could not move at all.

A sort of shapeless strength had bound his entire body… He had concentrated all his power into this punch and the momentum was bringing his body forward. Currently, his protective shield had not been raised and his strongest summoning beast was still not summoned; in addition, his entire body was bound so tightly that he could not budge. On the other hand, his enemy was an [Innate] who had concealed himself. That Innate Sword Qi was aimed at the space between his eyebrows and was about to deal a fatal blow.

At that instant, a shadow of death flashed across the Marquis of Zi Jin’s heart.

If he had a chance to regret, he definitely would not fall into the enemy’s trap like that again. He would first summon his strongest summoned beast to protect him instead.

He would even rather have let this fellow go back and never meet with him again. He would never even think of killing him…

It was because of one ill-considered action, that now he had fallen into such a dangerous situation where death was certain.

The Marquis of Zi Jin almost went crazy.

Who could expect that this fellow was actually an Innate Ranker that hid himself so well? Who could expect that he still had an innate skill that could bind a person’s entire body up?

If he had known it would be like this earlier, the Marquis of Zi Jin would definitely not have attacked so impulsively… However, there were no ‘what ifs’ in this world.

He also understood this himself. It was just that he was too careless and too confident in himself.

And also too stupid.

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