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LLS Chapter 141 – A mysterious female thief

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Chapter 141 – A mysterious female thief
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Krithika, Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Neither party summoned their beasts. They only waved their fists around, striking out indiscriminately.

Ye Kong and his group had fewer people, but they were staunch and unyielding in character.

Moreover, they were used to working as labourers and mercenaries. Even though they were ganged up on and beaten, they did not retreat even one step. Instead, they fought with all their might, and they were not entirely at a disadvantage. Especially the Li Clan Brothers, with the two brothers covering for each other, one attacking and one defending, they acted with such tacit understanding and rapport between them that the multiple men who attacked them on all sides could not gain any form of advantage.

Since he had contracted with King Kong Demon Ape and Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle, Ye Kong’s body constitution had greatly improved.The additional strength he received from his beasts was also enhanced. Most importantly, his confidence was back.

Even if he did not summon King Kong Demon Ape, he would still be able to match his opponents.

He, alone, challenged two people.

Those two people whom he challenged had faces so similar that they could only be twin brothers. These two brothers had tall and sturdy figures. Furthermore, the two of them had teamed up against Ye Kong. They fought intensely and aggressively, as if they wanted to swallow Ye Kong whole. Ye Kong was also not resigned to his fate and spared no effort in returning their blows. The three of them punched and kicked one another with fervour, ferociously beating up each party’s face… The three people’s faces were beaten up so much that there was blood everywhere and their faces were thoroughly bruised and battered.

Maybe the anger in their hearts had been ignited by their fight, none of them were willing to stop, and were determined to fight till the bitter end, until one party collapsed.

The surrounding spectators also did not think that this was odd because the scene of mercenaries fighting was a common one which happened every day, no matter where or when.

Even the frontier soldiers were unconcerned and nobody came forth to dissuade or stop them.

Under Yue Yang’s signal, Hui Tai Lang pounced. With a thunderous roar, it first shocked every person and beast present. Then it easily knocked away the few men who were ganging up and beating Fatty Hai, saving this fellow who was kneeling on the ground covering his head and not caring about the state of his butt.

With the appearance of the Silver-ranked Level Four Hui Tai Lang, the surrounding mercenaries immediately retreated ten meters away, one after another. The colour of their faces even changed.

All the people fighting were also intimidated into hurriedly stopping their fights.

“Oi, this is not in accordance with the rules. It was clearly stated that beasts cannot be used, you summoned such a strong beast to take part in the battle, aren’t you taking unfair advantage of us?” From the crowd, a girl and a guy walked out. The guy still looked amicable, with a normal expression on his face, but the girl’s eyebrows were erect with anger as she reproached Yue Yang loudly.

“I am not sure about what happened, but ten people are ganging up on four of them. Is this part of your rules?“ Yue Yang replied sarcastically.

“We don’t care about the matters regarding the Ye Clan. But before you came, firstly, we did not summon beasts to attack your comrades, and secondly, we did not participate in the fight, this proves that we have no evil intentions. This is just an internal dispute of the Ye Clan. Furthermore, both parties are exercising restraint. They did not use weapons or firearms, they only use their fists. Once they finish this fight, their anger would have been vented. Why don’t we just forget it this time.” The guy had a polite attitude, and he spoke neither servilely nor overbearingly. When he saw the Silver-ranked Level Four Hui Tai Lang, he did not turn pale from astonishment unlike the surrounding mercenaries, it seemed like he was also an extraordinary person.

“Forget about it? What forget about it? You guys saw that Hui Tai Lang is here, hence you guys are frightened, of course you would want us to forget about it. Just now when I was being beaten up, why didn’t you say ‘forget about it’?” Fatty Hai’s anger was excessive, but his face did not have any injury at all, there were just a lot of shoeprints on his butt. Perhaps the other party saw his useless appearance and did not hit him with much force. They did not even hit his face, but kicked his butt instead.

“Ye Kong, don’t you think that just because you found a powerful person to lean on for support, you can change your own fortune. You are a piece of rubbish, you were trash last time, you still are trash and next time you will still continue to be trash. You are such a useless person that you will forever be useless.” One of the twin brothers pointed at Ye Kong and abused him loudly.

“I am not going to quarrel with you. When it’s time for our family to pay respects to our ancestors, we will compete again in front of the entire family. Let’s see who is the real useless piece of rubbish then. ” Ye Kong condescendingly spit out a mouthful of bloody spittle.

“Who’s afraid of you? When that time comes, if you don’t dare to compete, you are an ostrich.” The two twin brothers sporting nosebleeds furiously returned to their comrades’ sides.

“What’s going on?” Yue Yang’s curiosity was piqued. Could it be that this Ye Kong was the same as the tragic guy? Could it be that both of them had the same situation of family disputes leading to family members killing each other?

“They are my older cousins…” Ye Kong started to say, but he was afraid of Yue Yang misunderstanding, so he added another sentence. “We don’t have animosity towards each other, just some conflicting views. We have had them since young.”

“So why did you all start fighting?” Yue Bing asked.

“Cough, during new year’s there was a little conflict at home, and when we met here, they were swearing and cursing at me so much that I couldn’t hold back my temper, hence we started fighting. This is just a conflict between me and the two of them. My father and uncle are actually on good terms with each other, so we just quarrelled a little and did not really use our real strength.” Ye Kong was a little embarrassed when answering Yue Bing’s question. Yue Yang understood the situation a little. This guy, Ye Kong, had two powerful beasts, the King Kong Demon Ape and Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle, but he did not summon any of them. That was mainly because he was afraid of accidentally killing his two cousins. Otherwise, with the King Kong Demon Ape’s and Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s battle power, he could easily crush the entire group of the opposing party. Of course, the amicable guy who looked quite strong was an exception.

“Use real strength… Even if you really used your real strength, you are still a useless piece of rubbish. If not for the fact that I held back in consideration of Uncle, would you still even have your life?” The two twin brothers laughed coldly.

“I’ll re-compete with you all again during the family ancestral ceremony. Now I am not going to fight with you.” Ye Kong had complete confidence in himself now.

Now that he had the Bronze-ranked King Kong Demon Ape and the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle, Ye Kong felt that he was close to or even be better than his strength last time, before his beast was killed. Hence, he was unafraid of facing challenges. He felt that after following Yue Yang to train and level up, he had improved ten times faster than if he had done it himself. When the familial ancestral ceremony comes, his strength would probably have enhanced even further. His two cousins would definitely not be able to evenly match up to him by then.

If they still thought that he was the same useless piece of rubbish who was lying on the ground in Tong Tian Tower, disheartened and awaiting death, two months ago, they couldn’t be more wrong.

“Everybody is still young and reckless. Once they are provoked, it is normal to start a fight. Now that the matter is resolved, everybody has their own things to do. Why don’t we all disperse?” The amicable guy cupped his hands and bowed towards Yue Yang, preparing to leave with his group.

“Wait, does this mean I just endured your beatings for nothing? You, the beautiful lady over there, come out now, I want to challenge you individually.” Fatty Hai’s real purpose was not to fight a duel with her, his real intentions were to touch and be in physical contact with the beautiful girl’s body.

“Shameless. Who wants to fight with you.” The little beautiful girl on the opposite side was smart and did not take the bait, rejecting the offer, pulling a cute grimacing face.

“I, Master Hai, shall give you a handicap of three punches… ” When Fatty Hai saw that the girl wanted to avoid fighting, he was even prouder and more obnoxious with himself.

“You damned fatty, just wait, today the big dog is here, so I will not lower myself to your level. I will skin you alive the next time if I see you.” The little beautiful girl was not afraid of Fatty Hai at all, but she was actually a little fearful of Hui Tai Lang.

“Even without Hui Tai Lang I am also powerful. I am the Boss, get it? All the people here are the little minions that I am taking care of. Hui Tai Lang’s level is a little high, but this Master Hai’s beast is also not in the least bit inferior. I am just a low-profile person, and hence I don’t show it. Don’t tell me people who are low-key like me would tell you guys that I am a Grimoire contractor and that I own a Bronze-ranked Level Two Iron Rhinoceros?… Oi, all of you don’t leave, I haven’t finished what I am saying!” Once Fatty Hai opened his mouth, all the people scattered in all directions. Nobody was willing to listen to his crap, this drove him quite mad.

Yue Yang looked into the distance. There was a masked thief with a tall, slim body and slender and lanky legs who was silently standing in the empty space, observing quietly.

At first, Yue Yang had thought that she was Miss Yi Nan, but when he seriously studied her, this female thief was at least half a head taller than Yi Nan, and was also quite strong. When Yue Yang used his Level 3 [Divine Vision] to observe carefully, he couldn’t help but react in shock.

This female thief, she was the strongest person at his age that he had ever met.

Yue Yang estimated that this female thief was even stronger than Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang, those Three Great Killing Stars. From a certain angle for comparison purposes, she was another Princess Qian Qian, with her true capability perhaps on par with Princess Qian Qian, that Royal Swordswoman. The Royal Swordswoman primarily majored in battle skills, but this was clearly not the case for the female thief. She only disguised her appearance to look like a female thief, but actually under Yue Yang’s [Divine Vision], he could see that she was an element-type summoner. Her true ability was concealed quite well.

The oddest thing was that the ancient book in the female thief’s hands, Yue Yang realised, was actually a Spirit Equipment that was alive like his Hui Jin Magic Blade.

The equipment’s energy and spirit had been concealed. If they were all to be unleashed, its abilities were perhaps equal to Hui Jin’s.

Who was this female thief?

How could she have so much strength and capability?

Yue Yang was really very astonished. If the world had one Princess Qian Qian, it was only because Jun Wu You that fellow had taken much painstaking effort to nurture her. Then as for this lady who had disguised her appearance as a female thief, which royal family’s nurturing result is she? Without a Clan, country or even a sect’s power, to train one of the younger generations to this level at such a young age was practically impossible. The Three Great Killing Stars were the result of their clans’ all-out effort in nurturing them, and Princess Qian Qian was a result of the royal family, so this unknown female thief who was even more low-profile than Princess Qian Qian was perhaps the disciple that was groomed painstakingly by some sect…

“What is it?” Yue Bing followed Yue Yang’s face and saw the silently observing female thief. She immediately shook her head. “That’s not Sister Yi Nan, ah, I meant that’s not Brother Yi Nan.”

“Let’s go.” Yue Yang stroked Yue Bing’s little head lightly.

When Yue Yang and company walked towards Sand Gate National Border, a light wind suddenly picked up.

Yue Yang couldn’t help but turn his head back to look, and he realised that the female thief who was originally standing there looking on silently had disappeared without a trace unknowingly.

This, isn’t this speed too fast?

How did she do it?

It was neither through teleportation or invisibility… How did she even leave?

Could it be that the girl was here because of him? Yue Yang’s thoughts kept spinning around in his head, at a speed as fast as lightning. Amongst the Four Great Sects, which sect was targeting him?

After they passed the national border and rode in their carriage to Waterbull City, before entering the city gates, Yue Yang unintentionally turned his head to look at behind him. The female thief was just about a hundred meters away, looking on silently. How did she manage to chase after them? Yue Yang was even more surprised, her actions could still go undetected by him, it was really… This girl was really godly.

Yue Yang was extremely alert. Once he entered Waterbull City, he immediately proceeded with his team towards the Teleportation Circle, to teleport to Mountain Cat City.

At Mountain Cat City, they were getting ready to find a place to have their lunch.

Yue Bing suddenly tugged at Yue Yang’s elbow with her small hand. “Look over there, isn’t that the older sister from just now? How did she come here even faster than us?”

At a restaurant for martial arts practitioners named “Customers Come Again”, on the second floor by the window, the female thief was quietly sitting there. She was still clasping her hands and watching them, giving them her full attention.

Evidently, she had arrived earlier than them.

Yue Yang was secretly frustrated by this girl. No matter whether she wanted to fight or push him, she just needed to come over and say something. Acting so mysteriously all the time, didn’t she know that curiosity kills the cat? Who was she? He had never provoked her before, so what was her problem that made her follow him everywhere?

After they finished their lunch, Yue Yang and his companions sat in their carriages and made their way to the Coiling Snakes Valley.

On their entire journey, they did not see the female thief.

Yue Yang’s heart suddenly felt a little empty, and his imagination started to run wild. Was there any chance that the person was actually not following him at all, and previously, she was just coincidentally going the same way as he was for half the journey?

Luckily he didn’t go up to her to demand an answer from her, otherwise it would have been very embarrassing.

However, when they reached the Coiling Snakes Valley, the female thief was silently sitting high up on a rock, cupping her hands and watching them. Under the boundless twilight, she was as still as a stone statue, peaceful and calm. This time, not only Yue Bing, but even Ye Kong noticed this and frowned. Fatty Hai did not notice this initially, and when he first heard somebody was following them, he did not care, but when he saw that it was a beauty, he immediately started rubbing his fists. “Just you wait, wait for me to seize her… Once I seize her, we’ll interrogate her carefully.”

“She can simply use one finger to flick your 150 kilograms of meat away. Go and try it if you don’t believe me.” When Yue Yang heard this, he almost fainted. Even if Fatty Hai wanted to take unfair advantage of girls, he still need to see who he was dealing with first.

“Pretend I didn’t say anything.” Fatty Hai was so scared he started to sweat profusely.

“Who is this older sister?” Yue Bing was curious. If she knew them, why didn’t she come up to greet them? If she didn’t know them, why would she follow them for such a long journey? If they just happened to be going the same way, wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?

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  1. Hai Kun says:

    “She can simply use one finger to flick your 150 kilograms of meat away. Go and try it if you don’t believe me.” When Yue Yang heard this, he almost fainted. Even if Fatty Hai wanted to take unfair advantage of girls, he still need to see who he was dealing with first.”

    isnt it suppose to be “when fatty hai heard this,”?

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    I hope the author will start using the neglected summons and abilities. If 10 shadows merge they get stronger, never used. The rats could have been used to search the flowers a couple of chapters back. (And they are still level 1, what would the level 10 rats accomplish). The thorn has been forgotten for like 80 chapters…

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