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LLS Chapter 140 – Marriage

Chapter 140 – Marriage
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Krithika and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After Grandma Wu Teng left, Yue Bing took out a map of the Soaring Dragon Continent and spread it out on the table, letting everyone else see it as well.

Despair Abyss wasn’t located in the Soaring Dragon Continent. This was the biggest problem.

In order to get into the Despair Abyss, one must go to the Tian Luo Kingdom.

In another sense, Despair Abyss was like Gui Jian Chou, another one of the Five Great Land of Deaths. However, it was also very different from Gui Jian Chou. Despair Abyss was not a place that a normal person could go to. Every spring and summer, there would be countless adventurers venturing into Despair Abyss to pick herbs. There would also be thieves trying to steal demon beasts’ eggs. However, due to the high death rate, especially in the inner regions of Despair Abyss, only 10% of those adventurers that risked their lives and entered would come back alive. Hence, when normal mercenaries heard from their leader that they were going to Despair Abyss, they would write their wills and say farewell to their families… After a long time, this deep rift valley which was originally called Coiling Snakes Valley was renamed as Despair Abyss.

Amongst the three main causes of deaths in Despair Abyss, the first one was not due to ferocious beasts, but the terrain instead.

The death rate due to falls while walking in this rift valley was extremely high. There was a high chance of falling at any time, even higher than the chances of getting killed by beasts. The second cause of death was the mountain winds. It was said that those biting cold winds could easily blow a herd of goats several miles away, let alone people. The third cause was Spider Demonesses. No matter if it was the gigantic Bloody Nest’s Queen or the miniature Funnel Spider Demoness, they were all champions in causing death.

The spiders all belonged to the same species, the Wolf Spider, which was able to crawl and climb at an extremely fast speed. There were Bird Spiders that preyed on birds, Sand-drilling Spider that could hide under the ground and Dark-water Spiders, that would hide underwater and launch a sneak attack on its preys at any time. All these spiders were like countless killing machines scattered all over the valley.

The most frightening thing was that the spiders here loved to eat humans.

Between humans and animals, these spiders would attack humans first. This was the reason for the despair of the adventurers.

“We should first prepare our luggage well and then teleport to Crowleaf City. There, we can take a horse carriage to Sand Gate to cross the country’s borders. Afterwards, we can teleport to Waterbull City, then teleport to Mountain Cats City and then hire a carriage to the Coiling Snakes Town. We can buy the detailed map of Despair Abyss when we arrive there.” Although Ye Kong had never gone to Despair Abyss before, he had plenty of experience, so he could quickly come up with the shortest path. The only thing that Yue Yang needed to do was to nod his head.

“Yue Bing, do you want to come with us?” Yue Yang was a little worried that her body wouldn’t be able to endure the harsh conditions. Despair Abyss, such a harsh-sounding place, would definitely not be a place of leisure and fun.

“Yeah, I also wanted to train hard!” Yue Bing showed a determined attitude.

She had always hoped to follow her brother and increase her abilities quickly so that she wouldn’t be her brother’s burden.

Since they had a chance to practice, she felt that she shouldn’t be afraid of the Despair Abyss. She was determined to challenge her limits with hardships. Of course, she also knew that her brother would definitely protect her if there was any danger. She only needed to grit her teeth and force herself to follow at his side, and train diligently.

When Yue Yang saw how determined Yue Bing was to improve, he didn’t stop her. Despair Abyss, in normal people’s heart, was a frightening place. But in Yue Yang’s heart, this place was much better than Gui Jian Chou. Let alone the Demon Insects infesting the whole of Gui Jian Chou, there was even a Gold-ranked Level 7 Reaper Mantis, which was definitely not a herbivore. Although the terrain of the Despair Abyss was a little bit frightening, accompanied by strong mountain winds, if they had the combination of the right talents and flying-type beasts, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

The only thing that made Yue Yang alarmed was Grandma Wu Teng’s time limit.

One month!

Even if he subtracted five days for the time spent on the journey there, there would still be 25 days left. If it was that way, the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass would definitely not be so easily found!

Furthermore, with such a precious treasure, it would be impossible if there wasn’t a strong beast vying for it too! Even when they went to the Demon Abyss to gather Black Eared Shrivelled Heart Orchid, they had to fight with a Level 8 Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle!

“Ye Kong and the others, please prepare the things needed for the journey. I will go to the Shang Jing Beast Store to look around for a while, and look for a suitable Chaos Egg. I will also need to send Luo Hua City Mistress a letter to ask her if she has any advice on how to pick the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass. Seventh Sister and I will also go back home to bid our farewells to Fourth Mother. If you want to come along, then meet us at Sand Gate National Border and wait for us! Oh right, I also need to send Brother Yi Nan a reply…” Yue Yang felt that there wouldn’t be enough force if there were no girls in their party. Thus, he decided to ask Yi Nan again if she had the time.

“Sure, let’s do as you say!” Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers naturally had no other opinions. Simply relying on their own abilities, they could only protect themselves in Despair Abyss. Gathering Starlight Serene Indigo Grass could only be done by Yue Yang alone.

Fatty Hai was still snoring louder than thunder, his saliva flowed like waterfall from the table to the floor.

Yue Yang realized that this fellow actually had a [Sleeping] Inherent Skill. As long as he entered a class, no matter whose class it was, he would immediately fall into a daze and when he took out his books, he would immediately fall asleep.

As a warrior who had contracted a grimoire, it was really rare to see such a useless Ranker.

However, he might be hiding a secret reason…

Through his Level 3 [Divine Vision], Yue Yang could see that Fatty Hai had a strong point that others didn’t have. Furthermore, this strong point was also extremely unique and it also had a good effect when used!

“Let’s go, pighead!” Seeing Fatty Hai sleeping like a log, Ye Kong couldn’t help but bestow a slap upon him.

But there was no reaction from Fatty Hai, his snores getting even louder than ever, shaking the earth.

Ye Kong was left with no choice but to use his ultimate move, pouring water on Fatty Hai’s head. As a result, Fatty Hai shivered a little before finally sitting up and wiping his face with his chubby hands. He looked all around with a blank face. When he saw Yue Yang, he suddenly shouted noisily and anxiously, “It’s raining, it’s raining, let’s gather all the clothes drying outside!”

Yue Yang was almost stricken to death by this fatty. He didn’t study when there were important things to be studied and instead, he had learnt how to be a maid.

When Yue Bing saw this, she covered her mouth with her hands and giggled.

“Let’s go, we have a quest!” Ye Kong furiously kicked Fatty Hai’s legs, signalling him not to embarrass himself any further.

“What are the rewards for the quest?” Fatty Hai was only concerned with this.

“If you succeed, you’ll get a beauty as a reward.” said Yue Yang, sounding extremely serious and honest, without the slightest hint of doubt in his expression.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? I, Master Hai was born to this world to finish quests! As your boss, of course I would need to bring a party, bring all of you guys to finish our quest… Right, what is the quest about? Picking Starlight Serene Indigo Grass? Where? Despair Abyss? Ahh, isn’t that just Despair Abyss… Wait, what did you say? Where was it again? Despair Abyss? No! I’m not going!” When Fatty Hai heard it, he immediately changed his mind. It seemed like in a choice between beauties and his own life, he would still choose his own life.

“Since boss is not going, the beauty will be Ye Kong’s!” Yue Yang extravagantly gave Ye Kong the non-existent beauty.

“There really is a beauty? I… I’m throwing caution to the winds! I don’t want this 150kg body anymore! Isn’t it just Despair Abyss? I’ll just pick the grass… Can we go to another place? Going there is equivalent to courting death… I, your boss, have never even embraced one woman before. If I die just like that, isn’t that simply too miserable?!” Fatty Hai started crying loudly.

“You can not go if you want, but then the beauty would be mine!” Ye Kong whistled.

“Relinquish the beauty immediately and get rid of your greed and lust. The beauty belongs to me, do you understand?’ Fatty Hai grabbed Ye Kong’s collar, roaring furiously.

“Fatty, didn’t you say you weren’t going?” Ye Kong asked curiously.

“Call me big boss. As your boss, how could I cower in the face of danger? Do you think I’m that kind of person? I’m a brave man! I’m a hero… a hero who was born to be paired with a beautiful girl. You, a monkey of a footman, should be more low-key, otherwise I will chop your bones alive. No one can fight over beauties with this boss, do you understand? Before this boss manages to get rid his status as a ‘boy’ and become a ‘man’, don’t even think of getting rid of yours. Otherwise I will go on a rampage, I will ignore you forever!” Fatty Hai’s eyes were like a berserk bull’s, looking extremely ferocious and violent.

“As the boss, you haven’t graduated from your virginity? Did I hear wrongly?” Yue Yang who was about to leave, turned his head and asked.

“What are you talking about? Your boss here is a casanova. I had already graduated from my virginity at 12 years old. How could I be so miserable that I am still a virgin? There are so many beauties chasing after me that I struggle to cope with them. I lose sleep every day because I’m too busy pleasuring these girls. Can’t you see that girls everywhere are fighting over me? Why are you worrying about me not having lost my virginity yet…? Cry? I didn’t cry, when did you ever see me cry? I was just a little bit excited; these are proud manly tears! Could I not be excited about getting acquainted with you bunch of crazy people, could I not be proud?” Fatty Hai continued to blabber, and finally cried in the end.

Bringing Ye Kong and Fatty Hai along, Yue Yang then went to the Beast Store and looked around.

However, he didn’t see a suitable Chaos Egg. Yue Yang knew that this matter depended on luck, so he shouldn’t be anxious. He then wrote two letters and sent them to Yi Nan and Luo Hua City Mistress respectively.

Yue Yang then returned to the Yue Clan’s Castle along with Yue Bing. As for Ye Kong and the others, they went to prepare all sorts of different things needed for the journey.

Fourth Mother was extremely happy when her son and daughter came back.

She happily told Yue Yang about her husband, “Your Fourth Uncle is much better now! It was all thanks to Miss Feng’s care, day and night. I have met with that lady and she doesn’t seem to be one of those kind of ladies. Her personality and temperament are all extremely docile and kind, she is a true well-bred lady. If not for that, why would she be willing to sacrifice herself to save your Fourth Uncle!”

Yue Yang didn’t say anything. He thought that even if Miss Feng was a kind person, this matter was definitely still a trap laid out for them on purpose.

However, right now, the most important thing was not to make an enemy out of Yue Shan.

He would need to wait for the best time to attack!

Yue Yang decided to train and improve as he waited quietly for an opportunity. Since he had decided to unveil the plot, he would catch the mastermind behind this plot… Since he had decided to fall out with his clan, then he should fight a great battle once and for all with them. He would attack with a fatal blow, so that his enemies would never have the chance for a come back! Furthermore, there were still the matters of Fourth Uncle with Miss Feng, the cancellation of the pitiful guy’s engagement with Miss Xue, and the pitiful guy drowning himself…

All these matters, Yue Yang needed to investigate them thoroughly in secret and then release the evidence about his enemy with one move!

During his return this time, other than visiting Fourth Mother, Yue Yang had also wanted to help Yue Shuang open her channels. Yue Shuang had never cultivated before, but Yue Yang had frequently channeled some of his innate qi into her body earlier to help her open her meridian channels. This way, the little girl’s body would be healthy and not fall sick easily.

Afterwards, Yue Yang realized that after opening her meridian channels, Yue Shuang’s spiritual qi in her body had become denser than ever before. This would make her chances of contracting grimoires extremely high.

However, Yue Yang did not immediately give her the Bronze Grimoire to contract. He wanted to wait for an appropriate time and hand it over to her in front of an audience. He wanted to let the whole clan witness her successfully contract the grimoire… Of course, in order to guarantee Yue Shuang being able to contract the grimoire, Yue Yang reckoned that he would need to open at least five of her meridian channels first. He had only opened two channels for now, so it was still too early. Furthermore, helping Yue Shuang open her meridian channels was the kind of thing that should not be known by others. More importantly, he shouldn’t let Yue Shuang herself know about it.Otherwise, this loose-tongued little girl would probably leak the secret out easily to anyone who gave her a candy.

Yue Yang pretended to play with the little girl, and when she wasn’t paying attention, he would channel innate qi into her little by little, helping her open her channels step by step.

Yue Shuang, this little girl, liked to play the most. When she went crazy playing, she wouldn’t realise that her body was getting hotter.

In any case, he didn’t need to rush to get Yue Shuang to contract her grimoire. Yue Yang felt that if she really managed to contract the grimoire, she wouldn’t have the time to play anymore. She would need to work hard to cultivate everyday, which would be really pitiful. Hence, Yue Yang didn’t have a mind to allow her to contract her grimoire so soon. Instead, he was preparing to find a suitable opportunity so that the Fourth Branch could show off in front of all of the Yue Clan’s members!

Fourth Mother, he must bring her even more glory and honor!

He must make her the most glorious and proudest mother in this whole world!

“San-er, since your engagement with Miss Xue was cancelled, you don’t have a marriage partner right now. This cannot be. How about if I help you ask around if there are any girls who are looking for a marriage partner? Didn’t you get along quite well with Princess Qian Qian? She is a Princess, so her status matches yours. Your Four Pillars of Destiny also match each others. It’s just your ages that are a little bit messed up…” Fourth Mother seemed to be prepared to talk about marriage partners with Yue Yang. This gave Yue Yang a huge shock.
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Pillars_of_Destiny)

“Please don’t think about this. Currently, I only have the mind to cultivate seriously. Can we talk about this later?” Yue Yang hurriedly shook his head and rejected the offer.

“Alright then, find a suitable girl for yourself. If you can’t find one, then Fourth Mother will make the decision for you.” Fourth Mother had heard her daughter talk about someone called Miss Yi Nan before, but she hadn’t seen her yet. She didn’t know what Yi Nan would be like, but Fourth Mother would definitely not oppose her son’s freedom in his own love relationships. She was even afraid that her son would be too shy to ask Yi Nan out or tell her he wanted to meet her again.

Yue Yang only stayed for one night in the Yue Clan’s Castle before hurriedly leaving, afraid that Fourth Mother would mention marriage to him again.

Taking Yue Bing along, he made his way to the Sand Gate National Border.

When they arrived at the National Border, which was an endless line of high defensive walls, Yue Yang discovered that at the place where people were queueing to get across the border, Ye Kong and the others were fighting with strangers. Both sides were fighting ferociously, causing a loud ruckus. There was even a crowd of people watching them.

Aih, what is going on now?

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