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LLS Chapter 139 – Mission, Starlight Serene Indigo Grass

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Chapter 139 – Mission, Starlight Serene Indigo Grass
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Krithika and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“With regards to Holy Beasts and Divine Beasts, everyone should know that they exist. Furthermore, there are a lot of people who know the method to cultivate a Holy Beast. However, regretfully, these methods are useless to a normal person. Just like a normal person and summoning grimoires, they know that grimoires exist, but they simply can’t contract with them.” Grandma Wu Teng smiled, “If you want to know the method, then you must first understand what a Holy Beast is and how to evaluate them.”

Not only Yue Yang, even Yue Bing, Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were all listening intently with their ears perked.

Only Fatty Hai was still in his big dreams, snoring so loudly that his snores could be heard from the heavens.

Grandma Wu Teng didn’t mind the sleeping Fatty Hai. Instead, she looked at Yue Yang, then at Yue Bing, before nodding her head slightly.

Ye Kong suddenly felt that it was because Yue Yang and Yue Bing were listening in class that Grandma Wu Teng had decided to talk about this secret. Otherwise, if it was only normal students, they wouldn’t have had the chance to listen to such things.

“The term Holy Beasts actually does not refer to a specific type of beast, nor does it refer to a rank or level. Holy Beasts are actually a realm. Any beasts that has a high intelligence is a Holy Beast. No matter if they are normal-ranked, bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond, as long as they have a high enough intelligence, they could be considered a Holy beast… Of course, it would be difficult for beasts under platinum-rank to possess a high intelligence. Hence, beasts under platinum-ranked that can become Holy Beasts are only one in a million. Other than those level 10 beasts that have lived in the natural world for thousands of years, even tens of thousands of years, it would be difficult for most beasts to reach the Holy Beast’s realm. Holy Beasts’ specialities are Speech and Learning. Due to their high intelligence, a Holy beast can speak human’s language and at the same time, it can also learn a human’s ability. Only when your beasts reach that kind of realm, will you understand that in reality, the Holy Beast’s realm is actually just the starting point for a beast to reach the peak…”

“Then what about Divine Beasts?” Yue Yang was secretly curious in his heart. The Bloody Queen had intelligence and could speak Demon Abyss Language. Would she count as a Holy Beast? Or had she just reached the doorstep to the Holy Beast’s realm, and was just starting to evolve into a Holy Beast?

“With regards to Divine Beasts, I don’t know that much.” Grandma Wu Teng paused for a while before talking about Divine Beasts. She then continued indifferently, “I’ve heard that Divine Beasts are the same as Holy Beasts, possessing a high intelligence. However, the largest difference between a Divine Beast and a Holy Beast is that Divine Beasts possess their own grimoires.” Grandma Wu Teng words made Yue Yang’s whole body jump with surprise.

Possess Grimoires?

Beasts that possess their own Grimoires are called Divine Beasts?

If that is so, then Xiao Wen Li, she…

“Divine Beasts can possess their own grimoires? This, how could that be possible?” Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were extremely shocked, they completely couldn’t believe that.

Grandma Wu Teng waved her hand lightly, gesturing towards Yue Yang to sit. “I’m not very clear about the specifics. I don’t know if these are facts or rumors. When you have reached that realm, you can research them on your own.”

Yue Yang was a little bit worried, afraid that Grandma Wu Teng would see through his abnormal behaviour.

This matter of Xiao Wen Li possessing her own grimoire must be kept an absolute secret. Hence, Yue Yang immediately tried to change the topic. “Then could you tell us more about Holy Beasts?”

“Holy Beasts, other than possessing a high intelligence, they can also learn and speak. They also have another ability, and that is to turn into a human form. It doesn’t matter if their initial body looked like a lion, an eagle or anything else, they can turn into a human. They would slowly evolve to look like humans, to speak our language, and study our martial art skills. The stronger the Holy Beast is the more perfect its evolution to human will be and the more they will look like us. If a Holy Beast can reach Ninth-tier, then they would become identical to us. They can even sit here with us and listen to lectures, without us being able to differentiate who are beasts and who are humans.” Grandma Wu Teng’s words completely shocked Yue Yang.

His Bloody Queen, Xiao Wen Li, Barbarian Cow Shadow and even Thorny Flower, as time passes, they were turning more and more like human.

Not only their abilities, even their intelligence and emotions were continuously rising.

Could it be that the method of cultivating a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was a method to cultivate a Holy Beast? Could it be that Holy and Divine Beasts weren’t as simple as 9 and 10 Star beasts, they could also be sub-divided into tiers?

Amongst Holy Beasts, how could we divide the strong and the weak?

Yue Yang hurriedly asked, “Amongst Holy Beasts, could they be divided by tiers? Is it like First Tier, Second Tier, Third Tier and so on?”

Grandma Wu Teng nodded assuredly, “The rankings of Holy Beasts are different from the ones used for normal beasts. Rankers would normally divide Holy Beasts into nine different tiers. Even if it is only a First Tier Holy Beast, its battle power would be equivalent to a normal-ranked level 9. However, as their battle power is simply too powerful, way beyond what a normal person can imagine, normal warriors wouldn’t need to know all this. Hence, Rankers classified Holy Beasts’ tiers generally as 9 Stars. Of course, this 9 Stars classification is completely different from a normal-ranked beast level 9. When your beasts have reached that realm, you would understand on your own.”
(Shiro: Refer to Chapter 41 for explanation about beasts’ star rankings)

Ye Kong and the others listened until their heads almost exploded. If First Tier Holy Beast already had a level 9 normal-ranked beast’s strength, then how frightening would the powers of a Ninth Tier Holy Beast be?

Furthermore, above Holy Beasts, there were still Divine Beasts… No wonder they said that being a Holy Beast was only the starting point of reaching the ultimate strength. This, for a normal warrior, was indeed hard to imagine. No wonder Rankers who had reached the Ultimate Strength would think that warriors below level 6 were ants.

A thought suddenly flashed through Yue Yang’s mind. Why didn’t he also ask about the mysterious beast that had instantly killed the Dark Golden Specter? “Above Divine Beasts, would there be an even stronger entity?”

“It was said that above Divine Beasts, there exist beings called Transcending Divine Beasts. They are a kind of innate entity, born with their master. It wouldn’t be possible for normal warriors to have them… Legend has it that once in every ten thousand years, someone with that luck would appear in the Soaring Dragon Continent. But it is only a legend and there are no records about Divine Beasts in this world. With regards to Divine Beasts, I don’t really understand. I can only talk about Holy Beasts as the main point in this lecture.”

“Transcending Divine Beasts…” Yue Yang thought in his heart, before he woke up from his unconsciousness, could the mysterious beast that appeared and killed the Dark Golden Specter in an instant be…

Could the lucky person that had not appeared in Soaring Dragon Continent for ten thousand years be him?

However, he wasn’t someone from the Soaring Dragon Continent at all. He was a guy who had travelled dimensions. Even if the lucky person appeared, how could it be him, who was a guy from another dimension?

Right now, the only thing that he could be sure of was that Xiao Wen Li, who owned a diamond grimoire, might be a Divine Beast…

She might even be a Transcending Divine Beast…

Although he was a guy from another world and was not born with a Transcending Divine Beast, he had met Empress Fei Wen Li who had been sealed for tens of thousands of years. He had even incubated Xiao Wen Li together with her. This might pass for the prediction that the lucky person who was born with a Transcending Divine Beast would appear once in ten thousand years… He thought that the relationship between Xiao Wen Li and himself could pass as the requirements for a Transcending Divine Beast…

Yue Yang quietly decided that no matter what kind of existence Xiao Wen Li was, he would slowly cultivate her.

As for that Celestial Grimoire, he would definitely be able to open it when he had cultivated his Innate Invisible Sword Qi high enough.

At that time, he could look at the Celestial Grimoire’s records.

He believed that all of his questions would be answered then.

Grandma Wu Teng’s eyes that were filled with wisdom brushed across Yue Yang’s face as she smiled, “With regards to cultivating a Holy Beast, actually, a lot of people know the method of cultivating them. However, they don’t have the powers to do it. Listen to this carefully and, maybe you guys could cultivate a Holy Beast in the future!”

“Yeah!” Yue Bing felt that it wouldn’t be possible for her, but it should be possible for her brother, who owned a Bloody Queen. Due to her instinct, she listened to the lecture with keen interest.

“In order to cultivate Holy Beasts, it is best if they are Guardian Beasts, as they will never truly die or betray their master! If for some reason the Guardian Beast couldn’t be cultivated, you can cultivate other beasts too. A Holy Beast cultivation method is simply to make your beasts level up continuously, increase their intelligence and evolve them to be more human-like. It is the same for every type of beast. In Tong Tian Tower, there is a World’s Tree Quest that will give you a Wisdom Fruit as a reward. This is one way to increase a beast’s intelligence. Refining a Magical Pill that will develop a beast’s brain, increasing their intelligence, is another way. Also, in the first floor of Tong Tian Tower, at the Twelve Zodiac Temples, every time one finishes a challenge with one hundred percent completion rate, one will receive a reward from the Ancient Code. If one completed it with more than one hundred percent completion rate, he may be able to increase his beast’s intelligence… Therefore, if one could complete all the challenges in the Twelve Zodiac Temples and successfully passes, he should be able to cultivate a beast with a Holy Beast’s intelligence.” Grandma Wu Teng’s words suddenly made Yue Yang realize that those extremely difficult challenges were actually created to help people cultivate Holy Beasts… No wonder they were so abnormal!

“As long as one succeeded once in completing the challenge and acquired the higher intelligence rewards, then they would not be able to redo the challenge. They can only go to the next temple. If all twelve Zodiac temples have been completed, they can go to Tong Tian Tower’s Second Floor and complete the Heaven, Earth and Humanity Halls. These Three Halls also have the same type of reward. On higher floors, there is also the continuation for the World’s Tree Quest, and many other difficult quests… The older generation had passed down these wise words before, “Higher risks, higher returns!”. If you want to cultivate a Holy Beast, you would need to go through countless difficult challenges, and experience many more arduous battles. Only then will your beast level up even higher. This cultivation depends on each individual’s training – how many quests you can do, how many hardships you can stand, how many battles you can face, and how high you can cultivate your beasts – all these depend only on yourself, no one can help you with them. There’s no shortcut to cultivation… Children, at your young age, it’s the best time for you to learn and improve yourselves. Hence, you must treasure your youth and your chances!” Grandma Wu Teng’s words opened a new door of knowledge for Yue Yang, Yue Bing, Ye Kong and the others.

Although they had not stepped into that realm, they now had the knowledge. They now knew that there was another realm at higher places, another wonderful world beyond what they had thought of.

The Soaring Dragon Continent was just the starting point.

The real place for strong Rankers was in the higher levels of Tong Tian Tower, that was the real world that belonged to the strongest.

For the next three days, Yue Yang and the others all came early for Grandma Wu Teng’s lectures. Her knowledge was as deep as the oceans, supplementing Yue Yang’s lack of basic knowledge and quenching all of Yue Yang’s unanswerable questions. Yue Yang felt like he had learnt new things and improved every single day.

No matter if it was with regards to controlling himself or his beasts, or fighting against the opponent’s beast’s weaknesses, Yue Yang had remarkable improvements.

It was only now that Yue Yang finally realized that he was still just at the starting point on the road to becoming a strong Ranker…

Equipped with this knowledge, he was like a tiger who had been bestowed with wings. He could soar up to the sky.

His next breakthrough should be very soon!

Grandma Wu Teng’s words actually did not help Ye kong and the Li Brothers too much, because the difference in their abilities were too far. Their beasts’ levels were also heaven and earth apart from becoming Holy Beasts. They were just like primary school kids who had gone to a university lecture. Although they had absorbed some knowledge, in reality, they couldn’t understand much. Yue Yang, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. His abilities were the closest to what Grandma Wu Teng was lecturing about. Almost every speech that she said assisted his improvements greatly. A lot of things that Yue Yang was confused about initially, had dispersed like clouds being blown away by the wind, giving way to a clear and bright sunlight.

At the lecture, most of the time, it would be Yue Yang asking questions and Grandma Wu Teng answering them.

In other words, Grandma Wu Teng’ lecture was mainly teaching Yue Yang alone. Almost all of the content of her lecture was structured in order to teach Yue Yang. For Ye Kong and the others, they could only remember it in their hearts, and leave it for later when their abilities had increased to understand it better.

“Today’s lesson will stop here. In order to put the materials that we have talked about in class into practice, I have decided to arrange some homework for you guys. Go to the Despair Abyss and bring a Starlight Serene Indigo Grass back. If you guys succeed, I will bestow your beasts with one [Fortune] from my [Fortune] Inherent Skill.” Grandma Wu Teng’s quest was actually set up for Yue Yang. Ye Kong and the others, including Yue Bing, would not have the ability to go to the Despair Abyss to get a Starlight Serene Indigo Grass. Only Yue Yang had that kind of ability.

“Yes.” Of course, Yue Yang had perfectly understood Grandma Wu Teng’s intention. She wanted to help him improve!

“I’ll give you guys one month. We’ll meet here again in one month!” Grandma Wu Teng nodded her head lightly as she slowly left.

A month? Could it be that Grandma Wu Teng felt that he would need at least a month’s time to pick a Starlight Serene Indigo Grass in the Despair Abyss? What kind of shithole was that Despair Abyss?

Even Yue Yang, who was already mentally prepared, was shocked by this.

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