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LLS Chapter 138 – Grandma Wu Teng

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Chapter 138 – Grandma Wu Teng
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Returning back to the Academy, Yue Yang saw Fatty Hai whose face was so swollen that he looked like a pig, Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers waiting for him. The Death Class students also hadn’t left yet.

Seeing that Yue Yang had returned, the old cunning fox was the first to welcome him.

“Student Titan, are you okay?” The old cunning fox was actually most afraid of losing Yue Yang, his student who had the most potential for growth. Seeing that he had come back safe and sound, the old cunning fox was overjoyed in his heart. However, he then asked quietly, “What’s the situation right now?”

“There were two Elder Tian Suos and we are still investigating the matter. I don’t quite understand it either.” Yue Yang obviously would not provide him with too much information, as he replied him softly.

“Seems like there’s a conspiracy here…” the old cunning fox was extremely clever, he felt that something was wrong immediately.

However, the old cunning fox didn’t continue to discuss this matter. Instead, he turned around and praised Yue Yang’s bravery and quick wit, who had maintained calmness in the face of difficulties and danger, in front of the other students. Finally, the old cunning fox also announced that he would give all students extra Achievement Points and a reward of 10 gold for every student. He even decided at the last minute to treat everyone to a meal to calm their shock. Instantly, the old cunning fox’s extravagant rewards drew a loud cheer throughout the Death Class.

Although they were curious, those students who didn’t know Yue Yang didn’t try to approach him to make an acquaintance.

The tall girl, Princess Qi Ming and the other children immediately surrounded Yue Yang. Little Princess Bei Bei, above all, had immediately flew straight into Yue Yang’s embrace, crying out loud.

Previously, they didn’t understand the situation at all. When the Death Class students had woken up, they realized that they have all returned to the academy. However, as Yue Yang was still missing, the old cunning fox had continued to worriedly waited for his news. A lot of people had actually thought that Yue Yang, who had participated in the battle, was already killed. Only Ye Kong and the others firmly believed that Yue Yang would be able to come back safely. Little Princess Bei Bei, for example, was especially scared and worried. Although she was extremely outstanding in her studies, she was still a small kid after all. When Yue Yang returned, she immediately jumped into his embrace and cried out… However, Yue Yang had a gift in amusing little lolis. After saying a few sentences, Little Princess Bei Bei was coaxed by Yue Yang to the point that her tears had turned into laughter.

“Didn’t I say it before? I knew you would definitely be able to return safely. Who are you? You are Master Hai’s brother! With my, Master Hai’s undying luck protecting you, it would be hard for you to be injured even if you wanted to.” Fatty Hai chattered noisily, as he declared pompously.

“…” Ye Kong didn’t say anything, he only nodded towards Yue Yang with a determined look.

Yue Bing had only heard about the news and had rushed over quickly. Her face that was deathly pale immediately fell into Yue Yang’s embrace as she hugged her brother tightly, as if she was afraid that if she relaxed her embrace, her brother would disappear like smoke. Not only Yue Yang, others who saw also quickly tried to calm her down. After consoling her for quite a while, and after Yue Bing discovered that her brother was alright after sizing him up and down a few more times, she finally calmed down.

Yue Yang suddenly felt that there was someone watching him attentively from afar. However, with his abilities, he couldn’t sense where the person was hiding at.

Who was this person that was watching him attentively from afar?

Could it be that Drunken Cat Big Sis?

Just as Yue Yang was about to search thoroughly with his [Divine Eyes], that person who was watching him attentively suddenly disappeared. It was as if that person had felt that Yue Yang was about to search the surroundings with his abilities.

Forget it, seems like that person had no evil intention… Yue Yang was surprised to find that there were so many concealed talents in this Ivy Academy. Not only was there the old cunning fox and the Drunken Cat Big Sis, there was also that strong person who was hiding and watching him attentively. It was indeed an Academy that had three thousand years of history. They really had a strong foundation.

Due to Elder Tian Suo’s incident, the Death Class didn’t continue to train by completing missions like before. Instead, they had no classes for the time being, taking this time to rest or to do their own things.

Yue Bing gave Yue Yang a piece of letter, saying that it was from Yi Nan.

Her handwriting looked graceful and elegant, although it looked like she had purposely wrote her letter with a very big and coarse font. Some texts were even bolded. However, all these couldn’t hide the fact that it was a girl’s beautiful handwriting. Yi Nan wrote that she was receiving her aunt’s training right now, so she couldn’t come to the Academy at all. She would meet with Yue Yang again after a while.

With regards to the matter of Yi Nan not being able to come earlier, Yue Yang was a little disappointed. Studying without girls meant no romantic environment and no whisperings of sweet nothings. That would really be a waste of opportunity.

Yue Yang decided to study with Yue Bing and listen to Grandma Wu Teng’s lecture.

Grandma Wu Teng was actually not only a highly reputable plant-category Grandmaster, she was also the most important one. She had a rich foundation knowledge that no one in the academy could compare.

At first, Yue Yang thought there would be a lot of students who would come to her lecture. However, other than two other students, there were only Yue Bing and himself in her lecture. Even after waiting quite a while later, only Ye Kong, who was dragging a drowsy Fatty Hai, joined the lecture. Maybe it was because this was a foundation class, hence almost no students came to this lecture. Only those two other weird-looking students were present. One looked like a skinny monkey but had a beast as fat as a pig. The other student’s beast looked normal, but its master was covered all over with cuts and bruises, all wrapped up like a rice dumpling. These two people seemed to be extremely diligent. Even before the class started, they were already taking notes unceasingly.

As they were all new students, neither Yue Yang, Yue Bing, Ye Kong nor the Li Clan Brothers recognised these two weird-looking students.

The only one who was familiar with the other students, Fatty Hai, was still in his dreamland chasing after beauties. He had no time to open his eyelids. Ye Kong could only smile awkwardly at those two weird-looking students, showing his amicability.

The two students quickly shook their hands, gesturing to Ye Kong and the others not to sit too near to them, reason unclear.

“Students, I’m Teacher Wu Teng…” At first, Yue Yang thought that Grandma Wu Teng would look like the benevolent Old Lady Doctor. Who would have thought that he was actually completely wrong.

Grandma Wu Teng was a woman who didn’t look to be over fifty years old on the outside. Her face was rosy and her skin was still exquisite. Her eyes looked as clear as spring water.

Other than a few wrinkles at the corner of her eyes, she didn’t look old at all.

Although her clothes were plain and simple, her personality was right the opposite.

The rationality and wisdom that she exuded made her character look especially unique. She looked as if no things on earth would make her facial expression change. She looked gentle and serene, as if she was a dried up well that wouldn’t be affected by outside events.

If Yue Yang hadn’t known earlier that this Grandma Wu Teng was actually Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the old cunning fox’s teacher, that she had been teaching students for over 200 years, and that she was actually over 300 years old, he would definitely thought that she was only a forty plus year old woman.

Grandma Wu Teng’s class was a little more casual. She didn’t take attendance nor teach from books. Rather, she taught from her own experience.

After talking about the foundation knowledge about plant-category beasts for ten minutes, she stopped and asked with a smile, “Other than the plant-category related questions that we have just went through, everyone can ask any question.”

“I’d like to ask a few question with regards to beasts and summoners. If it is possible, I’d like to understand more about Holy Beasts and Divine Beasts.” Yue Yang had a lot of questions in his heart. Due to the knowledge that he received from the grimoire, he knew about nurturing techniques of higher levelled beasts, but he was completely clueless on basic knowledge.

“Beasts, as everyone knows, are divided into normal-ranked, bronze-ranked, silver-ranked, gold-ranked, platinum-ranked and diamond-ranked. Most summoners will interact with normal-ranked beasts the most. Bronze-ranked beasts and above are called Elite Beasts. When they reached gold-ranked, we will call them a Beast King, which is where the term ‘Golden King Beast’ come about. As for platinum and diamond-ranked beast, they are not something that could be cultivated by humans. They are exceedingly rare, so let’s not focus on them now. Normally, when one attained the title of level 7 [Overlord], there would be a special Grandmaster that will lead them further to a whole new realm above… In this Soaring Dragon Continent that we live in, under normal circumstances, an entity higher than level 10 would not appear. In other words, normal-ranked beasts could only reach level 10 at the most. In most cases, these level 10 beasts existed due to a special reason. For example, Level 10 beasts such as the Ocean King Whale, Island Tortoise, Ten Thousand Years Ancient Tree, etc, could only exist due to their enormous sizes and endless lifespan. They also had no natural predators in the whole world, which was why they could smoothly grow to level 10. At the same time, they also had formidable strength. As they had no predators, they had not encountered many battles in their whole life. Which is why, they have very little chance to go through a variant evolution, and will usually be normal-ranked their whole lives, without a chance of evolving.”

As Grandma Wu Teng spoke, the other two weird-looking students behind took down notes furiously.

Yue Yang, on the other hand, was listening very intently. He found that Grandma Wu Teng was actually an extremely formidable Ranker who was hiding her strength. On the outside, she looked like she only had a level 5 [Grandmaster]’s strength, but in reality, when Yue Yang saw through her with his [Divine Vision], he discovered her false appearance. Compared to the old cunning fox whose capabilities could not be seen by Yue Yang, Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai, this Grandma Wu Teng was actually, much, much stronger.

Yue Yang even wondered in his heart if this Grandma Wu Teng was one of the six Innate Rankers in the Da Xia Empire.

But why would an Innate Ranker be teaching in an Academy?

There was no evidence, so Yue Yang didn’t dare to be sure of his guess.

Of course, it didn’t matter what kind of person Grandma Wu Teng actually was. Yue Yang felt that her knowledge was so much wider than those information stored in the records.

“If normal-ranked beast had a body like the Ocean King Whale, under the circumstances where they have no natural predators, they would have been able to level up to level 10. Our standards also only measure up to normal-ranked level 10. At Bronze-rank, we all know that that was the beginning of the Elite Beasts rankings. Every bronze-ranked beast on any level would be a level stronger than a
normal-ranked beast at the same level. The higher the level, the greater the difference in strength. I shall give you an example. A level 3 normal-ranked beast might fight on an equal ground with a level 2 bronze-ranked beast, however, a normal-ranked level 7 would definitely not be able to win against a bronze-ranked level 6, even if it was one level higher than the bronze-ranked beast… This is the difference in growth between an elite beast and a normal beast.”

“In Soaring Dragon Continent, bronze-ranked beast could only level up as high as Bronze-ranked Level 9. Generally speaking, beasts at Bronze-ranked Level 9 won’t have anymore predators, so they won’t be able to surpass themselves in their whole life anymore, forever stuck at Bronze-ranked Level 9. This is because in a sense, Bronze-ranked Level 9 is the peak, where a beast can practically dominate the whole area of its domain. Therefore, it does not have a predator anymore, which makes it impossible for it to evolve further… Out there in the nature, beasts such as Colossal Kodo Beast, Gargantuan Mammoth, Earthquake Dragon, Great Mountain Beast and the others, have no natural predators due to their enormous sizes. Although they are not as large as the Ocean Whale King and the Island Tortoise, to humans, they are already gigantic beasts. Hence, they will go through very little battles in their lives. Generally speaking, they will definitely be the boss of their territory, so they can only reach bronze-ranked level 9 at the most.”

“According to what you said, does it mean that in Soaring Dragon Continent, Silver-ranked will only level up to Silver-ranked Level 8 at the most, and Gold-ranked will only level up to Gold-ranked Level 7 at the most?” Yue Yang asked.

“Yes, in this natural world, if no human is cultivating it, Silver-ranked level 8 and gold-ranked level 7 would have no more enemies in the world. They could only prey on any beasts under the sky, other than those on the same level as them. However, everyone must take note of one thing. As it is very difficult to go through a variant evolution, amongst beast that had reached the maximum level, normal-ranked level 10 beasts are the most, while beasts that evolved to gold-ranked are the least. If there are around 1000 normal-ranked level 10 beasts right now, there would be less than 50 gold-ranked level 7 beasts. Most of them only exists in legends, nobody could directly prove the existences of these beasts that had reached their peak…” Grandma Wu Teng nodded assuredly.

“Then in another place, would there be an existence of a beast that is higher than gold-ranked level 7? For example, would they exist in Tong Tian Tower?” Yue Yang asked further.

“Yes. However, those are not the topics that we will go through today. In the future when you guys already have the powers of a level 7 [Overlord], a specialist will be assigned to you to explain them. Let’s talk about your second question now, about warriors. Other than the different level of titles that we knew about, after level 7 [Overlord], there would be another realm. When you have reached that realm, there would be a person that will guide you to reach greater heights…” Grandma Wu Teng didn’t explain what the realm after level 7 was, but Yue Yang could guess that that was the Innate Realm. After Level 7, one could start cultivating into the Innate Realm.

“Could you explain more about the difference in a beast’s and a warrior’s strength? Also, could you explain more about Holy Beasts and Divine Beasts?” Yue Yang wanted to use this pretext to understand his abilities more clearly. What realm had he actually reached? Most importantly, he wanted to understand his beasts, such as Xiao Wen Li. Was she a Holy Beast or a Divine Beast, actually?

“Alright, I will talk about the relationship between a beast and a warrior now. Also, I will talk about how to cultivate a Holy Beast and a Divine Beast.” Grandma Wu Teng spoke out calmly, but her words immediately shook everyone present. Cultivating a Holy Beast and a Divine Beast?

This, how could this be possible?

Holy Beasts and Divine Beasts, could they really be cultivated with a person’s strength?

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