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LLS Chapter 137 – Today is a good day

Chapter 137 – Today is a good day
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang’s sudden appearance had a huge influence over this battle.

The eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie, who was about to unleash his ultimate move onto Elder Tian Suo, immediately skidded across and stared at Yue Yang, shocked to his core, “You are alright?”

“Why was there two Elder Tian Suos?” Yue Yang pointed towards the Elder Tian Suo, who was being pushed back repeatedly by the ‘Thousand Withering Bones’ Feng Kuang’s halberd.

“What…?” When the eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie was extremely shocked and astonished when he heard this. He quickly howled out, “General Feng Kuang, wait a minute, something’s wrong!” He first stood on his guard at Yue Yang’s side, protecting him, before asking again, “What did you say? Two Elder Tian Suos? Explain it more clearly…”

“There is another Elder Tian Suo for sure, but that other Elder Tian Suo is already dead. Could this person be his twin brother?” Yue Yang could guarantee that that Elder Tian Suo who died in the Battlefield of Certain Death couldn’t die even further. Not only was his body taken over by the Dark Golden Specter, he was even burnt by the raging flame of the mysterious entity from the Celestial Grimoire. His whole body had already been turned into ashes. Furthermore, if that Elder Tian Suo who fought a deadly duel with him had not died yet, he wouldn’t be able to come out from the Battlefield of Certain Death.

“Are you speaking the truth?” the eagled-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie then shouted towards Feng Kuang, “We need to seek an audience with his Royal Highness the Emperor, the State Grandmaster and the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians as soon as possible. This matter is definitely suspicious.”

“I have already said before, someone is impersonating me.” Elder Tian Suo flew right towards Yue Yang and pleaded his innocence.

“Before you are free of any suspicions, please step away from our only witness. If you dare to make any suspicious move towards him, then the Emperor will continue to enforce his decree just now, declaring war against your Floating Mist Sect…” The Eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie looked at Elder Tian Suo furiously, protecting right in front of Yue Yang.

“Alright, as long as you don’t attack me, I will not attack anyone at random. I have received Sect Leader Bai Yun’s orders to come here and save people, so why would I purposely kill people instead? I do have grudges against General Dao Feng, but I wouldn’t kill him just for that grudge that happened so many years ago. Furthermore, I wouldn’t kill others so brazenly. As a representative of the Floating Mist Sect, how could I commit a massacre in your Medicine Hall? This is a misunderstanding, someone had disguised as myself. Although I don’t know who that person is, the person who attacked General Dao Feng and Grandma Feng (Old Lady Doctor) was definitely not me. I guessed that the person who has impersonated me wanted to create a conflict between Floating Mist Sect and the Da Xia Empire!” Elder Tian Suo threw his large blade onto the ground, stating that this matter was simply a misunderstanding and showing that he did not want to continue to fight.

“You are Yue Qiu’s son, right? Speak, what’s the real situation with this?” Feng Kuang had already seen Yue Yang in the Yue Clan Castle. He would only trust Yue Yang’s words now. With regards to Elder Tian Suo, if it wasn’t for the State Grandmaster convincing Jun Wu You to take back his declaration of war in the meantime, Feng Kuang would have to summon the whole of his Shang Jing troops to surround Elder Tian Suo.

Even if he was an Elder in the Floating Mist Sect, Elder Tian Suo would definitely not be so brazen to commit a massacre in the Medicine Hall of the Shang Jing Army Camp.

Furthermore, he even targeted a loyal subject of the country, who was also the hero revered to by the whole country, General Dao Feng.

When he heard this report, Jun Wu You was furious. He had almost intended to come here personally and kill Elder Tian Suo. At the same time, he had also released a decree for declaration of war and was about to personally take two Heavenly Royal Guardians to come to Floating Mist Sect… Fortunately the State Grandmaster had convinced him to change his decree to capturing Elder Tian Suo for investigation instead.

The Eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie had thought that Yue Yang, the student with the most potential in their academy, had been killed by Elder Tian Suo. That was why he kept attacking Elder Tian Suo madly, with the intention of killing him. He wanted to avenge Yue Yang’s death.

Who could ever know that amidst their heated fight, Yue Yang would suddenly appear. Furthermore, he even said that there were two Elder Tian Suos.

Yue Yang had never received so much protection before.

The Eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie stood at his front, Feng Kuang at his right while the other two generals that had arrived stood at his left and back, completely surrounding Yue Yang and protecting him from all directions.

Everyone was waiting for him to give an answer.

What had actually happened here…

“The matter goes like this. We had came here to deliver herbs, because there wasn’t enough herbs to cure all the injured soldiers. I had even exchanged a few sentences with the old General Dao Feng just now. However, at this moment, Elder Tian Suo suddenly arrived in an extremely arrogant manner. He then beat on a Golden Drum and knocked everyone unconscious.” Yue Yang had not finished speaking before Elder Tian Suo immediately denied, shouting “I didn’t do that!”.

“You didn’t? The whole square is filled with injured soldiers whose eardrums had burst – It was a fine thing you did indeed! I was also here at that time, and I saw you doing it with my own eyes!” the Eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie roared like a lion.

“I really did no such thing. That was done by someone who impersonated me!” Elder Tian Suo pleaded his innocence hurriedly.

“Shut up. Let him finish talking first!” Feng Kuang shouted loudly and nodded towards Yue Yang, signalling him to continue.

“Then, Elder Tian Suo summoned a Silver-ranked Level 8 White Python who immediately flew towards Teacher. He also summoned a fog monster who shrouded the Old Lady Doctor, intending to choke her to death. Then, he summoned a Silver-ranked Level 6 Ox-head Warrior to fight against me.” Yue Yang’s words almost drove Elder Tian Suo mad as he shouted frantically, “I already said, I didn’t do it! I don’t even have a Silver-ranked Level 8 White Python or an Ox-head Warrior. That was all done by the person who impersonated me! That fellow must have used a special-type beast to disguise himself to look like me. That was definitely not me!”

“I’m sure that that person was not wearing a skin mask or a special-type beast that could change appearances. He looked one hundred percent just like you.” Yue Yang also felt that this matter was extremely weird. If there was really someone impersonating as Elder Tian Suo, this was going to be an extremely huge plot.

However, he could guarantee that the Elder Tian Suo in the Battlefield of Certain Death had not used a skin mask. It was his real face.

Feng Kuang signalled to Elder Tian Suo to stop trying to explain himself, and nodded towards Yue yang instead. “So it is confirmed that there were two Elder Tian Suos. What happened afterwards?”

Yue Yang obviously wouldn’t tell them everything that had happened inside the Battlefield of Certain Death. He hurriedly glossed it over with a few main points, “After I had blinded the Ox-head Warrior’s eyes, I ordered my Two-headed Demon Wolf to lure it towards a cliff. That Elder Tian Suo wanted to kill me, so I escaped to a special place, and he had chased after me. He summoned a Big Idiot Beast and a Thunder Goblin Bat. I didn’t know what happened next too, because I had fainted after receiving an attack from him. When I woke up, that Elder Tian Suo had suddenly been instantly killed by an extremely strong warrior. Even his body had turned into dust… Then I came back here.”

“Instantly killed?” Elder Tian Suo, Feng Kuang and the others were struck speechless when they heard that.

Although it was an Elder Tian Suo’s impersonator, he was still an extremely strong warrior who could knock everyone in the whole square unconscious and summon a Silver-ranked Level 8 White Python. How could he be instantly killed by someone?

Seeing the crowd’s expressions, Yue Yang immediately shook his hands and explained, “I didn’t know if it was an instant kill or not, because I was unconscious at that time! When I opened my eyes, I saw Elder Tian Suo’s body in a good condition, but when I went over to look, he suddenly turned into dust. His body had crumbled with just one touch.”

The Eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie had a sudden revelation and nodded, “No wonder. When I was fighting a hard battle with that White Python, it suddenly cried painfully, exploded and died. Turns out its master had died,”

Elder Tian Suo, however, expressed his doubts, “You said you were beaten unconscious, that I believe. But you said that that impersonating fellow had died, how could you prove it? I suspect that there was not even such a person, and you guys were deliberately setting a trap and colluded together to frame both myself and the Floating Mist Sect. You are just an academy student, how could you still be alive after being attacked by someone who was even stronger than us?”

Yue Yang didn’t explain much and immediately took out the Platinum Grimoire on his backpack.

At this, even Elder Tian Suo couldn’t say anything further.

His expression became extremely distorted as he furiously cursed, “This must be a plot by another sect to instigate us! A Ranker who owned a Platinum Grimoire had actually impersonated as me and did such a thing… Look, my Platinum Grimoire is not the same as that one, this proves that I’m not that person!”

Elder Tian Suo took out his own Platinum Grimoire.

However, Feng Kuang shook his head and said, “I don’t suspect you as that person anymore, but you are still a suspect.”

“I am willing to come before His Majesty Jun Wu You to explain this matter before returning to Floating Mist Sect. I am definitely not the murderer, so I’m not afraid of investigations or confrontations. Although I do have grudges against General Dao Feng, I don’t have any intention of killing him. I don’t even think about that matter that happened so many years ago anymore,” Elder Tian Suo knew that if he returned to the Floating Mist Sect right now, he wouldn’t be able to clear his name from suspicion. He hurriedly showed his willingness to accept investigation so that this incident wouldn’t affect the relationship between the Floating Mist Sect and Da Xia Empire.

“Is that person really not your twin brother?” Yue Yang made sure again, “He didn’t wear a mask but he looked exactly like you.”

“My brothers had died 180 years ago in a battle. At that time, Dao Feng and I was in the same team. Us, the three brothers, also did not look like each other at al. At that time, both my elder brother and younger brother had died during a battle. Dao Feng and I had barely escaped death, and we had a disagreement with regards to saving people. I felt that we shouldn’t fight another battle, we should save our strength or else we would all die together. However, Dao Feng felt that we should all fight to our deaths and save the remaining soldiers… At that time, I was really afraid in my heart and was dejected from the deaths of my brothers. I had a great fight with General Dao Feng, and we broke off our relations in the end… Afterwards, I entered the Floating Mist Sect as a disciple. My abilities rose greatly, and at some point of time, I had indeed did a lot of things that wronged General Dao Feng. We do have grudges against each other, but I definitely did not have any intention to kill him. Furthermore, I am a Floating Mist Sect’s representative sent to save people here, why would I commit a massacre instead? That is impossible. As for brothers, it is even more impossible. Firstly, all my brothers had died; Secondly, they all looked different from myself… I would also like to know how that impersonator could look exactly like me. Someone who owned a Platinum Grimoire yet looked exactly like me, who would know how long he had been impersonating me and did all kinds of atrocities? I would also like to investigate this matter thoroughly. General Feng Kuang, I hope that you could send some people to invite Sect leader Bai Yun over so that he and His Majesty Jun Wu You can manage this matter together. This matter was definitely done by some other powers. Our relationship was not really good in the first place, so we make quite good targets for plot conspiracies.” Elder Tian Suo then looked towards Yue Yang, nodded and said, “I should thank you for this. If you didn’t return, I would have definitely become the black sheep. Furthermore, the relationship between Da Xia Empire and Floating Mist Sect would become hostile. If that happens, that enemy, who was secretly instigating us with treacherous and murderous intentions, would have succeeded with his plot.”

“It’s your turn to investigate this matter thoroughly, I have already said what I could say. I am still a kid, so I don’t care so much about the country’s matters. It would be better if I can be a good student and return back to my studies,” Yue Yang would definitely not want to be involved in such a conspiracy between Sects and Empires.

What a joke, all of these fellows wouldn’t be easy to handle at all.

He had spent a huge effort to kill Elder Tian Suo’s impersonator. Now if he tried to get involved with the real one, wouldn’t that be seeking troubles for himself?

The Eagle-eyed Xia Hou We Lie nodded and agreed with Yue yang’s words. In his heart, Yue Yang was their new student who had the most potential in the whole of Da Xia Empire. He should never be taken notice by those old geezers from the Floating Mist Sect, otherwise they would ship him off to the mountains to cultivate. Then he wouldn’t belong to the Da Xia Empire anymore.

One does not need to be with the Four Great Sects to cultivate.

As long as one had enough talent, one would definitely become a strong warrior no matter where one cultivated.

When he thought about this, he hurriedly took out the magic core of that Silver-ranked Level 8 White Python, passing it over to Yue Yang, “I can’t go back to the academy right now, so you should return first. Don’t worry about doing quests, I would suggest that you listen to Grandma Wu Teng’s lecture first. She had a very rich and deep foundation knowledge. If you want to learn about medicine, I can also ask Grandma Feng to go to the Academy to become your teacher.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Yue Yang immediately received the Silver-ranked Level 8 White Python’s magic core the moment he saw it, hurriedly pretending to be a good student.

“Ooo Wang!” Hui Tai Lang chose this moment to wiggle its butt over, wagging its tail wildly as it bit a Silver-ranked Level 6 Ox-head Warrior’s magic core in its mouth. It had actually wanted to swallow it, but remembering Yue Yang’s warnings, it immediately kept it so that it could win favour with its master.

“You have done quite well. I’ll reward you with a delicious meat later at night!” Yue Yang was thoroughly overjoyed. He had gotten another magic core! Today was really a good day.

“Is he really Yue Qiu’s son? His looks might be quite similar, but, his personality…” Elder Tian Suo seemed to be quite interested in the little brat as he watch Yue Yang’s retreating figure.

“Hey, you should solve your own problems first,” The Eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie couldn’t help but to remind Elder Tian Suo that he was still a suspect.

“Seems like the Yue Clan will abruptly rise again…” Elder Tian Suo muttered, ignoring him instead.

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