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LLS Chapter 136 – Mystery

Chapter 136 – Mystery
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Krithika, Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The whole battle was already over. The strong Dark Golden Specter that had made others tremble with fear had completely disappeared.

As for the Elder Tian Suo, his body which was completely undamaged and intact suddenly turned into dust soundlessly and was dispersed by the wind and earthquake caused by Yue Yang when he leapt into the air just now.

Yue Yang was thoroughly speechless. Who did all this?

How could they instantly kill the Dark Golden Specter and Elder Tian Suo in just one move? While Yue Yang was doing everything he could to take back control of his body and wake up, he could vaguely feel that it was the creatures from the Celestial Grimoire that had defeated the enemies. However, he didn’t know what kind of creatures those were… He remembered when he made his first contract and when he first reached the innate realm, this creature had appeared back then… But Yue yang didn’t know what it was, he only vaguely remembered its nature-like sound that was even more beautiful than heaven’s bells. So it turned out that he already had that creature within his body? Was it the compensation that the Old Taoist Priest had given him for kicking his butt? Or could it be a creature that the Sword Goddess had created, just like the beautiful big sister in his dreams?

Countless thoughts swam across Yue Yang’s minds, but he still couldn’t figure anything out.

He only knew that the powerful Elder Tian Suo and the much more powerful Dark Golden Specter were both instantly killed by one move from the divine creature.

The Celestial Grimoire was indeed a powerful item. Only one word could describe it: OP… Yue Yang, however, felt a little regretful as he still could not open his Celestial Grimoire yet. Otherwise, he could be like the Celsetial Crab*, destroying everything on his path, defeating all of his enemies.
(*Shiro: 天朝河蟹 tian chao he xie (lit. Celestial Crab) was actually a pun for China’s internet censorship. Forums and internet are heavily regulated in China, making it very difficult for people to curse.)

Although the Bloody Queen and the Barbarian Cow Shadow were evolving, Yue Yang didn’t care that much about them. He was looking for Xiao Wen Li frantically. His precious darling had disappeared and he hoped that nothing bad had happened to her. Yue Yang couldn’t see Xiao Wen Li anywhere no matter where he looked. His heart was a frantic mess as he shouted, “Little loli, come out quickly, where are you? Don’t scare me…”

Just as Yue Yang thought that Xiao Wen Li had been injured by the Dark Golden Specter and became thoroughly heartbroken, a rainbow ray of light and a Celestial Grimoire floated out.

Yue Yang could smell the wonderful, familiar scent.

Xiao Wen Li’s small body that was light as a swallow entered into Yue Yang’s embrace as her six hands hugged Yue Yang’s neck tightly.

A smile blossomed on that rosy, adorable little face, radiant like the morning sun and filled with love. In that instant, it seemed like all other things on earth couldn’t compare with her beauty. Yue Yang composed himself as he looked. Aih, wasn’t this his precious darling? He happily kissed her cheek and raised her up high in the air, shouting carefreely, “You really scared Uncle Guai to death! Luckily everything is okay…”
(Shiro: Uncle Guai – some Chinsese pun that means a strange, perverted uncle that would lure kids with sweets)

“En En!” Xiao Wen Li nodded adorably, her doe eyes blinking with joy.

When she saw Yue Yang worrying about her and then overjoyed when he found her safe and sound, she couldn’t help but feel extremely moved. She hugged him tightly and kissed him a few pecks, before giving him a brilliant smile.

Yue Yang threw her high up in the air and caught her again, making the little loli laugh with joy. Finally, he put her down slowly.

On the side, the Bloody Queen whose body who had became completely naked after she finished her evolution, felt extremely jealous.

She had finally managed to evolve after great difficulty, but Yue Yang had actually ignored her naked body completely. This was really a great blow for her. Luckily she couldn’t speak the Soaring Dragon Continent’s Language yet, or she would have scolded him as a lolicon. As long as the master was still alive, a Guardian Beast wouldn’t truly die. What was he so worried about? Furthermore, what could be wrong with that strong little lamia loli? The Bloody Queen really had a headache. Having a master like this would be the death of her.

Seeing that Yue Yang had finished playing with Xiao Wen Li, the Bloody Queen immediately put up a ‘I have just evolved, pay attention to me now’ look.

Who could have guessed that Yue Yang’s gaze would completely skip over her and fall on the Barbarian Cow Shadow instead?

If the Bloody Queen had a rod in her hands right now, she would definitely bash Yue Yang’s head hard. Could it be that in his eyes, a beauty like her couldn’t compare to a cow?

The Barbarian Cow Shadow had looked like a female cow previously, but right now, her appearance was not cow-like anymore. The Barbarian Cow Shadow, who had repeatedly perfected and reconstructed its body with the mysterious energy from the pure raging flame, looked liked she had benefited more than the Bloody Queen. As the Bloody Queen already had a strong foundation to start with, the energy she received had only helped her to level up to gold-ranked level 5. However, the Barbarian Cow Shadow had been bronze-ranked level 5. With the mysterious, magical energy from the flame, she had evolved into a silver-ranked level 5.

Even if she had successfully undergone a variant evolution, the Barbarian Cow Shadow who was a bronze-ranked level 5 should have evolved into a silver-ranked level 4 at best…

However, right now, the Barbarian Cow Shadow had actually had a variant evolution, a level up, and a body reconstruction all at the same time.

Yue Yang realized that after multiple reconstructions of the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s body, it looked totally different from her previous self. Her previous body which had been almost three metres tall was now reduced to a smaller size. Her colossal, monstrous body had also lost some of its frightening amount of muscle, and she had become more slender. Her current appearance was practically a hundred times better than her previous one. Her horns didn’t look as coarse anymore, and instead, they became extremely glossy and lustrous. Furthermore, her lines also looked better and sharper, like a beautiful killing machine. Her face, which had previously only looked like rough outline of a woman, had become fine and delicate right now. Although her looks had not reached the level of a beauty, she was definitely not ugly. She actually looked like a bold and powerful female warrior… Her eyes, which had previously been completely crimson red, became a little more like a human’s eye with a white sclera. However, her pupils were still the same crimson red colour. In addition, her strength had increased multiple fold. Yue Yang reckoned that her [Doom’s Eyes] power had greatly increased.

The oxen armour draped over her body previously had also completely changed in appearance.

Currently, The Barbarian Cow Shadow had completely lost the features from the Barbarian Cow that was a part of her fusion previously. She was more of an amazon warrior wearing an oxen armour.

She still had her muscles and her explosive, unbridled strength, but her skin had started to become glossy and soft.

Her body had become closer to a womanly figure, instead of her previous body which had the waist of a bear and back of a tiger. She had more curves right now… Of course, if one were to compare any part of the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s body to a normal girl, no matter if it was the chest, waist, butt or legs, the Barbarian Cow Shadow would look like a female giant. It’s just that she kind of looked like a girl right now. This made Yue Yang feel extremely relieved. He had initially given up hope for the Barbarian Cow Shadow to evolve into a hot girl. He was already more than pleasantly surprised that she could evolve into this.

Maybe she could become a great beauty if she could evolve another time.

“Yeah, I have decided. I’m going to call you Ah Man from today onwards.” Yue Yang had officially given the Barbarian Cow Shadow a name. He had called her with this name before, but it was not official yet.
(Shiro: Barbarian Cow Shadow is man niu ying zi in chinese. Ah is a prefix while Man comes from the man in man niu ying zi)

“…” Seeing this, the Bloody Queen felt even more sour in her heart. It was really a rare occurrence for him to name his beasts. Amongst so many beasts, he had only named Xiao Wen Li and Hui Tai Lang before. Now he had even given the Barbarian Cow Shadow an official name, but she, though a Gold King Beast, didn’t have one. She was really a failure.

“Why aren’t you wearing clothes?” Yue Yang finally saw her accidentally and asked curiously.

“…” the Bloody Queen almost fainted. In her heart, she thought: Did you just see me now? It’s been so long that if it was snowing right now, I would probably have been frozen to death!

“It’s also good this way. Ah, I mean, your body is really good. Sorry, I mean, I didn’t see anything, please wear this first.” Seeing that the Bloody Queen was using her hands to cover both her chest and the other part below, Yue Yang gulped his saliva down. If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Wen Li was at his side, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from pushing her down. She was simply too enticing, her snow white naked body, her beautiful peaks that couldn’t be hidden from view, and also the lush garden underneath that peeked out for a moment.

Based on his conviction that he shouldn’t teach bad things to small children, Yue Yang finally, with great difficulty, calmed his wolfy heart down.

Seeing this, the Bloody Queen had actually felt pleased secretly.

In order to take revenge on Yue Yang who had ignored her earlier, when she was wearing the clothes he had given her, she purposely exaggerated her movements, sometimes even slowing her motions. She pretended that it was an accident and revealed a little bit of spring sunshine. Her actions made Yue Yang’s wolfy heart rise again, and his eyes, which were pretending to face another way, almost pulled a muscle due to straining to look to the side too much.

The Bloody Queen coughed a few times lightly and Yue Yang immediately pretended that he didn’t see anything, quickly running away from her as he searched for the remnants of the Dark Golden Specter. He found a transparent pearl and picked it up.

With his [Divine Vision], he saw something strange.

At first, Yue Yang thought that the Dark Golden Specter had not died completely and was hiding inside the pearl. However, when he used his [Divine Vision], he realized that there was not a single trace of a soul left inside the pearl, there was only an indescribable mystical energy inside… It was not an active energy, but a passive one, that seemed to be stationary and was close to burning out.

What use would this thing have?

Yue Yang couldn’t understand at all. Suddenly, he remembered that when he was hypnotized to sleep by the Dark Golden Specter, his spirit was almost captured by him. He realized suddenly, could it be it was because of this pearl?

Pondering about it, Yue Yang finally made a decision to test it out

He held his Hui Jin Magic Blade in his hands, and brought the pearl closer towards the Flame Lord’s molten core and the dragon core… As a result, this pearl made the whole Hui Jin Magic Blade tremble violently, as if it saw an extremely scary monster. On the contrary, when Yue Yang brought the pearl closer towards the Golden Beast that had become a wrist guard and was still digesting the Giant Frost Dragon’s core, it had reached out its greedy arms as if it wanted to swallow the pearl down too.

“Don’t even think about it. You didn’t even participate in the battle, so there’s none for you.” Yue Yang naturally wouldn’t give the pearl to the Golden Beast to swallow. He decided to just keep it for now since he didn’t understand it. There was nothing wrong with having more treasures. He would first store it into his Lich Ring and then research it later slowly.

He also picked up his White Jade Beetle.

The current White Jade Beetle had also undergone a change. Its back which was previously sparkling and translucent, now had an additional golden seal pattern. It looked similar to before. Other than having pure, clean energy, Yue Yang also discovered that there was a kind of crystallized demonic qi that had deeply condensed inside the White Jade Beetle. Yue Yang reckoned that this was the energy condensed from the lower half of the Dark Golden Specter’s body, which had become a crystal after losing its master’s control… Yue Yang felt that if he could take the demon crystal out and place it onto Hui Tai Lang’s body, Hui Tai Lang would be extremely OP. It may even further evolve into a Cerberus, or into a Demon King-level Demon Wolf.

Of course, because of that golden seal pattern, Yue Yang could only think about it at present.

Yue Yang placed the White Jade Beetle back into his backpack. He was extremely bewildered in his heart. He had definitely hidden this thing cautiously, right inside a small pocket at the bottom of his backpack. How could the White Jade Beetle fall into Elder Tian Suo’s hands when there were no holes and nothing else from his backpack had spilled out?

Could it be that it was the Dark Golden Specter’s doing?

Or could it be that this White Jade Beetle that looked sluggish and passive was actually a naughty little beetle, who liked to add troubles to people during battles?

“Hey, I’m (oresama) warning you. Don’t give me any more troubles, otherwise I will have you deep fried and serve you with a beer.” Yue Yang really didn’t understand how it had happened and he also didn’t care if the White Jade Beetle had understood him. He simply warned it strictly.

“…” Seeing him talking to a beetle like that, the Bloody Queen could only roll her eyes. However, she also felt that it was extremely weird. She didn’t see how the White Jade Beetle had fallen out of Yue Yang’s backpack. Based on her senses, she could feel everything clearly in a radius of one hundred metres as if she was seeing them with her own eyes; she could even feel the soft winds that blew through the grasses. However, she completely didn’t feel it when the White Jade Beetle had fallen out of Yue Yang’s backpack and picked up by Elder Tian Suo.

This, was indeed a mystery that couldn’t be solved.

Yue Yang tidied up everything and slept for around ten minutes inside the Battlefield of Certain Death before finally the one hour time limit was up.

The laws in the Battlefield of Certain Death then forced Yue Yang to transfer out and allowed him to return to his initial teleportation point. Yue Yang had not even stabilized himself when he suddenly saw an unbelievable scene right in front of his eyes… There stood Feng Kuang, Da Xia Empire’s Imperial Guard Commander, the eagle-eyed man whose body was drenched in blood, and two other generals that Yue Yang didn’t recognise. The four men were attacking madly in turn, working together to fight against Elder Tian Suo.

Wasn’t Elder Tian Suo burned into ashes? How could he still be alive?

Yue Yang’s chin was about to fall to the ground…

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