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LLS Chapter 135 – Nirvana’s Flame

Chapter 135 – Nirvana’s Flame
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, Krithika
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Elder Tian Suo suddenly sensed the Dark Golden Specter with his beast’s ability to sense heat. He sensed an extremely dangerous presence right above his head.

He howled loudly as he exerted all of his strength.

With the added ability from his strengthening-type beast with electricity attribute, his large sword flashed and resounded continuously with claps of thunder. Countless streaks of lightning scattered in all direction. Elder Tian Suo didn’t care if this thing hovering in the air was Yue Yang, the Bloody Queen or some other beast. In short, he had released his ultimate attack that would bring everyone down along with him.

His sword tore apart heaven and earth.

“Either the enemy or I must perish” was the determination displayed by the attack.

Yue Yang couldn’t help but be amazed by this. If someone had said that this Elder Tian Suo’s character was trash amongst trash, Yue Yang would definitely agree. However, if someone now said that Elder Tian Suo’s battle skills were bad, Yue Yang wouldn’t quite agree. This Elder Tian Suo was definitely the person with the strongest martial art skills that Yue Yang had ever seen. If it wasn’t for encountering the beautiful big sister’s teachings in his Dream Realm, Yue Yang would probably not be able to fight him off as easily as he had just now.

Elder Tian Suo’s martial arts technique was extremely profound. However, comparing it to the beautiful big sister’s technique, one was like an ox-cart while the other was like a ferrari car. Although both moved on wheels, they were at totally different levels.

That’s why, Yue Yang, who had been beaten by the beautiful big sister in the Dream Realm to the point where he didn’t know which way was north, could easily fight against Elder Tian Suo.

Of course, if Yue Yang were to be hit by this ultimate move of Elder Tian Suo’s, he would probably not remain unscathed.

However, the Dark Golden Specter had ignored the blow completely.
The blade that contained several hundred volts slashed through the Dark Golden Specter’s illusionary body, right into the Dark Golden Specter’s lower half body that had already been melted by the golden seal pattern. The Dark Golden Specter moved his body a little and blocked the large blade from coming down.

The ultimate slash that could tear heaven and earth apart fell on the Dark Golden Specter’s body, but the blade just sunk into the Dark Golden Specter’s body with no hope of returning. It was completely ineffective.

Yue Yang watched this spectacle speechlessly, his heart thumping loudly and his hair stood on its ends. This was really too frightening…

An attack as powerful as the Elder Tian Suo’s ultimate move was actually completely useless against the Dark Golden Specter. However, the golden seal pattern had been able to easily melt the Dark Golden Specter’s body. If these two were to be compared, wouldn’t the difference of the power be too far apart? What kind of extraordinary Ranker was it who had created this golden seal pattern? The golden seal pattern had sealed the demon for such a long time, yet it was still so powerful. It was really hard to imagine!

The Dark Golden Specter now started its attack.

With just one attack from the Dark Golden Specter, Elder Tian Suo was like a small boat that had collided into a huge iceberg, weak beyond comparison. He was immediately sent flying, bouncing hard on the ground several times.

The Dark Golden Specter, who still had a frightening amount of strength left even after losing the lower half of his body, slowly descended to the ground. He then summoned something unknown and threw it towards Elder Tian Suo’s body causing it to immediately float into the air. His body was unable to move even a single inch before he was slaughtered by the Dark Golden Specter.

Yue Yang saw the Dark Golden Specter reach out his hands to scoop out the two strengthening-type beasts from Elder Tian Suo’s body alive.

There was a flash of dark light before the two strengthening-type beast were immediately killed.

With two loud bangs, the two strengthening-type beasts weren’t even able to recover their own bodies as they exploded into two balls of badly mutilated flesh. As for Elder Tian Suo’s Guardian Spirit Beast, the Dark Golden Specter seemed to be unable to pull it out and he didn’t try a second time. Maybe he thought that such a low levelled beast couldn’t possibly pose a threat to him. He gripped Elder Tian Suo’s throat tightly with one hand, while he used his other hand to reach deep into Elder Tian Suo’s throat from his mouth. Nobody knew what he was trying to do.

Could it be that he was thinking of seizing Elder Tian Suo’s body to be reborn?

If this fellow could truly be reborn, how much power would he recover? How would Yue Yang fight in the next few moments?

It was an enemy that was completely unfamiliar and had an unknown level of strength. Furthermore, it was an enemy that had been sealed by a Peak Ranker.

This battle, even Yue Yang thought that it was a little bit impossible…

However, his manly battle spirit that vowed never to lose a battle was igniting from the depths of his heart. Yue Yang had always hoped to find an opponent that would test his limits. If he was only to battle opponents like Yan Shi, Wu Yi and Xie Huo, Yue Yang would not be satisfied nor feel that he had accomplished something. He wanted to feel the satisfaction of stepping on top of an even stronger opponent.

His initial target had been a Demon King… But it seemed like this Dark Golden Specter in front of him may not be any weaker than a Demon King.

Fortunately this Specter didn’t have a body. Otherwise, Yue Yang wouldn’t even think of starting this fight.

Yue Yang wondered if he could use his level 3 [Divine Vision] to see through the fellow’s weakness if this Dark Golden Specter seized Elder Tian Suo’s body.

He prepared to summon his Celestial Grimoire and set up its shield before thinking of a way to fight against this Dark Golden Specter who had been sealed for god knows how many years.

However, before he even managed to raise his hands, he suddenly felt a bout of sleepiness. He couldn’t help but yawn.


Why would he be sleepy?

Yue Yang could feel that something wasn’t right. He looked up towards the Dark Golden Specter, whose demonic eyes had become something like stars, blinking and shining brilliantly.

In an instant, it was as if a fisherman was singing a light melody through the quiet night sky.

It sounded like a soft wind, brushing through the night ever so softly, captivating all the people walking on the shore.

The last thing that Yue Yang heard was a captivating voice calling to him in his heart, beckoning him forward. In his haziness, Yue yang couldn’t help but follow the voice, wanting to find that strange voice that was calling his heart…


Xiao Wen Li felt an anomaly and immediately appeared, beautiful like a white orchid, accompanied by thousands of rays of light. A shield immediately protected Yue Yang.

She saw that there was an invisible thing on Yue Yang’s body.

It was struggling and hissing ever so lightly.

However, Xiao Wen Lin increased the intensity of her purification power, destroying it quickly without any trace.

Although the strange demon who had mounted a sneak attack on Yue Yang without anyone realizing it had been killed by Xiao Wen Li’s purification, Yue Yang still fell to the ground with a loud thud.

His consciousness was clear.

But it was as if his body had been hypnotized to sleep and he couldn’t control it at all.

He couldn’t see anything in front of him. In the endless darkness, he could only feel in his heart that Xiao Wen Li was trying her best to save him. It seemed like she was using her purification ability to purify his body… The strange thing was that Yue Yang’s body was all normal. His innate qi was flowing through his body unobstructed, and the thing that had caused him to fall asleep with a sneak attack had already been destroyed. However, he still couldn’t open his eyes, and couldn’t wake up from his sleep.

Yue Yang was really anxious in his heart.

He could be 100% certain that this was the Dark Golden Specter’s doing.

Although he didn’t know when the Dark Golden Specter had attacked, nor what method he had used, Yue Yang was certain that he had fallen into the Dark Golden Specter’s trap.

What kind of beast was that which could hypnotize him soundlessly? How could it have done that without even Xiao Wen Li realizing it?

Yue Yang was extremely confused. What he was feeling in his current state was more or less the same as when he entered into his Dream Realm. The only difference was that he could freely control himself in the Dream Realm, whereas he couldn’t do anything right now…

What exactly must he do in order to wake up?

Could he enter into his Dream Realm from this space that he couldn’t control and then exit from the Dream Realm?

Yue Yang’s mind flashed as quick as lightning as he considred various methods to counter this attack.

Compared to Yue Yang, the extremely strong Elder Tian Suo was even more miserable right now.

He was just like a small worm being crushed within the Dark Golden Specter’s hand. Initially, the Dark Golden Specter had wanted to crush Elder Tian Suo to pieces, but seeing that Xiao Wen Li had summoned a Diamond Grimoire to protect Yue Yang, his expression changed. He immediately stopped and put down the pitiful Elder Tian Suo, before reaching out his shadow-like hands into Elder Tian Suo’s head, as if he was sifting through the memories inside.

The deeper he searched through the memories, the more surprised the Dark Golden Specter seemed to look .

He didn’t have a mouth, but by resonating the air, he was strangely enough able to ‘speak’.

“How could there be such a young Innate Ranker? That’s really strange. Little lamia, your master only has a silver grimoire. As his Guardian Beast, how could you have a diamond grimoire that is higher levelled than his own? This is really tiring… Only a thousand years have passed, but everything has become so disorderly… Looking closely, the three of you are all completely different but you are all Guardian Beasts. This is really unimaginable. This brat is really strange, I should have already summoned his spirit out, how could it fail? I have never encountered such a thing before… Could it be that this young human brat can actually fight me with his will? Could it be that human beings have completely revived after all these years? What exactly has happened in all these years while I was sleeping?” the Dark Golden Specter looked extremely surprised as he mumbled to himself, shaking his head continuously.

He looked like he was really vexed. He couldn’t understand such a mysterious and strange figure like Yue Yang at all.

In the end, the Dark Golden Specter shook his head, “Forget it, I should stop thinking about it. I should first fix my body and kill this dangerous brat quickly. He’s really dangerous. If he has already become an innate ranker at such a young age, what will he become when he grows up?”

The upper half of his body slowly melted into Elder Tian Suo’s body.

If Yue Yang was awake, he would see that Elder Tian Suo was not dead yet, and his consciousness was extremely clear.

Though Elder Tian Suo was not dead, his body was completely controlled by another ‘person’. His whole body had been invaded by the Dark Golden Specter, who was taking control of everything.

The only thing that was left uncontrolled was his face.

His face that was filled with astonishment, fright, despair and helplessness… Countless expressions mixed together, twisting his face into a strange expression that would make others feel absolutely horrified. However, Yue Yang couldn’t hear the Dark Golden Specter’s words right now or see Elder Tian Suo’s expression. He was still diligently struggling to escape from his dream.

Although his opponent was a powerful being who had reached the pinnacle, he couldn’t just wait helplessly to die.

Wake up!

Fight a battle to the death with him!

Yue Yang cried out from the depths of his heart: Wake up quickly, fight, fight! You must not continue to sleep while your opponent might kill you easily. Wake up and fight! Kill him, it doesn’t matter if he’s a crazily powerful being or any other person, you must kill him…

Quickly wake up!

It was as if they felt Yue Yang’s heartfelt cries, the Bloody Queen and the Barbarian Cow Shadow immediately fought against the Dark Golden Specter’s terrifying pressure and advanced forward instead of retreating, their battle spirit bursting through the skies as they protected Yue Yang at his side. Yue Yang’s innate qi circulated through his body madly. With each circulation, Yue Yang managed to seize back control of his body little by little. His mind and body’s reactions were also getting stronger.

Xiao Wen Li suddenly turned into a rainbow light and disappeared.

“Could a Guardian Beast also flee a battle? No, that’s impossible,” the Dark Golden Specter that had melted into Elder Tian Suo’s body and was preparing to join completely with Elder Tian Suo’s body as one shouted unbelievingly. Yue Yang’s eyelids were moving a little, he felt that he was about to wake up at any moment. His spirit ignited even stronger as he cried out even more desperately in his dream. And suddenly, a power that he had never felt before burst forth.

The Dark Golden Specter’s face started to distort, as if he was extremely furious towards Yue Yang’s ability to resist his willpower and turn the battle situation around, seizing back the control of his own body.

How dare a puny human being fight against him?

Suddenly, a seven-coloured, brilliant light shot up into the sky.

A sparkling grimoire that was translucent like a crystal appeared in front of Yue Yang, emitting thousands of sparkling rays of lights, shining brightly with radiance.

The rainbow light spread across Yue Yang’s body and formed a special rainbow shield.

Countless streaks of rainbow light flowed as a large golden halo suddenly expanded over Yue Yang. Its power was like a blazing sun, shining brightly like a star, illuminating the whole area in an instant.

The Dark Golden Specter jumped in surprise when he saw this. He howled in despair, “I really have bad luck! How could it be a Celestial Grimoire? Damnation, how could it be a Celestial Grimoire… How can he have two Grimoires? No, that’s not right. He should not be able to own that Celestial Grimoire- AHHHHH!!!”

Suddenly, a huge pillar of fire shot up into the skies from the Celestial Grimoire.

The flames rotated continuously upwards, spreading wider and wider apart.

In an instant, there was only one thing left in the battle arena – the flame. It was a flame that could burn even the heavens.

In the midst of such a pure and powerful flame, the Bloody Queen and Barbarian Cow Shadow’s bodies began to evolve. They reconstructed and evolved repeatedly… On the opposite side, the Dark Golden Specter who had hurriedly left Elder Tian Suo’s body and gone back into the White Jade Beetle summoned a dark-coloured shield desperately. However, in the midst of such a pure and intense flame, the dark-coloured shield was as powerless as a wisp of smoke, shattering in an instant, completely destroyed and purified by the burning flame.

It was as if there was a pair of beautiful creatures circling around each other inside the burning flame.

In the dimensional space, the burning flame started to burn even more intensely. It burned ten times, or even a hundred times more intensely, just like the legendary, most formidable [Nirvana’s Flame] that could burn everything to the ground… The Dark Golden Specter who was initially strong beyond compare couldn’t even last for three seconds, as its body was completely purified to its despair. In the end, only a soul that continued to writhe in the flames was left, as the Dark Golden Specter continued to struggle in pain.

The pair of mysterious creatures both cried out – clear, nature-like sounds that echoed through the ground – before they returned into the Celestial Grimoire.

This nature-like cry had only resounded when the soul that was burning inside the flames looked like it had reached its limit and broke into thousands of pieces of light that dispersed in all directions. Even its soul had been completely wiped out.

Only a transparent pearl was left, which dropped to the ground.

Other than that, there was no other remnants.

“Ahhhh!” Yue Yang suddenly shouted out loud as he leapt high up into the sky like a magnificent, arrogant dragon. He had managed to break the chains on his spirit and had successfully taken back control of his body. It was only at this moment that he finally felt that he truly controlled his own life.

Because it was only in predicaments that he could come to a realization and overcome obstacles. That was what victory really was.

When Yue Yang finally snapped out of his proud feelings of getting back the control of his life, he almost fell to the ground when he looked at the surrounding area. “How could everything be over? I haven’t even started to fight! Who did this?!”

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    Yue Yang cried out from the depths of his heart: Wake up quickly, fight, fight! You must not continue to sleep while your opponent might kill you easily. Wake up and fight! Kill him, it doesn’t matter if he’s a crazily powerful being or any other person, you must kill him…”

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