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LLS Chapter 134 – Seal Unlocked: The Dark Golden Specter!

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Chapter 134 – Seal Unlocked: The Dark Golden Specter!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Twin Fish sphere that Yue Yang controlled with his hands turned and buzzed frantically with electricity. When the spiral cut past right in front of Elder Tian Suo’s face, he cried painfully from the pain of being electrocuted and shredded by the sharpness of the turning force. His face was badly mutilated as fresh blood splurted out. When Elder Tian Suo was still struggling, paralysed from the pain of being electrocuted, a flaming whip suddenly hit the back of his neck, causing him to stumble. It was Bloody Queen’s new ability, [Flame Whip].

“Do you think you can defeat me like this? Dream on!” Elder Tian Suo glared angrily as he madly shouted towards the Bloody Queen who had mounted a sneak attack on him.

“Do you think you can still turn the situation around?” Yue Yang laughed coldly.

He also beat Elder Tian Suo’s face with the [Flame Whip]. When Elder Tian Suo was writhing in pain from the [Flame Whip], Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade once again slashed through him with its purple flames.

Elder Tian Suo was thoroughly mad.

He had never seen a young person who was even more skilled at physical skills than himself. He had never experienced a predicament of being beaten down by his opponent. Although this brat in front of him was still very young, his skills were so profound that it made others despair… Elder Tian Suo realized that, he, who was an honorable Battle Skills Grandmaster, did not even stand a chance countering his attacks. He couldn’t dodge almost all of his opponent’s attacks, causing him to be beaten black and blue. Elder Tian Suo had a powerful fist, every single punch from him was equivalent to the strength of thousands of soldiers. However, he couldn’t land a hit on Yue Yang at all. He really wanted to brandish his large blade and behead this annoying brat in front of him, but against all expectations, Yue Yang disappeared and reappeared like a shadow. He didn’t give him a chance to fully utilise his skills. Instead, punches, kicks, elbows and knees came onto him like a rain of attacks…

The thing that made Elder Tian Suo maddest was that whenever he wanted to kick Yue Yang, he would immediately be thrown into the ground by the brat.

It could be seen that Yue Yang was extremely good at the technique of throwing people down. It was somewhat thoughtless; the most important thing was to take control the opponent’s body for a moment, make him lose his balance and fall hard on the ground.

“Big Idiot, come over here!” Elder Tian Suo immediately called when he saw that the Barbarian Cow was not at a disadvantage at all although the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast was two levels higher than the Barbarian Cow. She could even execute those simple normal soldiers’ physical attack and defensive skills.

Fighting this Barbarian Cow with brute force would not yield any results in a short period of time.

Elder Tian Suo couldn’t wait for too long.

He needed time; at least, he needed a few moments to breathe.

He ordered the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast to abandon its opponent and come over to help him attack Yue Yang together. As long as this brat would retreat just a little and give him some breathing space, he could definitely win.

“[Two Dragons Vying Pearls]!” Yue Yang suddenly executed a crude, simple martial art skill that would aim at his opponents eyes. It was a move that even normal soldiers would think as useless. This move was simply too obvious. Furthermore, it would have been better if he didn’t shout it out loud. Instead, Yue Yang had shouted “Two Dragons Vying Pearls” when executing the move. This was equivalent to telling his opponent that he was about to prick their eyes. Elder Tian Suo laughed coldly in his heart. It was only because he had been paralysed by the Bloody Queen’s Scream that he got hit by the brat’s Twin Fish [Spherical Beheader].

That brat would be dreaming if he wanted to land a hit on his face in a normal situation.

Even noobs wouldn’t let others prick their eyes so easily, let alone himself, who was a Martial Art Skills Grandmaster.

Elder Tian Suo’s bent his body backwards and dodged Yue Yang’s fingers that were about to prick his eyes. At the same time, he opened up his palms and placed them in front of his face, blocking against Yue Yang’s invading fingers.

Yue Yang’s two joined fingers suddenly split apart, intending to drill through Elder Tian Suo’s hands and bore his fingers straight towards his eyeballs. Elder Tian Suo’s face was filled with ridicule and mockery. Before Yue Yang’s fingers could bore a hole through his palms, he suddenly slapped his iron palms hard together, clamping Yue Yang’s fingers in a deadlock.

Elder Tian Suo laughed coldly, “I have waited for you for a long time, idiot.”

Yue Yang tried his utmost to prick his fingers into Elder Tian Suo’s eyes, but his fingers had been clamped by Elder Tian Suo in a tight deadlock with no way of escaping.

“Die, you idiot…” Seeing that the brat had advanced prematurely and was caught by him, Elder Tian Suo was overjoyed in his heart.

“The idiot is you.” Yue Yang laughed.

Suddenly, his clamped two fingers emitted a hissing sound as he shot out two Innate Invisible Sword Qi’s.

When Elder Tian Suo realized something was wrong, it was all too late.

No matter how tight Elder Tian Suo shut his eyes, the two shots of Innate Invisible Sword Qi’s could destroy both of his eyes easily… Blood splashed to the ground as Elder Tian Suo let out a miserable howl. He relied on his abilities to send a punch in his dying breath, pushing Yue Yang back. He was really afraid of him now, as he rolled around madly on the ground. Not waiting for Yue Yang and the Bloody Queen to attack him again, he immediately jumped and endured his pain, summoning his Platinum Grimoire out.

The blood oozing out of his eyes dripped drop after drop on his Platinum Grimoire. Elder Tian Suo did his best to channel his last bout of spirit qi and summoned out his Guardian Beast.

Against Yue Yang’s expectations, Elder Tian Suo’s Guardian Beast was actually a pitch black iron snake.

Its level wasn’t that high, only a bronze-ranked level 5.

When the strengthening-type Iron Snake was summoned, it immediately fused together with Elder Tian Suo’s body. Due to its low level, its addition to Elder Tian Suo’s battle power was limited. However, Elder Tian Suo could draw out the Iron Snake’s ability to sense living organisms with heat to replace his innjured eyes.

“Only Innate-ranked sword qi could possibly injure me. This is an innate-ranked sword qi. You, how could you be an Innate Ranker? Who is your Master? Who taught you this Innate-ranked martial art skill?” Elder Tian Suo howled loudly, full of grief and indignation.

He knew that he had fallen into a trap.

This brat was not only a simple brat with a Gold King Beast.

He had even mastered an innate-ranked martial art technique, and he knew how to release an innate sword qi that had the capability of ignoring all defense.

Previously when Yue Yang had blinded the Ox-head Warrior, he should have already be on guard. But Yue Yang had concealed it so well. Furthermore, at that time, he would never in his life have thought that this brat had already reached the innate realm at such a young age.

He remembered that half a year ago, the seventh Innate Ranker of Da Xia Empire was born, shocking the whole Empire.

At that time, an [Elder] called Ming Xin from the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion Sect had said that this concealed Innate ranker was an extremely young person… So it turned out that she was talking about this brat. He was really too careless, how could he have sent his strongest beast, White Python, to attack the Eagle-eyed Xia Hou Wei Lie? If he had his silver-ranked level 8 White Python by his side protecting him, he wouldn’t have ended up so miserable. He had fallen into one trap after another, which had all been set by his opponents in this battle. He had simply been too careless. This brat had shouted “Two Dragons Vying Pearls” in order to remind him and make him react to his attack, and then at the time when he didn’t feel any danger at all, this brat had shot a sneak attack with his innate sword qi… If not for that, he wouldn’t even have been able to pierce his eyes with the sword qi.

“Kill that Rock-skinned Big Idiot beast!” Yue Yang didn’t pay attention to Elder Tian Suo. Under his order, the Bloody Queen immediately released her second Banshee Scream right at the top of the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast head.

Yue Yang shot another innate sword qi right into the Big Idiot Beast’s head, creating a bloody hole on its rock-hard head.

However, the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast’s head was simply too big. One sword qi injury almost didn’t seem to cause any injuries to it.

Although fresh blood and brain matters dripped down from the hole, the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast didn’t die. It even kept waving its large stick around, smashing it’s surrounding wildly. Suddenly, Xiao Wen Li floated out with a rainbow light as her Dual Icicle Blades slashed right at the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast’s legs, freezing both of its huge legs.

The Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast fell to the ground with a loud thud as the Bloody Queen stabbed it wildly with her Dragon Slaying Dagger. However, this did not have much effect on the Big Idiot Beast, whose flesh was extremely thick and hard.

The Bloody Queen could only add a few more bloody holes in its body. It wasn’t possible to kill it instantly.

Yue Yang took out the Giant Hammer that he captured from the Gold Armoured Puppet previously and beat the Big Idiot Beast together with the Barbarian Cow Shadow. When the Big Idiot beast was struggling, suddenly, a sharp golden arrow accurately pierced into the bloody hole on its forehead.

This was actually one of Yue Yang’s plans. He knew that his innate sword qi wouldn’t be enough to instantly kill the beast, who did not even need to think with its brains. In order to defeat such a beast, he had thought of an idea to use the Medusa’s skill, [Petrify], to petrify the opponent. Even If its head was immune to piercing, would it be able to withstand petrification? As long as its head had turned into stone, would this fellow still be able to move?

With the shot of the golden arrow, the Big Idiot Beast’s head suddenly turned into stone.

However, the Big Idiot Beast had slowly stood up again, under Yue Yang’s speechless, dumbstruck gaze.

Xiao Wen Li looked a little disdainful as she slashed her Dual Icicle Blades across the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast. That petrified head flew several meters away.

Barbarian Cow Shadow also slashed heavily with her blade, full of strength, hacking that petrified head into two stone pieces. It was easier for her to hack the Big Idiot beast’s head that had turned into a Stone Head. But even then, the Big Idiot Beast did not fall, its body was still moving slowly without its head. If not for Xiao Wen Li’s Dual Icicle Blades’s strong freezing capabilities, it would really be hard to tell when it would truly die.

The Big Idiot Beast which was covered with ice from head to toe finally fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Yue Yang was afraid that it had not died completely, and even ruthlessly broke its four limbs. He would never give this tough fellow a chance to revive.

“Close one,” Yue Yang patted his heart with his hands. Seemed like he was really lacking in beasts-related knowledge. If Elder Tian Suo wasn’t blind, he would probably not be able to kill this Big Idiot Beast that could move without its head.

“Golden Holy Beetle… Haha, I never thought that this thing would fall onto my hands. Heaven never bars one’s way, it is indeed true,” Elder Tian Suo had suddenly picked up the White Jade Beetle from Yue Yang’s backpack without him even realising when. He was absorbing the pure energy inside it madly, using it to heal his injuries.

Yue Yang secretly screamed “Oh my God! This time he has really done it!”

He wasn’t afraid of the blind Elder Tian Suo, he was afraid of the frightening demon sealed inside that White Jade Beetle.

If there was really a frightening demon sealed inside it like what the Old Lady Doctor had said, then it would be game over. If Elder Tian Suo really released the seal of an extremely strong demon, who might even be stronger than a Demon King and possess an unfathomable strength and power, he would never be able to imagine the consequences…


Yue Yang watched as what he was afraid of suddenly appeared.

A bright light suddenly shone from within the White Jade Beetle’s body as Elder Tian Suo’s injuries healed at an amazing speed. Even his destroyed eyeballs had recovered slowly.

However, as the bright light magnificently shot to the sky, an extremely mysterious, rapidly rotating golden seal pattern appeared in the skies, slowly turning darker and darker. A frightening Dark Golden Specter was striving to crawl out. Every single step it took seemed to be extremely difficult. The golden light that was emitted by the pattern seemed to melt its shadow away, at the same time, it was also purifying the Dark Golden Specter’s body continuously.

That Dark Golden Specter seemed to be throwing away his life, firmly set on coming out. Even when the lower half of his body was cut thoroughly by the golden seal pattern, he had given up his lower half body and come out with only his upper half body.

If Elder Tian Suo had seen that such a terrifying demon had crawled out right on top of his head, maybe he would have stopped.

However, his eyes were blind, so he couldn’t see anything.

Furthermore, Elder Tian Suo was extremely anxious to heal his eyes and fight Yue Yang to the death. He had already gone somewhat insane and did not care about anything at all. He had never in his life thought that while he was doing this, he had opened the a hell’s door and released an extremely strong demon with an unimaginable amount of power.

The White Jade Beetle’s light was just like a flame thawing snow, destroying the Dark Golden Specter’s body.

When the upper half of the Dark Golden Specter’s body finally crawled out of the golden seal pattern, his lower half body had already been completely dissolved, thoroughly destroyed.

Yue Yang had wanted to use his innate sword qi on the Dark Golden Specter immediately, but Xiao Wen Li had pulled his sleeves to make him stay and watch the end result first, her face a picture of seriousness. Her little body was moving ever so slightly, blocking in front of Yue Yang, looking like a good girl who was bravely and seriously protecting her father.

Elder Tian Suo finally sensed the danger, but he didn’t know which way it was coming from.

His whole body was trembling. In front of the Dark Golden Specter, he realized that he was just the weakest of worms. He was immediately so scared that his knees went weak, throwing the White Jade Beetle away in fright. He moved his body wildly, brandishing his large blades madly.

“Is this your doing? What has actually happened?” Elder Tian Suo shouted in fright.

Above his head, the Dark Golden Specter was floating wordlessly, preparing to seize his body…

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