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LLS Chapter 133 – I’ll send you back to the west.

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Chapter 133 – I’ll send you back to the west.
Translated by: Sephillia, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko, FatChinee, Yunichan

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Although Yue Yang could not instantly kill the Silver-ranked Level 6 Ox-head Warrior, his cold-hearted attack caused both of its two big red eyes to burst at the same time.

In mid air, the Ox-head Warrior who had lost its momentum and had both of its eyes destroyed was beaten black and blue by the Hui Tai Lang who had leapt towards him. Hui Tai Lang’s sharp teeth dug into the legs of the Ox-head Warrior. It borrowed the strength from the momentum of its body, and together with its explosive power, it collided into the Ox-head Warrior,flinging it far away. This move was the result of the special training that Hui Tai Lang had received from Yue Yang after he learned about the weaknesses of various beasts.

The further away the beast was from its master, the weaker the effect of its master’s control.

If the movements of a brute beast like the Ox-head Warrior were perfectly controlled by its master, then its battle prowess would be much greater, as if one were adding wings to a tiger.

Conversely, if it failed to receive the commands that the beast’s master sent out, along with not possessing a pair of eyes that it previously depended on, it would become a blind beast as well, and the Ox-head Warrior’s combat ability would inevitably suffer a great loss.

The Ox-head Warrior fell onto the ground and immediately jumped back up furiously.

Both of its eyes had burst and blood was overflowing. However, its powerful body still possessed extremely high combat abilities.

“So it wasn’t a Guardian Beast after all… Die.” Yue Yang had even thought that the Ox-head Warrior was a Guardian Beast initially. Who would have known that Elder Tian Suo did not have any control over this crazy Ox-head Warrior. The killing intent on Yue Yang’s face grew thicker, and with his figure like a phoenix descending from the ninth heaven, he kicked the face of the Ox-head Warrior, causing it to fly roughly ten meters away. The Ox-head warrior was completely furious now. It swung its axe wildly, but how could it cut the ever moving and gracefully drifting Yue Yang while being blind?

“Awooo… “ Hui Tai Lang snarled. With a thunderous power, it smashed itself against the waist of the Ox-head Warrior again, knocked him back another ten odd metres.

Yue Yang and Hui Tai Lang worked together as they assaulted the Ox-head Warrior, completely ignoring Elder Tian Suo. Elder Tian Suo was so angry that his face was completely distorted.

Within ten seconds, the Ox-head Warrior was knocked back over a hundred metres by Yue Yang and Hui Tai Lang’s joint force.

At the side of the treatment center was a hundred-meter tall cliff. Elder Tian Suo saw it, and instantly understood his opponent’s battle plan. They had planned to first take out the eyes of the Ox-head Warrior, and then knock it down the tall cliff. Elder Tian Suo summoned two strengthening-type beasts in a row, and applied their buffs onto his body. Then, he raised his greatsword and pounced towards them like thunder. “You rat, don’t think you can get away with this!”

Facing the sky that was full of blade radiance, Yue Yang’s expression remained calm as he tossed out an object.

This was the item that he had taken from the Lich Suo Ge; the Sphere of Certain Death Dimension! As long as it shattered, this treasure could be used to teleport the user and the enemy into the Battlefield of Certain Death.

When Yue Yang faced this Elder Tian Suo who was as arrogant as a person could be, his heart had already secretly formulated a plan for murder. If Elder Tian Suo did not have the protection from his grimoire’s barrier, Yue Yang knew that killing this guy would be an extremely easy task. But, as long as he abandoned this protection and placed his body at risk, then his time of death would immediately approach.

This Elder Tian Suo was definitely a valiant warrior who specialised in strengthening-type beasts. Yue Yang estimated that his beasts were not any weaker than the Gold-ranked “Mother Earth Bear” within Elder Yue Hai’s body.

It was highly possible that he could have the combat ability of a Level 7 [Overlord] like Da Xia’s Emperor Jun Wu You.

This fellow was definitely a difficult opponent. Compared to Yue Feng’s instructor, Elder Ming, his strength was a few times higher.

Yue Yang had heard before that under Sect Leader Bai Yun, the Floating Mist Sect still had Two Great Higher Elders and Four Great Elders. He reckoned that this Elder Tian Suo, who was so powerful and could even completely disregard the Da Xia Empire, was most likely one of the four Great Elders. If he did not use his [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, then it would be very difficult for him to defeat this fellow. However, if the opponent did not die after he used his Innate Sword Qi and instead managed to escape, the fact that Yue Yang was an Innate Ranker would immediately be reported to Sect Leader Bai Yun.

Therefore, he had to die… Yue Yang reluctantly used the Sphere of Certain Death Dimension.

A purplish-black radiance scattered the moment his blades shattered the Sphere of Certain Death Dimension, and it was as if a shock wave was emitted as it diffused outwards.

As Elder Tian Suo was engulfed by the shock wave, he did not manage to jump out in time. His body had already been swept by the rays of light, and he completely disappeared into the Battlefield of Certain Death… Yue Yang vanished at the same time, but Hui Tai Lang on the contrary escaped, and he surprisingly jumped far away. When the teleportation was complete, it first baited the Ox-head Warrior to the edge of the cliff, then smashed itself into it with as much force as it could, causing it to fall down from the tall cliff. It ran back quickly, and pounced onto the Fog Monster which had wrapped the Old Lady Doctor in its fog. Without Yue Yang here, it obviously would not be modest, and it immediately began its desert…

At the other side of the treatment centre, the eagle-eyed man raised his greatsword and slashed wildly at the White Python that had coiled itself around him.

However, that extremely cunning White Python used its tail to coil around the eagle-eyed man. As if it was spasming, it squirmed around violently. The eagle-eyed man’s black armor was shattered, and his body was completely battered. Thankfully, his defense was exceptional, and the injuries he had suffered could not be considered very serious. His combat ability was still present.

There was a bitterness within the eagle-eyed man that could not be spoken out.

He was unable to summon his own beast because python-type beasts just so happened to be the nemesis of his beasts. He had to use his own strength to fight against this Silver-ranked Level 8 Giant Python.

In the Soaring Dragon Continent, the user of the Sphere of Certain Death Dimension would be teleported into the Battlefield of Certain Death along with the opponent.

The Battlefield of Certain Death was a little different from the Battlefield of Certain Death in the Demon Abyss.

The space here was larger and a little brighter. It was different from the darker Battlefield of Certain Death in the Demon Abyss, which was more advantageous for the demon race to battle in. The Battlefield of Certain Death was obviously more suited for the battles between human warriors.

“Good, what a good little rat!” Elder Tian Suo was definitely angry now. He felt humiliated, and this was the type of humiliation that came from realizing that he had been played with by someone else’s schemes.

“Old dog, are these your last words?” How would Yue Yang be courteous towards him? He instantly summoned the Bloody Queen and the Barbarian Cow Shadow.

“Bloody Queen? The Gold King Beast Bloody Queen?” With a single glance, Elder Tian Suo’s face warped. His heart shook greatly, and he could not believe that this young junior had summoned a Gold King Beast, a level that he was incapable of possessing. Jealousy welled up inside him, and the killing intent in his eyes grew even more intense. If he did not kill this kid now, his days would be spent with a great deal of misery.

Luckily, the level of the Bloody Queen was not that high, as she was only Gold-ranked Level 4.

Otherwise, nobody could be certain of today’s outcome.

The Bloody Queen flew high up in the sky, however, under Yue Yang’s control, the Barbarian Cow Shadow did not immediately launch a head-on attack. Instead, it closely followed behind Yue Yang, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. As for the Thorny Flower, Xiao Wen Li and the Golden Beast, Yue Yang kept them in reserve, as he could use them as trump cards during a sneak attack.

Elder Tian Suo seemed to be extremely experienced in battle. He was unable to summon his grimoire again, but he did not put all of his beasts in his Platinum Grimoire.
(Shiro: sorry! mistake from previous chapter. Elder Tian Suo has a Platinum Grimoire.)

He took out a shining crystal and summoned a Bronze-ranked Level 7 Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast to fight against the Bronze-ranked Level 5 Barbarian Cow Shadow. As for the Bloody Queen, he summoned a Bronze-ranked level 7 Thunder Goblin Bat. This two-headed Goblin Bat that had a movement speed that was as quick as lightning, and could put up a fight against her. Elder Tian Suo had initially thought that Yue Yang would hide inside the shield instead of coming out, but who could have imagined that Yue Yang, against all of Elder Tian Suo’s expectations, actually stored away his silver grimoire.

Seeing that Yue Yang stored away his grimoire, Elder Tian Suo laughed arrogantly. “Did you think that you could defeat me with just your Gold-ranked Level 4 Bloody Queen? What a joke!”

Yue Yang didn’t reply. Instead, he raised the Hui Jin Magic Blade in his hands.

Purple flames shot up into the sky.

Elder Tian Suo also swung his blade ruthlessly and attacked, completely arrogant and confident in his own skills. Yue Yang disappeared like a wisp of smoke as he suddenly charged towards the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast.

“Fool. You are seeking death.” Elder Tian Suo had thought that Yue Yang wanted to first greedily kill his Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast, then bring his own Barbarian Cow Shadow along to surround him and attack him together. He snorted in disdain as his blades suddenly moved, and they were as fast and fluid as quicksilver as they pursued Yue Yang’s figure closely.

As for that Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast, it raised its gigantic club and smashed its surroundings foolishly.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow in front of it avoided all of the attacks under the directions that Yue Yang gave her telepathically. The Great Massacring Blade in her hands hacked down heavily on the Rock-skinned Big Idiot Beast’s waist, slicing a chunk of its rocks away. Yue Yang arrived and stepped on the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s back before leaping high up into the air. The Barbarian Cow Shadow also matched his move, and as she turned around, she used her hands to push Yue Yang’s body, making him fly up even further.

Yue Yang’s figure streaked across the sky like a meteor, shooting right into the Thunder Goblin Bat and the Bloody Queen who were fighting in the sky.

Elder Tian Suo’s blade slashed into empty air. When he realized that the cunning little brat had already escaped, he roared angrily and lowered his body before leaping high up into the sky as well, chasing after Yue Yang like a fierce tiger.

He felt that as long as it was martial art skills, there definitely wasn’t a single individual in the younger generation who could receive three of his moves, moreover, he even had the added strength from his two strengthening-type beasts. As long as he could land a single hit on that little brat, he would definitely be instantly killed.

But that little brat just had to slip away from death again and again, avoiding his attacks instead of facing them head on. This made Elder Tian Suo absolutely furious.

The Thunder Goblin Bat was not afraid of Yue Yang’s attack at all. It was confident in its speed, and had already used its soundwave ability to probe its opponents’ locations early on.

It first used its two heads to each shoot out a round electric sphere that buzzed with ‘pipa’ sounds. Then, with its giant wings, it created countless electrical waves as it flapped them around. The former attack was the Thunder Goblin Bat’s natural ability, while the latter was an attack that Elder Tian Suo controlled. In Elder Tian Suo’s eyes, as long as this cunning little brat touched just one of the electrical waves, he would immediately be electrocuted and paralysed before collapsing to the ground with no hopes of returning… Elder Tian Suo wasn’t that confident that the electric attack could kill his opponent, but as long as this little brat’s body was paralysed, even if it was only for a second, his blade would be able to turn Yue Yang into a ghost…

“You came right on time.” Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade suddenly rotated mysteriously.

He unleashed his [Spherical Beheader], the attack that he had gained insight to on his own. The Yin and Yang Twin Fish rotated as they chased each other.

The electric waves were cut through as soon as they touched this rotating blade. As for the two balls of electric charge, somehow, it mysteriously became the eyes of the Yin and Yang Twin Fish. The previously disarrayed electric waves in the sky were also absorbed by Yue Yang’s rotating blade, turning them into a beautiful, perfect circle. Under the control of Yue Yang’s right hand, the electric circle welcome’s Elder Tian Suo’s blade that was aimed at his back.

Elder Tian Suo was dumbstruck. Such a profound and magical martial art skill, it was simply unheard of even for him.

This, how could this be?

What exactly was this martial art skill?

In the sky, the Bloody Queen suddenly moved with a speed that couldn’t be seen clearly by naked eyes.

Swooping down, she swung down her Crescent Blade heavily into the middle of one of the Thunder Goblin Bat’s brains, almost splitting the Thunder Goblin Bat, who had lost all of its electric energy, in half.

The Dragon Slaying Dagger in the Bloody Queen’s other hand pierced through the Thunder Goblin Bat’s shoulder, right into its heart. Less than an instant later, Yue Yang arrived and slashed the Thunder Goblin Bat’s chest with his Hui Jin Magic Blade. Then, his left hand grabbed onto the giant bat as he threw it straight towards Elder Tian Suo, who had just dodged a piece of his blade that had been cut off by Yue Yang’s Twin Fish Electric Circle.

The flying piece of his blade didn’t know who was friend or foe. It finished off the previously heavily injured Thunder Goblin Bat, cutting it in two.

Yue Yang reached out, and with the help of the Bloody Queen, he jumped while using the corpse of the Thunder Goblin Bat who had already been killed as a foothold.

As Elder Tian Suo received the attack with a disdainful look, Yue Yang and the Bloody Queen instantly charged into him. Yue Yang gripped Elder Tian Suo’s large blade tightly, as he struggled with him. Bloody Queen, on the other hand, went right next to Elder Tian Suo’s ears and unleashed an extremely mournful Banshee Scream.

“Ayayaya… ”

Elder Tian Suo could only feel his brain going blank. Even with the added protection from the strengthening-type beasts, he couldn’t fight against a mental attack as he fell into a dizzy spell.

When he finally struggled out of the dizzy spell, he suddenly saw the madly turning, extremely sharp Twin Fish Electric Circle charging right into him. He couldn’t help but to be extremely surprised, and his eyes were round as he hurriedly tried to avoid it…

Yue Yang coldly humphed, “It’s too late. I’ll send you back to the west.”
(TLN: West or Western Paradise is invoked in buddhist funerals as favourable destination for the deceased https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhavati)

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      Ox-Head and Cow presumably still mati… fighting on the ground.

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