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LLS Chapter 132 – If you want to fight, I’ll fight!

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Chapter 132 – If you want to fight, I’ll fight!
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Based on his heart and character, Yue Yang was definitely not a noble person. Saving others bravely without caring about his own safety, standing up bravely for justice, and sacrificing himself to help another were things that Yue Yang would distance himself far away from.

At any point of time, the first thing he would consider would be himself.

Afterwards, he would then think of Fourth Mother, Yue Bing and such other relatives.

For his own secret, he would lie to his relatives, using white lies to cover for himself.

For his close ones, he would raise his blade and kill his way through to the Yue Clan’s Castle, making enemies out of the Yue Clan, one of the Four Great Clans in the world. Even if the whole world became his enemy, he would not hesitate.

However, if it was for some unknown stranger that he was not acquainted with…

Even if these people were highly respectable or mighty, Yue Yang would not treat them the same.

He would acknowledge the devotion that the veterans had shown and praise their attitude for staking their lives on the frontlines. He would even admire them from the bottom of his heart for their soul-shaking feats that made people’s blood boil. However, that did not mean that he would do such a thing. Not to mention that he did not have the ability to rescue all three thousand odd soldiers, even if he did, Yue Yang would not dare to do something so grand when he did not have full self-confidence in his own strength right now… If Yue Yang was already the strongest in the world and could heal all three thousand men with a wave of his hand, then perhaps he would do it. But the current him did not possess that level of power yet.

The world was filled with various kinds of competitions where only the strongest would survive.

This was natural selection after all. Yue Yang did not want to ruin it, and he did not have the ability to ruin it as of his current state.

He could not change the fate of others. The only thing that he could change was himself. He had to become the victor in the struggle for survival, so that he could grow stronger than anyone else. This was the only way for him to be able to take charge of his own life, and have the ability to protect his own kin.

Under the urging of the black-armoured eagle-eyed man, Yue Yang walked forward and left.

But after walking a few steps, Yue Yang stopped again.

“General Dao Feng, if you really need it, I can perhaps try to heal your wounds, or I could also try to heal a few people whom you have selected. I must say first that I don’t know any medical arts.” Yue Yang was already leaving, but he eventually turned back and stood in front of that Old General. The words he spoke was not out of respect, nor was it because he was moved by the Old General. It was rather because Yue Yang suddenly felt that he was not just a war machine that followed his own principles as his highest order, but instead a human with flesh and blood.

He might not be able to execute some things perfectly like a machine, and it might not be a must for him to do it.

But at the very least, he had to have the heart to try and do it.

Sometimes, Yue Yang felt that he was pretty complex and contradicting. However, he felt that it was more interesting to live as he pleased.

He could still have his own principles, but it did not mean that he had to follow it all the way to the very deepest darkest end.

After all, even if he asked, the other party might not accept… This was just his kind feelings for the other party.

The Old General waved his hands, laughing out loud. “Very good. I’ve understood your heart! Hahaha! I did not think that I would be able to meet such an interesting kid before I die. I’m really going to die of laughter here. If you don’t know medical arts, how can you save others? However, I understand and I’m very happy that this is something that is different between humans and demons. If a Demon General collapsed onto the ground, without any chance of being saved, the demons in the demon abyss would eat the dying Demon General away without a trace of hesitation, turning the energy of the Demon General into their own energy… To be honest, that way would be more reasonable. However, I still prefer the foolish behaviour of us humans. Haha, little kid. I’ll be honest with you. Dying doesn’t matter much at all. Do you know how many people have died in the battlefield since the ancient ages? If you’ve gone up to the battlefield and saw the millions of foot soldiers falling in front of you, layer upon layer, with corpses piling up as high as hills, would your heart not be numbed after that…? Where would there be a battle without casualties? If humans wish to survive, they must compete, and they must fight. Death is also a part of the competition. Although the three thousand of us were dying from poisoning, acting as a living bait, we have successfully baited tens of thousands of demons. We did not die in vain! Long before we baited the enemy here, we had already known this would happen… So, don’t worry. Let us old folks leave in peace. We’re already old and we can’t do much more for the country. This is our final honour.”

“…” Yue Yang was silent after hearing this.

“Little kid, if you don’t want to be eliminated like us in the process of natural selection, then remember one thing. Become strong, stronger than anyone else.” The Old General bestowed Yue Yang with his last words.

Yue Yang nodded his head slightly. After pondering for a long time, he finally came in front of the old lady matron.
(Shiro: calling the old lady matron – Old Lady Doctor from here on, sorry for the name change)

He took the White Jade Beetle out from his backpack, and softly asked, “Doctor, I found this in the Demon Abyss. Could you tell me what this is?”

The Old Lady Doctor’s expression immediately changed when she saw it. She quickly told Yue Yang to keep the White Jade Beetle. “Little kid, don’t ever use this to save people! This is a terrifying kind of insect! It looked exactly like a Golden Holy Beetle on the outside, and also could be used for healing and detoxification. However, within its body, a terrible Demon has been sealed inside. Not even some of the strongest, peak rankers can kill it. These Demons can reincarnate through certain methods, so in order to stop them from reincarnating, some peak rankers would seal their opponents within various items or creatures.”

Yue Yang jumped when he heard this. “Seal?”

He immediately thought of Empress Fei Wen Li, the Serpent Queen who was sealed within his Black Jade Pendant Necklace. Her strength was unimaginably powerful.

Even if she did not have a corporeal form, her abilities were sufficient to send Yue Yang out of the black hole.

He did not think that other than the Black Jade Pendant Necklace, there would be another strong entity sealed within this White Jade Beetle as well… Thankfully he did not use it to save people, or it would have been a disaster. Thinking of this, Yue Yang secretly broke out in cold sweat.

If he had released a human peak ranker, then it might have been fine. But, if he released a demon peak ranker, it would have been a big laughing matter.

How could this White Jade Beetle, that seemed so harmless on the surface, be so terrifying in reality?

“My teacher had brought up the topic of the Warrior’s Seal a long time ago. They are split into five layers. The first and foremost layer is an animal-type. The seal itself must absorb the energy from the target animal to be sustained for long periods, just like your White Jade Beetle. Following that is the plant-type, treasure-type, crystal-type and space-type… The most terrifying seal is said to be the space-type. I cannot imagine how powerful the peak ranker must be to create a space like a black hole, throw his opponent inside, then seal the black hole and cause his opponent to be in a state of ruin forever. Aside from killing the person who created the seal himself, no other kind of power can break through this type of space. This type of everlasting, unbreakable Sealing Art was called the ‘Nirvana Seal’. As for the seal on the White Jade Beetle, it is called a ‘Soul Imprisonment’. Usually, at the 8th floor of Tong Tian Tower and above, strong Rankers who had defeated their opponents will normally use this method to eliminate their opponents…“ As the Old Lady Doctor said this, Yue Yang broke out in cold sweat again. The seal that was applied on Empress Fei Wen Li seemed to be the highest-grade space-type seal – ‘Nirvana Seal’.

“What do we have to do to kill the sealed Demon inside?” Yue Yang quickly asked for the way.

“Before the Ranker who created the seal uses up his energy, I don’t know of any other way to kill it. However, if you can wait until the Ranker who created the seal uses up his energy, this White Jade Beetle will probably die out, and the sealed Demon inside will die along with it. This is why, it is best to prevent it from absorbing energy from its surroundings and refrain from using it to save people. Otherwise, once the power of the seal is used up, then the sealed devil will escape from inside.” The Old Lady Doctor’s words made Yue Yang felt like he had picked up a piping hot sweet potato. He could neither throw it nor keep it.

Suddenly, a white teleportation light flashed.

A middle-aged warrior whose whole body was shining with splendid rings of light flew over. His voice growled deeply like thunder as he shouted, “Everyone, leave this place now!”

The face of the Old Lady Doctor darkened and muttered, “Elder Tian Suo? Did His Majesty went to beg the Floating Mist Sect again? Seems like this time, the treasure of the Empire, the ‘White Dragon Pearl’, have fallen into the hands of the Floating Mist Sect… Sigh, it looks like the Floating Mist Sect will become much stronger. Da Xia is in danger…”

“Tian Suo, why are you here? This old folk doesn’t need your treatment, hurry up and scram!” The Old General started swearing loudly.

“It was your Da Xia Emperor who came to beg for help from Sect Leader Bai Yun! It was only because the Sect Leader had taken pity on you did he send me here. Do you think I’m that willing to save trash like you? All of you, regardless of who you are, leave now! I will only use a single holy light summon, whether you are saved by it is none of my concern!” The middle-aged warrior arrogantly smiled and answered. Following this, he let loose a thunderous roar that shook the body and hearts of everyone present and made their heads buzzed.

“I already said, we don’t need your treatment, scram!” The Old General angrily struggled. He wanted to stand up, but his own soldiers held hot tears in their eyes, pressing him down with their lives.

“Dao Feng, two hundred years have passed. Do you see what you have become? Did you think that you were still the invincible General Dao Feng you were last time? You are just a miserable old dog now. Even a single finger of mine is much stronger than you. Do you think you can roar at me like you did last time? Two hundred years have passed, have you not learnt to respect the strong? It doesn’t matter, I will forgive you. It’s my own fault for making you my friend last time.” The middle-aged warrior who was sparkling with rings of light, Elder Tian Suo, first summoned a Platinum Grimoire, and then another huge Golden Drum. He swung a drumstick and hit the Golden Drum once.

With a rumbling sound, all the soldiers present fainted onto the ground.

Even Yue Yang felt that his head was hit hard by someone. His ears felt a stabbing pain and his head was ringing.

This Golden Drum used a different method to achieve the same results as the Banshee Scream that the Bloody Queen could use. They both used sound waves to subdue their enemy. However, this was different from the Bloody Queen’s scream. The Bloody Queen could not keep her Banshee Scream up for long. Also, the more injuries she sustained, the higher the power of the scream.

The Golden Drum was a treasure. As long as Elder Tian Suo had enough spiritual qi, then the drum could be played endlessly. It could continue on forever without losing its power.

Aside from the Old Lady Doctor, the eagle-eyed man and Yue Yang, everyone present, including the wounded Old General Dao Feng, fell onto the ground. The weakest soldiers already had blood flowing out of their ears, and fainted from serious injuries.

“Are you here to save people or to kill people?” The eagle-eyed man furiously took out his greatsword and pounced towards Elder Tian Suo.

“You are challenging with only your abilities? You’re not even my match.” Elder Tian Suo’s rings of light flickered on his face and he arrogantly smiled.

He summoned a white python that shot out from the sky.

At the same time, its mouth opened wide, intending to devour the eagle-eyed man in one gulp.

Meeting the attack in midair, the eagle-eyed first instinct was to leap high, rose up and dodged the python’s deadly mouth. He did not think that the white python would be extremely cunning. Since it had failed on swallowing him whole, it immediately swept its huge tail towards him and sent the eagle-eyed man flying with its terrifying force. The eagle-eyed man crashed with a loud boom onto a wall, causing the walls of the Medicine Hall to fall. His crash had broken the pillar midway as his body fell onto the hill rock on the other side.

However, although that Silver-ranked Level 8 Giant Python had successfully hit him, it still chased after him without giving him an ounce of mercy.

Elder Tian Suo looked at the Old Lady Doctor. “My conditions for saving the people is to take your life. So, you can die now.”

The Old Lady Doctor calmly smiled. “I had long guessed that you would propose these conditions. You’ve always been that kind of person who would kill as much as you wanted when the opportunity came. Elder Tian Suo, no matter how strong you are, you will never become a candidate for climbing the way to become a peak Ranker. Because, you don’t have a true heart of a Ranker.”

“Stop talking nonsense! It doesn’t matter what you say, you’re going to die today for sure anyway!” Elder Tian Suo summoned a monster with its lower half like fog, and ordered it to fly towards the Old Lady Doctor. The Old Lady Doctor smiled softly and shook her head slightly, as she closed her eyes. She met it without resistance, only closing her eyes and waiting for death. The Fog Monster did not instantly kill the Old Lady Doctor but. Rather, it emitted great amounts of white fog, engulfing her in it. It looked like he was planning to use the most cruel method to slowly choke her to death…

Finally, Elder Tian Suo used a quarter of his vision to sweep across the field. He saw Yue Yang and seemed to be slightly curious as to how a worm-like weakling could still stand properly.

Yue Yang would definitely not wait for his death.

No matter what kind of opponent he faced, including demons like Demon King Ha Xin or Lich King Grun, he would definitely not back down.

Yue Yang knew that this was the strongest enemy he had ever faced out of all his human opponents. This fellow used saving lives as an excuse to kill off a few elderlies from the Da Xie Empire like the Old General Dao Feng and the Old Lady Doctor… As for himself, he was just a person who saw something that he should not have seen. He was just a passerby whom Elder Tian Suo must kill to eliminate all witnesses.

Seeing Yue Yang slowly raising up his Hui Jin Magic Blade, a grim battle aura enveloping him, Elder Tian Suo laughed loudly.

“Did I see wrongly? Instead of taking your own life, you are thinking of fighting back?” Elder Tian Suo, who was covered in a splendid aura, seemed to have seen the most hilarious thing in the world as he laughed loudly.

“If you want to fight, I’ll fight!” Yue Yang coldly snorted. Purple flames enveloped his Hui Jin Magic Blade.

“A student from an academy wants to challenge me? I really can’t help but admire the idiotic courage you have, little worm! Die!” Elder Tian Suo summoned an Ox-head Warrior holding a bloodied axe, then gave the command, “Cut this little worm into 18 pieces, not a single piece more, not a single piece less.”

Yue Yang had seen many arrogant people, but he really had not seen before someone as arrogant as this strong Elder Tian Suo.

Yue Yang smiled at the corner of his mouth. The more arrogant the enemy was, the more they would belittle him and the higher his chances of victory would be.

Hui Tai Lang was furious and roared towards the sky.

The demonic qi in its body exploded, and black flames spewed out. Its vigor was as if a Demon King had descended. Although it was only Silver-ranked Level 4, it did not care about the difference in levels and released its pressure directly against the Silver-ranked Level 6 Ox-head Warrior…

The Ox-head Warrior was actually scared by Hui Tai Lang initially, taking a step back. However, immediately after that, upon finding out that Hui Tai Lang’s levels were far below his own, it angrily roared.

With a rumbling sound, the Ox’s hooves shattered the rock surface of the Square and rushed towards Hui Tai Lang, leaving a line of broken rocks.

Yue Yang shot up angrily into the air at the same time, meeting the Ox-head Warrior who was about to swing its axe down in midair wildly. He crashed right into the Ox-head Warrior, not holding back at all, desiring to inflict grave injuries to it with a single hit. He unleashed Xiao Wen Li’s Inherent Skill [Binding Chains] instantly, restricting the movements of the Ox-Head Warrior. With his right hand swinging his Hui Jin Magic Blade, he created purple flames that enveloped the entire sky, concealing himself from the opponent’s view. His [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi shot out violently from his right hand, mercilessly piercing through the point between the eyes of the Ox-head Warrior…

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