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LLS Chapter 129 – Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle

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Chapter 129 – Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The earth split apart and mountains collapsed. A deep crack had rapidly formed, and suddenly, a giant mountain had suddenly formed from the earth.

Gloomy rumblings of rocks and stones falling to the ground resounded non-stop.

The Black Winged Worm in the sky flew around together with the Blood Sucking Mosquitoes, mixing and buzzing around.

Due to the pressure from both Hui Tai Lang and the Gigantic Demon, they were all trying to disperse and escape, forming clouds of insects that flew around, as if they were reluctant to leave so easily.

Hui Tai Lang’s body that looked like a small ox originally had become more solid and firm, its muscles rippled as its bones underwent an evolution, changing and reconstructing. It slowly expanded and grew to become gigantic. The black flames on its body burned intensely as the size of his body grew twice of his former size. In the end, Hui Tai Lang looked upwards and howled loudly, its claws penetrating deep into the ground as its body exploded with a burst of a black flame pillar that rose up to the sky above.

The Black Winged Worms and the Blood Sucking Mosquitoes that filled the whole sky froze at its howl, then fell to the ground one by one. The whole scene looked almost like a weird bug rain.

“Is this the pressure of a Gold King Beast?” Yue Yang could only feel such a strong pressure from a Gold King Beast. Normal King Beasts wouldn’t even compare to Hui Tai Lang’s current oppressing aura.

Hui Tai Lang was still not a Gold King Beast, yet it had such a domineering aura. Could it be due to the fact that it had absorbed too much of the Demon King Ha Xin’s evil demon qi?

Ye Kong and the others watched dumbstruck as Hui Tai Lang’s body grew larger within the fiery black flames. In the end, it had become a colossal monster with a dense amount of demon qi, looking extremely frightening.

When it stood up proudly, it reached the height of a full three metres.

Its two bloody mouth were decorated with dagger-like wolf fangs, and its noses breathed dense flames and smokes.

On its body, black flames had weirdly burned on its black, glistening fur. It had changed Hui Tai Lang’s whole appearance, making it look extremely tyrannical as if a Demon King had arrived.

Yue Yang had initially thought that Hui Tai Lang would grow another head and turn into the legendary ‘Cerberus’. However, he found that it only grew larger. When he used his [Divine Vision] to check, he found out that it was still a Two-Headed Demon Wolf, however, it had successfully levelled up from a bronze-ranked level 5 to silver-ranked level 4.

This special evolution, although it had dropped its level instead of rising it, would increase Hui Tai Lang’s battle power and potential greatly, like a giant leap to the sky.

This silver-ranked special evolution was the start of a new hope.

If Hui Tai Lang had levelled up to bronze-ranked level 6 instead, then it would be destined to only be a labourer beast who would only do coarse tasks in the future.

However, the current Hui Tai Lang was a beast that had successfully undergone a special evolution to a silver-ranked beast. Undoubtedly, it had opened a brand new path filled with hope. There would be a whole new world of possibilities waiting for him. Yue Yang would also be more patient and confident in raising it. If it had successfully evolved into silver-ranked, wouldn’t a gold-ranked evolution be coming soon? With the basis of the amount of oppressing aura Hui Tai Lang gained when it underwent the special evolution, and its clever nature that it already had before, it would definitely become a Gold King Beast at least, maybe even higher…

Yue Yang suddenly thought of an even crazier idea. If one day he managed to get a Demon King’s corpse and let Hui Tai Lang eat it, what would it evolve into then? Of course, this was only an idea at the moment. But he wouldn’t eliminate that as a possibility.

“Awooo” After Hui Tai Lang evolved, it was filled with a tyrannical aura. Its fighting spirit had increased to its maximum.

Hui Tai Lang leapt to right in front of Yue Yang, and gave a loud roar towards the Gigantic Demon which was drilling its way out of the mud, as if it wasn’t afraid of its opponent, even when it was a Gigantic Demon.

A loud rumbling resounded, shaking the earth, as the Demon that had been drilling in the ground suddenly burst forth from within the earth.

Against Yue Yang’s expectations, this Demon was not an elite monster, it was simply a normal-ranked Demon Insect. However, it’s body was as big as a small hill, and it looked like a Rhinoceros Beetle. But the weird thing was that this Rhinoceros Beetle who was as big as a small hill actually had three horns instead of one. The two horns on the sides were shaped like half moons, as if they were giant, hard pincers. In the middle, there was a spear-like pointed horn. Its head looked extremely sinister and frightening, and its body was covered in a black carapace, making it look just like a small hill made of iron. If it was compared to normal beasts, it was definitely much more frightening. Even a Battle Mammoth or a Battle Kodo Beast would pale into insignificance by comparison.
(Shiro: The Gigantic Demon – I think it’s this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-horned_rhinoceros_beetle)

When Fatty Hai saw the demon, he was so scared that his knees went weak and fell to the ground, “Heavens! How could there be such a big Dung Beetle?”

Ye Kong’s teeth wereas also chattering, “Is this a level 7 monster? Fortunately it’s not an elite monster and is only a normal-ranked level 7. Otherwise we’d all probably be dead,”

The tall girl disagreed instead and refuted immediately, “Are you guys blind? This is obviously a level 8 Three-horned Rhinoceros Beetle, also called the Battle Hercules Beetle. Normally people would call it Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle. It is a Rhinoceros Beetle, and it is not related to Dung Beetle at all.”

“Level 8?” Fatty Hai immediately started crying out of fright when he heard it.

Even if it’s normal-ranked, a level 8 creature’s power and strength was not at a level that that Fatty Hai could imagine.

Furthermore, this Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle whose body was like a small hill could already sweep through the battlefield just by crushing and colliding around with brute force. How could a Battle Kodo Beast compare to it? Compared to it, the Kodo’s size wouldn’t even reach one-fifth of the Beetle’s size. If that Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle were to use its three horns to knock over the Kodo, the Kodo would probably be sent flying away high up into the air.

However, Fatty Hai had cried for nothing.

This Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle did not have any intention to attack humans, instead, it made its way with booming steps and crawled towards the valley.

It even turned a blind eye on Hui Tai Lang who had jumped on its back.

The crowd were all confused. What exactly was happening? Didn’t it crawl out from the ground to fight?

Princess Qi Ming suddenly realised something and screamed loudly, pointing towards the direction of the valley and said, “It wanted to eat the Black Eared Sphere that was about to bloom… Stop it, quick! Otherwise all of the Black Eared Sphere’s will be eaten by it!”

When Yue Yang heard her, he immediately chased after it hurriedly.

Raising his Hui Jin Magic Blade, he ignited its purple flames and slashed down towards the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s back legs with an almighty amount of power.


The slashing sound was like a bolt of thunder in the clear blue sky, shaking the whole valley and echoing through the distance. However, that Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle almost had no reaction at all. It had continued to walk as if nothing had happened, completely not paying attention to Yue Yang’s slash. Everyone’s jaws had dropped to the ground and their tongues hung down from their mouths. What kind of crazy defense was this?

Even if it was an extremely hard rock, if it was hit by that heavy slash, it would probably be turned to dust.

Or at least, a deep gash from the blade would be left on that rock.

However, there was not even a scractch on this Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s back legs.

Hui Tai Lang also raised its claws, that could easily crush rocks, and used the Explosion Killing Move that Yue Yang had taught him, slashing its claws ruthlessly on the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s back section, that looked to be the weakest spot on its body. However, it was still to no avail.

The Iron Rod on Ye Kong’s hands dropped to the ground with a loud clang as his whole body collapsed weakly.

Fighting against a level 8 beast with such a frighteningly abnormal defensive powers such as this Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle, it would simply be wishful thinking if they thought they could injure it and break its hard outer shell. Of course, it had its own weak spots, and that was its airways, that could not be protected by its hard, outer crust. It had a total of 18 airways, but every single one of them were located on its abdomen. Furthermore, it was still protected by its extremely hard exoskeleton and outer shell, that was even harder than metals.

Yue Yang was also frowning. He thought that this Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle probably didn’t have a very high attack power or even worthwhile skills.

However, its defense was way beyond abnormal.

How could they stop it from eating those precious Black Eared Sphere?

Attacking the mouth and eyes on its head might be a good idea, however, it must be very dangerous.

It wouldn’t be a joke if he were attacked by those three horns. Yue Yang ignited the purple flame on his Hui Jin Magic Blade even further with his Innate Qi, and prepared to attack it one last time. If he really couldn’t inflict any damage on it, he would just rush in front of it and take some of the Black Eared Sphere first. Then he would see if he could outrun it…

Seeing that Yue Yang was about to continue his attack, princess Qi Ming hurriedly shook her hand and said, “Brother, don’t attack it. Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s defense is really high, so it is immune to physical attacks. Furthermore, it has a herculean strength, it could easily lift up an object eight hundred times heavier than itself. If you were to receive its attack, even your bones would break to ashes. Bei Bei, you are the person most familiar with insect-type beast here. Do you know if this Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle has any other weak spots other than its airways?”

“I know. Attack the Beetle’s butt, that would definitely catch its attention,” Little Princess Bei Bei’s words made Yue Yang fell to the ground with a thud.

Maybe normal beetles would behave that way, but the fellow in front of them was as big as a small hill, would that method even work?

Furthermore, groping its butt… That was really too depressing.

Yue Yang was only used to groping girls’ butt. He should just let depressing stuff to be done by others. He waved his hands and said, “Boss Hai, go and grope some butts!”

Fatty Hai’s body jolted when he heard Yue Yang. How could Yue Yang give him a chance to grope some butts, such a good thing?

He replied surprisedly, “Why me?”

Yue Yang replied full of common sense, “Easy, because you are the boss.”

Fatty Hai wailed miserably first, before replying, filled with grievance in his voice and tears in his eyes, “Why didn’t anyone think of this boss when it comes to groping a girl’s butt?”

“Take it down first. We can talk about girls later. You are the boss, everyone would definitely let you grope girls first. Quickly grope its anus and take it down! You must act like you are the boss, and caress its anus carefully…” Yue Yang lectured Fatty Hai and ordered him to move.

“Hehe” The tall girl and the other kids started to laugh.

“No, I don’t want to! Ah, I mean, I’m too stout, so I would definitely not be able to caress its butt which is almost ten metres high. I am unable to help however I would like to!” Fatty Hai thought that this kind of work that required him to go high up above the ground was much too dangerous. If he were to fall down in a moment of carelessness, he would probably have a cerebral concussion at least. Furthermore, such a vulgar act of caressing a Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s butt in front of everyone, would he still even be able to get girls if that matter goes out to the public? Fatty Hai refused to do it even if he die. He would rather let Yue Yang tie him up and slice him up into red braised pork, than do such an embarrassing act. He was still the boss after all.

Just as Yue Yang was about to violently beat him up and turn Fatty Hai into a roasted pig, another Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle slowly crawled out from the gigantic pit behind them…

This one was a tenth of the size of the one in front. Although it was only as large as a Long-tusked Mammoth, even a blind person could see that it was still a growing beast, a young one at that. It was a Beetle Larva.

“Normal-ranked Level 4. This one can still be defeated.” Yue Yang immediately approached the Beetle Larva and hacked down heavily with his Hui Jin Magic Blade on the young beast’s body. Although it didn’t seem hurt on the outside, that Beetle Larva’s body had suffered an internal injury. Yue Yang’s Innate Qi had penetrated through its thick, hard outer shell and the Hui Jin Magic Blade’s purple flames had seeped into its internal organs, burning it from the inside out. The Beetle couldn’t stop wailing miserably.

However, when the young Beetle was attacked, the gigantic Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle immediately became furious. It turned its body viciously and charged towards Yue Yang with a loud rumble. Its sharp horn that was like a hundred sharp iron spears bound together, terrifyingly charging towards Yue Yang, whose body was like a grain of sand in comparison to the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle. Seeing that his method was effective, Yue Yang immediately leapt and dodged the attack. He executed his Spherical Beheader once again, hacking right into the Beetle Larva’s back.

If he wanted to kill the Beetle Larva, he could just use his maximum strength and aim at a fatal spot.

However, in order to stall for time, Yue Yang did not do that.

“What are you guys waiting for? Quickly see if all those Black Eared Sphere have already bloomed!” Yue Yang bellowed loudly towards the crowd of people who were still stunned dumbstruck while he was luring the gigantic Beetle away. Hui Tai Lang also helped on the side. It would jump at times and spit fire towards Beetle Larva’s head or bite at its back legs, threatening it to leave this place.

“There is still half an hour, Brother, please persevere a little more,” Little Princess Bei Bei almost made Yue Yang sweat to death. Luring the enemy for such a long time, wouldn’t he be tired to death?

On top of a far away cliff.

In the darkness, the Eagle-eyed Man was just about to turn his body around and leave, “This idiot, he truly only has brute force. He doesn’t have any beast related knowledge at all.”

Half an hour later, after Bei Bei and the other just finished gathering all the Black Eared Shrivelled Heart Orchid flowers that had just sprouted out, Yue Yang and Hui Tai Lang ran back from a far away place. Yue Yang shouted towards Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others, “Do any of you guys want to contract this Beetle Larva? Although it is not a battle-type beast, its defense is extremely high. It can be used as the perfect meat shield. Any of you want it? If nobody wants it I’ll slash it off and take out its magic core. Forget it, quick, that gigantic demon beetle is going to come back soon.”

Fatty Hai insisted on his own decision, “As your boss, I wouldn’t contract any other beasts except for beautiful humanoid Gold King Beasts. Furthermore, for meat shields, I already have my Iron Rhinoceros.”

“We also don’t want it, it’s too ugly and too big,” the tall girl and the other five children all waved their hands and refused.

“Then I want it!” Ye Kong stood up. Although it was normal-ranked level 4, but Ye Kong had high hopes for it after seeing the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s defense. Furthermore, he also understood that if the beetle really had no future, Yue Yang wouldn’t keep it alive and even intentionally bringing it back to ask if anyone wanted to contract the Beetle Larva.

“Didn’t you have feelings for its anus? I can’t wait for the day when you will caress the Beetle Larva’s anus while smiling pervertically… Ah, alright, please pretend I didn’t say anything.” Fatty Hai had actually wanted to ridicule Ye Kong, but when he saw that everyone was glaring at him, he was scared and hurriedly looked downwards and took back his words. He had to act pitifully like ‘please go ahead and hit me but just don’t hurt my face’ before everyone finally reluctantly let him go.

Facing against the dying Beetle Larva that had suffered serious injuries all over its body, Ye Kong had used five Contracting Scrolls continuously to no avail.

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

Little Princess Bei Bei handed him one last scroll. If he still failed to contract it, there wouldn’t be any hope left.

Usually, it’s very normal to fail a beast contract. However, Ye Kong didn’t want to disappoint Yue Yang and he also didn’t want to let such a good chance that Yue Yang had given him to go to waste.

“Calm down a little, you will definitely succeed. The gigantic demon beetle is going to come back soon, so Hui Tai Lang and I will lure it away first. 5 Minutes. Use this last five minutes to meditate a little and calm your heart. Unite both your body and mind and don’t be nervous to let your spirit qi take control of you…” Yue Yang motivated him for a while before going with Hui Tai Lang to lure the gigantic demon beetle away.

Of course, he also had another purpose.

When he was luring the gigantic demon beetle away, he saw a weird looking plant with a spherical stalk. Not only normal Demon Insects, even the gigantic demon beetle didn’t dare to come near it. Yue Yang decided to use the time when Ye Kong was contracting the Beetle Larva to observe the plant more clearly. He wanted to find out what kind of mysterious secret this plant with the spherical stalk had.

He couldn’t even see through it with his level 3 [Divine Vision], what exactly was it?

Yue Yang decided to summon his thorny flower so that it could use its roots to link with the Spherical-stalked Plant. He could then channel some Innate Qi into it and probe around it a little…

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