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LLS Chapter 126 – Death Class

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Chapter 126 – Death Class
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers came back, they were shocked speechless as they found a beautiful sleeping oneesan on Yue Yang’s bed.

In front of a bed, there was even a little panda girl, shaking her little feet while eating her sweets happily.

“What’s going on?” Ye Kong stared blankly at this scene. Had Yue Yang won over this oneesan already? This speed was practically a miracle!

“I picked her up from the roadside.” Yue Yang explained in an indifferent tone.

“Brother, which road did you pick her up from?” Hearing Fatty Hai’s tone, he seemed to also want to pick one up too.

“Just downstairs.” Yue Yang spoke a rare sentence of truth.

“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore, I want to commit suicide…“ Fatty Hai’s tears streamed down his face. He banged his head hard on the wall. He felt that he had wasted his two years in school. Over those two years, he had never managed to pick up a stray loli on the roadside. However, this fellow actually had such an amazing luck. Within a single day of coming here, he had picked up two beautiful girls, one oneesan and one loli.

Comparing himself to others would only make him angry.

Fatty Hai felt that if he stayed longer with this guy, even if he did not die from anger, he would die from tears.

Moreover, it was the kind of death where one would die of dehydration by crying too much… This fellow’s luck was so great that it made other people feel inferior. Could it be that he was the bastard child of Lady Luck? How could all of the world’s luck converge to him? Fatty Hai really wanted to arrange three big bowls of vinegar in front of him and then drink them all down in one gulp. Perhaps if he did that then his heart wouldn’t be so sour right now, and he would feel a little better.

The little panda girl sucked her finger cutely, and batted her eyelids while looking at Fatty Hai. Suddenly, she said a remarkable sentence. “Big brother, this fatty is an idiot.”

“Ah, she can talk?” Ye Kong was going to faint, could this be another beast that could talk?

“I’m not an idiot. Let me tell you, I’m exceptionally smart. I could easily count to hundred when I was 8, and I could write my own name when I was 9. After I was 10, I never peed in my bed again. How is it? Am I not amazing? Little girl, my name is Hai Da Fu, but everyone calls me Master Hai. I’m your big brother’s boss after all, you know! Come, come, I’ll give you candy to eat too!” Coincidentally, Hai Da Fu also had a packet of malt candy. This was what he had bought specially to win Yue Bing over.

The little panda girl, Niu Niu, looked at the amber-like malt candy and was slightly fascinated.
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amber)

But in the end, she shook her head. “Mom says that I can’t eat things that was given by idiots, otherwise I will be infected with their idiocy. I don’t want to become an idiot!”

Fatty Hai fell onto the ground with a thud.

This blow was far too great.

If not for the Li Brothers stopping him, he would have jumped to his death. Ye Kong was laughing until his tears were flowing. He continuously praised the girl, giving her a big thumbs up. “Right, you are definitely right, idiocy is contagious!”

The little panda girl instantly revealed an extremely scared expression. Seems like she was really scared that Fatty Hai’s idiocy would infect her.

Yue Yang hurriedly soothed her who was about to cry. “This Big Brother Ye Kong is just teasing you. Don’t worry, idiocy isn’t contagious. Niu Niu, don’t be afraid, have some candy.”

Towards the malt candy that Yue Yang gave, the little girl took it impatiently, and happily put it inside her mouth. After eating it for a while, she tilted her head again, and asked doubtfully, “Is idiocy really not contagious?”

Fatty Hai cried. “Wahh…Even if it’s contagious, I’m not an idiot… I don’t want to live anymore!”

From the door, the old cunning fox had brought Yue Bing in. He smiled, “Students, what are you discussing about? It’s so lively in here! Ah, Niu Niu, why are you here?” The little panda girl instantly jumped from the bed, assuming an attacking pose, baring her small white teeth and warning him, “Ero-uncle, stay away from my mother! Perverted uncles like you who like to peek at other people changing clothes are the kind of people I hate the most!”

Everyone looked at the old cunning fox as if they were seeing the most perverted madman in the world.

The old cunning fox was extremely embarrassed. Thankfully, he had an equally thick skin. Otherwise, he would probably be hugging Fatty Hai as they bawled together.

“Aha, that was actually a misunderstanding. How could an upright person like me do that kind of despicable and shameless acts? Virtuous people like me will even be cautious with what they say normally. Not to mention peeking, even when we are talking our doing our daily chores, we are all extremely careful with our actions so that we could act as role models for the students!” Before the old cunning fox’s words had even finished, Yue Yang had already taken out a coloured ero book from the old cunning fox’s robes.

“Virtuous Vice Principal, would it be convenient for you to explain what’s going on with this?” Yue Yang honestly asked.

“This is what I confiscated from a student!” The old cunning fox’s reaction was fast, and his skin was extremely thick. His face did not change when he was lying.

“Then what about this girl’s bra?” Yue Yang took out a pink female bra from the old cunning fox’s sleeve again.

“A strong wind blew it to the ground. I was just about to give it back to the person who lost it!” The old cunning fox’s reaction was extremely natural. His face had the look of an upright person, as if it was an extremely heavy sin for someone to have doubted his character.

“Vice Principal truly is the role model for us students! Amazing!” Yue Yang gave the old cunning fox a thumbs up. The old cunning fox immediately shook his head and waved his hands, saying, “That’s only in name. As a role model, I have always disagreed with the societal corruption. It is so painful for me to watch the younger generation became even more corrupted with time. It is really a pity that my abilities are limited and I can’t do much more to change this fact. I can only act as a role model and hope that I can influence more people. Today, aside from showing Yue Bing around, I would also like to inform you, student Titan, that due to your exceptional performance, you have been successfully chosen as one of the members of the “Hell’s Trip”, a deathly class. I hope that you will enjoy the process of your education!”

“Doesn’t this count as an abuse of power and publicly declaring your revenge on me?” Yue Yang smiled brilliantly and questioned him.

“Actually, it was my heartfelt desire to want to help you cultivate. If you’re trash like Fatty Hai, I wouldn’t care whether you lived or died.” The old cunning fox smiled wholeheartedly as before.

“I’m trash?” Fatty Hai was angry.

“No, my bad. You’re not trash.” As the old cunning fox said this, Fatty Hai’s expression turned a bit better. He did not expect that the old cunning fox’s next sentence would cause him to faint over from anger. This was because he had said, “You’re not trash. How could you be trash? Even trash is a hundred times stronger than you. You’re basically the remnants of the worst trash. If I were your instructor, I would have long thrown you into the Demon Abyss and fed you to the Demon Worms already.”

“You damned old sex maniac, it was you who told us to enjoy our lives in comfort and do nothing!” Fatty Hai was as angry as a mad dog. He had almost wanted to bite the old cunning fox to death.

“I’m telling you to go and die, why aren’t you doing so yet?” The old cunning fox was indifferent to him and shrugged. “If you want to prove that you aren’t trash, then attend the hell class along with student Titan and participate in this year’s Hell’s Trip. How about it? Do you have the guts to do this, trash of trash? Forget it, I don’t want to speak with a coward. Please stay away from me.”

“You damned old sex maniac. Isn’t it just a hell class? Where would there be anything I wouldn’t dare to participate in?” Fatty Hai was about to go crazy with anger already.

“I hope you won’t become a Demon Worm shit and continue to exist in this world…“ After the old cunning fox had finished speaking, he put up a kind smile and rushed towards Yue Bing, saying, “Student Yue Bing, from tomorrow onwards, you may attend the lessons conducted by Grandma Wu Teng. She is a reputable plant-type Grandmaster. I have specially invited this old folk to tutor such a special student like you, you have to do your best!”

“But… Yes, I will do my best!” Yue Bing had actually hoped to train alongside Yue Yang instead.

“They’re trash, it’s not a pity for a hundred of them to die. You’re a genius, so you can’t die before you grow to your utmost potential. You must definitely work hard and become a strong Ranker. Don’t disappoint everyone’s expectations of you!” The old cunning fox’s words made Ye Kong and the others sweat profusely. How could the treatment of the different sexes be so different?

The whole Soaring Dragon Continent was a patriarchal society. However, this Ivy Academy was the exact opposite and valued women over men.

They really did not know whether they should laugh or cry attending this kind of school.

Although Yue Yang furrowed his eyebrows, he felt that this old cunning fox was actually not valuing women over men, but rather teaching in line with the student’s ability. For example, he had found the best tutor for the obedient Yue Bing. As long as she was taught with great care, she would succeed; As for Fatty Hai who constantly craved for enjoyment as well as Ye Kong and the others with extremely high male ego, he had decided to employ extreme methods against them instead. The harsher the old cunning fox’s words, the more he could agitate Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others’ manly self-esteem.

This Ivy Academy was actually not as trashy as what normal people thought it was.

As for this old cunning fox who seemed lecherous on the surface, using his Level 3 [Divine Vision], Yue Yang found out that he still could not analyse the old cunning fox’s true strength.

There were only two people out of all the male rankers that Yue Yang had ever met where he could not analyse them with [Divine Vision]. The first was the Assassin’s Guild hempen-clothed elder, and the other was the old cunning fox in front of him… Aside from those two, it would be the Da Xia Empire’s emperor Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and rankers like them who most people knew about. Yue Yang could still see a part of those people’s strength, unlike the hempen-clothed elder and the old cunning fox where he could not even analyse their strength at all.

“Niu Niu, Grandfather is going off now. When your mom wakes up, tell her to go find Big Sister Principal.” The old cunning fox straightened his sleeves. A white light flashed from his body and he disappeared from his position.

“…” Ye Kong and the others may not have been aware of anything, but Yue Yang was shocked in his heart.

The teleportation speed was too fast!

It was even faster than the teleportation balls of the demon abyss.

This old man who looked like a lecher on the surface had actually managed to grasp such a powerful teleportation technique?

Ivy Academy shouldn’t have been able to fight neck and neck with Shang Jing Academy for three thousand years. It seemed like getting into the Hell’s Trip of the hell class was some kind of random luck? Perhaps this class would be very interesting. As Yue Yang thought about this, his lips suddenly curled into a grin.

Afterwards, the sister who woke up from her drunken stupor was a completely different person.

When she woke up, she used her terrifying brute strength and extreme power to beat everyone she saw up. Yue Yang just happened to not be present there. He was learning some basic knowledge from the beast encyclopedia with Yue Bing. When he had come back, he found that all the guys in the building had been hit until they were lying on the ground. There were students who were groaning from their injuries everywhere. Fatty Hai was even beat up until he became a pighead whose eyes could not be seen.

Ye Kong, who was hit until he was hanging from a clothes rack in the corridor, gave Yue Yang a piece of paper.

This was not the drunken cat sister’s paper, but rather something that the little panda girl Niu Niu gave him. There was a cute panda paw stamp on it.

She could not write, but she did not forget to leave behind a little paw stamp for Yue Yang, this elder brother… As Yue Yang looked at it, he wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Was his charm only effective towards little lolis?

Before Yue Yang had the time to fix the damage done to his room, suddenly a voice charged with killing intent rang from downstairs. “All the students from the hell class gather right here right now! You must be at the Blackstone Square within five minutes. All the latecomers will be subject to ten military lashings for every minute they are late! Any person who tries to disobey this order will be dealt with like deserter’s from a battlefield!”

“It’s really this strict?” Yue Yang was curious. Wasn’t this Ivy Academy a place which let students enjoy their life?

He suddenly remembered the old cunning fox’s words. The Ivy Academy’s aim was to make outstanding students more outstanding, and the worst students worse… This was hell for excellent students and heaven for trash students.

Since when did he become an excellent student?

When Fatty Hai who was originally sprawled on the ground half-dead heard the order to assemble, he suddenly jumped back up and pulled Yue Yang along. “Quick, let’s go, quick! This isn’t a joke, that fellow is a bloodthirsty homicidal maniac! It’s been said that he once killed ten students who were late with his own hands!”

“Is he that terrifying? Why are you joining us if you obviously knew that it was this tough?” Ye Kong fainted in his heart when hearing this.

“Don’t speak rubbish, if we die, we die together. We’re brothers after all!” Fatty Hai shamelessly answered.

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  1. jacobpaige says:

    I figured the Hell Trainer would be the drunk lady, but since Fatty didn’t recognize her, but did recognize the trainer, I guess I’m wrong. Unless he’s just gathering the students of course.

    Congrats to Yue Bing for finally getting a competent instructor who actually cares about her (I hope).

    I wonder if ero-uncle really will become a role model for our MC 😉

  2. DMR says:

    Fatty’s just going to drag them down….

    At least he is starting to realize that he is worse than trash…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    • Trevor Evans says:

      I think there is more to him than meets the eye, he can BS just as well as the MC. He clearly saw that egg was a chaos dragon and told the truth to everyone about it but of course no one would believe a BS’er like him. I think that is why the MC (from that point on) refered to him as boss. He knows right now he may be weak but in the future he will be strong.

      • DMR says:

        No, Fatty just said it was an amazing egg by chance (and not a dragon egg).

        And when put together with worthless eggs, he couldn’t tell which one he picked. So it really was just by chance. Complete random luck.

        And MC calls him boss just to manipulate him… cause he’s a good lackey (and is annoying to argue against). But he isn’t serious about calling him boss.

        His Rhino has some potential as a guardian beast, but unless if Yue Yang helps him grow, it’d stay worthless.

        That said, he DOES have Yue Yang as a friend, so even if he would normally have been weak, with Yue Yang’s help, he could probably grow strong…..

        Though I wouldn’t mind if he stayed weak and disappeared.

        Also, deep down, he already knows he’s weak and unpopular, but he acts shameless to boost himself up (though I wouldn’t mind if he was gone).

  3. Kyfe says:

    I’m confused. The Vice Principle literally just said he doesn’t need this kind of training/education and only needs basic knowledge, yet they’re immediately excluding him from simply learning basic knowledge for the training he doesn’t need…

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