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LLS Chapter 125 – The Panda Girl, Niu Niu

Chapter 125 – The Panda Girl, Niu Niu
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Ivy Academy’s domain was very large. It was at least ten times bigger than what Yue Yang had imagined.

Aside from the different kinds of buildings, there was even a luxuriously small green hill and a natural lake. Ye Kong said that under the lake, there was even a legendary Divine Beast, Ten Thousand Year Old Turtle, who was regarded as the Empire’s guardian by the Da Xia Empire. Of course, this Empire’s Guardian Beast did not know how to fight at all, it was different from the usual beasts. It was only long-lived and was regarded by many as a symbol of luck, hence its title as the Empire’s Guardian Beast.

In addition to the long corridor and pavilion above the lake’s surface, there were two boats floating side by side.

It was originally used to provide students with a place to practice summoning water-type beasts. However, right now, the place was tyrannically snatched by the girls as a place to practice their singing and dancing.

On the green shores of the lake, there were a few pavilions. Interesting and appealing antique buildings could be seen everywhere. Together with the surrounding lush green sceneries, the scene was extremely graceful and beautiful, warming the hearts of those who saw it.

There were many villas halfway above the mountain, like stars scattered in the sky. Right in the middle, there was a gigantic building.

“Girls live in villas while we live in the high-rise dorm. The gigantic building in the middle is the shared canteen and bathroom. Both girls and guys will bathe in one big pond, separated by a divider in the middle. Girls can go over the other side to bathe with wolves, but wolves couldn’t go over to the girl’s side as they like, unless they defeat the Four Demoness Guardians. We have paid more to rent a large apartment room. Its conditions are extremely good. Come, this way.” Ye Kong continued to introduce the Academy’s different kinds of circumstances along the way to Yue Yang.

“I think if we lived too high up, it would be difficult to go up and down, however, we would be able to survey the movements in the girl’s villas from an elevated position. So it wouldn’t be that bad.” Fatty Hai explained.

“Is this the student’s dorm?” Yue Yang was blown away when he walked inside. Aren’t the circumstances in this school too good to be true?

If Ye Kong didn’t say, Yue Yang wouldn’t have imagined that this place that had a splendorous and magnificent interior decoration befitting of a palace was the student dorm. Yue Yang had never gone to the palace before, but he felt that Ivy Academy’s dorms were fit for even prince or princesses to live in.

The Ivy Academy’s students not only lived in such a comfortable place, there was also such a nice dating environment. Would they even have the motivation to study? Yue Yang didn’t dare to think about this question… He totally lost to the Ivy Academy. There were only a little over three hundred students, yet they had built a school compound as large as this. Didn’t they think that this was too extravagant and wasteful? Fatty Hai said that although Ivy Academy was trash, the school compound was just a little smaller than Shang Jing Academy.

Shang Jing Academy on the opposite side had over ten thousand students, but it did not feel crowded at all.

Ivy Academy only had 300 people, it was simply empty as if there wasn’t any people at all.

Yue Yang couldn’t imagine. In Shang Jing, where land prices were extremely expensive, how could they allow such an empty academy to exist?

Fortunately there wasn’t any real estate company in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Otherwise, Yue Yang reckoned that Ivy Academy would already be selflessly torn down and moved to another place.

When Yue Yang went into the student dormitory, the Vice Principal, that old cunning fox, appeared in front of a simple and unadorned little skeleton behind them. As he couldn’t teach Yue Yang a lesson, he was gripping his clothes tightly in one bunch, and worked hard to force a smile on his face that had been beaten violently by Yue Yang. Only after fixing his smile, did he push the door open and enter. He walked up the stairs and arrived at a room on the third floor. Lightly knocking on the wooden door, he said in a soft and gentle tone, “My darling daughter, can dad come in?”

“During working hours, please call me Principal.” a graceful, sweet-sounding voice carrying a tinge of coldness resounded from within.

“Isn’t it the same? You are the Principal, and you are also my daughter…” The old cunning fox seemed to be used to his darling daughter’s cold, thousand-miles-distant tone and entered the room giggling all the while.

“Why are you here? Why did you get beaten up so much?” The beautiful white-robed lady who was working hard inside was just like a white orchid, clean and prideful, her long, black hair hung down like a waterfall and covered her shoulders, setting a strong contrast with her snow-white, pale hands. It turned out that the all-smiling old cunning fox turned into a whole new person in front of her. In that moment, he was the most loving parent in the whole world. The white-robed lady who had been working all this while finally stopped as she raised her head, revealing her sparkling eyes that was hidden from beneath her lovely bangs. She looked at the old cunning fox, and her small face, that looked fragile and capable of causing a downfall of a kingdom, revealed a tinge of surprise as she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I was just beaten up by an interesting new student… No, I mean, I just didn’t know he would beat me, and carelessly got hit. Otherwise, I would have beaten him up black and blue,” the old cunning fox chuckled slowly, “This new student is really interesting. He is extremely strong, but his basic foundation knowledge is trashy as hell. He didn’t even know that the stronger the abilities of the person taking it, the harder the difficulty of the Challenge Scroll. Seeing him being such a fool, I had fooled him terribly… Hahaha, whenever I remember his foolish expression, I really want to laugh out loud. But he is really strong. The two Magma Wyverns that I have painstakingly raised was killed by him in just ten minutes. It’s a pity that I am not that proficient in Dimensional Techniques and wasn’t able to watch his battle. Otherwise, I could have seen how this brat had found a way to kill my Magma Wyverns.”

“He used physical techniques to kill it.” The white-robed lady replied and then went back to immerse herself in her work again, continuing to write something.

“How do you know?” The old cunning fox was surprised.

“That new student that had beaten you up violently the moment he enrolled is definitely the Third Young Master of the Yue Clan. I heard of him from Qian Qian before. For the sake of getting back his Fourth Mother’s dignity, that brat had used brute force to charge through the Yue Clan Village and killed through the Yue Clan Castle. If it wasn’t for Marshall Yue Hai appearing just in time to stop him, he would probably killed the Yue Clan until their blood flowed like a river. Since you have been researching on Dimensional Scrolls all the time, of course you wouldn’t know about him.” The white-robed lady talked as if she was extremely familiar with Yue Yang.

“No wonder, I thought that brat looked a little familiar. Turns out he was Yue Qiu’s son.” the old cunning fox had a revelation.

“He is extremely strong. Previously at the Eagle’s Cry Valley, he accompanied Qian Qian and defeated a Necromancer alone… Qian Qian guessed that that brat definitely had not studied at all when he was all cooped up in his house; he was actually practicing his martial art skills. That’s why his common sense was so bad and beyond salvation. If there was a person in this world that couldn’t differentiate between Three-leaved Butterfly and Lucky Three-leaved Clover, it is definitely him. Don’t busy yourself throwing him into the Demon Abyss to train, you should first cram basic knowledge into his brain. If you have no further problems, Vice Principal, you can go now.” The white-robed lady was also cold towards her father. She treated him distantly as she told him to leave.

“Do you think that little pervert would listen to this old bone teaching him? I was already beaten up on the first day, if I have to personally teach him in the future, I would probably be beaten to death sooner or later.” the old cunning fox shook his head as he laughed loudly.

“I am still thinking about this Seal right now, so I have no time for this. Go and look for Sister Ye.” the white-robed lady returned to the text on the paper in front of her, ignoring the old cunning fox.

“If you ask that girl to teach a student, then the world would be thrown into chaos…” The old cunning fox sighed.

Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were busy buying a few things for Yue Yang while Fatty Hai was asking a cook, who was said to come from the Imperial Kitchen to make extra dishes for celebration. The purpose of this celebration was not only to welcome Yue Yang, it was also to welcome Yue Bing, who was transferring school. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so polite and extravagant.

Yue Yang didn’t have anything to do while waiting. Seeing that Ye Kong and the others wouldn’t return very quickly, he decided to go for a walk and breathe the fresh air.

This Academy was indeed not bad, the only weakness was that there were too few people.

There were no human sounds, only the sounds of the birds and insects. It was nice that it was peaceful and quiet, but the place simply lacked a vitality that only humans could have.

“Forget it, anyway, I came here to become a good student and to study,” Yue Yang also thought that it was good like this. With peace and quiet, he could study peacefully and cram all the basic knowledge he needed to know quickly then go to the Tong Tian Tower to practice.

Just as he was preparing to become a good student, suddenly, he found an intoxicating, mature big sis wearing skin-tight, red-hot clothes walking over to him. Her mature and sexy body swayed as she walked. Her footsteps were a little like a cat on anaesthetic, looking like she was about to fall at anytime. Yue Yang was dumbstruck, could it be that this big sis was the Ivy Academy’s Principal?

Such a drunken cat, Yue Yang guessed that she wouldn’t know who did it if he carried her back to the dorm and did her over a hundred times.

If not for having level 3 [Divine Vision] and seeing that there was an extremely powerful beast asleep inside this Drunken Cat Big Sis, quietly protecting her, Yue Yang would have really gone through with his perverted impulse.

“Ah, there’s a handsome boy.” That Drunken Cat Big Sis accidentally saw Yue Yang.

Not waiting for Yue Yang to react, she moved her body even faster than lightning. Her figure blurred and in just a blink of an eye, she had already appeared in front of Yue Yang, shocking him, who was extremely confident in his own agility. Yue Yang stared dumbstruck, he couldn’t believe the reality that had happened right before his eyes. The Drunken Cat Big Sis was covered with a overpowering foul stench of alcohol. As she moved her lovable, rosy face closer to Yue Yang, her big, drunken, round eyes watched Yue Yang intently, “You looked handsome, but you are too young, you are still a kid… Hey, kid, have you kissed yet? Do you want this big sister to teach you?”

Yue Yang immediately nodded when he heard her.

Drunken Cat Onessan revealed a smile, “Good boy, although you are a little young, you are still handsome, so I can’t let you off. Close your eyes, let this sister teach you teach you some kissing skills.”

She was really going to kiss him?

Yue Yang had decided to spend his life waiting upon a cougar… no, he meant waiting upon a cat. He would let this Drunken Cat Big Sis push him down.

Just as the Drunken Cat Big Sis was about to kiss him, a golden light suddenly shone from within her body. A black and white coloured beast suddenly jumped out and sent Yue Yang, who was about to be pushed down, flying away with a punch. Just as the beast left her body, the Drunken Cat Big Sis could not endure her drunken state anymore and fell to the ground.

“My God, a level 5 gold-ranked Panda Girl” When Yue Yang turned around as he fell to the ground, he saw the beast and felt like his head was going to explode.

This humanoid beast that had punched Yue yang was the powerful beast that was sleeping inside the Drunken Cat Big Sis. Her humanoid figure was a little plump, and the beautiful girl had an extremely godly aura around her. Her head was decorated with small braids, and there were 2 loveable dimples on her round face. She had a big pair of eyes, a small nose and a mouth full of little, white teeth. Her chubby fists were arranged in a martial art pose, as she assumed a stance of ‘I’ll-beat-you-up-again-if-you-keep-looking’ towards Yue Yang.

She wore a set of black and white coloured, oddly shaped clothes on her body.

On her forehead, there was a calligraphy of the letter ‘’King”. She was obviously a Panda Girl, but she acted as if she was a tiger. Yue Yang almost couldn’t contain his laughter when he looked at her.

“Be more serious. You are not allowed to laugh, otherwise I’ll be really angry. And I will beat you up if I’m angry.” This Panda Girl could even talk.

“Come here, I’ll give you some sweets,” Yue Yang tried to use this move, it was his undefeatable move.

“It’s so sweet!” This Panda Girl was even easier to handle than that small mischievous girl Yue Shuang. She had no resistance against candies. However, when she saw the smile on Yue Yang’s face, she immediately took out the sweet inside her mouth and reluctantly returned it to Yue Yang, “Don’t even think of bribing me, Niu Niu would never be tempted by her enemies,” Saying this, the adorable Panda Girl looked like she was on the verge of tears. It seemed like she was really afraid that Yue Yang would take the candy back. She looked at him with her tearful eyes.

Yue Yang had never before seen such a contradicting expression in his life. It was obvious that she wanted to eat the candy, but she had insisted on returning it to him. Tears had bubbled up in her eyes, looking as if they were about to fall down.

It was the first time in his life that Yue Yang felt guilty.

It was not right to bully small kids… Yue Yang revealed a bright smile. Since he wouldn’t bully small kids, he’d better bully that big sis instead. He reached his hand out towards the Panda Girl and patted her head a few times, then he spoke with a wolf-pretending-to-be-grandmother’s soft and gentle tone, “Good Niu Niu, big brother is not a bad person. Big brother is good friends with that big sister over there. Big sister has gotten drunk, and brother was just about to carry her back and push her down-ah, I mean, carry her back to sober her up.”

“Really?” When the Panda Girl Niu Niu heard it, she happily stuffed the candy back into her mouth, eating it elatedly. However, not two seconds later, she started to doubt again, “Is big brother really mom’s friend? Why doesn’t Niu Niu recognise you at all? That’s not right. You are a bad guy. I’ll return this candy to you.”

She took out the half-eaten candy from her mouth with her small hands again, and insisted on returning it to Yue Yang.

Her adorable face looked like she was on the verge of crying again.

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  1. DMR says:

    Okay, this chapter redeemed the old man and the school in my eyes…

    That said, it isn’t shocking or anything…. but to know it’d probably be like this and for it to be shown like this…. it feels better to actually have it confirmed…

    It makes sense; I mean, no matter how bad the reputation, there should be a limit to how bad the education would be…..

    And so his sister didn’t really get downgraded after all…

    And he got to fight stronger enemies cause he’s stronger…. so he was never really scammed (again, I kinda knew that… but reading it just makes me feel better).

    And Fatty Hai better learn his limits when hanging around Yue Bing >.<

    Thanks for the chapter XD

  2. Hai Kun says:

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  4. Sizzin says:

    Talking about Yue Shuang, he totally forgot to give her the grimoire.

    I like the MC when he’s fighting, but his personality is no longer funny rather, it’s getting annoying. I sure hope he gets really hurt in a battle against the Greater Demon King or something and starts taking things more seriously. But then again, I’m sure this whole story isn’t meant to be taken seriously. I just hope it gets better soon.

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