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LLS Chapter 124 – Beating An Old Cunning Fox Violently

Chapter 124 – Beating An Old Cunning Fox Violently
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: metalith and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang began to sweat profusely after seeing the two Magma Wyverns.

If it wasn’t him but another student taking this test instead, such as Fatty Hai, he would probably be instantly killed. How could the others win a fight against two bronze-ranked level 6 Magma Wyverns?

And this was the easiest Level 1 Red Scroll. If he had opened the Level 7 Purple Scroll instead, wouldn’t the beast waiting for him be the legendary Gold-Ranked Level 3 Three Headed Dragon? The more Yue Yang thought about it, the angrier he became. This cunning old fox had obviously done this intentionally. There had obviously been the Crystal Ball as a testing method, yet he just had to set up such an abnormal test. How many students had died in his hands?

No wonder no student had ever come to this Ivy Academy. Who would come here to die?

However, since he had already been teleported here and encountered these Magma Wyverns, Yue Yang would still kill them off. Fighting the 2 bronze-ranked level 6 beasts wouldn’t be too difficult for him, furthermore, Magma Wyverns’ magic cores were known to be good quality magic cores with fire attribute. If he could use it as the core for a puppet with fire attribute, it would become a very good core.

The Flame Lord’s Molten Core in his Hui Jin Magic Blade might also need these kind of material to level up. If his Hui Jin Magic Blade could level up and become a platinum-ranked weapon, that would be really awesome.

There was also the gold-ranked little Praying Mantis. When it emerged after finishing its incubation period, it might need a dragon’s magic core to advance…

“Do you think you are cool?”

When Yue Yang saw the Magma Wyvern charging towards him, he didn’t retreat, but charged forward towards it instead, his Magic Blade cutting through the air as he slashed it down.

He wasn’t like Fatty Hai, that kind of bum who only ate and waited to die. Let alone bronze-ranked level 6, he had even defeated much stronger monsters before. Don’t think that you can bully others however you wish to just with a bronze-ranked level 6 beast; you have to see what kind of person it was first. If it was someone else, he would probably be helpless in the face of the Magma Wyverns, whose bodies were engulfed in a fiery flame. But Yue Yang, who had already fought against the Flame Lord, knew these flame beasts’ weaknesses.

Although flame beasts were extremely powerful, they were extremely afraid of water.

If he had a Whale beast that could spurt water, even if they were normal-ranked, as long as there wasn’t much of a difference between their levels, the Magma Wyvern would probably not be able to defeat it at all.

The second weakness was the dragon core in its head.

Magma Wyvern’s body surface was protected by high temperature flames, but it didn’t try to strengthen its head and protect it. Especially the magic core in its forehead; due to absorbing fire for a long time, it had accumulated excessive energy, causing its forehead to protrude, forming a huge bulge on its head.

This was like giving its enemies an indication on where to attack.

Yue Yang’s figure leapt high up into the air, his Magic Blade aiming straight towards that extremely obvious bulge.

At first, he thought that this move would definitely cause a grave injury. Who would have known that the Magma Wyvern would actually defend itself. It lowered its body and spread its wings, then covered its head with its wings.

Yue Yang’s Magic Blade cut through the two Wings like iron cutting through mud. The Magma Wyvern lost its support in the sky and its whole body fell heavily onto the ground, splashing the whole place with lava.

Yue Yang made a turn in the air and dodged the other Magma Wyvern’s charging attack agilely. He prepared to give the heavily injured Magma Wyvern that had fallen onto the ground another heavy slash.

Who would have known that the Magma Wyvern, whose two wings were injured and had already fallen to the ground, would suddenly strangely raise its wings and flap them in the air. It then charged towards Yue Yang who was also charging towards it in mid-air. Yue Yang dodged it, but it continued to stubbornly follow him, trying to chomp at Yue Yang repeatedly. Yue Yang, who had fallen to the ground kept dodging it left and right, was flustered for a second.

How did it turn out like this?

Didn’t he undoubtedly injured both of its wings just now? How could it recover to its original state in just a moment, and not suffer even a single injury?

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was being chased, Yue Yang would really have liked to search through his Beast Encyclopedia and check up on the skills and stats of this Magma Wyvern. How could it be immune to physical weapon attacks?

“Did you think you are cool? Look at My (oresama) unique skill!” Seeing that the giant, ugly dragon’s head that burned as hot as the sun charged towards him with its mouth open wide, Yue Yang agilely leapt. His body flipped in the air as he dodged the sharp fangs. He joined both of his forefingers like a sword and pointed from afar. Invisible Sword Qi immediately shot out, hitting the Flying Dragon straight on that bulging part of its forehead.


The Magma Wyvern received a huge blow from the Innate invisible Sword Qi’s attack.

It cried out miserably as it rolled on the ground, leaving a tiny stream of blood-like lava flowing from its forehead. Yue Yang felt really self-satisfied in his heart. Wasn’t he simply awesome? No matter how powerful that wyvern was, how could it be more powerful than his Innate Invisible Sword Qi? However, the next development by the Magma Wyvern left him in a daze again.

That injured Magma Wyvern staggered along as it threw itself into the Lava Pond.

The dragon, who was originally half dead, seemed to roll around on the Lava Pond. Its injuries seemed to improve by a whole lot with every roll it made. Before a minute had even passed, it crawled out again, its whole body having recovered to its former glory. Shaking off the lava on its body, it flapped its wings again and flew into the air.

“It still had this method?” When Yue Yang used his Level 3 [Divine Vision], he could see that the Magma Wyvern’s injury wasn’t actually fully healed. It only looked like it had recovered on the outside, but it was probably scared to death by his attack. For a warrior who did not have an Innate Sword Qi, the Lava Pond at the concave top of the hill meant that these two Magma Wyverns would never be defeated. This advantageous topography was indeed the nightmare of all warriors’ battles. Yue Yang subconsciously wiped off his sweat, “Luckily the one I’m facing is not two gold-ranked level 7 Giant Magma Dragons. It’s only two bronze-ranked level 6 Magma Wyverns… Alright, it’s time to end this game.”

He summoned out the Bloody Queen and ordered her to charge towards the sky in order to pressure the two Magma Wyverns, that were spiralling in the air and refusing to land, with her Golden King Beast’s presence.

Although the two Magma Wyverns spiralling in the sky was higher levelled than the level 3 Bloody Queen, the Bloody Queen was still a Golden King Beast. The moment she flew towards them, the two Magma Wyverns immediately flew lower, not daring to face up against her.

The wyvern on the left who suffered a grave injury from Yue Yang’s Sword Qi was moving a little slower.

The sharp Bloody Queen had noticed this and immediately chased after it.

The gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger in her hands was the nemesis of all dragon-type and undead dragon-type beasts.

Let alone dragon-type, even if a Golden King Beast had received an attack from this dagger, including the Bloody Queen herself whose heart had been pierced by the dagger, would also be unable to endure it.

The Magma Wyvern on the left was easily overtaken by the Bloody Queen whose speed was three times faster than itself. It looked unresigned as it turned its head and tried to chomp at the Bloody Queen. The Bloody Queen flew magnificently and avoided the bite just in time. The Dragon Slaying Dagger in her hands suddenly plunged deep into the Magma Wyvern’s bulging forehead, where its magic core resided. Immediately, the Magma Wyvern wailed miserably as it crashed onto the ground with a loud boom, rolling in pain and creating waves of lava.

Seeing its mate suffering a huge injury, the other Magma Wyvern hurriedly flew over to help.

The Bloody Queen screeched loudly, causing the other Magma Wyvern, who was flying over, wanting to help its mate, to suffer an attack that felt like it had been struck by lightning. It received a shock and was disoriented, causing it to immediately fall to the ground.

Why would Yue Yang hold back against either of them? On the ground, he first took out the giant hammer that the Gold-armoured Puppet had used from his Lich Ring. Swinging it around, he pounded it ruthlessly on the Magma Wyvern’s head. When the other dragon had finally fallen, he took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and jumped up high the moment when the Magma Wyvern heavily crashed down into the ground. He jumped with the speed of lightning as he put his hands together before plunging it down heavily towards the Magma Wyvern’s head.

A minute later, the Magma Wyvern had finally died, this time for certain. The battle had finished.

On the other side, the Bloody Queen who had secretly absorbed the Magma Wyvern’s magic core’s power suddenly shone with a raging fire-like light all over her body.

Her golden wings were spread wide, the feathers slowly ignited on fire one by one, turning into a pair of wings that was unceasingly engulfed in raging flames.

However, her blood red hair did not ignite, instead, it turned even more brightly coloured, beautiful beyond comparison. The Bloody Queen who was on the verge of levelling up had finally levelled up after endlessly absorbing dragon magic cores from all the battles. She had levelled up from a gold-ranked Level 3 to a gold-ranked level 4.

She flapped her golden, fiery wings. Her movement speed had become much faster than before.

Yue Yang almost couldn’t see her figure clearly.

After the Bloody Queen and Yue Yang’s Phantom Shadow merged previously, although she had dropped to gold-ranked level 3, when she levelled up again, her battle power had become so much more powerful. Furthermore, her movement speed had also become faster. Although she was just a gold-ranked level 4 right now, her strength was already on par with her previous gold-ranked level 5’s strength.

She was so happy that she flew around in the sky, cheering and shouting excitedly non-stop.

Yue Yang had actually wanted to catch her and spank her butt for eating a dragon’s core without asking for her master’s permission. This problem must not be allowed to continue.

However, seeing her overjoyed look, he felt a little bad if he spoiled her fun.

Forget it, she was his girl anyway. She ate it in order to serve him better… When Yue Yang saw the Bloody Queen’s enticing, snow-white body, his wolfy heart was moved. If Yi Nan didn’t come quickly to resolve his ‘happy sex life’ problem, he wouldn’t be able to endure it anymore. Must he really have that kind of human-beast intercourse? Thinking about it, although this Bloody Queen was a Golden King Beast, she was obviously a beauty. She didn’t look like a beast, she was just a beauty with an extra pair of wings. Why couldn’t he do her?

Yue Yang opened his Silver Grimoire and saw that she had indeed risen to gold-rank level 4. She even had a new [Flame Whip] ability.

The weirdest thing was that Yue Yang found that he, himself, could also use this [Flame Whip] when the Bloody Queen was summoned. It happened to be the exact opposite of Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains]. However, compared to the [Binding Chains] Inherent skill, the [Flame Whip]’s power wouldn’t even be worth mentioning. [Flame Whip] might have some use when used against normal warriors or beasts, but when facing a strong warrior or beast, it would only be equivalent to scratching an itchy spot on their bodies.

[Binding Chains] was different. When he fought against that Demon King Ha Xin in White Stone City, or when he fought against Lich Suo Ge a few days ago, he had benefited greatly from the [Binding Chains] skill.

More importantly, Xiao Wen Li’s [Binding Chains] Inherent Skill could still level up further. If not for such a powerful skill, Lich Suo Ge wouldn’t be defeated so miserably under Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li’s combo attack.

Suddenly, on Yue Yang’s body, a pillar of light appeared.

It was small at first, but it quickly became wider.

When Yue Yang moved his body, the pillar of light also followed him. Seems like this was the old cunning fox’s teleportation magic that would activate after ten minutes were up.

Yue Yang hurriedly stuffed the Magma Wyvern’s dragon’s core that he had dug out into his Lich Ring. He also forced the two Magma Wyvern’s bodies into it, and recalled the Bloody Queen back to his grimoire. Not even a second later, the teleportation pillar ascended straight to the sky, looking like an extremely bright pillar of white light.

After only about ten seconds, Yue Yang had already been teleported back to right in front the old cunning fox again.

Without waiting for the old cunning fox to speak, Yue Yang had immediately threw him a punch, sending his old, fragile and thin body flying, “You can add to your records that I’m the first student who enrolled here to beat up this Vice Principal black and blue!”

Yue Yang charged over towards the old cunning fox who was preparing to crawl up and kicked and punched him, beating him up violently. He even raised a big chunk of stone, thinking of smashing this old geezer into a pulp. He didn’t expect that when he raised his head, there were at least 50-60 people staring at him with their mouths and eyes opened wide, dumbstruck. Many of them had even dropped their weapons, their mouths gaping open so wide you could stuff a hippopotamus inside.

Amongst the people, Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others suddenly jumped up. Fatty Hai quickly gave Yue Yang a bear hug excitedly, while Ye Kong stealthily pried the big chunk of stone from Yue Yang’s hands away and threw it far away.

“Why did you guys come here?” Yue Yang was confused. Weren’t these people celebrating the Lunar New Year? How did they come even earlier than him?

“There’s not much fun at home. It’s more meaningful to stay in the Academy. I have waited for you for two days… Ah, Vice Principal, please don’t be angry. My little brother is still not very sensible. As his boss, I will scold him properly later. I guarantee he wouldn’t be so quick to use violence in the future. Let’s run away quickly now, this old fellow seems like he’s going to explode soon.” Seeing that the old cunning fox’s nose had even been displaced by Yue Yang’s punches and that he was seething and fuming with anger to the point of steam was emitting from his ears, Fatty Hai was so frightened that he abandoned Yue Yang disloyally and immediately started running away.

“When Yue Bing arrives, we can go to the Wild Horse Plains to have a ride. This Academy is quite fun and is also very flexible and free. But at the same time, you can also learn a lot of things.” As they ran, Ye Kong introduced the Ivy Academy to Yue Yang.

“Really? Can you even learn anything from this hellhole of an Academy?” Yue Yang was confused. Ye Kong would probably not lie to him.

“Titan, you son of a bitch, you dared to beat me? If I don’t pay it back to you a hundred times greater, I wouldn’t be satisfied!” The old cunning fox couldn’t catch up to Yue Yang, so he could only shout angrily towards his back in anger. Seeing that Yue Yang had ignored him, he turned around and warned all the onlooking teachers and students, “Everyone is prohibited to talk about this matter to anyone. You must thoroughly erase this from your memories. If I ever hear anyone talking about how I am the first Vice Principal in our school’s three thousand years’ history to be beaten up by a student who had just enrolled, I will execute an unimaginable bodily punishment to the whole school. I will make everyone go through the school’s Hell Trial!”

“…” When the crowd heard this, they were speechless. This fellow was so tyrannical, seemed like he would need to be beaten up again sooner or later.

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  1. Jiick says:

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    Thank you for your hard work.

    • HydroPoop says:

      I think that he only tricked Yue Yang about the order of the teleportation scrolls.
      The one he said was most difficult is actually the most easy one, which the VP offered to Yue Yang.
      However Yue Yang snatched the “easy” scroll that VP did not give him, which actually was the hardest scroll.

    • Lednacek says:

      he is an ass just like the MC, but look at the positive side of things. our MC got to fight 2 magma wyverns for 50 gold. He has 1 core, 2 bodies and his bloody queen evolve to lvl4. Not a bad exchange for 50 gold. I wonder if he could get the other scrolls to farm them.

  2. Stampede says:

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    No matter what my day had been, this novel always manages to make me laugh like a loony 😀

  3. Asf says:

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    • Lukiduk says:

      What did you expect? Yue Yang is basically the village idiot. His clever ‘Titan’ disguise, what a pathetic joke since all of his friends coming to the school will call him by his name anyways. Gotta love this guys ego though, he still calls the previous Yang ‘pathetic’ even though he himself was just given the golden ticket to his own power. He never really worked for anything, it just lands in his lap, but he believes he has ‘talent’.

      • DMR says:

        1st he calls the other guy pathetic because no matter how hard he worked, the other guy was always sucking and failing.

        2nd, unlike the other guy, he actually WAS lucky. So in comparison, the other guy was pathetic.

        Yue Yang called the other guy pathetic because of both the bad luck and lack of talent

        It isn’t the method but the results.

        Also, he IS talented. The very moment he tried to contract a Grimoire, he succeeded, and he had 2 powerful abilities as well as an incredible Guardian beast.

        That was his talent itself. He could understand the best way to use the beasts he has the moment he summons them. THAT IS TALENT.

        And then he was lucky enough to also learn Innate Sword Qi, making him an elite. His talent and luck both made him an elite.

        If he was able to be an elite in a few months, then the other guy really is pathetic in comparison.

        And he isn’t the village idiot. He’s the foreigner that’s still trying to understand the world.

        Right now, it isn’t the old man he’s trusting but his friend.

        And you realized that almost NOBODY called him by his name in the series? His friends don’t either. So him hiding it doesn’t mean much.

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