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LLS Chapter 123 – An Extremely Abnormal Test

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Chapter 123 – An Extremely Abnormal Test
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Based Jessica
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After paying money, the first thing that Yue Yang wanted wasn’t a receipt. Instead, he snatched the illustration book of beautiful women immediately.

“Don’t read it here, the beautiful girls in this school are extremely wary of wolves. This student over here, you should try to appear to be a good boy.” The Goatee Elder warned Yue Yang, and then asked, “Right, this student, what’s your name? Titan? This name… Forget it, names are completely unimportant. Student Titan, what class do you plan on attending? Here at our Ivy Academy, our special courses are “Letting Sheep to Pasture”, a free-and-easy curriculum, and “Closed Door”, an individual’s diligent self-study. We even have another unofficial, but unopposed by the school regulations, the “Dating Technique” course for matchmaking between girls and guys…”

“Wait a minute. What does “Letting Sheep to Pasture”, a free-and-easy curriculum mean?” Yue Yang wasn’t swayed that easily. He noticed something was wrong the moment he heard those words.

“It is unlimited freedom. Teachers won’t care about their students at all, and students would be able to learn on their own.” The Goatee Elder shamelessly explained. These words made Yue Yang extremely furious. Wasn’t this that legendary thing called cheating others? Even after receiving the Academy fees, they didn’t care about their students at all. Could this school even still be called an Academy?

“Won’t the teachers teach classes?” Yue Yang resisted his sudden impulse of beating him up and decided to first clarify the situation.

“They will, they will still need to teach classes. They have to teach at least two classes in a year. The first class is the introduction class, where teachers and students get introduced to each other. The second class is the commemoration class, where after a year has passed, it’s time for teachers and students to part. Everyone will give a present and a speech to remember each other by.” Before the Goatee Elder even finished speaking, Yue Yang had already fallen to the ground. My God, does this even count as classes?

“Then what about the “Closed Door”, an individual’s diligent self-study?” Yue Yang asked about the second teaching method.

“As the name implies, this means that students have to study diligently on their own. Our academy is extremely generous, we have opened the library for free for students to do their own research.” The Goatee Elder implied that it was a favor worthy of the heavens above for his Academy to open a library for their students to research for materials.

“Then what about the third “Dating Technique” for matchmaking between girls and guys? Does it mean that you can date in the Academy?” Yue Yang thought that this was quite a good idea.

“Hush! This matter is not openly encouraged by our Academy, but we do not oppose it. If you can find a girlfriend, then our canteen can bestow you a Couple’s Meal and a Couple’s seat, so that you guys can feed each other… Ah, I mean, our Academy will provide a more comfortable learning environment so that our students can learn in a happier environment. Of course, the Couple’s Meal would cost additional fees, but it’s not that expensive. The price is only about ten times more than a normal meal, but it is of high quality and is very rich in nutrients. Under normal circumstances, our canteen wouldn’t present sands free as a gift…” The Goatee Elder was the most shameless fellow that Yue Yang had seen since he was transported to this world.

Yue Yang felt that he, himself, was already shameless enough.

But compared to this elder, he felt that he was still a little bit inferior.

Under the management of this shameless Vice Principal, no wonder this Ivy Academy that had a history of over 3000 years had fallen to this state.

In the end, as he completely could not endure it anymore, Yue Yang said something that even he couldn’t believe had said, “Students come here to study. Why do they want to be that comfortable? If you are not going to manage anything, and even encourage all of your students to date each other every day, would they even have the will to study? If it is as what you have said, this place is practically a student’s heaven!”

“Indeed, it is heaven, but it is a weak student’s heaven.” The Goatee Elder laughed out loud. “Titan, you must not have heard of my Academy’s rumours, right?”

“What kind of rumours?” Yue Yang was curious. Could it be that this dilapidated Academy still have a good evaluation?

“We, the Ivy Academy, had a reputation as the Weak Students’ Heaven and Outstanding Students’ Hell!” The Goatee Elder guffawed, “And we are located just nice at the opposite of Shang Jin Academy.”

“No wonder you could not get any students…” Yue Yang finally understood.

Which parent wouldn’t think that their children were outstanding? Which parent would bear to send their children to hell?

Even if their children were not outstanding, they would also not send them to this Ivy Academy to get girls to marry their son to. If they wanted girls, they can find them at home, why would they send their children to this Academy? The purpose of sending them to an Academy was to hope that their children would become dragons with a bright future.

No matter how good the circumstances in the Ivy Academy were, they wouldn’t send their children here. Maybe students might enjoy this kind of living style, but parents would definitely not agree to it.

Sending their children here would just be a waste of their money.

“Our Academy’s objective is to make weak students weaker and outstanding students even more outstanding. When an outstanding students come to our Academy, we would do our utmost to torment him, making his life a living hell… As for weak students, what big things can he do in the future? Might as well make them know their place, and let them enjoy a few years of happy Academy life.” With the Goatee Elder’s next few words, Yue Yang could only stare dumbstruck again.

This, when he said all those words, somehow it made a little bit of sense.

For a weak student with no future, rather than spending lots of efforts to nurture them and be resentful when they could not meet expectations, why not let them lead a happy academy life instead?

A lot of weak students don’t actually want to study at all, they only want to spend a few years of debauchery… Of course, parents wouldn’t support their children doing that. Perhaps, this was the reason that Ivy Academy had declined.

They had a good education concept and teaching attitude, but they were not welcomed by the public.

The Goatee Elder looked at Yue Yang’s astonished expression and revealed a smile as cunning as a fox, “Titan, do you want to have a little test?”

When he said that, Yue Yang immediately remembered the main character on a story from the other world.

In one story from the other world, the main character would usually go to school. Getting girls was his primary objective, but he also wanted loyal and devoted brothers. It was a classic plot. The main character was queueing in an extremely long queue to test his strength and enter an academy. When it was finally his turn, as he touched a Crystal Ball to measure his strength, his life had immediately changed thoroughly…In normal situations, the crystal ball would emit a bright rainbow-coloured light and then burst with a light that showed the person’s magic power. However, that was in a normal situation. As for the main character, how could he be the main character if he was not awesome enough? What happened next was the a surprised cry from the Magic Master that was in charge of the test: “His magic actually had all six, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Light and Darkness attributes? He is a genius that come once in thousands of years! Even if my magic was ten times more than my current state, I would still not be able to burst the crystal ball. I never thought that this brat’s magic power would be able to burst it. This was so frightening!”

On the side, there were also some people that the main character met on the road, that would become his loyal brothers. They would always call him “Boss!” excitedly.

Everyone present was watching the main character as he laughed, his tiger-like physique shaking with mirth… What happened next was simple, girls throwing themselves to him was definitely a must in the plot. There was also a whole lot of people who called him Master. Wait, no, they called him Boss. That was also a must.

There was one time when the School Vice Principal, who would usually peek at girls bathing, rushed to the main character’s side the moment he heard a news. When he saw the egg that the main character was cooking, he was extremely surprised and shouted: “This, this, could this be the legendary Phoenix Egg? Where did you find this from?” Of course, the main character would innocently scratch his head, and said something that would everyone present to fall to the ground, “I bought this from a random sale on the street for breakfast…”

This brat must have come from the Heaven Realm. Everyone would think that this brat must have been one of the Gods’ illegitimate sons. Everyone had this suspicion on the main character.

Afterwards, there would obviously be more people kneeling down to shout out “Master!” Ah, no, they shouted out “Boss!”.

“Alright now Student Titan, if you want to daydream about girls, do it at night. I know of a good place to peek at girls changing clothes, but there will be additional charges, 1 gold for one peek.” The Goatee Elder suddenly broke Yue Yang’s daydream. This old geezer must have been the most perverted, most shameless teacher that Yue Yang had ever met. However, he was also someone who understood a student’s needs the best.

“Where’s the crystal ball?” Yue Yang looked throughout the things in the room, but he didn’t find the crystal ball that would usually be used on an entrance test.

He could let it go if there were no thousands of people watching, no girls throwing themselves into his embrace, and no loyal brothers kneeling and calling him master, but how could there not even be a crystal ball?

The Goatee Elder shook both his head and hands, “I say, Student Titan, I think you are quite a bit mistaken. In Shang Jing Academy, they had indeed used crystal balls to test you, but here in Ivy Academy, our tests are a little bit more complicated, but it’s more thorough. Hence, we chose not to use that method.”

Yue Yang was confused. If they were not going to use crystal to test, then what would they use?

The Goatee Elder took out small, exquisite-looking scrolls from his robes. They were divided into seven different colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. Every single one was different with the other.

“How are you going to measure my capabilities with these?” Yue Yang guessed that if he touched the right attribute of the scrolls, it would probably shine as an indication.

“Every single scroll is a small scaled Dimension Scroll that I created myself. Every single colour showed different level of difficulties. Red is level 1, the lowest, while purple is level 7, the hardest. When you open the scroll, you would be teleported into a space. There would be monsters inside the scroll waiting for you. Different difficulties would have different monsters. For example, if you chose this Red level 1 scroll, there will be 10 level 2 Storm Wolves inside. If you open the scroll, you would immediately be teleported in front of ten starved Storm Wolves. If you can kill every single one of them and finish the battle within 10 minutes, furthermore, with no injuries on your body, you would escape the ‘weak student’ evaluation.” The Goatee Elder smiled with kindness and love, but why did Yue Yang see a devil’s smile instead?

“Aren’t you just seeking wealth and killing others?” Yue Yang sweated madly. He had never seen such a dangerous test before.

“You can also not take the test, but you will be evaluated as a weak student immediately. Then you would not have the chance to participate on our Academy’s “Hell’s Trip” Class. Of course, you can always find a girl and feed each other everyday on the Academy’s park.” The Goatee Elder smiled from ear to ear, looking as if he was not offended at all.

“How many people had passed this test before in the whole school?” Yue Yang couldn’t believe that there would be people who would be willing to take such an abnormal test.

“In our Ivy Academy, there are a total of 368 students, including teachers that are still on probation. Including you, there are 369 students in total. The frequency rate of our students taking the test is 10%, and there are 37 people willing to take the test. The success rate of those taking the test was close to 30%, 11 people had passed. Amongst them, four of them could be categorised as Outstanding Students. Student Titan, do you really not want to try the test? We give scholarships to outstanding students, you know. Furthermore, the beautiful School Principal will personally teach you herself. You don’t know, but when she goes to class, she likes to wear sexy clothes that have holes, like mesh nets. She looks so hot that she could practically set fire to our hearts! On the other hand, weak students wouldn’t get such a treatment.” This was the first time that Yue Yang was a little bit persuaded by the Goatee Elder’s speech. Weren’t those simply Storm Wolves? He wouldn’t even need to summon his beasts, he should be able to kill them just by using the Hui Jin Magic Blade.

“Alright. I’ll try it, for the sake of the scholarship.” Yue Yang would definitely not say that it was because he wanted to see the beautiful School Principal’s sexy mesh-net clothes.

He would definitely not try to seek trouble. He pushed away the purple scroll that the Goatee Elder had handed over to him, and picked up a red scroll instead.

As he opened it, a pillar of golden light shone.

Yue Yang was immediately teleported. When he could finally be aware of his surroundings, he found himself in a dimension similar to the Battlefield of Certain Death. The dimensional space was not considered large, it looked to be around the size of two soccer fields.

In the middle of the space, there was a small hill. Seems like that was the Storm Wolves’ lair.

Weren’t they simply level 2 Storm Wolves?

Other than having quicker movement speed and agility, they were really nothing much. If he had not ordered Hui Tai Lang to protect Yue Bing as she withdraw from her school, seemed like Hui Tai Lang alone would be enough to deal with these 10 Storm Wolves. Yue Yang was filled with confidence as he took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and ran straight towards the small hill. However, he suddenly saw that there were two Magma Wyverns lying and rolling around on the concave space at the top of the small hill that was filled with lava. It looked like a Lava Crater. Yue Yang was immediately driven mad as he shouted out loud, “Damn that wretched old fox! Just wait until I come out, I will chop you up to 18 pieces!”

How could these be level 2 Storm Wolves? These are bronze-ranked level 6 Magma Wyverns, and there were even two of them.

Yue Yang’s first reaction was to take a teleportation scroll out. However, the teleportation scroll was useless in this place. That old cunning fox had not only known how to create teleportation scrolls, he also knew Dimension Interference Techniques. Students who were teleported to this place could only fight and would not be able to run…

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