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LLS Chapter 122 – Beautiful School Principal Oneesan?

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Chapter 122 – Beautiful School Principal Oneesan?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Based Jessica and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Back at the Yue Clan’s Castle. The Royal Swordswoman had left to find Jun Wu You to report the incident of the Necromancers’ death in Eagle’s Cry Valley at Gui Jian Chou.

At first, Yue Yang thought that his reward would immediately be given to him. He never thought that Jun Wu You would become extremely furious instead.

Jun Wu You thought that not only did these two reckless brats not return to report back when they saw the Necromancers, they had even decided to thoroughly investigate the matter. They have committed one sin after another. Although Yue Yang and the Royal Swordswoman had brought victory home, he thought that they were simply lucky. Had they met a Lich or a Great Lich instead, their small lives would have been in extreme danger. The Emperor had then passed an order to ground her daughter, who had recklessly taken matters into her own hands, for three months. Luckily, Yue Yang was considered to have been forced to collaborate with the Royal Swordswoman and was a victim of his daughter’s recklessness. He did not receive a very heavy punishment.

The guard that Jun Wu You had sent said that as for the Water Avoiding Droplet that Yue Yang wanted, it was not that Jun Wu You couldn’t give it to him, but rather it was just that he must first pass the Ranker’s Battle Sense Test.

They didn’t have a high requirement for him; it would be fine as long as he passed.

However, this sort of test that wasn’t like any tests in normal school really made life very difficult for Yue Yang… Let alone himself, even Yue Bing, who had studied for four years in Shang Jing Academy wouldn’t be able to help Yue Yang.

Thinking of cheating? Sorry, no can do.

There were some things that looked easy on the surface. For example, one of the questions was: How were the [Purple Gold Twisting Conch] and [Purple Gold Twisting Screw] related to each other?

One was a crustacean-type beast. The other was a part of a metal puppet beast. Who the heck would know how these two things were related to each other?

Yue Bing also did not understand. In the end, Yue Yang took the chance to ask the Fifth Elder when he visited him. In the end, Fifth Elder had nodded his head solemnly and said that those two were indeed related to each other. Furthermore, they were very closely interrelated. However, when Yue Yang asked him how they were they related, this old fellow had pretended to be secretive instead. No matter how Yue Yang had secretly persuaded the little mischievous Yue Shuang to pull at his beard, he wouldn’t say how they were related, no matter what.

Another example was a simple medicinal question. If a warrior had been bitten by a Star-dotted Sandsnake beast, what was the best kind of medicine to apply immediately? Was it the Sitting Thornyback Lizard’s saliva, or the Silver Haired Tree’s tree sap?

After rummaging through the beast and medicine encyclopedia to check, Yue Yang was blown away with shock.

This was because not only the Sand Snake’s venom, the other two ‘medicine’, the Sitting Thornyback Lizard’s saliva and the Silver Haired Tree’s tree sap were all highly poisonous liquids. Ordinary people would die in one breath if they were to apply any of the three on their injury. Could it be that these things could fight poison with poison? Yue Yang was sweating greatly when he saw this. What a crazy question! Even Yue Bing, a model student in her Academy, did not know the answer. How did this question even come about?

There were some questions that Yue Bing seemed to be able to do, but also unable to. For example, discussing about a beast’s level, demon crystal core quality, puppet’s heart, and Demon Abyss languages…

Yue Yang realised that if he had to take the test with his own power, he could only get a big zero.

With Yue Bing’s help, he could only get 10 points.

“This Jun Wu You fellow must have been so free that his butt was starting to ache. I hate this kind of people the most. He didn’t hand out a treasure straightforwardly even if he had one, but instead bombarded me with this nonsense test.” Yue Yang was extremely furious. No matter what, he was still the little king of tests in the other world. His cheating methods could be considered to be at the grand wizard’s level. Who would have known that he would fail a paper so badly this time.

The thing that drove Yue Yang mad was that reportedly, the Royal Swordswoman had scored 65 points when she did this test paper. As for Jun Wu You, this perverted emperor’s other daughter whom he had at 112 years old, the Royal Swordswoman’s six-years old sister, the little loli who had played together with Yue Shuang during the newyears, scored 80 points on the test.

This was so embarrassing.

He could let it go if he couldn’t score higher than the Royal Swordswoman. She had the education of someone who was considered to be the future Empress of the Da Xia Empire after all. But he couldn’t even compare to a six-year old kid…

Yue Yang had received a huge blow and decided to go to an Academy for an intensive supplementary lesson.

Didn’t the clan bully him for not having basic schooling?

If it wasn’t him, but the pitiful guy, who only read books at home everyday, he might have scored a passing mark. He had only been transported here not that long ago, so how would he know any of these things? If he had gone to school for a year, wouldn’t this stuff be as easy as fiddling your fingers?

Yue Bing, who had gone overboard in studying only knowledge that was related to plant-type beast, also felt ashamed of herself. She did not know anything else other than plant-type beasts.

“Brother, I also want to go to school with you. However, it might be quite troublesome for me to transfer to your school from the Shang Jing Academy.” Yue Bing had wanted to leave Shang Jing Academy, which had the best reputation, and transfer to the worst school of the worst, the Ivy Academy. Actually, it didn’t matter to her which school she went to. She only wanted to follow her brother. The Ivy Academy was actually one of the traditional schools, that couldn’t be compared to Shang Jin Academy with regards to the courses for plant-type and insect-type beasts. However, its beast-type and bird-type courses were not worse off than Shang Jing Academy. Of course, all of these were not important to Yue Bing, who was only compatible with plant-type beasts.

“It seems that I have to send Yi Nan a letter,”

Yue Yang had decided to send a letter to Yi Nan for the happiness of his future sex life. He ordered his servant to go to the Assassin’s Guild in the Warrior’s Gathering to send the letter.

This was his letter: Brother Yi Nan, as the saying goes, it would be a waste of your youth if you don’t treasure time and fight for success and achievements. That’s why, we have to treasure our time and get more girls while we are still young, so that we may enter into a happy adult life earlier. I heard that there are a lot of beautiful girls in the academies. They are also very open and passionate. Sometimes, they couldn’t even wait to get it on and would push down handsome boys anywhere, the garden, lawn, forest, hills, or even pavilions. In order to save these girls, who are desperate for love, in order to free them from the painful burning passion that ravages their bodies, I have made a very grand, selfless decision. I have decided to go to school and teach them how to love properly. I will fulfill all of their curiosity of the opposite gender and help them to understand more about greater things. This is all for the sake of building a strong foundation for my happy sex life in the future… Of course, it’s difficult to struggle alone. I might even be easily suffocated by their ample bosoms. It’s at this kind of important situations that I need your help, Brother Yi Nan. I have always thought that with such a loyal friend like you motivating me from behind, my battle strength would increase ten times, even hundred time greater than usual. Come, Brother Yi Nan, let us swim in the sea of breasts together…

He didn’t know what kind of expression that girl, Yi Nan, would have when she read this letter.

However, Yue Yang could guarantee that Yi Nan would very quickly rush to the Academy after reading the letter.

At the same time, Yue Yang also wrote a few letters to Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, and the others. However, he did not write about beauties. His letters only contained a few words: Enrolling in Ivy Academy.

The clan members heaved a huge sigh of relief when they heard about Yue Yang, this troublemaker, deciding to go to school. They had sponsored him with a hundred gold. Of course, in Yue Yang’s heart, he still thought that he would suffer losses. This was because the Yue Clan had obtained that Giant Frost Dragon’s skeleton… Fifth Elder said that this giant dragon’s skeleton could be made into a Giant Dragon Puppet. The whole process would take around three years. He reckoned that they would be able to make a bronze-ranked level 7 Giant Dragon Puppet.

When he heard that the dragon’s skeleton still had this kind of usefulness, Yue Yang felt that he had suffered an even greater loss.

He didn’t even think that the giant dragon’s skeleton was something that he didn’t even want previously and was brought back by someone on the Yue Clan’s orders…

In order to praise Yue Yang for killing the Giant Frost Dragon, Elder Yue Hai had even praised Fourth Mother’s son-nurturing skills intentionally during their Clan’s Feast. He even proposed for the matter of Fourth Mother exceptional nurturing techniques to be written under the Clan’s Major Events Records, so that their later generations could remember Fourth Mother’s contributions to the Yue Clan and use her as role model of a virtuous wife.

Writing a daughter-in-law’s name on the Clan’s Major Events Records needed to be discussed by the three elders, but Elder Yue Hai had proposed it during their Clan’s Feast instead. This matter had shocked the whole clan.

Increasing position through son’s achievements. (Shiro: some chinese idiom. I tried)

Because of Yue Yang’s power, Fourth Mother’s position in the Yue Clan had suddenly shot up to the top. No person would dare ridicule her now.

Those relatives and servants who had bullied her previously, in particular, had all visited her and begged for her forgiveness.

Fortunately Fourth Mother was a benevolent person. She didn’t argue with them, otherwise a lot of people would definitely need to receive a plank beating… Right now, the whole Yue Clan understood Fourth Mother’s position. Furthermore her position would not decline for a long period of time, instead, her position would become more and more important in the future. This was because of Yue Yang, that madman, who did not even bat an eyelid when killing a person, had only suddenly rise in power. In the future, it was unknown how powerful he would get.

A lot of people thought that even using the most conservative estimation, this madman would at least be the second Yue Qiu. Following his father’s footsteps, he would become the Clan’s second [Overlord].

Yue Yang did not attend the Clan’s Feast, but elder Yue Hai had already arranged for his seat to be very close to his side.

He was only below the First Master Yue Shan and the Second Master Yue Ling.

Hence, it can be said that Elder Yue Hai’s affirmation of Yue Yang was made extremely clear.

Elder Yue Hai did not see Yue Yang, so he did not mention Yue Yang during the Clan’s Feast at all. However, he had praised Fourth Mother many times, even rewarding her an ancestor’s diary. On the surface, he had said that the diary was to reward her for her virtues, but even a fool would know that this was his way of giving Yue Yang the Puppet Handbook.

This was a book, which was written in collaboration between Ghost Genius Yue Gong and the Yue Clan’s Five Great Puppet Masters, Tai, Hua, Heng, Heng and Song, titled the Puppet Handbook. It was the Yue Clan’s greatest treasure. The number of people who owned this Handbook in the Yue Clan could be counted on less than ten fingers. First Young Master Yue Tian and Fourth Young Master Yue Yan had longed for it for a long time, but elder Yue Hai and the other elders had never given it to them. Who would have thought that today, the one received this treasure was Yue Yang, the person who had made an enemy out of the entire clan? This was the proof that strength was the most important thing in this world. It was also true according to the Yue Clan’s ways that they have upheld generation by generations. Whoever was the most outstanding would receive the most benefits and backing from the entire Clan.

It was said that the substitute Clan Head, Yue Shan, was not angry at all and had even applauded enthusiastically, personally handing the Puppet Handbook to Fourth Mother. Furthermore, he had also apologized for all the previous misunderstandings they had.

When Yue Bing told him about this after she returned, Yue Yang was absolutely horrified.

This Yue Shan was practically a huge hypocrite. Luckily, he was not Linghu Chong, otherwise, it would be really tragic…
(Shiro: Linghu Chong is the main character of Jin Yong’s novel, The Smilling, Proud Wanderer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Smiling,_Proud_Wanderer)

Ten days later.

Yue Yang and Yue Bing bid their farewell to Fourth Mother, and began their journey towards Shang Jing in the Da Xia Empire’s capital.

Yue Bing had gone to prepare the procedure for her withdrawal from the Shang Jing Academy, while Yue Yang went towards the Ivy Academy directly opposite Shang Jin Academy to report his attendance. Compared to the tall, heroic looking front gate of the Shang Jing Academy, the Ivy Academy, that was only separated from the Shang Jing Academy by a big road in between them, was simply trash that couldn’t even be trashier. Other than the nice looking greenery, it simply had nothing at all.

“Anyone here?” Yue Yang was worried that if he had shouted even louder, the dilapidated roof and walls would collapse. Hence, he only called out with a soft voice.

“It’s okay, this door has been this way for hundreds of years already, it won’t collapse. Don’t worry too much and come in.” There was an elderly man with a goatee beard poking his head out from inside, waving at Yue Yang. Yue Yang started sweating in speechlessness. He could let it go if it was only Shang Jing Academy’s tall and heroic looking Front Gate, but they even had a hot and sexy, beautiful upperclasswoman waiting to welcome new students, and appointed handsome male students as student leaders. There were also majestic-looking silver-armoured guards standing outside… This Ivy Academy was like a hellhole. If he wanted to shoot a horror movie, he didn’t even need to start releasing white smoke, he could just start shooting immediately. Under such circumstances, they had even sent a devious-looking elderly man with a goatee beard to welcome new students. Wasn’t this the same as forcing all of the incoming students to Shang Jing Academy instead?

In such an Academy, could he really find a beautiful girl?

Yue Yang started sweating profusely.

He couldn’t stop thinking about conquering a few beauties. According to what Fatty Hai had said, the chances of him conquering the beautiful girls from Shang Jing Academy would definitely be better.

Looking at this Goatee Elder, who looked like a greedy rural landlord, Yue Yang asked without reservation, “Where is the Beautiful Tutor* from your Academy? Why did they send you to welcome new students? Don’t you know that your looks would simply drive new students away?”
*(Shiro: Fatty Hai mentioned there was a beautiful tutor in his Ivy Academy before)

That Goatee Elder waved his hands, “This student over here, I am already the best looking tutor in the whole of this academy. Just put up with it.”

“I’m going back home.” Upon hearing that the Beautiful Tutor was not there, and that the most handsome person in the school was this old geezer, he thought that he would definitely suffer if he enrolled in this school.

“Don’t be like this, the Beautiful Tutor will still be here to teach. However, this student over here, I believe you also understand that a beauty’s air is especially big. The better looking they are, the bigger their airs are. If the Beautiful Tutor had really stood here to welcome new students, then that would mean that she wasn’t a real, true beauty… Good things would always be hard to catch. If you only see the waves on the surface, then how would you discover the pearls deposited on the ocean beds?” The Goatee Elder hurriedly stopped Yue Yang from leaving, and mysteriously took out a colourfully illustrated book from his robe. “There’s no other way. I’ll let you, this new student, see the catalogue of our school’s beauties. There are Four Great Beauties in our academy, every single one is a devastating beauty. There are also Four Great School Flowers, and every single one of them is fresh, tender, and sweet. Lastly, we also have two Beautiful Tutors… do you want to see it?”

“Yes!” Yue Yang had zero resistance to beauties.

“Pay up first. Our beauty catalogue is not open for public eyes.” The Goatee Elder’s words had almost shot Yue Yang down to the ground.

But it was also good this way, at least he wouldn’t need to fight with the Shang Jing Academy wolves, who had come to plunder on the limited beauty resources over there.

Yue Yang endured the pain in his heart and forked out five gold, preparing to pay for his enrollment fee and take this colourful beauty catalogue.

Who would have known that this Goatee Elder instead shook his head and hands and said, “This student over here, your school fees isn’t just 5 gold… It is 50 gold. It’s best if you can pay another 50 gold as a deposit, otherwise I wouldn’t dare to let you enroll.”

Hearing this, Yue Yang was hugely surprised.

Soon after, he grabbed the Goatee Elder’s clothes and furiously bellowed, “You old geezer, dared to raise the price right in front of my face? Everyone only needed to pay 5 gold, why would I need to pay 50 gold?

The Goatee Elder was raised into the air in Yue Yang’s grasp, but his expression was instead a sweet, smiling one, “We, the Ivy Academy, teaches students based on their abilities. That little miss that walked with you just now had plenty of spiritual qi, and her future would definitely be bright. She is also a beauty, and could help attract new students into our Academy. We wouldn’t mind accepting her enrollment for free, but as for yourself… You are obviously a little pervert, if you enrolled, you would definitely steal some of our beauty reserves. You are the exact opposite of the previous student. Furthermore, you have a bad temper. If you are going to fight a few times with others in a month, how could we not accept more money from a blockhead like you? That 50 gold extra deposit fees are simply precaution, just in case you cause the academy losses…”

“Did you think I’m an evil tyrant, who would go around raping women? I… my family is actually really poor, it was even difficult for us to make a livelihood. The eighteen generations of mine who are migrant workers, had always wanted to seek knowledge, yet they had all been farmers. After my parent’s death, I relied on my uncle and aunt who painstakingly raised me up. I only eat to satisfy my hunger. Five gold is actually my savings after enduring starvation for ten years. By living frugally, little by little, I’ve finally accumulated this much.” Yue Yang had almost said that he was the little match girl in that Hans Anderson book.

“I understand. I also sympathize with your family’s circumstances. However, you are the first student in the school’s history who dared to grab his School Principal’s collars. It’s not that high to ask for 50 gold from you.” The Goatee Elder smiled sweetly as he explained.

“You are the School Principal?” Yue Yang hurriedly put the Goatee Elder down when he heard him.

“Vice.” The Goatee Elder admitted.

“Then who’s the real one?” Before he came to this world, Yue Yang had read a lot of stories from that different world. Often, in the schools in those stories, the Vice Principal was a bad guy, while the Principal was the good guy. Oftentimes, the School Principal would ignore administrative matters and drink until he was drunk instead. However, although he acted like a fool, he was actually a strong expert, who would probably accept the main character as his disciple. Most importantly, no matter how ugly this Principal was, he would definitely have a single and beautiful granddaughter.

In conclusion, even after he was transported to another world, he would have to stay away from the Vice Principal of the school.

But if he became familiar with this Vice Principal, it would be easier for him to get girls.

“The real Principal was that Beautiful Tutor who had a huge rack that I mentioned just now. She is one of our two Beautiful tutors, and also one of our Ten Great Beauties.” The Goatee Elder purposely flipped the Beauty Illustration Book to a page very quickly right in front of Yue Yang. The Beauty Illustration over there illustrated a half-naked girl (oneesan) with an extremely hot body and ample bosoms just coming out from her bath. Yue Yang could only gulp his saliva down down abruptly when he saw this. Could this oneesan be the School Principal?

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