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LLS Chapter 121 – Great Spoils of War

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Chapter 121 – Great Spoils of War
Translated by: youcanbeKing
Edited by: Rango, Based Jessica
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After defeating Lich Suo Ge, Yue Yang did not let his guard down, as there was still a Level 7 Gold Ranked Reaper Mantis.

Even though the Reaper Mantis was currently extremely weak.

However, it was still a Level 7 Gold Ranked Beast. If it was not for the fact that it was an expecting mother, the Giant Frost Dragon, that was formed from combining a Zombie Dragon and the Ice Orb, would not be capable of being its opponent. Then, it would not have ended up in such a dire situation. Yue Yang looked at it vigilantly, and the Reaper Mantis did the same. It was as if it could sense the danger coming from Yue Yang… From the start, it hadn’t planned to initiate an attack towards Yue Yang, as it was incapable of gauging his strength. It felt that this weird, young human was not the kind of prey that it would prey on for food.

After removing the frozen status, the Reaper Mantis did not leave immediately, but fell onto the ground in pain and started producing a white, foam-like substance.

In the white foam, there were a lot of golden eggs, but most of the golden eggs were already broken.

The female Reaper Mantis tried to search again and again, as if it was wishing it could find an egg that had yet to break. At this moment, its gaze had turned into a motherly gaze, as if it was feeling the pain and despair of its children’s premature deaths.

It used it’s arm carefully and delicately, searching within the white foam again and again, as if it was hoping to find a safe and unbroken egg.

But, all of the golden egg had been cracked.

There was not a single one that was in good condition.

The mother Reaper Mantis was not willing to give up and started searching again within the white foam.

Its frantic look really stirred up Yue Yang emotions. Initially, he had considered using this opportunity to kill the Reaper Mantis and obtain its Demonic Core, but as he saw the desperate and sorrowful emotions within its eyes, he could not bear to do so. Actually, Yue Yang was not one of those types of guys whose hearts were as soft as tofu. Even if there were corpses all over the ground, he believed he would not care that much. However, as Yue Yang looked at the Mother Reaper Mantis, who had gone through the tradition of eating the Male Reaper Beast after sex as a source of food, he did not expect that it would have this kind of despaired and sorrowful look, trying to find any eggs that were not frozen to death desperately. Yue Yang was deeply touched by this scene.

There were some people, although human, who may not even be comparable to this Mother Reaper Mantis.

The Reaper Mantis finally gave up all hopes, and it cried out several ear-piercing noises that almost could not be heard by the human ear. Its body trembled sorrowfully before it flew up into the air and circled around the pile of white foam three times. Then, it gave out an even more ear-piercing cry, and with a flap of its gold wings, it disappeared without a trace.

“ What a pity… “ Yue Yang saw that there were at least one or two dozens golden eggs that were about the size of ping pong balls.

These were the Gold Ranked Reaper Mantis’ eggs.

Now as they had been frozen by the Ice Orb, every single one of them had shattered.

After the Reaper Mantis had flown away. Yue Yang didn’t wanted to waste any more time to sigh and instead went to put the Lich Ring on immediately. After carefully interacting with it, he now had to remove the remaining awareness of Suo Ge and contract with it using his Innate Qi before he could use this treasured ring.

Yue Yang estimated that even if he was an Innate Ranker, it would take at least 10 days to completely clear away Suo Ge’s remaining awareness.

But he wanted to use it now.

How could he do so?

He saw that the Golden Beast carrying the Giant Frost Dragon’s magic core within its growling stomach had just came back, and immediately ran over with the Lich Ring, “Help me for a bit. Think of a way to remove Suo Ge’s lingering awareness and his contract with it. I warn you. If you dare to eat it, I will flatten you and sell you as a piece of scrap metal.“

Chomp. The Golden Beast acted like he did not hear Yue Yang’s words. It opened its mouth and immediately swallowed the whole ring.

“You are forcing me to do it. See if I do not beat you to death!“ Yue Yang was extremely furious and was prepared to use his first level of Innate Qi to instantly kill this gluttonous beast.

“Pa Pa Pa” The Gold Beast opened it mouth and spat out the Lich Ring and continued spitting out several mouthfuls of saliva, as if it had just eaten something disgusting.

“Ha Ha, I spoke wrongly just now. I actually I meant to praise you for being such a good kid. Not bad, your achievements are only second to Xiao Wen Li, as she is more obedient, thus Xiao Wen Li ‘s achievements are first class, no they are the best.“ Yue Yang’s look was beaming with joy as he looked at the ring, which didn’t contain any trace of Suo Ge’s awareness. Its contract had disappeared. He started to use childish words to praise the Gold Beast and reached out to pat its head.

If the Gold Beast could speak, it would undoubtedly have told Yue Yang: “I despise you, I have never heard of an owner like you”.

It was a pity that it could not speak and express its disdain.

In the end, it could only obediently turn back into a wrist guard on Yue Yang ‘s arm, with its belly sticking out. Having a master like Yue Yang could only be regarded as bad luck.

Yue Yang immediately put on the Lich Ring. Using his mind to feel it, he found that there were several dozen cubic metres of space within it, full of different kinds of bodies and bones. Yue Yang, who was extremely disgusted by them, immediately began to toss them all out. The stuff he threw out piled up like a small hill.

After hesitating for a while, he threw the chopped Giant Frost Dragon’s horns, teeth, and claws into the ring.

The dragon’s skin was too rotten, otherwise, Yue Yang would have taken a piece of that as well.

The headless poison wyvern also went into the ring. He could use the fresh wyvern’s skin to make up for the lack of the Giant Frost Dragon skin. With the Lich Ring, it became extremely convenient for Yue Yang. Every single thing that he had taken a fancy to all went inside the Lich Ring. For example, the Headless Horseman’s large black sword, the Gold Armoured Puppet’s golden hammer, and the Blood Winged Demon Guard’s corpse and his axe, had all been stuffed into the ring.

If he could not use it himself, he could just sell it to Fatty Hai Da Fu. Extorting some money from him should not be an issue. All these were Bronze-Ranked Demonic weapons, they were not just weapons that could be found in the roadstalls.

Afterwards, he also put Suo Ge’s and Lu Ben’s skulls into the ring.

In theory, these two should already be dead, but since their bodies had already become undeads, as long as Yue Yang went to school and learned the secret method on how to decipher undead memories, then all of the secrets held within the two skulls would be presented one by one in front of Yue Yang.

Yue Yang had to consider whether or not he should keep the mass of white foam that had started to coagulate.

If he gave this stuff to Hui Tai Lang to eat, maybe it could turn out to be a tonic.

But, once he thought of the sad Reaper Mantis, Yue Yang could not bear to do so… better let it be. Furthermore, he had fought alongside the Reaper Mantis. Feeding the corpses of its children to his dog seemed to be an unjustified act. However, Xiao Wen Li suddenly scurried over, and picked up a shattered Golden Egg, passing it over to Yue Yang while blinking her eyes rapidly, as if she wished to say something.

“Are you saying that they can still be saved?” Yue Yang’s heart started to quicken, and he almost went mad with joy immediately, as he asked anxiously.

“En En” Xiao Wen Li nodded her head in a cute manner.

“You truly are a good kid!” Yue Yang looked at it and was pleasantly surprised, picking up Xiao Wen Li, and firmly kissed her pink, little cheeks.

This egg may have been damaged, but it was not that severe. He still had Innate Qi, so maybe it could still be saved.

Yue Yang immediately spared no efforts as he poured his Innate Qi into the fractured egg, but he could see that it was not very effective, as it did not have any reaction.

It seemed like with his current strength right now, it still wasn’t enough to save this fracturated egg. Although Innate Qi could aid the healing of living creatures to a large extent, its effect was not enough to restore the fractured egg. Furthermore, Yue Yang hardly had any Innate Qi left in his body after the fight. Most importantly, Yue Yang was more adept at using his Innate Qi for attacking than for healing, so he didn’t really know how to do so.

If it was the beautiful lady in his dreams, maybe she could save this egg.

Xiao Wen Li looked at Yue Yang, who was sweating profusely, working tirelessly for such a long time, yet yielded no results.

She raised her Dual Icicle Blade, and gently cut Yue Yang’s forefinger, letting his finger ooze out several drops of blood… Suddenly a miraculous sign appeared. Once the Reaper Mantis’ egg came into contact with Yue Yang’s blood, it was as if it turned into a living being and started to absorb it. Then, after about 3 seconds, the egg, which had been dyed pink due to absorbing the blood, began to give out a golden light. The fractured cracks instantly disappeared and finally became a completely intact egg.

Yue Yang was stupefied, he did not know that his blood could be used in such an amazing manner.

The Bloody Queen looked exceptionally curious and seemed to be unable to avert her gaze from Yue Yang’s injured finger. She grabbed it instantly and started to forcefully suck on it.

“You Vampiric woman… “ Yue Yang felt like she was sucking him dry, his fresh blood and Sword Qi was quickly getting sucked out from the cut. Then, he sent her flying with a kick and pried his hand free. He then saw the Bloody Queen fly up into the air start to emit a golden glow, as if her strength had increased greatly. She flew around excitedly, as if she had obtained a unique treasured object.

Although she did not level up, Yue Yang could see that after the Bloody Queen had sucked his blood, her strength had increased by leaps and bounds and that she had almost become a Level 4 Gold Ranked beast.

But to let her raise her levels by using his blood, Yue Yang was still not that grand and selfless.

He then quickly use his Innate Qi to heal the small cut, and placed the gold-coloured egg within the white foam, which had started to coagulate, and wrapped it together.

He hoped that when it came out of its incubation, it would become a cute little gold Reaper Mantis. Yue Yang was feeling pretty accomplished, as he had successfully saved a life. Although it was not human, it was still a baby.

Yue Yang tidied everything up, now his combat state of mind had completely ended. The Silver Grimoire flashed a pillar of light about ten meters tall… but this time it was not the promotion of the Silver Grimoire, it was instead due to Yue Yang finally leveling up from an Advanced [Apprentice] to a Beginner [Bravemen] This promotion was significant as Yue Yang could summon only a single beast a day, but now that he was promoted, he could summon 2 beasts, more importantly, as Yue Yang had been promoted, his Divine Vision had also leveled up. Currently, his Divine Vision was at the third rank… Yue Yang was extremely happy. His goal of using his Divine Vision as X-ray vision to see through the clothes of girls was getting closer.
(*EDnote: Rango, For anyone confused, Cow and Bloody Queen are Guardian Beast so they are counted as just one beast)

After recalling the Bloody Queen, who was flying about, Xiao Wen Li also obediently went to rest. Yue Yang flipped over the surrounding corpses and after seeing that there wasn’t anything useful in particular, he felt a little disappointed. Finally, he unwillingly stuffed the Gold Armoured Puppet’s mechanical core that was already extremely damaged into the ring.

If there ever was a miser who would sweep through this battlefield, he would not be able to find anything useful.

Yue Yang still continued to sigh, because he was regretful about the Giant Frost Dragon’s skin, which was rotten, and its skeletal remains that couldn’t fit into the Lich’s ring… it was all good stuff. If he could not bring them away, it would be a waste.

Another 5 minutes had passed, before a flash of purple light suddenly shone from an empty space.

The swordswoman suddenly appeared above the pile of corpses as she carried the brown-robed man’s head within a bundle of cloth. She was extremely surprised when she saw the scene in front of her and asked, “What happened?“

“It is hard to explain in a few words.” Yue Yang looked at the girl, whose clothes were neat, and not even a strand of her hair was out of place, and asked: “Your Highness, you did not allow this perverted guy to take any liberties with you, didn’t you?“

“Are you talking about him? After I entered the battle space, I did not wait for him to summon his beast and swiftly killed him with a swing of my blade… but that guy who was extremely weak that it was pitiful had already entered the arena, and the space had a time restriction which only allows you to return after an hour has passed. I should be able to choose to use the teleportation orb to leave, but I chose to wait instead, and look at your battle… you seem to have experienced a fierce battle? There was even a Giant Frost Dragon. Not bad, you little pervert, you are quite amazing. Where is the Dragon Crystal?” The swordswoman asked curiously.

“What? You are still asking about the Dragon Crystal? It was the Reaper Mantis that killed the Frost Dragon. Are you asking me for the Dragon Crystal? I did not take it.” The words Yue Yang spoke were all true.

Indeed, it was the Reaper Mantis that killed the Frost Dragon, and he also did not take the Dragon Crystal.

The one that took the Dragon Crystal was the Gold Beast.

As the swordswoman listened to him, she felt that this little brat was not lying to her. She could not help but say something comforting, “Do not be too upset. If you do not have the Dragon Crystal, then forget about it. Next time you will have another opportunity, I will steal a Dragon Crystal from the state treasury for you as a form of compensation, but you have to keep it a secret for me. You are indeed pretty capable, this pile of zombies and skeletons were all killed by you? Not bad, I did not think that the black-robed Necromancer could summon so many Undead-type beasts. I did not think you would even be capable… since it is like this, then the matter from before, I will just forget about it.”

“I told you already, touching your breasts was only a natural reflex and not my intention…” Yue Yang sighed in relief as she seemed to no longer carry a grudge.

“What? I only just forgave you for suddenly grabbing my hand and not realizing it…That matter of touching my breast, I will never forgive you. You absolutely had the intention to do it. Let’s not talk about it, or else I will not be able to suppress my anger and won’t resist the temptation to behead you.” The Swordswoman really wanted to beat Yue Yang up when she remembered his wolf-like paws and the evil smile on that little brat’s face.

“If you really hate me, you might as well just push me down… I promise that I will not resist…” Yue Yang muttered softly.

“What did you say?” The Swordswoman’s ears were sensitive enough to pick up the words that Yue Yang had just muttered clearly, but she acted as if she could not hear it.

“I said that your looks are more loveable than a flower, and you are smart as you are beautiful, and your figure is even more amazing, tall and slender, with the right amount of flesh in the appropriate regions, and that you are as beautiful as an amethyst, and that you have an extremely sweet temperament, bringing smiles to everyone every time you speak.“ Yue Yang’s ability was that he could speak continuously without taking a break and make whoever listening to him roll their eyes.

“It is really hard to imagine. I heard from Yue Bing that you are a shut-in, who had little interactions with your family and acted like a mute person for the past ten years. How did you suddenly change so much?” The swordswoman wanted to criticize him severely, but as she recalled, this brat had indeed been fun to speak with and was always smiling as bright as a sun, as if he could not contained his smile. “ What are you planning to do next? Are you going to train at Tong Tian Tower? Why don’t we form a team and complete the World Tree’s missions?“

“Forgive me, my pretty Highness, I am still illiterate as I have never gone to school before. I wish to study in school for 2 years. If not, even if I wanted to write a love letter to you, I could not do so, as I am still unable to hold a pen.” Yue Yang really did have the intention to enter school to patch up his basic knowledge.

Presently, it was not that he did not have any strength, but rather because he lacked the proper foundation.

Yue Yang could kill a Lich now, but towards the herbs beside his path or even the surrounding beasts, he could not recognise them.

His lack of basic knowledge was hindering his progress, for example, if he knew earlier that the Ice Orb could merge with the Zombie Dragon and possibly become the Giant Frost Dragon, then he would have made his move earlier and killed the Zombie Dragon with the Reaper Mantis, using his full strength. At least he would cut off its neck, this way even if it evolved from the Zombie Dragon, it would be a headless Giant Frost Dragon.

Furthermore, Yue Yang had a lot of ideas in his head, but due to the lack of basic knowledge, he could not go one step further to research or improve them.

For example, he knew that there was a more effective pill than the Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill, but with all the medicinal names, ingredients, and prescriptions, Yue Yang didn’t have a clue. Even if he did know, he had no way of refining it.

Spending a few months in school to cram some basic knowledge into his head, Yue Yang believed that this would allow his strength to improve greatly.

As for the school, he did not really mind the beautiful girls there.

If the school did have a beauty idol, then the prerequisites would be that she must be a pure virgin… If she was used by others, then Yue Yang would not be interested. Even if there was no beauty idol, it should not really matter, as he could bring a beauty with him. For example he could find the lady, Yi Nan, and bring her along to study. Two people sitting under the moonlight and as he rested his head on her thighs while listening to her teach him basic knowledge, and at the same time he could reach out and “touch, touch”.

That kind of “blissful” lifestyle, that was the ideal ‘blissful’ lifestyle for every pervert.

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