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LLS Chapter 120 – Let’s use your severed head as a soccer ball!

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Chapter 120 – Let’s use your severed head as a soccer ball!
Translated by: youcanbeKing
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Explanation about the Demon Abyss. There are a lot of creatures in the Demon Abyss. Those that have been mentioned in the story were the Demons and Undeads. Demons control normal mob monsters like worms, spiders etc while Undeads control the, well, undeads. These are their hierarchies.
Normal monsters > Demon Guard > Demon General > Demon Commander (Demon Commander Ma Li Ang) > Demon King (e.g Demon King Ha Xin) > Greater Demon King (e.g. Greater Demon King Baruth)
Normal undeads (e.g. skeletons) > Necromancer (e.g. Necromancer Lu Dun) > Lich (e.g. Lich Suo Ge) > Greater Lich > Lich King (e.g Lich King Grun)

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“It seems that I am left with no other option but to use my Guardian Beast now. I did not wish for that to happen.” Lich Suo Ge sighed.

His tone was filled with regret and unwillingness, as if he was helplessly looking at somebody stealing his spoils of war.

Lich Suo Ge summoned a gigantic beast that was almost as big as amountain. Its body was covered with disgusting scars. At the top of the Beast, there appeared to be a face similar to that of a human, but its looks were extremely sinister and ugly. It was so ugly that others would vomit at its sight. At the crown of its head, there seemed to be feelers like that of a snails moving about non-stop. As it materialized, it spat out green fluid and several skeletal remains, its blood-red tongue started to coil back to its disgusting lips. Then, it spoke. “Suo Ge, you idiot, how dare you let me eat such disgusting things. Let me tell you this, these people that I ate all tasted gross, their meat was rotten. I (oresama) only want beautiful women, do you understand? I only desire beautiful women. Do you know what a beautiful woman is? When you eat them, there is a sweet and fragrant taste, their bones are crispy and their grease just melt in your mouth. That is what a beautiful woman is.”

Yue Yang frowned as he heard this.

A Guardian Beast that had the ability to speak and had its own conscious?

It was completely different from Xiao Wen Li and Bloody Queen, with the impression that Yue Yang had of it, it seemed to have a status equal or even higher than that of Suo Ge.

This strange beast was not even that high, he was only a Level 6 Bronze Ranked Beast, why was he so arrogant?

There was certainly something fishy going on.

“In front of you there are 2 Gold Ranked Beasts, 1 Innate Ranked human, 1 Serpent Demon girl and 1 Barbaric Cow girl, they are all food for you. Are you still not satisfied? If you are still not satisfied, you can return back to the Grimoire. I will just summon another beast to deal with them. Lich Suo Ge’s expression changed slightly, but his tone still carried the dignity of a master.

“Drop your act, Suo Ge. If you weren’t in a crisis, then you wouldn’t have summoned me” The Strange Beast ridiculed him ruthlessly, mocking and jeering unceasingly.

“Wait, if both of you want to strip, or want to have yaoi sex or even want to have anal, I don’t mind watching both of you doing it, but I am very busy rght now, alright… Ah Man, I will let you take care of the Gold Armoured Puppet. As for that outrageously ugly beast over there, you should just die early so that you may reincarnate sooner.” Yue Yang felt that he did not need to listen to their bullshit, who knew, maybe they were just trying to stall for time.

“What? You dare to insult me and call me a freak?” The Strange Beast was extremely angry when he heard him.

“Why do you bother argueing with someone who is going end up in your stomach sooner or later? Why do you have to make life difficult for yourself and get angry with a piece of trash?” Lich Suo Ge replied as he tried to provoke the Strange Beast even further.

“I hate it when people call me ugly the most. I am handsome. Those who insult me must all die. Suo Ge, say, do you think that I, Spittoon, am handsome? My body shape is perfect and my name, Spittoon, is the most likeable name under the sky. Furthermore, every part of my body is the most outstanding one in the world. Yet, you being a lowly human trash who is as insignificant as a bug actually dared to insult me. I will never forgive you. I am going to eat you and turn you into my excrement” The Strange beast was steaming with anger as he stomped on the ground and shouted furiously.

“… … “ Yue Yang was shocked when he heard that the strange beast was actually called Spittoon. Damn, that name truly seemed to be a perfect match for it.

“Yes, Spittoon, it took me ten painstaking years to think of a suitable name for you, and after racking my brain, I finally came up with Spittoon” said the Lich Suo Ge as he nodded his head earnestly. “As for whether you are handsome, I believe even a blind guy would be able to tell “ .

“ … … “ Yue Yang admitted defeat, he truly admitted his defeat.

“Well-said, Suo Ge. Nobody except you can truly understand and appreciate me. Now, let me eat this infuriating fool before I talk to you about my food issues, I only want to eat beauties. Do you understand? If a handsome guy like me do not have any beauties to eat, then how can I be considered handsome? The Strange beast blurted out unmannerly.

“You fat filth of a scum, you are worthless even if you are dead.” Yue Yang listened helplessly, he did not believe that a beast like this existed.

Yue Yang started to feel pity for Suo Ge. Other’s Guardian Beast would be obedient to their master’s orders, but Suo Ge had to wait upon his Guardian Beast instead.

Yue Yang felt that if Suo Ge had the opportunity to change his Guardian Beast, then he reckoned that Suo Ge would be willing to change him even for a useless Long-Ear Rabbit.

In this world, there should be no other beast that was more of a scum than that Spittoon.

Once the Strange Beast heard this, he exploded with anger and leapt up high in the air, flattening the top of the hill he stood on from the impact of his jump.

Yue Yang casually dodged, disappearing from his original position and appeared on the crown of the Strange Beast’s head. With a slash of Hui Jin sword, the sword hacked at the Strange Beast’s head, making a large cut on the Strange Beast’s skull. Then, Yue Yang did an agile somersault and repeatedly kicked the Strange Beast, sending the lump of flesh flying away.

“It is useless, this Master Spittoon is an unparalleled beast. All forms of attacks are useless against me!” The Strange Beast shouted arrogantly as he leapt up from the hole made from the impact of Yue Yang’s kick.

The cut which Yue Yang had created on its skull was rapidly closing and started to heal at an amazing rate.

It was just like he hadn’t been injured at all.

Lich Suo Ge nodded his head and sneered: “ It does not matter if it is a sword, a dagger, a spear or even the sharp claws and teeths of the Beast and the four elements: Fire, Wind, Water and Earth, none are able to put a scratch on Spittoon’s body. He is an unrivalled glutton, and it does not matter what Beast is standing in front of him, they would all face the same ending, and that is to be eaten“ .

Yue Yang frowned as he heard that.

He knew that there would never be an unrivalled beast in this world. There was bound to be weakness for any kind of beast.

The ugly Glutton Spittoon was no exception.

“Food trash, die for me and watch this Master Spittoon devour you!” The Strange Beast violently threw himself forward. Yue Yang did not wait for it to get closer. He lifted up a huge boulder and threw it towards the Strange Beast, burying it under the boulder.


The Strange Beast was crushed entirely below. But then, it transformed its body into a slender shape and slipped out from the boulder. With a slight tremble, it then began to turn back into its disgusting form.

Xiao Wen Li put her Dual Icicle Blade together and shoot out a cold ice blast, freezing the Strange Beast entirely.

Yue Yang then kicked it, sending the frozen Strange Beast flying and shattering it into countless ice blocks.

But then, after the fragments of ice started to melt, the Strange Beast’s fragmented body started to gather around again. Within the blink of the eye, it had regained its original form.

Yue Yang waved his Magic Blade that was covered with a purple flame and leapt into the air, slicing the half-developed body of the Strange Beast and roasting it with the purple demonic flames. The Strange Beast was not even concerned, his wounds did not have an ounce of blood. His minced pieces of meat just began to multiply and coagulate instead. With the naked eye, one could see that the Strange Beast had already regained his normal appearance of a ball of flesh. There was not a single scratch on it.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, as I said before, every attack is useless against Spittoon.” Lich Suo Ge laughed heartily.

“Is that so? “ Yue Yang exposed a smile.

His Level 2 [Divine Vision] had already seen through its weakness after observing it for a long period.

This beast, Spittoon, was not exactly invincible… his weakness was within his body, and that weakness was a Soul Seal that is moving unpredictably.

If the Soul Seal was destroyed, Yue Yang believed that his body would immediately collapse. Although it was a Guardian Beast which could never truly die, if the Soul Seal was destroyed, it should require 2 days for it to recover. Now, if he forced Spittoon back into Lich Suo Ge’s Grimoire and destroyed that Gold Armoured Puppet, what abilities would that Lich Suo Ge still have? If he was not forced, he certainly would not summon such a beast like Spittoon… Yue Yang gave Xiao Wen Li and Bloody Queen a signal to kill.

Facing the glutton that could regenerate endlessly, Yue Yang decided that he would use his Sword Qi that could eliminate anything to destroy it.

Now that he had successfully reached the Third level of Sword Qi, he was able to use his Sword Qi six times.

Currently, he could still use it three more times.

As the Strange Beast charged viciously, Yue Yang sliced the Strange Beast with a stroke of his Hui Jin Magic Blade.

“It’s useless!” Lich Suo Ge sneered.

“I am going to eat you!” The Strange Beast, Spittoon, expanded both sides of its sliced body, intending to envelope Yue Yang and digest him. Xiao Wen Li sliced the Strange Beast with her Dual Icicle Blades, causing him to freeze into a sculpture of ice. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yue Yang used his left forefinger to release his sword qi and pierced into the Strange Beast’s Soul Seal accurately.


An extremely soft rumbling could be heard.

It was as if something was shattering into small pieces. One could see that Spittoon was gradually losing his frozen status while he was wailing in pain. The meat lumps that covered his whole body started to drop off, secreting waves of disgusting green fluid as if that ugly meatball was melting.

“Ahhhh…“ Lich Suo Ge was petrified as he watched this scene unfold right before his eyes. How did he managed to kill his glutton Guardian Beast with just one strike? How is it possible?

The glutton’s Soul Seal should not be susceptible to any attack, so how did this happen?

Could it be that this youth was indeed a genius?

Lich Suo Ge broke out in cold sweats as he thought about it.

On the other side, the Bloody Queen had taken advantage of the battle between the Barbaric Cow Shadow and the Gold Armoured Puppet and mounted a sneak attack.

The sharp Dragon Slaying Dagger moved as fast as lightning and pierced right through the Gold Armoured Puppet’s Chest and it’s demon core. Sparks of electricity splashed all around, as the Gold Armoured Puppet’s mechanical components dropped off one by one. At times, huge chunks of its gold armour metal components dropped off and in the end, with a loud exploding sound, it exploded into thousands of pieces. Meanwhile, the Bloody Queen had already flapped her wings and went over to Yue Yang’s side, and helped him to fight Lich Suo Ge together.

Contrary to hers and Yue Yang’s expectation, the Grimoire’s shield was still active, even though all of Suo Ge’s Beast’s were dead.

What was going on?

“Ha ha ha, the dark mist that was created was due to my summoned beast, although it does not have a physical body, the Grimoire acknowledges that it’s one the summoned beasts that was still alive. We are in its stomach, and as long as it exists, then my Grimoire will never disappear. At least before the time limit is up, it will not disappear. Do you wish to kill me? Young one, no can do. Young Innate Ranker, you are still too inexperienced. Did you see the teleportation orb that I am holding? Once the dark mist fade away, I will leave and you will not be able to touch a single strand of hair on my body. You can only watch helplessly as I depart… Are you not an Innate Ranker? Come and kill me if you can,” Lich Suo Ge laughed heartily. Maybe he felt that it was not enough to just tease him like this. He exaggeratedly put the transportation orb back into his Lich Ring and took out a chair which he leisurely sat on. He then took a glass of grape wine in his hand and drank it slowly.

Of course, he was actually extremely nervous in his heart.

Although his Guardian Beast Spittoon would never truly die, if its Soul Seal was damaged, it most likely wouldn’t recover within a month.

The Gold Armoured Puppet’s magic core was already damaged and it had been thoroughly destroyed. As for his two Lich’s Ice Orbs, one was destroyed by this brat and the other Ice Orb had combined with his Zombie Dragon, to form a Giant Frost Dragon which was then killed by the Reaper Mantis who had sliced off it’s neck. Furthermore, its dragon crystal core was then eaten by a small Golden Beast.

Luckily, this little brat did not know that when the dark mist disappear, the power to initiate an attack was still in the brat’s hands. Otherwise, if that brat stood on guard and prepared to ambush himself, that would be dangerous.

This battle was already his defeat.

This defeat was acceptable. His opponent was not only an Innate Ranker, he also possessed many strong beasts and concealed his scheming nature the whole time. Suo Ge had made an error in his earlier judgement and actually concentrated his attack on the Level 7 Gold Ranked Reaper Mantis instead. That brat had waited for his (Suo Ge’s) own beasts to be weakened greatly before coming out and reaping all the benefits.

To suffer a defeat from such an opponent was truly acceptable.

In this world, other than him and a few other Liches, who would be able to safely escape from the hands of an Innate Ranker?

Lich Suo Ge felt quite comforted as he thought about it in this manner.

When he reported this young human Innate Ranker, the Lich King would surely reward him greatly. At that time, his strength surely increase. This defeat did not actually bring him any true losses… if he could safely return, then he would surely be able to make a comeback.

He suddenly saw Yue Yang doing a strange action and started to raise his guard. What was this brat trying to do?

Could it be that he wanted to penetrate through the shield and attack him?

Impossible, that was impossible.

Before Suo Ge could even process his thoughts, a person’s figure suddenly flashed right in front of him.

There was a seemingly unstoppable Sword Qi suddenly appearing before Suo Ge’s eyes, which unexpectedly penetrated right through the shield, furiously charging towards Suo Ge. Suo Ge was stupefied, he couldn’t even react in time before the sword qi that was approaching him as fast as lightning stopped just as it was about to cut his forehead. He was so shocked that his soul almost left his body.

The length of the Sword Qi had not extended far enough… it was just barely short of claiming Suo Ge’s life. As a result, Suo Ge was able to escape from the clutches of death.

He had raised his glass for a drink, but when the Sword Qi had stabbed through the Shield, the trembling Suo Ge had dropped his glass and become drenched in grape wine.

Close one.

The kid had almost killed me with one strike.

Suo Ge was so shocked that he started trembling uncontrollably. He stood up immediately and staggered backwards, knocking into his chair, flipping it over.

He had to leave immediately or else he would put himself in danger, but the dark mist in the distance had yet to reach its time limit and he did not have a way to recall it. Furthermore, once the dark mist disappeared, the Grimoire’s Shield would also disappear. In front of this Innate Ranker, that one second delay before he could teleport would be extremely fatal… Lich Suo Ge reached out and held onto his Golden Grimoire, preparing to summon his last beast to maintain his Shield 3 seconds before the dark mist disappeared. The he could activate the teleportation orb.

He hoped that his last beast could buy him a few seconds and let him escape safely.

During that instant where Suo Ge made his decision, a sudden ray of light was summoned out from Xiao Wen Li’s hand. It looked incomparably pure as it formed a ten metre tall, dazzling Serpent warrior’s image. The dark mist instantly disappeared like steam… it did not even take a second for all the dark mist to be entirely purified by the bright Serpent warrior.

With a ‘Pa’ sound like an egg shell breaking, Suo Ge ‘s Grimoire shield started to shatter and disappear.

He could not summon his last beast fast enough.

“I am finished,” Lich Suo Ge watched helplessly as his shield shattered and anxiously pulled out his teleportation orb from his ring but as he started to pinch and use it, he suddenly felt that his whole body was bound and unable to move.

Yue Yang slowly walked up and broke Suo Ge’s fingers as he pried out the teleportation orb from Lich Suo Ge‘s hands and threw it away. Exposing an evil smile, he said, “How unfortunate, I have to tell you some bad news. My Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Chains Inherent Skill has already levelled up. You do not have to be so tense if you cannot move, but if you wish to move, I can offer you my assistance. For example, I would be very willing to severe your head to use it as a soccer ball, Mister Suo Ge. For this type of work, I can work for free.“

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