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LLS Chapter 119 – Burn All, Kill All, Loot All

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Chapter 119 – Burn All, Kill All, Loot All
Translated by: Ignis, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Lich Suo Ge was unlike the black-robed Lu Ben. He had absolutely no reaction towards the Reaper Mantis’ surprise attack.

He did not panic but instead closed his eyes in an extremely calm manner. Extending his hands, he unhurriedly summoned a gold grimoire.

A Halo Shield formed, blocking his head from the fatal strike.

However, the Zombie Dragon underneath him was not as lucky. Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade had already viciously slashed at the dragon’s abdomen, which was not protected by the shield. The dragon’s skin, which had become brittle after a prolonged period of rotting and corrosion, was cut open.

In the air, the Reaper Mantis’ scythe arms slashed with frightful might, causing the protective cover to concave a little.

In the end, the defense of the Gold-ranked Halo Shield was stronger, and the Reaper Mantis could only back down without any achievement.

In the instant when its arm scythe was rebounded by the shield, the Reaper Mantis attacked for a second time. It swept its arm horizontally, causing the colossal sized body of the Zombie Dragon to forcefully fly. The body of the Zombie Dragon flew in a curve and smashed into a distant wall of the mountain. It then fell headlong and smashed heavily onto the ground, causing a deafening rumble.

The Reaper Mantis was extremely swift. It had already spread its wings in pursuit.

It tightly gripped the Zombie Dragon’s tail in its arm scythes, and then swung and pounded it repeatedly against the ground.

The Zombie Dragon hadn’t had any reactions up until now since it had been resurrected as a zombie. Its movements and response time had become relatively sluggish and was no longer as active as they were when it was still a gigantic dragon. When the Zombie Dragon’s instinct to struggle finally arose, the Reaper Mantis’ huge mouth had already openned. It viciously bit down, with the Zombie Dragon’s forehead as its target.

“What a nice gold-ranked worm. It actually dares to prey on my mount. It is simply overestimating itself.” Lich Suo Ge coldly laughed, summoning an orb of ice from his grimoire.

The orb of ice seemed to be a living thing as it flew on its own. It shot like a meteor and hit the back of the Reaper Mantis.

Upon contact, it immediately caused the Reaper Mantis’ body to rapidly freeze into ice.

In the instant before the Reaper Mantis devoured the Zombie Dragon’s head, the white-colour of freezing ice had already spread across its body. The Reaper Mantis had been frozen into an ice sculpture.

The Zombie Dragon immediately counterattacked. It bit onto the Reaper Mantis, who was stuck inside the ice sculpture, and ruthlessly threw it into the ground.

It then swept its huge tail.


The Reaper Mantis was knocked into the air, slamming against the mountain wall. Crushed rocks and ice fragments scattered across the sky.

The Reaper Mantis, which had freed itself from the ice, hooked both of its arm scythes and flew towards the Zombie Dragon. It then spread its wings and did its best to shake off the remaining ice fragments on its body.

Yue Yang felt surprised. The Reaper Mantis was a Gold-ranked Level 7 Gold King Beast. How could it be weak to ice? He then suddenly realized that it must be the babies in its belly. The eggs were relatively frail and could be incapable of withstanding the temperature change due to the ice. It should be due to this that this female Reaper Mantis had wildly hunted the Venomous Wyvern and the Zombie Dragon to devour their dragon crystals. The crystals were to supposed to be the nutrients for the incubation of its babies.

Lich Suo Ge summoned a Blood Wing Demon Guard, which had a body of raging flames and carried an axe. This Bronze-ranked Level 7 monster from the abyss was called to attack Yue Yang.

The Bloody Queen held the Crescent Blade in her right hand, and the golden Dragon Slaying Dagger in her left.

She quickly swept behind the axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard, and initially wanted to attack its wings. However, the Demon Guard’s reaction was fast and it flapped its wings, flipping in midair. It wildly chopped with the large flaming axe in its hands, forcing the Bloody Queen to retreat.

Yue Yang ignored the Demon Guard and was more concerned with the battle on the ground.

He discovered that the Icy Orb could actually merged with the Zombie Dragon, evolving it into a Silver-Ranked Level 8 Undead-category Giant Frost Dragon. It was not good. Yue Yang immediately gave a long whistle and rushed towards the evolving Giant Frost Dragon. Its evolution must be stopped by all means. If it wasn’t stopped, the situation would become dire.

Undead-category beasts from the Abyss had an ability that no other category had. It was the ability to recombine dead spirits and evolve through merging.

This was indeed a summoning technique that was an exceptional cause of worry.

It was no wonder that the Master of Luo Hua City Mistress had previously said that in the abyss, the most dreadful were not the demons but the undead. It was a summoning technique that disregarded race and bodily limits. As long as their master could find some secret merging method, they could temporarily be merged into one body and evolve into a higher grade undead beast. This could really make people go crazy… Earlier the Headless Horseman and the Iron Bone Skeleton had recombined into a Death Knight… Now, it was an even more powerful dead spirit combination, the Zombie Dragon and the Ice Orb, which recombined into a Giant Frost Dragon.

The Reaper Mantis pounced forward and tightened its arm scythes around the evolving Giant Frost Dragon. It prepared to use its frightful strength to tear its opponent’s entire body apart.

However, under the control of Lich Suo Ge, the Giant Frost Dragon immediately attacked the current weakness of the Reaper Mantis; its bulging belly.

This attack might not be useful under normal circumstances. However, the Reaper Mantis, which was about to become a mother, evidently was not in its normal condition. Furthermore, it was extremely afraid that the babies in its belly might be injured. It thus gave up on its attack and leapt backwards.

A second Ice Orb noiselessly ambushed from the sky.

Yue Yang reacted quickly, stopping the attack with a wave of his Hui Jin Magic Blade. His Hui Jin Magic Blade slashed past the Icy Orb but had no effect on it. The Ice Orb was completely unscathed and immediately recovered itself. It continued to shoot downwards, hitting the back of the Reaper Mantis like a meteor.

It sealed the Reaper Mantis’ entire body in ice again.

The Giant Frost Dragon did not bite to attack like before. Under the control of Lich Suo Ge, it repeatedly breathed freezing air towards the ice sculpture of the Reaper Mantis, reinforcing the freezing effect.

The Reaper Mantis brandished both its arms wildly, melting the ice on its body very rapidly and splashed the melted water around.

However, there was a huge mound of ice in its bulging belly. It protruded like a small hill and was continuously enlarging.

“[Descend of the Night].”

Lich Suo Ge summoned a black shadow and pointed his fingers on the head of the shadow. The shadow exploded into pieces and disappeared, becoming a black fog that shrouded the entire valley.

The entire valley became as dark as the night, and one would not be able to see the fingers on a extended hand.

“If this Lich was already so powerful, wouldn’t the Lich King be even more overpowered?” Yue Yang was sweating profusely. It turned out that this lich was already a ranker that possessed the power of a human Level 7 [Overlord]. Yue Yang felt that this Lich Suo Ge was even more of a headache than elder Yue Hai. However, it was fortunate that Lich Suo Ge had summon-type beasts, and was not like elder Yue Hai who had strengthening-type beasts. Otherwise, there was no need to fight at all.

Even a lich was already this powerful; as for how strong was Lich King Grun was, Yue Yang could not even imagine it.

Of course, his summoned beasts were also strong. However, most of them were far from being on par with rankers who had strengthening-type beasts. Yue Yang still had his [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi and a small fighting chance. He did not necessarily have no business in this huge battle…

If there wasn’t a Gold-ranked Level 7 Reaper Mantis, Yue Yang felt that he might be beaten miserably by this Lich Suo Ge now.

However, he did not care about himself at this moment.

The more the opponent underestimated him, the better his chances were.

Indeed, in the eyes of Lich Suo Ge, as long as the Gold-ranked Level 7 Reaper Mantis was killed, this small little human guy could be easily and instantly killed.

The Reaper Mantis discovered that the enemy was aiming its attacks towards it belly. The eggs inside were making popping noises, like they were so cold that they were chattering. It immediately went crazy. As a mother, it exploded with anger and used all of its strength to crawl rapidly, dragging the ice block that was almost as heavy as a small hill. Before the Giant Frost Dragon that was breathing freezing air could even fly up, an arm scythe grabbed onto its body and dragged it downwards.

The other arm scythe hooked and reined in the neck of the Giant Frost Dragon. It pulled at its neck until it emitted cracking sounds and seemed to be breaking apart.

Lowering its head, the Reaper Mantis madly bit into the neck of the Giant Frost Dragon.

Lich Suo Ge was blowing his top. It was really unfortunate that even the Silver-ranked Level 8 Giant Frost Dragon could not match up to a Gold King Beast like the Reaper Mantis. The power of its arm scythes, coupled with the Reaper Mantis’ innate killing abilities made even the Giant Frost Dragon unable to break free. It could only struggle for its life. Meanwhile, the axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard was in the air, all along chasing after the Bloody Queen which was kiting it.

Lich Suo Ge had no choice now but to get it to come back.

He commanded the Blood Winged Demon Guard to join and help the Giant Frost Dragon to fight against the Reaper Mantis and kill it. Or at the very least, stop its attack on the Giant Frost Dragon.

However, Yue Yang would not let things go according to Suo Ge’s wishes.

He had been storing his spiritual qi while waiting for an opportunity to strike. He had already been waiting for too long…

A giant shadow that increased his strength by a hundred times flashed on Yue Yang’s body. In the next second, Yue Yang was already soaring up into the sky, knocking against that axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard’s fiery chest. Yue Yang put both of his fingers together as if they were swords, and pierced through the space between the axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard’s eyebrows.

This fellow’s weakness was in the space between the eyebrows. It was not in his chest.

Lich Suo Ge didn’t care at all at first and only prepared to control his axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard to use it’s Fire Shield Explosion skill to blast the brat away.

Unexpectedly, to his astonishment, he found that he had lost all control and authority over his beast. The axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard stayed still in the air like a log, not even moving a single inch. Yue Yang’s fingers had pierced deep into the space between the axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard’s eyes, his innate invisible sword Qi bursting from the back of the axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard’s head. A large amount of blood and brain matter had spurted out.

After mounting this sneak attack, Yue Yang held the heavily injured, nearly dead axe-wielding Blood Winged Demon Guard’s body tight, and ruthlessly tore off one of his wings. Yue Yang then threw its body up into the air and left it for the Bloody Queen to deliver the finishing blow.

As fast as lightning, Yue Yang turned around and landed back down on the ground.

Moving with a speed so fast that even Lich Suo Ge’s naked eyes couldn’t see him, Yue Yang flew towards the head of that Giant Frost Dragon.

The second Innate Invisible Sword Qi shot out.

After Yue Yang created a hole on the rock-hard dragon’s skull, Yue Yang’s extremely impatient little Golden Beast hurriedly entered into the small hole. Yue Yang let it handle the magical demon core inside the skull. He couldn’t be concerned about the loss of his dragon crystal right now, as Yue Yang must quickly kill off the second orb of ice. Otherwise, he would never be able to attack that Lich who was hiding beneath his Gold Grimoire’s shield.

The orb of ice that had been rampaging on the Reaper Mantis’ stomach suddenly leapt out, turning towards Yue Yang.

In just an instant, his whole body was frozen over, and he turned into a human ice sculpture.

“[Lightning Strike]” Lich Suo Ge didn’t dare to belittle this young human brat anymore. He realized that this brat was actually one of those legendary Innate rankers, but he was still very young, hence it was a suspicion that he himself could hardly believe.

Lich Suo Ge summoned a hammer-wielding Gold Armoured Puppet, and ordered it to violently pound Yue Yang who had already turned into an ice sculpture.

A thundering rumbling ensued.

The Yue Yang ice sculpture was suddenly knocked flying away.

Yue Yang’s body was sent flying a few dozen meters away, finally crashing into a large Crimson Tree.

The large Crimson Tree fell down with a loud thud, splashing thick muds all over and high up into the air, hiding Yue Yang’s body from view.

“What a close call,” Lich Suo Ge secretly wiped his cold sweat away. Fortunately his Demon Crystal Ice Spirit Orb was strong enough and was able to freeze that brat. Otherwise, he would probably have been in danger. This brat’s fingers could actually kill a bronze-ranked level 7 Blood Wing Demon Guard instantly. If this story was told, nobody would even believe it. But he had indeed experienced that frightening reality. Fortunately he had killed the brat with one blow of a hammer. Otherwise, if they continued to fight, even he couldn’t say for sure what the result of the battle would be.


Suddenly, the large tree exploded with a booming sound as a figure stepped out from within. Spitting a mouthful of blood, the figure said, “Did you think that brute force alone would be enough to kill me off? Fool!”

Lich Suo Ge discovered that this brat did not actually die, his clothes were simply torn. The top half of his body was bare, as his shirt had turned to dust. His pants were also damaged to the point they looked worse than what a beggar would wear. However, other than spitting a mouthful of blood, he didn’t seem to suffer any other injuries.

Yue Yang had indeed received a hit.

However, in his dreams, he had been beaten by the beautiful girl so much that he had developed an optimal dodging technique.

The beautiful girl not only had a frightening amount of power, her skills were also way above Yue Yang. Furthermore, Yue Yang only cared about training his Breast-groping Hands Technique, hence he always ended up being beaten black and blue. Now that he had suffered through the Gold Armoured Puppet’s hammer, he realized that its power was only a little more than the beautiful girl’s hits, but its skills were the clumsiest of skills. It wasn’t like the Spiral Qi Technique or the Reversal Power; its technique could hardly injure him at all. It was extremely easy to think of ways to counter its attacks. He would be able to deal with it as long as he kept moving around in the sky, emitted his Innate Qi and disperse the impact of the puppets powerful blows.
(Shiro: no idea what Spiral Qi Technique or Reversal Power is… I think one of them is a taichi technique while the other is an aikido technique)

“This is impossible,” Lich Suo Ge completely couldn’t believe his own eyes.

“There is nothing strange here, other than me dispersing most of the impact from the blow and channeling the remaining impact into my beast’s body. If I were still injured even after all that, then I would have been made of tofu.” Yue Yang smiled brightly.

Behind him, the Barbarian Cow Shadow walked out.

There was a little bit of crack on the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s chest armour. This was the result of Yue Yang channeling a small part of the impact from the blow to her. She didn’t know any defensive skills, and her body was even thrown and smashed against the large tree. Yue Yang had safely landed back down on the ground, but since the splashed mud from the impact flew all over the place, it had hidden his body from view.

“What about my Demon Crystal Ice Spirit Orb?” Lich Suo Ge thought that even if this brat did not die from the blow, he should still be an ice sculpture.

“Thank you for your generosity. I have received your present.” Yue Yang happily raised his right hand.

In his hands, he held a frozen-looking demon crystal core.

This was something that he took himself from within the Ice Orb. He had used his Innate Qi to disperse the Demon Spirit inside the crystal, turning that powerful Ice Orb into a harmless, high quality demon core crystal. Yue Yang would definitely not suffer that blow in vain. On the other hand, that Demon Crystal Ice Spirit Orb had thrown itself into Yue Yang’s hands and lost its demon crystal to him, instantly losing its life in vain…

Other than killing his enemies instantly, Yue Yang had also reaped a high quality demon crystal core.

This, was Yue Yang’s idea of an ideal battle.

Lich Suo Ge cried out ‘Not good’ in his heart. The moment he had summoned [Descend of the Night], every single undead-type beast would have their abilities increased by a different amount, but teleportation orbs would become useless. This is because this darkness that shrouded the entire place, was considered to be within a special-type beast summon’s body. Now, he had miscalculated this move and all of his beasts had suffered grave injuries, yet this brat had not lost anything. He almost seemed as strong as those experienced Rankers who were nearing the Innate Realm. If he made a careless mistake it would be very easy for him to be burned to death. He must think of a good way out, otherwise the situation would be very dangerous.

Right now, Lich Suo Ge did not think that Yue Yang was a little human worm that he could kill instantly and at any time anymore. Right now, he felt that he himself had met with an extremely tough opponent.

Yue Yang was still a little hesitant. Would this Lich Suo Ge think of escaping?

Should he quickly attack the Giant Frost Dragon and take away its dragon crystal core, or should he attack the Gold Armoured Puppet and take its demon crystal core instead?

If this Lich wanted to escape, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. He had to quickly choose a target. Just as Yue Yang was still hesitating, Xiao Wen Li suddenly came out on her own.

With regards to her appearance, Yue Yang was immediately capering madly with joy.

What does this mean?

This meant that if the Lich wanted to escape, she could help him kill that joke of a strong Lich Suo Ge.

“Just how many beasts do you actually possess?” Lich Suo Ge wanted to faint. Not only did this brat own a Gold-ranked level 3 Bloody Queen and a bronze-ranked level 5 Barbarian Cow, he also had a weird looking little Golden Puppet Beast. Now he had summoned another six-armed little lamia loli. This brat’s grimoire was only a Beginner Silver Grimoire, and his rank was still an Advanced [Apprentice], so how could he summon so many beasts at the same time?

“When you are nearing your death, I may consider telling you,” Yue Yang waved his hands and shouted like a scoundrel, “GO! Everyone attack! If there’s a treasure, grab that treasure. If there’s crystal core, grab that crystal core. I will only say only this sentence: Burn all, kill all, loot all! We have to uphold the Three Alls Policy!”
(Shiro: Three alls – burn all, kill all, loot all – Japanese policy in China during WWII.)

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