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LLS Chapter 116 – The Evil Wolf’s Hand

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Chapter 116 – The Evil Wolf’s Hand
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko, Ignis

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Gui Jian Chou was a mountain range with continuous ups and downs, covered in a thick fog that would not dissipate throughout the year. Here, sunlight was considered a luxury.

Not to mention normal people, even the wildest bandits in the Da Xia Empire would not come to this kind of damned place. As the place was so deserted and not many people came here, the mountains in Gui Jian Chou contained various rare, precious medicines and minerals, as well as many rare beasts that could not be found in many other regions. Of the rare beasts that existed in this place, they were mostly plant-type beasts and insect-type beasts. It was said that there was even an extremely terrifying insect-type beast ‘Reaper Mantis’ that liked to prey on wyverns for food.

Of course, this was only a legend.

In this millennium, not a single soul had ever seen any sign of the ‘Reaper Mantis’ existence. This terrifying insect-type beast had probably been extinct for a thousand years already.

The Royal Swordswoman highly suspected that the royal scouting party had met a strong beast like the Reaper Mantis, and was wiped out by a surprise attack done by such an extremely strong beast…

“Be careful. Although there normally won’t be wild beasts above Level 3 roaming about, because they’re all plant-type and insect-type beasts, they usually appear in groups. Not only that, they bring about lots of negative effects such as weakness, dizziness, poison, hypnosis, parasites and others. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You, little liar, need to be more careful. Don’t let some Parasitic Bee or Parasitic Spider latch onto you and make you grow a body full of parasitic insects.” The royal swordswoman felt extremely baffled. This brat had always liked to chatter and crack jokes before this. Why did he suddenly become mute after teleporting to Gui Jian Chou?

“There are no signs of people ever walking past here at all. Are you absolutely sure that there really was a royal scouting party that got lost here?” Yue Yang was slightly doubtful in his heart.

Surrounding both sides of the Eagle’s Cry Valley in Gui Jian Chou were mysterious peaks that shot straight up to the sky.

They were perfectly straight as if they were sliced and chopped with blades and hatchets.

The Iron Clawed Cliff Eagles lived on top of the valley had wingspans of over five metres. At the bottom of the valley was a terrifying bug-infested valley that was surrounded by a thick, dense fog that never cleared. Various types of bugs could be found everywhere, and even the plants in the valley were all strange as well. They were all brightly-coloured and eye-catching. There were red, yellow, purple, black, some with multiple colours, and some were even luminous.

The only thing that this place did not have was normal green plants.

Yue Yang was carefully looking around along the road, but he did not find any traces of humans anywhere.

The royal swordswoman also felt that it was odd. However, towards the doubt that Yue Yang showed, she used a noble gaze to glare at him, saying, “Did you think that I would lie about everything like you? If nobody went missing, why would I come here?”

“Something’s not right.” Yue Yang found that on top of a strange blood-red plant’s ugly branches, was a perching crow with blood-red eyes .

“What’s the matter?” The royal swordswoman did not understand. Was it not just a crow?

“Wait, let me open the beast encyclopedia to check…“ Yue Yang took out an illustrated beast encyclopedia from his bag that was as thick as the New Chinese Language Dictionary on earth. As he was preparing to check the species of this crow, the royal swordswoman felt like fainting. She facepalmed and said, “Don’t bother, it’s such a basic thing. I’m telling you that this is a flesh-eating crow. The species of this crow is the Red-eyed Iron-winged Crow. Its body is twice as large as a normal crow, with a flight speed of 300km/h. It’s proficient in flying for short bursts and is extremely smart. It can open any capped bottles to drink water, and differentiate between 36 different colours and 50 different numbers. Its ability to resist poison is a 100-150 times that of a human, as it mostly feeds on rotting meat . Its body carries a venom that has various diseases, and peck wounds caused by it will cause humans to be poisoned with a slow acting poison… Its grade is Level 2 bird-type flying beast, and they prefers to live in small groups. There are 3 subspecies and 2 variants. They live everywhere in the Soaring Dragon Continent, and are most common within our area, Da Xia Empire. Third Young Master, do you still want to know anything else?”

“Your memory isn’t bad at all!” As Yue Yang flipped the encyclopedia, he found out that the royal swordswoman was absolutely correct.

“Do you think that there is a problem with this crow?” The royal swordswoman fainted as she heard this. These were the basics of basics! Everyone who had attended school would know. However, she did not overly criticise Yue Yang. The reason was that this fellow had never attended school to begin with.

“It is a flesh-eating life form. Why is it following us? I noticed it when it was ten kilometres away. It has been following us secretly ever since.” Yue Yang expressed his doubts.

“Does it think that we will die?” The royal swordswoman was smart and got his point instantly.

“I have a suspicion that it saw the royal scouting party before. Not only that, it has already eaten their meat. It should feel that we will end up more or less like the royal scouting party’s members sooner or later, turning into corpses. That’s why it has been constantly following us so that it can devour flesh when we are down…” Yue Yang explained his own theory.

“How can you be so sure with just by a single crow?” The royal swordswoman really had a little admiration for this little liar.

She felt that although Yue Yang had completely no basic knowledge, his mental capabilities was definitely top-notch.

It really seemed like finding him as a partner for this was the right decision.

Of course, Yue Yang would not tell this girl that even though he had his suspicions, the most important thing was what his [Divine Vision] had analysed. Under the analysis of the [Divine Vision], there was something that was definitely wrong int this crow. It was not merely a simple, ordinary Red-Eyed Iron-Winged Crow. On the body of this Red-Eyed Crow, a kind of evil qi was present. It was different from demonic qi and was extremely peculiar.

Initially, Yue Yang had thought that it was the corpses’ qi due to corpses rotting in its intestine after feeding on them for a long time.

However, analysing it more closely with [Divine Vision], he found out that this was not the case.

His [Divine Vision] could faintly see that this crow was a bird being controlled by a person that was far away from here.

Although it was not a contracted beast, but it was being controlled by a person. It was a surveillance tool just like the drone planes on earth that were equipped with radars.

“I think the crow is being controlled by someone. Hopefully my gut feeling is wrong.” Yue Yang felt that in time to come, he would face an inevitable huge battle. Controlling an uncontracted crow was not something an ordinary warrior could do.

“If you’re right, then what kind of people would be hiding in Gui Jian Chou?” Hearing Yue Yang’s answer, the royal swordswoman was greatly shocked. She was able to discern that he was speaking the truth. To be more accurate, this fellow’s actions were completely different from before. He was currently not lying at all, and was extremely serious. Could it be that there was a hidden power somewhere expanding secretly in this place?

“I believe that there will be an answer to this question in a short time.” Yue Yang took out a piece of hard rations and bit down on it, pretending to eat. That crow immediately soared up high into the sky.

Clearly, it seemed to know that in the hands of a warrior, even a piece of dry rations could also be a fatal weapon.

However, as Yue Yang ate and drank, it quietly came down from the sky and landed on a tree branch farther away.

It followed the two of them from a distance away.

The royal swordswoman’s eyes displayed a light of comprehension.

Actually, Yue Yang’s previous movements was a test… If this crow was not controlled by someone, then it would not have flown up just now. Normal crows would pick up human’s food strewn on the ground. It would not be so smart as to feel danger and fly up just by seeing rations being taken out. Since it had flown up, then, aside from being able to prove that someone was controlling it from behind, it had also proved his second point. If this crow’s master could hear the conversation between Yue Yang and the sister, then it would not have ordered the crow to come down again. This was because the words that Yue Yang had just said clearly showed that he was suspicious of the crow.

Now that the crow had settled back onto the branch, it proved that the person controlling the crow could probably only see the movements of Yue Yang and the royal swordswoman, but not hear what they were saying. He did not know that Yue Yang was about to kill off the crow either. The person had thought that he was hungry and was preparing to eat some rations to fill his stomach.

The royal swordswoman batted her eyelids that were layered with a red blush-on, and asked Yue Yang, “What do we do now?”

Yue Yang handed over the water to her, and showed her a brilliant smile, saying, “I think that if we embraced each other and do some intimate actions like touching, grabbing, kneading and so on, perhaps we can lure this crow over to kill it. Although if we do that, I will suffer more losses, so I oppose this idea.” The royal swordswoman almost fainted on the ground from this. How would he be the one who would suffer more losses from them embracing each other?

“If you dare to touch me once, I will chop off your hands.” The royal swordswoman angrily raised her little fist at him.

“Then what about touching you twice?” With a tiger-like pounce from Yue Yang, he pinned the royal swordswoman down onto the ground completely.

Not waiting for the royal swordswoman to resist, he quickly took off the armour on her body. As he kissed her lightly like raindrops falling, he also took off his own clothes at the same time. That crow suddenly flew closer carefully and finally landed on a branch that was a few metres away from Yue Yang. It stared at the wild Yue Yang without turning its eyes away, as if it was extremely curious towards his wicked actions of pushing the royal swordswoman down.

Although the royal swordswoman was resisting with all her might, Yue Yang was much faster with his wolfy paws and had already taken her large breastplate out, throwing it to one side.

In front of her chest, a large portion of her unblemished, snow white skin was exposed, showcasing a soft, tender and beautiful flesh.

The tube top that covered her chest area almost seemed to be unable to wrap around those great mounds of flesh… Yue Yang excitedly gave a wolfy howl, and reached out with his wicked wolfy paws, aiming straight towards those two mounds…

“Caught you!” Yue Yang’s figure suddenly disappeared.

When he appeared again, he was already on the branch.

With both hands, he caught that red-eyed crow that was losing its head out of fear. Yue Yang wore a grin on his face, but his eyes were as cold as the devil.

He looked straight into the crow’s eyes and said, “Curious? Don’t rush, little friend. When I find you later, I’ll perform the show slowly in front of you.”

After saying this, Yue Yang wrung the crow with force and snapped the head of that Red-eyed Crow.

However, before he could even brag about his plan succeeding, the royal swordswoman had already jumped up in rage and downed him with a punch.

The royal swordswoman’s eyes were full of anger. She was blushing a little as well, and a few tears had formed in her eyes. “You bastard, it was fine to put up a show, but you really touched me! Since when did I permit you to touch me? You must be doing this fake act for real, abusing your privileges! You want to seize the opportunity and take advantage of me!”

“Did I touch you just now?” Yue Yang’s face was full of innocence. He had a face full of disbelief while looking at his hands.

“Are you a dead man? Don’t you have any feeling whether you had touched it or not?” The royal swordswoman was absolutely angry. This fellow had touched it, yet he didn’t want to admit it? He was still even trying to act dumb!

The royal swordswoman was so angry that her whole body shook with anger. Watching this, however, Yue Yang realized that those mounds of hers that could not be covered by the little piece of cloth she was wearing seemed to be swaying a little. No, it was a movement that was of a greater realm, transcending “swaying boobs”. It seemed to be the legendary “vibrating boobs”, that could even cause the coldest of souls to tremble. He gulped lots of saliva down, unable resisist the ravenous desires that was filling his heart. He reached a wicked hand out, saying, “I didn’t feel it clearly just now, did I touch it like this?”

The royal swordswoman foolishly stared blankly in astonishment as she saw her breasts being groped by Yue Yang’s wolfy paws again. It was only after a long while before she suddenly let loose a scream that was even more terrifying than a banshee’s scream.

Without even bothering to wear her breastplate again, she immediately took up her greatsword and lifted it high up while slashing at Yue Yang who was running for his life.

“That’s my instinct as a guy! If any other guy saw it, they would do this too…“ While he was busily running away, Yue Yang tried to defend himself. The royal swordswoman almost burst her heart with rage after hearing this. “I’ll slice you to death, you big pervert! That is my instinct too!”

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