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LLS Chapter 115 – Water Avoiding Pearl?

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Chapter 115 – Water Avoiding Pearl?
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango, Ignis, Based Jessica
TLCed by: Ignis

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Yue Yang reached his hand out and placed it on the silver grimoire lightly. There was a delicate reaction in his heart.

It was as if an extremely delicate thing had buried itself deeply within the silver grimoire. It seemed to be an unknown energy that was faintly discernable, yet extremely capricious. It gave Yue Yang an unfathomable feeling of an illusion. It was like a bare-naked beauty was standing right in front of him, but she just had to be behind a glass wall. No matter how much he stretched out his hand wanting to grab her, he was unable to… The only thing that Yue Yang could be sure of was that this silver grimoire must be hiding some kind of secret from him. He just could not dig it out right now.

As long as he could analyze it completely, he believed that he would have a much deeper knowledge regarding summoning grimoires.

He would be much smoother and at ease when using summoning grimoires as well.

Xiao Wen Li batted her large, cute eyes. Looking at Yue Yang’s stupidity, being unable to analyze it after sensing it for half a day, she seemed to want to help Yue Yang a little. It was too bad that she could not speak and could only use her little hands to lightly pull at Yue Yang’s arm.

“What’s the matter?” Yue Yang was curious. Could it be that this little loli had a better idea?

“…” Xiao Wen Li pointed with her delicate finger and summoned her diamond grimoire.

“How did you do it?” Yue Yang had wanted to learn this move for a long time. He knew how to summon his grimoire without a single word already. Two months ago, he had imitated the little loli’s summoning and learnt how to summon silently. However, he took as much time as he would to summon it while saying it out. Not only that, it required even more concentration to perform a silent summon. Yue Yang did not have the ability to summon instantly at a snap of his finger. If he had already silently chant it earlier, and moved his hands more confidently, he could of course act as if it was an instant summon, but to instantly summon without former preparation, this was a technique that he had not grasped yet.

Moreover, after seeing so many human rankers, aside from Luo Hua City’s Mistress, Yue Yang had not met anyone else who possessed this ability.

Instantly summoning a summoning grimoire was different from quick summoning.

No matter how fast quick summoning was, it still took time to silently chant… However, this type of instant summoning definitely didn’t need any chanting or time.

The thing that made Yue Yang feel shameful most was that with a light touch of her finger, Xiao Wen Li could summon her diamond grimoire. With another touch, she could keep it. She could also summon anything at will. This was unlike Yue Bing, who had to rest for at least half a day to summon her grimoire a second time. If she was not fighting, she also would need at least an hour to recover. She was definitely unable to repeatedly summon it like how Xiao Wen Li could.

Yue Bing was a genius with abundant spiritual qi in her body, and yet it took her one hour to be able to summon her grimoire again.

If it was another warrior, they would most likely have to rest a full day before being able to summon their grimoire again.

Of course, it wasn’t like Xiao Wen Li did not have limits either. Yue Yang had seen someone even more mystical than Xiao Wen Li, and that was Empress Fei Wen Li. She did not even need to summon her grimoire to take things out from it. More miraculously, she could change the summoning grimoire, which could not be changed or damaged easily, into a crystal coffin.

Yue Yang reckoned that it was impossible for him to possess this type of power at the moment.

However, Yue Yang still wished to learn this technique of instant summoning… After carefully looking at Xiao Wen Li, he stretched his hand onto her head to feel the movements of her brainwaves, then finally sensing the way she moved her spiritual qi within her body.

The dimensional traveller guy found out that at the moment Xiao Wen Li summoned the grimoire, her body’s spiritual qi automatically resonated with the summoning grimoire.

It was as natural as someone eating or walking. It was completely natural, and did not require a single ounce of energy to summon.

If the normal method of summoning a grimoire were compared to her method, it would be equivalent to someone crawling on the ground stupidly. If this were to be given as an analogy, Xiao Wen Li would be running, while the normal contractors’ summoning would be a turtle walking. It was on a completely different level. After sensing it for a long time, Yue Yang felt that he had a fair understanding and excitedly started to imitate it.

With his whole body and soul resonating with the contract in his summoned grimoire, he extended his hands, moving his spiritual qi with his finger while his whole body resonated with the summoning grimoire…


An explosion rang out in his head, and he nearly fainted.

His mind shook. The backlash of failing to summon the grimoire caused Yue Yang’s head to be buzzing afterwards. He did not know that it would feel this bad to fail a summon.

No wonder normal warriors, who were cut off while summoning their beasts, would feel so much pain until they fainted on the ground. So it was this unpleasant. Yue Yang felt that this sensation was like taking a wrong step when walking up a flight of stairs… If it were someone else, they would definitely be scared off by the intense pain after failing once. They would not ask for trouble and get hit by the mental backlash after failing to summon again.

However, although Yue Yang usually liked to tell lies, he had some extremely slight merits. That would be that he was extremely stubborn to the point where he would not admit defeat.

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

Yue Yang clenched his teeth and persevered on as he practised. His heart was fierce and was determined to grasp this technique.

He found that learning this technique of instant summoning was akin to learning how to walk or ride a bicycle when he was young. He would always fall over, but each time he fell over, he would gain a little experience and improve little by little…

As his mind became more coordinated, the resonating effect between his body and the summoning grimoire gradually became greater.

The waves of mental backlash became lighter and lighter. Finally, Yue Yang did not feel his head hurting anymore. Instead, he felt a kind of fluctuating comfort that comes and goes, as if his mind was sobering up. His whole body entered into a mental state that was too wonderful to describe with words. The experience he had received after failing countless times had accumulated into a brand new realisation. So the realm of ‘man and grimoire as one’, that he could not perceive originally, was right in front of his eyes all along…

Finally, after failing who knows how many times, Yue Yang reached his hands out again. This time was different from the previous times when his summoning failed. He now brimmed with confidence, and with a slight touch…

That silver grimoire was finally perfectly summoned in an instant.

It succeeded!

It really succeeded! However, Yue Yang was so amazed that he couldn’t think of anything for a moment. He still could not believe his eyes for a long time.

“Wa wa wa, I succeeded!” Yue Yang was so excited that he jumped and hopped around. He felt extremely delighted. Yue Yang thought that he was a genius, and was too awesome. It was such a difficult technique, yet he had finally managed to grasp it.

“…” Xiao Wen Li stealthily yawned in an extremely cute manner.

Perhaps she felt that Yue Yang was an idiot who had to take such a long time just to practise such a simple thing.

Luckily, she still could not speak.

Thus, the blow was not dealt to Yue Yang, letting him feel a little delighted for three minutes.

Yue Yang fiercely kissed her on the face and threw her up into the air. He then caught her and swung her around, saying, “Little cutie, teach me again! How did you put the twin icicle blades into your diamond grimoire? There must be a technique for it, right? Come, tell me how to do it! How do I store things inside the grimoire?”

Xiao Wen Li batted her bright eyes, as if preparing to ‘tell’ Yue Yang the technique, but her eyes suddenly turned and she transformed into a rainbow light, floating into his body.

Instantly, Yue Yang also heard the sound of footsteps coming over from outside the house.

“Is it Fifth Grandfather?” Yue Yang opened the door to look and found the deer-riding elder dashing towards him, happily handing over a package to him.

“These are some of the things that your father left behind. After Brother Hai’s proposal, and the discussion between the Three Great Elders and the Nine Elders, we decided to give you a part of your father’s possessions to you for safekeeping. These are your father’s battle techniques. It might be a bit useful for you. As these techniques require the contracting of special beasts, Brother Hai and I both feel that you might not be suited to cultivate them as they are. You may want to use them as a slight reference to receive some inspiration; perhaps that would be better for you. As for the other item, this is the blade that your father left behind. It’s already broken. Take a look at it; maybe you can find some clues. And lastly, this is a key… “ Amongst the things that the Fifth Elder gave him, Yue Yang did not find any key.

“Where’s the key?” Yue Yang was curious. Could this key be transparent?

“Little fellow, do you know the greatest difference between the Clan Head of the Yue Family and of the other clans in the world? It’s how fair they have to be. No matter how much they favor a single son or grandson, he must treat everyone fairly and ensure that everyone also maintains fairness. Before the competition, it was not that he did not want to help you. Rather, the more he helped you, the more people would resent you in jealousy. It would be even harder for you to preserve your life. It’s the same now. You’ve risen suddenly and want revenge, to return the debt to Yue Tian and Yue Yan and the rest. He will not stop that either… As long as you don’t kill them, you can enjoy the privileges of the strong. You can taunt them and hit them all you want, just like they did to you back then. The Soaring Dragon Continent is a world that respects power over anything. It’s the same within the Yue Family. If you’re weak, then you should go about your life in a low-profile manner and spend your life in White Stone City. That would be the smartest decision; Conversely, if you have power, then you can rampage as you please like how you are doing now. Little fellow, don’t be resentful of reality. This world is full of competition; if you can’t even outdo your own people, how would you be able to compete against the people outside? You must be a strong person, stronger than anyone else, in order to earn recognition in the family and the world’s respect.” After the Fifth Elder spoke, he paused for a while, and said, “The key that Brother Hai gave you was a single sentence.”

“A single sentence?” Yue Yang thought, could it be the password to open the Puppet Palace?

“Brother Hai said, that when you feel that you possess the strength of a Level 6 [Elder], you may look for him. He will give you the location of the real Puppet Palace. Stored within it is the true secret of the Yue Family; When you have the strength of a Level 7 [Overlord], he will give the map of the godly ruins that the Yue Clan’s ancestors once explored… Only then will he tell you about another powerful existence in the world of rankers that common people don’t know about… San Er, this is just the start of the road of cultivation. Don’t think that Level 6 [Elder]s and Level 7 [Overlord]s are the peak of existence. On the contrary, for a true ranker, Level 7 [Overlord] is merely the beginning…“ After Fifth Elder finished his speech, Yue Yang fell silent.

The stronger existence that the Fifth Elder spoke about was definitely the [Innate] realm.

How was the [Innate] realm divided then? What was its relation between it and the normal ranks that warriors of the world used?

What made Yue Yang more curious was, the true location of the Puppet Palace that Fifth Elder spoke about, was it not at the base of the Yue Family’s castle? The whole of the Soaring Dragon Continent knew that there was a Puppet Palace below the Yue Family’s castle. The reason why the entire Yue Family prospered was due to this mysterious Puppet Palace that continuously produced countless puppet-type beasts…

Could it be that the true Puppet Palace was not there?

“Don’t be too hasty, San Er. There’s no need to worry for Fourth Lady’s safety either. I daresay that as long as long as you are alive, they will not be harmed in any way. The stronger you are, the better their life will be. This is a reality. You can’t change the opinion of every single person. The only thing you can change is yourself. You can become stronger, and make everyone have no choice but to revere you.” The Fifth Elder patted Yue Yang’s shoulder, climbed up onto his deer and went off while laughing heartily.

As Yue Yang wanted to start pondering over what the Fifth Elder had said, he suddenly saw the royal swordswoman carrying her large sword on her back, flying towards him noisily.

He immediately closed the door.

This royal swordswoman was obviously not here to warm the bed or serve him. It was better to have nothing to do with her.

“Oi, I’m not here to pick a fight with you. I’m finding you to form a party. At Eagle’s Cry Valley in Gui Jian Chou*, a royal scouting party mysteriously disappeared. The advisor’s Revelation gift traced it and found out that there was a gigantic energy reaction from there. Let’s go take a look together. If we find out what’s happening and get treasures from there, we can distribute them according to our needs.” Yue Yang was stunned when he heard what the royal swordswoman said. Could it be that the Soaring Dragon Continent had adopted communism?

(*Sephilia: The name of the mountain range is a pun on worrying about seeing ghosts)

Distribution according to need, such a good deal?

Seeing that Yue Yang’s heart was moved, the royal swordswoman struck while the iron was hot, persuading Yue Yang, “If we aren’t able to get treasures, I can also request from the state treasury to reward you with an Water Avoiding Pearl. This way you can summon beasts underwater.”

Water Avoiding Pearl?

Yue Yang immediately bounced up from his bed when he heard it. “No problem, I was born to scout Eagle’s Cry Valley!”

“…” The royal swordswoman began to suspect that she had found the wrong person.

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    “No problem, I was born to scout Eagle’s Cry Valley!”

    This sounds familiar. Like BOSS like subordinate, huh.

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