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LLS Chapter 114 – Well Coordination, Instant Killing A Powerful Enemy!

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Chapter 114 – Well Coordination, Instant Killing A Powerful Enemy!
Translated by: youcanbeKing
Edited by: Brian, Based Jessica, and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Clan’s Castle.

In the middle of the night, Yue Yan sat blankly in his room for a long time. Even until now, he still could not accept reality.

The most detestable trash that he had ever met in his entire life had really experienced a reversal of fortune. He could still endure it if that trash only mastered his father Yue Qiu’s, martial art skills, but Yue Yang also possessed a Golden King Beast to boot… It was almost impossible to pursue and make up for the gap. No matter how much effort he put in, it would be hopeless. What kind of cruel reality allowed that trash to have a Golden King beast. Why could it not be him? If he could also possess a gold-ranked fighting beast, how good would that be?

Why was heaven so fond of that trash?

Why not him?

Why couldn’t someone like him, who was so outstanding and hardworking, have a Golden King Beast? Why did heaven let this kind of trash have such a treasure?

Every time Yue Yan recalled the tournament during the day, of how he had been shamed so much by this trash and suffered such a crushing defeat, how he had to have his father rescue him in order to come out alive. He felt extreme hatred in his heart. As long as he was still alive, he vowed that he would kill that trash someday.

However, that trash had already possessed a Golden King Beast that increased his strength tremendously. How could he kill him?

“Fourth Young Master. Are you sleeping? Can I have a chat with you?” Suddenly, an old, wizened voice sounded out from the outside of the window.

“Who is it?” Yue Yan was alarmed.

He felt a terribly sinister, demonic aura had entered into his room from the window; it was as if a Devil King had descended. Out of fright, Yue Yan tried to hurriedly summon his strongest beast, but just as he was raising his hand, he suddenly realized that both of his strongest beasts, the Flame Lion and Flame Guard, had already been killed by that trash’s Bloody Queen. His forehead immediately started to drip with sweat. Fortunately he still had his Guardian Beast the Flame Wolf, otherwise he would have been engulfed by this demonic aura.

The Bronze Level 3 Flame Wolf came out, but it clamped its tail in fear. It wailed in a low voice, seemingly terrified by this terrible demonic aura. If it weren’t for the fact that it was a Guardian Beast, who would never betray its master, then this Flame Wolf would probably already be running away, abandoning its master like normal beasts.

Yue Yan was drenched with cold sweat. How could there be such a frightful enemy hidden in this Yue Clan’s Castle?

He was just about to speak, when all of a sudden, a burst of dark light flickered.

That voice that was filled with demonic aura sounded out: “Yue Clan’s Fourth Master, you are a clever child. I think you should already know that shouting for help is not a wise move. I could kill you easily before any reinforcements arrive. Certainly, if you could stop being hostile and have a talk with me, I believe that we will have a lot of opportunity to work together. Moreover, this collaboration could be very pleasing to you.”

“No, you are a demon follower. I am one of the Yue Clan’s younger generation. I will absolutely not be bewitched by a demon. Don’t even dream about it.” Yue Yan’s jaw was trembling unceasingly.

“It seems that you have been deceived by the education system. Whoever told you that demons must be mankind’s enemy? At the higher level of Tong Tian Tower, at the Outer Realm, there are numerous powerful human Rankers who joined forces with powerful Demon Rankers to repel their enemies … I believe that you heard of the place called the Heaven Realm? Do you know what kind of place is that? That’s the place where both Demons and Humans coexist together. Of course, there are even more different types of species living there, and there are even stronger and more formidable enemies. Currently, you are as weak as an ant. Do you wish to pursue the highest realm of power possible? Do you wish to pursue a much greater power? Look at you, so weak and pathetic, so dejected after only losing three of your useless, bronze-ranked beasts. Even I feel sad for you as you are now. You could never come to know how strong the Outer Realm is. Over there, even if you possess a gold-ranked beast, you would still only be trash. If you still desire to be a weak ant, then I shall leave. However, If you have even a little desire to forge ahead and become stronger, then we can have a chat… “ The demonic figure spoke softly outside the window as he gently tempted Yue Yan.

“Can you give me a gold-ranked beast?” Yue Yan clenched his fists tightly.

He knew that if he accepted the demon’s enticement, he would be thoroughly done for.

However, he was unresigned. He could lose to any person, but he absolutely could not be defeated by that trash. Right now, rather than continuing as an inferior, weak ant that was not even worth mentioning, he would rather own a strong beast and turn into a powerful Ranker that could sweep away everything on his path.

As long as he had a gold-ranked beast, he could become as strong as that piece of trash. Defeating that garbage then would not just be a dream, but a reality. This was an opportunity, an extremely good opportunity… However, if he really received the demon’s present, there would really be no turning back for him. He would lose his position in the Yue Clan, and might even become a Demon Follower that everyone in the world would hunt down to kill.

Do I really have to do this?

As Yue Yan pondered about it, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine.

Now, Yue Yan was standing on the cliff’s edge, where the only option was to either fall into the dark abyss and become a Demon’s follower, or choose to continue living as a loser. Should he continue to be a weak ant, or should he chose to become depraved?

“Child, you are too impatient. Based on your current strength, you wouldn’t be able to form a contract with it, even if I did give you a gold-ranked beast. Of course, I can give you a silver-ranked beast. After you form a contract with it, you could slowly cultivate it. When the time is ripe, we can use a secret art to convert it into a gold-ranked beast or higher. Regarding this matter, you don’t have to worry, as nothing is impossible for us.” The Demon Shadow outside the window chuckled lightly.

“If you give me a silver-ranked beast instead of a gold-ranked beast, then how can I defeat that piece of trash? I must defeat that piece of trash, I must definitely kill him.” Yue Yan gnashed his teeth tightly the moment he thought of Yue Yang, hatred filling him all the way to his bones.

“Impatient people won’t be able to achieve great things in life. Of course, I understand the hatred in your heart. This being the case, how about I send an envoy to teach that trash a lesson for you? I will send an envoy to cripple him and make him unable to progress for a few years. As for you, you would take this opportunity to improve greatly, then you could kill him very easily. I guarantee that once you have become stronger, defeating him will be as effortless as squishing a bug,” The Demon Shadow near the window continued to entice Yue Yan again.

“Since you are a Demon Follower, I could not trust you. You must being trying to deceive me.” Yue Yan’s mind was in a state of conflict. He wouldn’t believe that he would have a glorious future without a gold-ranked beast egg. If the Demon Follower was deceiving him by any chance, then what would he, who had no way of undoing what he had done, do?

“Fourth Young Master, I’ve mentioned it earlier. You are indeed smart, but you will never be able to comprehend just how formidable our capabilities are. Nothing is impossible for us. Just listen for the news tomorrow. That piece of trash will acquire serious injuries, and this is us holding our strength back to let you enjoy the taste of victory. Smart lad, I am not anxious for your reply. Once you have made up your mind, I will come to look for you again. Or perhaps, you can go to the Black River Valley on the third level of Tong Tian Tower to look for me. Young one, when good fortune arrives at your doorstep, as you stand at the intersection of your destiny, I hope you will not miss this opportunity and make the foolish choice of walking down the wrong path in life.” As a breeze blew through the window, that demonic shadow had already faded away.

“What now, what now?” Yue Yan muttered to himself as beads of sweats trickled down his face.

What Yue Yan did not know, was that half an hour earlier, that exact same Demon Shadow had appeared in front of Yue Tian’s window, and given him the exact same speech.

Five minutes later, that Demon Shadow appeared in front of Yue Yang’s window.

However, before he could even speak, Yue Yang’s voice resounded from inside, “I am still awake, what do you wish to talk about? If you wish to use a silver-ranked beast to entice me like Yue Yan, then I am sorry to tell you that I have no interest in silver-ranked beasts at all. What do you wish to talk to me about? You, a Demon Follower, who has yet to cross over to the Heaven Realm, yet still dare to casually dupe people to become Demon Followers, who is your master? Is it Demon King Baruth, Demon King Ha Xin, or Lich King Grun?”

“ You… … “ This was the first time someone was able to see through the Demon Shadow’s concealment. The demonic shadow asked bewilderedly: “ How could you know? Were you following me just now? “

“Excuse me, but I had initially wanted to go over to that brat, Yue Yan’s place and beat him up again, as well as reminding him that it is time to pee. I didn’t expect to hear you delivering your speech. Your flattering speech almost made me want to applaud you for it. I reckoned that you may come and look for me for a chat, therefore I specifically rushed back and waited for you. Why? Don’t you have something to talk to me about?” Yue Yang spoke magnanimously as he openly opened the door and stood there, making a gesture to invite the Demon Shadow in.

“It seems that I have underestimated you, Third Young Master. We will meet again in the future.” The Demon Shadow spoke as he held a black transportation orb.

“The same move that you used would not work on a Saint Seiya… I mean, the same escaping move that you used would not work on me, ” Yue Yang laughed brilliantly.

The Demon Shadow, who had just wanted to use the black transportation orb to escape, suddenly found himself not able to move.

An unshakable binding strength had chained his whole body to the ground.

A small, exquisite pair of Dual Icicle Blades came from his rear and easily slashed the arms of the Demon Shadow that was holding the black transportation orb. At the same time, the sliced arm and shoulder of the Demon Shadow began to freeze over.

There was an assailant behind him, a very strong one at that. Could this person be the person that master had ever said before…? This, could this be the expert that was teaching this trash Third Young Master in secret?

It was true as expected.

There was indeed an expert supporting that piece of trash from the shadows.

As the Demon Shadow’s hand reach out to summon his grimoire, there was a sudden “whoosh” sound, and a golden arrow etched deeply into his right shoulder. Immediately, his right shoulder began to turn to stone. The Demon Shadow was so shocked, that his soul almost left his body. Stone Element Medusa. There was no need to guess, this was the work of Stone Element Medusa’s petrifying ability. Thankfully, he did not turn around, otherwise he would have turned into a stone.


Blood sprayed out as a golden trident penetrated right through the chest of the Demon Shadow. At the tip of the trident, there appeared to be a demon heart that looked like a black core emitting dark energies.

The Demon Shadow started to sway, so agonized that he almost collapsed onto the ground.

“I will be back to take my revenge!” The Demon Shadow hatefully stepped onto the dark teleportation orb that laid on the ground.

He knew that he was a goner. Even if he could make it out, he reckoned that with his current injuries, his body would not be able to survive for long.

Nevertheless, as long as there was still a breath left in him, he would pass on the important message to his master that the garbage Third Young Master has the protection of several powerful people.

Yue Yang dashed forward faster than lightning ,and joined his fingers as he pierced through the Demon Shadow’s right chest: “I know that certain demon races have 2 demon hearts, thus this trick is no longer effective against me. Die!”

In a flash, the Innate Sword Qi stabbed into the remaining heart of the Demon Shadow.

The Demon Shadow’s body began to rumble and exploded with a boom. A Silver grimoire appeared, and fell to the ground, emitting an endless stream of demonic energy.

Just as the Demon Shadow’s corpse began to fade away in the teleportation pillar that arose from the teleportation orb, the hidden Xiao Wen Li swiftly severed the Demon Shadow’s neck with her Dual Icicle Blades. Her attack was even faster than the teleportation light.

Neither the Stone Element Medusa nor the Storm Mermaid, who was holding a golden trident, were able to react and attack a second time.

But since this was the first coordinated surprise attack, it could be considered a success.

If they were really fighting against that Demon Shadow, it would be very difficult to defeat a strong enemy that owned a grimoire. Even if the Demon Shadow was heavily injured, he could still escape using the transportation orb.

Employing his strategies, Yue Yang was able to execute his well coordinated plan to surround and kill the Demon Shadow.

In the end, the Demon Shadow was killed in seconds.

This was the power obtained through the usage of one’s intellect and strength.

No matter if it was at the Yue Clan Village, at the Yue Clan’s Castle entrance, or even the Yue Clan’s Tournament, Yue Yang had yet to fully display his abilities.

However, once there was nobody around, Yue Yang did not show any restraint and killed the Demon Shadow in seconds… At the same time, he deliberately created an image that he was protected by an expert.

This also gave the Demon Shadow’s master a warning.

Other than the Silver Grimoire and the demon heart at the tip of the Storm Mermaid’s golden trident, the rest of the Demon Shadow’s body was teleported away, even his severed arm that was slashed by Xiao Wen Li’s blade.

“Everybody did a good job, especially Xiao Wen Li, your strength is the best!” Yue Yang praised. Xiao Wen Li was beaming with joy and went on to grab Yue Yang leg with her six arms and started acting coquettishly. Yue Yang immediately went over to pick up the Silver Grimoire. This thing still has some research value, maybe he would suddenly be lucky again someday and contract a Third Grimoire. That would have been awesome.

As for the Stone Element Medusa and the Storm Mermaid, they were recalled into Xiao Wen Li’s diamond grimoire.

Xiao Wen Li was disgusted by the sight of the impaled demon heart as if she had seen something dirty. On the contrary, Hui Tai Lang was drooling at the sight of the demon heart, but before Yue Yang gave him the permission to eat, he would not dare to eat it.

“You did not do anything today and yet you still want to eat this?” Yue Yang reprimanded Hui Tai Lang angrily at first, but in the end, seeing Hui Tai Lang’s pathetic look, whose drool had almost turned into waterfall, Yue Yang finally gave Hui Tai Lang the permission to devour the demon heart. Forget it, it was just a broken demon heart that was of no use to the greedy dimension-traveller. The seldom act of generosity made Hui Tai Lang so overjoyed as he gobbled up the demon heart and wagged his tail happily.

Seeing that Hui Tai Lang’s demonic aura started increasing unceasingly after he had consumed the demon heart, Yue Yang reckoned that it would not be long till Hui Tai Lang broke through to a new level.

If Hui Tai Lang could turn into a silver-ranked beast, then he wouldn’t mind giving it a few more demon hearts or some Innate Qi

Anyway, could it be that this guy’s final evolution was a three-headed dog, like the Gatekeeper of Hell, Cerberus?

With regards to Hui Tai Lang’s future evolution, Yue Yang had only had a passing thought. He did not give it much thought as no matter how much it would improve, it was bound to be his weakest Beast.

Ten kilometres away, in a small forest.

A man dressed in white stood under the shadow of a tree with his hands on his back, silently waiting.

A black transportation spell flashed on the ground, and with a flash, a portal with a diameter of about 10 metres opened.

“Have you accomplished your mission?” The white-robed man asked unenthusiastically. However, there was no reply from the Demon Shadow as he appeared from the portal. Then, his head fell off from his neck and rolled towards the white-robed man’s feet.

Although the Demon Shadow had already died, his eyes had yet to close and were bloodshot.

A second later, the refined white-robed man turned around in astonishment, revealing a face that no one could have thought of. He was actually Yue Family’s substitute head, Yue Shan. The white-robed Yue Shan’s expression was extremely complicated as he carefully observed the corpse of the Demon Shadow for a long time.

Yue Shan carefully examined the severed head of the Demon Shadow, his pierced chest, his petrified arm and frozen shoulder.

Finally, he came to a conclusion. Xiao San did indeed have an expert behind him. It was this expert that stealthily attacked and killed the Demon Shadow in seconds. Furthermore, this expert was not only proficient in battle skills, but also had extremely strong beasts in his arsenal. He should at least have a Stone Element Medusa… As for the freezing ability, it seemed to be caused by a treasure weapon owned by the expert. The first heart seemed to be crushed, while the second heart was taken away forcibly. The expert must have realized that the Demon Shadow had a second heart after he crushed the first heart. Hence, the expert then swiftly dug out the second heart… Even so, the expert was still able to sliced the head of the Demon Spectre as he was about to escape. The last, but the most important point was that, the expert must have initially wanted to capture the Demon Shadow alive, but once the Demon Shadow activated the transportation orb, the expert decided to kill him.

The transportation orb only required a second to be activated, but during that one second, the expert had made numerous fatal wounds to the Demon Shadow.

That expert was too formidable.

A Demon Shadow, who possessed a grimoire, was instantly killed, unable to summon his grimoire. What level was this expert at? Level 7 – [OverLord] or Level 8 – [Emperor]?

Yue Shan looked towards the sky and sighed silently, “It seems that I’ll have to continue to endure patiently…”

At Yue Clan’s Castle, Yue Yang who had instantly killed the Demon Shadow with Xiao Wen Li, opened the Silver Grimoire and began to study it.

Previously, he could successfully form a contract with the Silver Grimoire when he obtained a Secondary Grimoire.

But could he form a contract with this Silver Grimoire too?

If he was unable to form a contract with the Silver Grimoire now, then should he hold onto it and see if he was able to do so when he reached a higher realm? What kind of secrets would another person’s grimoire have? As Yue Yang pondered over this issue, his heart was filled with a strange feeling that if he obtained more Grimoire’s, it would bring him more benefits in the future.

Now, what use would he have for this Silver Grimoire?

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