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LLS Chapter 113 – Counterfeit Skill Vs Six Records Skill

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Chapter 113 – Counterfeit Skill Vs Six Records Skill
Translated by: youcanbeKing
Edited by: khh, Ignis, Based Jessica and Rango
TLCed by: Ignis, Shiroyukineko

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“Okay, let’s head out to fight. It’s too small here; we couldn’t fight to our fullest potential.” The swordswoman cancelled her summon, picked up her large sword, and was about to invite Yue Yang out for another three hundred bouts of fight… Unfortunately when Yue Yang saw the expression on Yue Shan’s face, he immediately had a change of mind.

Once he left, he couldn’t ensure that these two fellows would not secretly harm Fourth Mother.

If Fourth Mother did not leave, he too would absolutely not leave.

Moreover, if by any chance, the battle against the swordswoman and Xue Tan Lang ended up with the three of them becoming seriously injured, he couldn’t be sure that he would not be taken advantage of by First Uncle Yue Shan and Second Uncle Yue Ling. Yue Yang decided that it was more important to preserve his life than fighting and killing.

Although Yue Yang was indeed curious about the royal swordswoman’s beast, he changed his mind and immediately held back. He recalled the Barbaric Cow Shadow and the Bloody Queen, and greased his heels.

He stealthily jumped off the stage and swiftly ran off.

Xue Tan Lang and the royal swordswoman were people that he found difficult to deal with, thus it was better not to engage them.

As for the new battle skill that he comprehended, he would have to go back and refine it. At most he would only use it in his dreams and have the beautiful goddess to help him revise the skill, which should not be a problem. Only an idiot would reveal his full strength. Since they were more or less done with the fight, it would only be proper to know when to stop. Furthermore, he could not be too far from Fourth Mother, as he could not afford to be careless and put the little girl and Fourth Mother in danger.

Even if their lives were not in danger, if they were poisoned by some incurable poison like Fourth Uncle Yue Ling , then what could he do?

At this point in time, he could not leave their sides no matter what. As for the new battle skills, he could find an opportunity to practice it later.

“Stop running, little brat!” Both the royal swordswoman and Xue Tan Lang were confused. Why did Yue Yang flee when the battle had just started? If they could not fight here, they could go and fight outside instead.

“Fourth Mother, I’ve paid respect to the ancestors already, let’s head home.” Both Xue Tan Lang and the royal swordswoman were in hot pursuit. However Yue Yang shamelessly leaned over and carried the little girl. The two, who were prepared to attack, could no longer do so as they were afraid of hurting the little girl accidentally.

“I’m looking forward to the day where you and I can battle without restraint… I still have ten times, twenty times, even thirty times stronger blizzard-type summons. The next time we meet, we have to decide who is the victor.” The ice cube guy Xue Tan Lang was not satisfied; he felt that he was the most outstanding male of all the gifted ones. Although he did not deny that the shameless Yue Yang was also outstanding, in his heart he still hoped to prove that he was a little more outstanding.

“When summer arrives, I’ll request you to organize an ice-cube summer party.” As Yue Yang spoke, Xue Tan Lang immediately turned around and left.

“Hehe” Yue Bing covered her mouth as she giggled.

“Hey, you are not allowed to leave things unfinished. Let us fight again.” The royal swordswoman extremely detested this type of rascal. She wished she could use her large sword and smash the brat’s head to pieces.

He actually ran away as soon as the fight begun. Did he not have any of the pride or dignity of a man?

Yue Yang felt extremely disdained. One could have honor, but it could not be eaten. When a male was trying to chase after a beauty, he would use a stronger sense of honor, but in a normal fight, why should one have such an unyielding sense of honor?

Carrying the little girl, Yue Yang deliberately shook his head and sighed: ”I’ve lost, I’m just a piece of trash. If it was just somebody bullying me on any day, I’ll just let it be, but you are a princess. Shouldn’t you be taking off your clothes and having a bath by the lake? Instead, you choose to come out and bully a piece of trash. Please have mercy and give us a way out. We have been bullied till it is almost impossible to continue living on. Fourth Mother, let’s go.”

The beautiful woman shook her head gently and said: ”Let’s stay here for another two days. I wish to meet Miss Feng and ask about your uncle’s situation”

She took the little girl from Yue Yang and gently stroked the top of Yue Yang’s head. “Unknowingly, my son has grown so tall. San-er is so capable. Fourth Mother is happy. I’ll talk to you more later. Now, you should accompany Princess Qian Qian. As the head of our branch, you should not neglect such an important guest like Princess Qian Qian.”

Yue Yang displayed an appearance of a filial son and nodded his head earnestly: “Of course, Fourth Mother walk slowly. I’ll take care of Princess Qian Qian properly… … I’ll make sure she drowns in happiness (sexual pleasure).”

(Ignis: Yue Yang played on words where happiness (幸福快乐)sounds the same as Sexual Pleasure (性福快乐))

Naturally, he did not dare to say the second part of that phrase.

The royal swordswoman raised her brows and wondered if her Six Records skill had deteriorated a little. Why couldn’t she hear the few of the words that Yue Yang said?

Was it due to confusion, or was it because she was used to the nonsense of Yue Yang?


She didn’t know that in this world, there was a certain shameless guy with a cheat skill called Counterfeit. If her Six Records skill wasn’t so strong, she reckoned that she would be thoroughly deceived. Faced with the Level 2 Counterfeit, for her to feel confused on hearing the words of Yue Yang was indeed normal.

If she continued to listen without having any suspicions, then it would be disastrous. She would have long been deceived endlessly by him if it happened.

“Your words are incorrect, it seems like you wish to take advantage of me. Are you thinking about something bad?” The royal swordswoman had good perception and Yue Yang muttered that it was a close call. Fortunately the Counterfeit skill had ranked up, so she could now only make sense of a few lies and wasn’t as sure as she was in the past.

Ha Ha, the time to dupe her had arrived.

Wasn’t she just a Princess?

If she was disciplined, Yue Yang believed that there was a good chance for her to become an obedient female slave…

Yue Yang felt tickled, but faked a dignified appearance: ”Come on, my thoughtfulness for the Princess is unquestionable, and my admiration for you is as endless and unceasing as a flowing river… I am preparing to slaughter a chicken and burn yellow paper to become heterosexual sworn brothers with the Princess. Thus, how could I be disrespectful to the Princess? If I were ever disrespectful, then let lightning strike that White Stone City tavern’s boss.”

“How is this related to White Stone City tavern’s boss?” The Swordswoman became increasingly confused as she heard Yue Yang’s words, why was her Six Records failing?

“Nonsense, it is very related.” Yue Yang said mysteriously: ”I won’t tell this to just anybody, but since it is you, then it is fine, because you are my sworn brother. No wait. You are my Princess. Don’t you know about the tavern’s boss at the east of White Stone City? He is a ruthless merchant that lacks conscience, and is more ruthless compared to those merchants producing cotton goods in sweatshops. People, who are tavern bosses, often put a little water in wine, but he goes even further. He puts a little wine into a bottle of water and sell it just like that San Lu Group putting milk powder into a bottle filled with melamine. If lightning doesn’t strike on him, is there even justice in this world?”

(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanlu_Group)

“What kind of beast is this melamine? What San Lu to what milk?” The swordswoman became increasingly confused and could not comprehend a single thing.

“You don’t know what is San Lu? It is a Divine Beast that possesses the ability to turn things into stone. Haven’t you heard of this phrase: “Drink San Lu and it will petrify a generation”?” Yue Yang appeared startled when he asked, with a facial expression of someone who was dumbfounded by an idiot. The look on Yue Yang’s face exceptionally demanded a beating.

“I’ve never heard of it.” The swordswomen wished she could give a fierce beating to the overly exaggerated face of Yue Yang’s.

“Friend, I know that you pay no attention to outside matters. You’re preoccupied with being a girl, but you can’t be unaware of even San Lu. Let me tell you, San Lu is just like a mistress, both of them have ‘milk’.” Yue Yang said resolutely.

“I feel that you are trying to deceive me, you are deliberately trying to trick me.” The swordswoman felt that she had listened to so much nonesense that she felt dizzy. She could feel that something wasn’t right, yet couldn’t tell what was wrong.

“How would I dare to deceive you, you are the Princess. I’m just a commoner who is just a piece of trash. How could I have the guts to deceive you, the Princess? Naturally, I wouldn’t dare to do so. Moreover, I’m just an honest, noble gentleman. Throughout my entire life, I’ve treated others with sincerity, spoken with honesty, did genuine acts, and cultivated to become a good person. So how could I have lied? I’ll tell you this responsibly; I’ve never told a lie before in my entire life.” As Yue Yang said this sentence, even he could not believe what he had just said.

“Why don’t you say that you are a saint that would faint at the sight of blood?” The swordswoman shrieked angrily.

“The sight of blood, which makes me feel sick, is my only weakness in life. I’m naturally timid. No. I was born kind-hearted.” Yue Yang, who was covered from head to toe by others’ fresh blood, was now smiling brilliantly as if he was enjoying the gentle spring breeze.

“I’m dizzy. You are the most shameless person I’ve ever met in my entire life.” The royal swordswoman’s head was hurting.

“Once you discover that you have misunderstood me this whole time, you will definitely feel guilty. However, it’s not an issue, I’ll forgive you. In addition, having tolerance is also one of my merits. Furthermore, it is my biggest merit in life.” A few days ago, he was slaughtering his way into the Yue Clan Castle to seek revenge. Today, he had just knocked Yue Tian, Yue Yan, and even the seven year old Yue Feng off the stage to avenge himself. Yet, this was the way he evaluated himself.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about you now. I reckon that if the world’s most shameless person met you, he would probably feel inferior and commit suicide, but I still couldn’t make any sense of what you were previously saying…“ The swordswoman felt a bit confused, and decided not to talk to this brat any longer. It would just make her become infuriated and, at the same time, kill her from a headache.

“Let’s explore it together, then you can understand everything thoroughly, where do you plan on getting started?” Yue Yang spoke sincerely.

(Ignis: another word play. The word for exploring in mandarin also means doing it)

“You!” The royal swordswoman understood what he implied and was furious. She grabbed onto Yue Yang’s collar and scolded: ”You dare to take liberties and molest me?”

“Injustice! I think even a blind person can see who is actually taking liberties and molesting who.” Yue Yang, whose collar had been grabbed, shouted with grievance, and looked like he wanted to jump into a river to commit suicide. Once he saw the royal swordswoman glaring at him, he revealed a smile: ”I indeed want to molest you, but I’m just saying it casually and did not even do it. Princess, you do not have any evidence, yet you forcefully labelled me as a molestor. This civilian feels indignant. Why don’t you wait until I have molested you. Once it becomes a reality, then it wouldn’t be too late for the Princess to be angry. Don’t you feel what I’ve said is a little reasonable?”

“Your head!” The Swordswoman was angry, but in the end had laughed instead. This brat could be honest at times and occasionally, he also spoke some truths.

“Thank you, Princess for your mercy. This civilian shall take his leave.” Yue Yang hastily tried to slip away.

“Wait, previously you said that I should strip and take a bath by the lakeside. How do you explain that? If you are unable to do so, then I would have to charge you for slander.” The royal swordswoman‘s had a good memory. She could still clearly recall the nonsense that Yue Yang had previously spouted.

“Do you really have such a hobby?” Yue Yang blinked his large eyes and asked curiously.

“I don’t have such a perverted hobby.” The swordswoman was about to pass out. Who would be so bored as to run to the lakeside for a bath?

“But it is clearly written in novels that princesses would compete and try to outdo each other by running to lakesides to take baths. Then those who picked up the princess’ clothes could earn their affection. I was initially planning to go and prepare an ambush at the lakeside, to see if there were any princesses going there for a bath…“ Yue Yang spoke with a tone of disappointment, and had hint of hopelessness.

“Idiot, those stories are fictional. Moreover, I haven’t read any novels that have such senseless stuff written in it.” The royal swordswoman punched at Yue Yang’s chest heavily.

“I would rather wish that it was true…“ Yue Yang seemed as if he was going to cry.

“You are already incorrigible.” The royal swordswoman was speechless.

Just then, Jun Wu You sent a few people to ask Yue Yang to come over and meet him.

Who would have known that Yue Yang rejected the offer with an excuse that could make everybody sweat in nervousness.

Yue Yang touched his chest and acted like he was about to collapse from injury, telling the imperial guard: ”I’m honored that the Emperor summoned a useless piece of trash like me over to have a talk, but just few days ago, I’ve suddenly caught the chills and I have yet to recover. Furthermore, I’ve overestimated my capabilities and participated in this competition, which resulted in me being seriously injured. Look at me, I’m covered in blood. It appears that I do not have much time left to live. I’ve to go back immediately and write my will, and pay my last association fee to the organization. Wrong, it is the club fee… oh I forgot that I am not in any club. I’m just a member of the young pioneers. Oh heavens, I have too many regrets. This won’t do, I am going to commit suicide. Nobody should try to stop me.”

(Ignis: Young Pioneers of China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Pioneers_of_China)

Before he finished his sentence, Yue Yang had already swiftly disappeared.

The royal swordswoman was dumbstruck at the sight of this, only mumbling after a period of time: “Is some part of this little brat’s brain damaged? Why is he so disorderly?”

“Ha ha ha ha” After Jun Wu You listened to the guard’s report, he started to laugh merrily.

“This little brat is really rude. It seems that we have to quickly catch him and punish him properly. If he is not punished heavily, I reckon that it would be impossible to change his mischievous nature.” Elder Yue Hai also laughed.

“Young people nowadays are really daring. Back when I was young, whenever my old man called me for some admonishing, there were times that I really didn’t want to go. I wanted to tell my old man that I had enough of his daily lecturing… However, I could not bring myself to say it. Brother Hai, so what do you intend on doing? Let him be wild for two years or discipline him a little? Why not find him something to do, lest he thinks that we old folks are muddle-headed or are turning blind. Otherwise, we can always send him to that place for experience. I believe that this little brat will definitely not disappoint us.” Jun Wu You chuckled.

Although what Jun Wu You said seemed casual, it was like a bolt of lightning from a clear sky. It made Feng Xiao Yun, Xu Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong, Yue Shan, Yue Ling, and the others who were seated become pertubed.

They were all shocked and stood up immediately.

“What? Your Highness. To send a child to that place to train, isn’t it too early? “ Yan Qian Zhong stood up hurriedly, carrying a look of anxiety.

“Absolutely, that place is far too dangerous” Xu Wen Dao nodded in agreement.

“Your Highness, why don’t we let him train in the third level of Tong Tian Tower for a while to let him accumulate experience first? That place is simply too unpredictable.” Feng Xiao Yun had some doubts too.

“…“ Yue Shan and Yue Ling exchanged glances, but did not speak. In any case, both Yue Tian and Yue Yan were now crippled, thus they had no chance to go.

“Sending him to that place is indeed slightly early, but we are only temporarily going to the outskirts of that place. They would probably be unable to enter the inner circle within two whole years, so it should be fine. You should not underestimate the kids nowadays. Po Jun, Qi Sha, Tan Lang, and also that little lunatic from before; all of them are outstanding talents whom I think highly of. After they have attained that realm and meet the requirements, I will recommend them to that Old Geezer above. There’s no need for all of you to be worried. I’m certain that their achievements will certainly surpass yours. They belong to Da Xia Empire and are also the four major clan’s future prospects. Let them go; the sky is vast for the birds to fly and the sea is wide for the fish to swim. It couldn’t be that all of you wish to shelter them and cause them to become incapable of overcoming any hardships in life? The strong are produced from grindstones; the greater the hardship, the stronger they will become.” Jun Wu You comforted them in speech and pledged, “Please be assured that the imperial household of the Da Xia Empire will not be stingy. Any map, notes, treasures, etc. will be taken out for them to use. Do you think that I do not wish for them to become talented? Or that I’m not worried about their safety? As long as you people are willing to send them, I can provide everything that is needed.”

“Since Your Highness has granted us such a favor, your subjects are absolutely gratified.” Yan Qian Zhong, Xue Wen Dao, and Feng Xiao Yun bowed and thanked Jun Wu You for his favor.

“I’ll give you three months to prepare… Yue Tian and Yue Yan will also go. Even if their beasts have died, they can still contract with other beasts. Furthermore, they still have their guardian beasts; the guardian beasts are actually the most important, so let’s just forget about the other beasts. Furthermore, their strength can be improved. As for the huge losses this time, the imperial household shall bestow upon both of them a bronze ranked beast to increase their strengths. But from today onwards, you people have to ensure unity and prevent another tragedy of having the geniuses die.” Jun Wu You gave a small benefit to Yue Shan and Yue Ling and at the same time, warned them not to harbour any ill intentions towards Yue Yang. They should absolutely not repeat Yue Qiu’s tragedy, if not, he would start killing people.

“We thank you, the Emperor, for your favor.” Yue Shan and Yue Ling naturally agreed respectfully on the surface, but nobody knew what they were thinking about in their hearts.

At the wave of Jun Wu You’s hand, the crowd swiftly took their leave and retired.

After he had dismissed everybody, Jun Wu You conversed with elder Yue Hai again.

“Brother Hai, I’m okay with it. Seems like he was certain that he does not wish to see me. You, as his grandfather, should go and talk to that little lunatic. I feel that he seems to be proficient in battle skills, yet his knowledge of beasts seems to be superficial. How about letting him attend three months of school to beef up his basic knowledge? What do you think?” Jun Wu You’s perceptiveness was incomparably sharp. He could read people extremely accurately. Most of the words he spoke were targeted towards the fact that he understood that Yue Yang had never experienced proper grooming as he was of no importance to his clan. This little lunatic had always hidden at home and had neither received a good basic training, nor proper education. By relying simply on his reckless strength would not be a good thing for his growth.

“I’m thinking of giving Qiu-er’s stuff to him, hopefully it would benefit him. Aish, this child certainly has some endurance, but he is nonetheless young and cannot restrain himself for long. Having it accumulated, and becoming famous too early; this is not very good. If he were given a couple of years to step into the realm of a Level 6 [Elder], or possibly even a Level 7 [Overlord], it will not be too late for him to become famous… Now he has become famous too early, I’m afraid that he would provoke the envy and jealousy of people.” Elder Yue Hai sighed lightly.

“It’s no use to ponder over it now. This kid is smarter than his father and also extremely cunning. He is someone that is capable of accomplishing great things. Oh right. If you want me to hand over that stuff to him, it must certainly come with conditions. You have to let him handle a task for me. That thing was something that I had painstakingly managed to retrieve from the Old Geezer back then. It can’t be handed over to that kid for free.” Jun Wu You immediately raised his tone and laughed as he saw the swordswoman walk over: ”Qian Qian, how was it? What did that kid talk to you about? ”

“That little brat deceived me, but I could not catch him. My Six Records skill has lost its effectiveness against him.” The royal swordswoman replied gloomily.

“Ah, it couldn’t be possible right? ” Ju Wu You and elder Yue Hai could not believe what they had just heard.

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