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LLS Chapter 111 – Bloody Queen’s Presence

Chapter 111 – Bloody Queen’s Presence
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango, Based Jessica, metalith, Brian
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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When the Bloody Queen was summoned, perhaps it was because she was still angry at Yue Yang for not caring about her previous objections, she forcefully tried to return back to the silver grimoire. Unlike the Barbaric Cow Shadow, who showed great prowess and charisma, she even used her golden wings to wrap around her body, unwilling to let her face be shown to people. It seemed to set itself in contrast against Yue Yang’s boasting. With her appearance on the stage, all the other small beasts on the stage were scared to the point where they laid down on the ground, not daring to move. If not for seeing the golden waves of light emanating from her perfect wings, which was extending outwards forming a [King’s Halo], a symbol unique to Golden King Beasts, they would not have known that she was a Golden King Beast.

Of course, rankers with sharp senses would not even need to look at the Bloody Queen in order to sense how strong this Bloody Queen was the instant she was summoned.

Gold-ranked Level 3. For rankers like Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai, it might not be that high; but she was, after all, a Golden King Beast. There would be no limits in the future once she grew.

Most importantly, this Bloody Queen was a humanoid beast. She was a beast that possessed intelligence…

What did this mean?

This meant that there was a possibility of increasing her rank even further. Perhaps she could turn into a Platinum-ranked beast, or even the legendary Diamond rank.

If the person who had summoned her was a well-known and well-established sect elder or [Overlord], then Yue Shan and Yue Ling would not have been so jealous. However, the person who summoned the Bloody Queen was merely a person who, half a year ago, did not even have a grimoire. It was the trash who had never even succeeded in contracting with a beast.

Yue Shan and Yue Ling were jealous to the point where they felt like their blood pressure was causing them to bleed from all seven orifices.

Yue Yang had even summoned it right in front of Jun Wu You and their father. Now they could not try to kill him anymore.

With a fellow like Jun Wu You, who loved talented people as if they were his own life and blood, he would most definitely take a fancy to this abnormal trash. If they wanted to kill him in front of Jun Wu You, then their days of prosperity would be over. The year when Yue Qiu died in battle, Jun Wu You was thunderously furious. Aside from killing the dozens of generals who could not arrive in time to support Yue Qiu, he led people into the Demon Abyss, killing hundreds of Demon Generals to accompany Yue Qiu’s journey in the afterlife… However, Jun Wu You was unable to find Yue Qiu’s corpse even after all this time. The entire situation became a mystery and it also gave a tiny strand of hope to Jun Wu You that Yue Qiu was still alive. If not for this situation, Jun Wu You would probably have killed even more people.

Although Jun Wu You was normally a magnanimous emperor, who treated his subjects and people so well that he was often called the Smiling Emperor by the others, this did not mean that he would not kill people.

In truth, both Yue Shan and Yue Ling knew that among the emperors of the three great powers, or perhaps even amongst all the emperors in Soaring Dragon Continent, Ju Wu You was the emperor who had killed the most people during his reign as a monarch.

“Don’t be angry. Just use your Queen’s Presence and help me tyrannise them all. I’ll buy you candy apples later once you’re done.” Yue Yang retrieved the silver grimoire in his hands. Once his shield disappeared, he walked over to the Bloody Queen’s side, stroking her wings lightly while coaxing her. The crowd was sweating intensely, speechless. There would be no way that this Bloody Queen liked candy apples.

“…..^(!~@#$” The bloody queen stretched out a hand from beneath her wings. Then, she said a string of Demon Abyss language that nobody could understand, as if requesting something from Yue Yang.

“Ah, she can speak too.”

“I’m going to faint.”

What did it mean for beasts to speak? Even a fool would know that the beast possessed a high level of intelligence.

It’s not that there weren’t gold-ranked beasts in the world. However, gold-ranked beasts who had a high enough level of intelligence to speak were extremely few in numbers.

Yue Shan and Yue Ling had the urge to commit suicide. They really did not want to live; this was far too much for them to handle. How could all the luck in the world gather itself to this trash? Heaven was really unfair! Even if they combine the luck of all the geniuses in the world, they would be nowhere near as lucky as this brat was, now that all the luck had gathered onto this trash. What was the point of turning a trash into a powerful entity? Wouldn’t it be better to turn a genius into an even greater genius.

It was not fair!

It was not fair… The heavens treated this piece of trash far too well!

“You want Hui Jin? Don’t kid around, that is my equipment. Didn’t you steal the Dragon Slaying Dagger already? Even if you use it, you’d still fight the same way… Forget it. I’ll lend you the crescent blade for you to use. Remember, I’m only lending it to you.” Yue Yang stuffed the crescent blade into the slender hand of the Bloody Queen. He thought that he had settled the problem. He did not expect the Bloody Queen’s other hand to extend out as well.

“!@#$%^&)&^()#_#^#” She spoke extremely quickly again. Nobody could understand what her words meant.

“You still want a reward to fight? Hey hey hey, don’t you have any awareness that you’re a beast now? Look at Hui Tai Lang, it never brought up the matter of being rewarded by me at all.” Yue Yang warned the Bloody Queen not to be pampered. She should learn from Hui Tai Lang, who worked hard like a labourer.

“Wahng Wahng!” Hui Tai Lang was happy when he heard it and wagged his tail excitedly.

However, the Bloody Queen stubbornly extended her hands and refused to withdraw them.

Yue Yang had no choice but to stuff the wyvern’s magic core into her other palm. He felt that this girl was extorting him in front of the crowd. He must not lose anymore than this, no matter what she said next. However, although this girl didn’t have any money, her figure wasn’t too bad. This would not do; she should compensate with her body instead… But she was a beast. If a human and a beast had sex, wouldn’t that be a little evil? He was a good and innocent boy after all… Although Yue Yang thought he was a good boy, somewhere down below had already turned shamefully hard.


When the bloody queen received the wyvern magic core, she suddenly spread her wings animatedly. With a beat of the wings, she flew high up into the sky and screamed with extreme excitement.

Although this was not the banshee scream, it was the shout of a Golden King Beast, which caused the weak little beasts to be scared witless.

On the arena, amongst the beasts that Yue Tian and Yue Yan had summoned, aside from puppet-type beasts, the other beasts were all shaking from head to toe. They almost wanted to abandon their masters and flee. If not for Yue Tian and Yue Yan controlling them as much as they could, these beasts would have already fled off stage.

It was not surprising after all. Although they were powerful existences as Bronze-ranked compared to normal beasts, in the face of a Golden King Beast, they were nothing.

The Bloody Queen did not care about how others reacted to her. She was beaming with delight and looped around the sky excitedly. From her mouth came waves of delightful screams, as if it was a great accomplishment to get the crescent blades and the wyvern magic core from Yue Yang’s hands.

“I’m going to faint. So this girl was a gold digger after all.” Yue Yang felt that if this girl needed a wyvern magic core every time she was summoned, it would spell the end for him.

Seems like he could not let this go on for too long. He had to train her properly when he got back.

She should be an obedient slave who would only open her mouth to say ‘yes master’ and not talk about her desires at all.

“This abnormal guy, even his beast is abnormal.” Xue Tan Lang was absolutely speechless. Birds of a feather really flocked together.


When everyone was completely focused on the Bloody Queen, an ear-splitting sound rang out. Everyone was startled, and looked towards the source of the sound. They saw that the Barbaric Cow Shadow was raising her extremely huge demon blade and was cutting down the many steel puppet beasts that Yue Tian had summoned, into half. On the other side, Yue Yan’s Hydra Puppet came over to assist the fight, but it was stopped by the Barbaric Cow Shadow, who had extended her arm and clenched tightly onto the head of the Hydra Puppet… Sparks flew and electricity crackled. Under the stupefied gazes of the crowd, the Barbaric Cow Shadow barbarically pulled off one of the long heads of that Hydra Puppet, not caring about the attacks that came from the other eight heads. After that, she used her hands to force a hole within the puppet little by little, then proceeded to rip the metallic body of the Hydra Puppet in half. Finally, she took out the huge magic core within the precious machine.

Yue Yan almost cried himself to death. That was the magic core of a Hydra, his most precious magic core! It had taken him incredible amounts of blood and sweat to finally acquire that core.

He did not expect that before the Hydra Puppet could even use its secret weapon, its magic core had already been taken away by the opposition.

Hui Tai Lang was extremely fast.

As if it were lightning, it had already stolen the Hydra’s magic core from the Barbaric Cow Shadow.

However fast it was though, it could not be faster than Yue Yang.

Yue Yang kicked it flying and took the Hydra core into his arms. On the other side, the Bloody Queen had already come down at some point of time. She was appreciating the magic cores dug out from the many puppet-type beasts’ heads. However, her little butt was also sent flying by Yue Yang, and she was thrown out of the arena.

“Who dares to steal from me?” Yue Yang went mad. If him as the master did not say it was ok for others to have something, then nobody could take it on their own accord.

“…” The crowd was sweating like mad, stupefied at the scene before them.

Other people would have treated their Bronze-ranked beasts like their own, most cherished baby. They took their utmost care for them and would not even bear to scold them even once.

This fellow, on the other hand, even dared to use his foot to kick a Golden King Beast.

What made people split their sides laughing, on the other hand, was Hui Tai Lang’s actions. When it crawled back up from the ground, it did not betray its master like people thought it would. Instead, it had run back to Yue Yang’s feet, acting adorably as it wagged its tail. Yue Yang kicked it flying down the stage again. “Give me a break from this. I’ve never even seen this Hydra core before, there’s none for you.”

The Bloody Queen, on the other hand, was very angry at Yue Yang for kicking her. However, even though she had a temper, she did not dare to attack Yue Yang, and could only scream madly.

The sound of her scream reverberated through the arena.

Everyone felt like their heads were hit by a hammer, and the low-ranked beasts instantly fell unconscious.

Normal warriors had their visions turned black and began to see stars twirling around their heads as they nearly fell over onto the ground.

Yue Tian and Yue Yan felt danger. They wanted to run, but it was too late. The Bloody Queen took the crescent blades and pounced viciously at the two of them. The two people were preparing to muster their courage and order their beasts to meet the foe. They did not expect that the Bloody Queen would scream another time. Their minds were completely shaken, and their heads went completely blank… If not for them being protected by the grimoire’s shield, their heads would probably had exploded from the terrifying scream.

With their shields protecting them, they did not suffer much of an impact.

However, their beasts, such as the Flame Lion, the Thunder Leopard, and the Flame Guard had miserable fates.

The three beasts, who would ordinarily have showed off their might, were twitching in unimaginable pain. Their ears were bleeding as they were crying out pitifully. Their four limbs were trembling, and their power was greatly diminished.

As if a tiger had been let loose on a flock of sheep, the Bloody Queen rushed forward, brandishing the crescent blade and slashed it towards the Thunder Leopard that was closest to her.

Blood flew out wildly…

Within half a minute, the three Bronze-rank beasts had been completely slaughtered by her in the most bloody fashion. None of them had a complete corpse. The beasts’ heads were severed, their bodies ripped into pieces. Due to the Bloody Queen forcefully digging the magic cores out of their bodies, blood and white brain matter was splattered everywhere.

Everyone’s teeth were chattering while they looked aghastly at the Bloody Queen, whose body was completely covered with fresh blood and brain matter. Watching her taking the three magic cores, which were still stained with fresh blood, and seeing her bloodied face showing a contented expression, they could not help but shudder… As expected of the Bloody Queen that was only spoken of in legends. These kinds of killing techniques were truly bloody enough, befitting her name. It was too terrifying.

“It’s all over.” Yue Tian saw that all of his strongest beasts had died and their magic cores had been dug out by the Bloody Queen. The feeling of despair from turning into trash from a genius ranker caused his eyes to roll and faint straight away.

“How could this happen, no… no… “ Yue Yan listlessly knelt on the floor, painfully looking at the remains of his most beloved Flame Lion. He could not even speak properly while crying.

“Ah Man (Barbarian Cow Shadow), send Eldest Brother and Fourth Brother respectfully down the stage.” With a wave of Yue Yang’s hands, the Barbaric Cow Shadow pounced towards the unconscious Yue Tian and Yue Yan, who was kneeling and crying viciously. Now that they were no longer protected by a shield, would there ever be a better time to beat them up violently?

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