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LLS Chapter 110 – Cry, Vomit Blood, Be Jealous!

Chapter 110 – Cry, Vomit Blood, Be Jealous!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Based Jessica and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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At first, Uncle Yue Shan acted like a kindhearted and modest nobleman. He pasted a smile on his face, looking refined and courteous as he bowed towards Jun Wu You and his father. He then cupped his hands to show his respect to the three Clans’ representatives and finally nodded towards Yue Yang, “San-er, I understand your thirst for knowledge, but not everything that you wish for can be fulfilled. You must guard against pride and impatience during your training, and by no means should you act with undue haste. You should first train your basics, and understand it fully to set up a strong foundation. This is the way to climb the path to become a true, powerful warrior. Seeing you so full of heroic ambitions, I am also very happy for you. It is as if I’m seeing Third Brother appear before me again. Your Second Uncle and I will definitely do our utmost to support you and we will also certainly help you to become as powerful as Third Brother. Although it won’t be now, in another time, no matter where or when, if you have any difficulties, you can simply find your Second Uncle or me. We will give everything we have to help you. Just say all that you want and speak without reserve.”

“Clap clap clap…” Hearing these sincere words, the audience couldn’t help but applaud Yue Shan, the uncle who cared about his nephew so much.

“……” Yue Bing fell into silence.

Other than those outsiders, who did not know what was happening in the Yue Clan internally, who wouldn’t know that his heart was as poisonous as a snake’s venom?

Seeing him enacting such a hypocritical act so calmly made her really want to vomit. He had really raised his hypocritical act to a whole new realm and heights!

Indeed, Yue Shan had actually wanted to agree to Yue Yang’s challenge. He simply wanted to kill Yue Yang, that brat, immediately. Yue Shan definitely did not wish for a second Yue Qiu to appear, especially when he saw that this brat was completely different from his father. He was arrogant as hell, and was also unusually cunning. He was even more troublesome than the upright and outspoken, bold and heroic Yue Qiu.

If he didn’t challenge him purposely like this, he would have sought for an opportunity to kill him secretly.

Now it was impossible to do so.

Everyone, including Da Xia Emperor Jun Wu You and his father, had already noted down and understood his words and actions. Even if he killed Yue Yang, it would be useless to try to cover it up. They would be able to guess that he was the one who killed Yue Yang. Most importantly, this brat’s improvement was extremely fast, he advanced by leaps and bounds from the moment he contracted a grimoire. He was like a completely different person from the spineless, useless coward that he was a year ago. If he didn’t kill Yue Yang now, perhaps in just a short period of time in the future, he wouldn’t be able to kill him easily, even if he wanted to.

How could he kill Yue Yang now, in front of thousands of people, under the audiences’ onlooking eyes of the whole audience?

Not even mentioning Jun Wu You who loved talents like his own life, even his own father, who had always been suspicious that he was the one who killed Third Brother, would probably never let him off… All these years, Yue Hai had always been investigating the matter, seeking evidence. If he really killed this useless trash, then the consequences would really be inconceivable. He even thought that his Second Brother, who had always drooled over their family’s treasures and his position, would benefit in the end.

“First Brother is right. Nephew San-er, we all know that you have improved by leaps and bounds and are anxious to show it to the Clan. However, after all, your training period had been too short. If by any chance we accidentally harmed you and caused you serious injury, what would happen? Our Third and Fourth Brother are relying on you to inherit their names. How would we be able to fight seriously against you? On the arena, we should compare our skills and improve together. This is the law that our ancestors have set for us, and this is also the foundation for our clan to improve and become top-class warriors. If San-er wants to improve, why don’t you fight against Tian-er, Yan-er, and Ting-er to test your skills? This way you could offer a good show for us in this New Year’s Tournament.” Second Uncle Yue Ling also did not dare to fight Yue Yang, talking non-stop instead, showing that he was also an uncle who cherished and loved his nephew, Yue Yang.

“Clap clap clap…” When the audience heard it, they thought that these two uncles were indeed the role-model uncles. They deserved a standing ovation and cheers.

“What the two of you said are truly right,” Even the three other clan’s representatives expressed their praises.

In reality, they already knew that the Yue Clan’s internal strife was extremely bad. However, they pretended to know nothing.

However, Yue Clan was not the only one who had internal strifes. In the other clans, unless there was only one inheritor, sons would definitely fight over each other even if there were two only two of them. It’s just that each clan had covered it up and would never speak about it. They were unlike the Yue Clan who would have a Tournament amongst the younger generations every year. Their conflicts could be seen very clearly; everyone could tell with just one look.

If they were really compared with each other, the other clans’ undercurrent internal strifes between brothers fighting for power, destroying each other, would probably be ten times more intense than the Yue Clan.

A wise man once said, it was not that the Soaring Dragon Continent did not have talents, it was just that these talents all died due to internal strifes….

These words might not be known to common folks, but amongst the clans, it was known to everyone.

The most talented one would receive the most jealousy and hatred.

In reality, Yue Yang had already known that his First Uncle Yue Shan and Second Uncle Yue Ling, these two cunning old foxes, wouldn’t agree to his challenge. He only wanted to provoke them purposely, and announce the internal strife between the Fourth Branch against the First and Second Branch out to the public. In passing, he would also be able to paint the good-hearted faces of those two black.

Even if there were many applauding hands, those people would probably gossip despicably about Yue Shan’s and Yue Ling’s hypocritical acts when they got back home.

Yue Tian and Yue Yan were in hesitation. Facing against his challenge, should they accept it or not?

Just facing up against Yue Bing, who had a bronze-ranked level 5 Hundred Year Old Treant Defender, was already troublesome enough. If they also had to fight against a madman who was an expert in physical skills… Yue Tian and Yue Yan didn’t think that the other party could work together perfectly and fight against their enemy. They felt that it was very likely that the other party might even hit a person who was down and harm themselves. Hence, with regards to Yue Bing’s open challenge, the two only stayed quiet. Only Yue Ting, who had a large, muscular physique, thick eyebrows, and big eyes, a face full of honesty and straightforwardness jumped up to the arena and bowed towards Yue Yang and Yue Bing, “Third Brother, Seventh Sister, I only have one beast, but it has three different kinds of abilities. They are [Giant Bear’s Palm], [Rock Bear’s Body] and [Violent Bear’s Wrath]. They are all extremely powerful, so please be careful. I’m afraid that I will accidentally injure you.”

With these simple-minded words from Yue Ting, Yue Yang suddenly realized something in his heart.

He had always felt that something wasn’t right.

That Elder Yue Hai was already very old, but why hasn’t he prepared the next Clan Master yet?

Although Yue Tian and Yue Yan were talented, the two of them had bad conducts on the outside, so they weren’t exactly a good Clan Master material. However, Yue Ting wasn’t that talented, and the pitiful guy was trash. Yue Bing and Yue Shuang were both girls, and the Little Nine, Yue Feng, was still too young. Could it be that the Yue Clan really had no plans to prepare for the next Clan Master?

The Yue Clan was not the same as other noble families.

They were well-known for their machine puppets, spear technique, and art of wars in this world. This had continued without stopping for thousands of years. No matter how much of a storm they had gone through, no one could shake the Yue Clan’s position. Everyone thought that the Yue Clan had the most advantage in producing a talented younger generation, and that they understood how to teach and nurture the next Clan Master well. It was said that every single Clan Master would have a gold-ranked beast called “Mother Earth Bear” that would be passed down each generation. This would ensure the capabilities of the Clan Master. It would stabilize the clan, and also deter enemies everywhere from attacking… Previosly, although Yue Qiu had become famous throughout the world, Yue Hai still had not chosen him to be the next Clan Master. Everyone had thought it was extremely weird, even Yue Yang couldn’t figure out why.

Afterwards, in one conversation, the beautiful woman had mentioned it accidentally.

Yue Clan had never required a genius to be the Clan Master. They required the Clan Master to be kindhearted and simple, a Clan Master who could tolerate his brothers and extended families.

The person eligible for the Yue Clan Master selection, could be strong, but he must also be kindhearted and tolerant. He shouldn’t kill all of his brothers and sisters the moment he became the Clan Master, leaving only himself as the inheritor for the next generation… The Yue Clan Master must at least have the support of 12 elders. He did not need to be extremely strong, but he must be able to lead the whole clan forward. It was fine as long as he had the ability to maintain the Yue Clan’s glory, legacy, and traditions.

Yue Yang had always pondered. Who would the next Yue Clan Master be?

Only after Yue Ting came up to the stage, and after Yue Yang used his [Divine Vision] to check, was Yue Yang 90% sure that the next Clan Master that Elder Yue Hai had chosen and was nurturing was this Fifth Brother, Yue Ting.

He had only contracted one beast, and that beast was a Great Bear. This clearly showed that this was in preparation to contract the gold-ranked Mother Earth Bear that was only passed down to Clan Masters in the future. Furthermore, Yue Ting was already sent to the palace at an early age and became the princess’ bodyguard. This way, he could build a good relation with the Royal family as he trained his abilities. He would also be far from the Clan’s internal strife, and he could stay and grow stronger in a safe environment. Yue Yang had a great revelation. So, it turned out that Yue Tian and Yue Yan were just pawns that Elder Yue Hai had used to catch the public’s attention. This old cunning fox, he had already chosen Yue Ting as the next Clan Master from the start… Previously, when he went out and did not manage the Clan for a few months, Yue Yang reckoned that it was in order to train Yue Ting in secret.

“Strengthening-type, bronze-ranked level 5 Violent Bear?” Yue Bing was extremely shocked when she heard the name of her Fifth Brother’s beast.

Her Hundred Year Old Treant Defender was only bronze-ranked level 3 originally. She had trained diligently in order to raise it to bronze-ranked level 4 and it rising to bronze-ranked level 5 was due to her brother giving her the Tree of Life’s Lustrous Branch.

She would never have thought that her Fifth Brother Yue Ting could also train his beast to bronze-rank level 5.

A golden light flashed as the figure of a crimson coloured great bear was summoned by Yue Ting. It fused with his body, and after a loud howl, Yue Ting’s figure slowly changed. He grew larger and stronger as his growing muscles tore off the leather armour he was wearing on his body, revealing a shocking amount of muscles underneath. Bear’s fur immediately grew on his torso, and his hands had also turned into bear’s paws. His eyes had slowly turned red.

Yue Ting, who had almost completely turned into a bear, raised his large palms and roared loudly. A golden glow that appeared like a halo suddenly appeared from his body.

In the end, the golden halo condensed at the palms of both his hands.

The golden coloured bear’s paws seemed to be storing an extremely huge amount of strength. When Yue Ting stomped his foot, the whole arena shook. Even amongst the audience, the weakest warriors felt a little faint under Yue Ting’s heavy, imposing atmosphere. They almost fell unconscious, as they involuntarily became pale with fright.

“Third Brother, my skin is extremely thick after my bear transformation. It won’t be cut easily. You can spare no efforts in attacking me, don’t worry about my body.”

When Yue Ting finished speaking, he raised his large paws.

Step by step he walked, shaking the whole arena and making it rumble.

Yue Bing was so frightened that colour left her face. She looked at her Third Brother, Yue Yang, hurriedly and hoped that he had a way to deal with Yue Ting.

“Seventh Sister, a strong warrior would not only have power alone. That wouldn’t be enough. He must also have speed, a god-like speed.” Saying this, Yue Yang’s figure had immediately disappeared. When he appeared again, it turned out that he had already moved behind Yue Ting. His two fists fell down like a hammer towards the back of Yue Ting’s head. Yue Ting reached out and countered madly, uncaring about anything else. Instead, Yue Yang cleverly moved down, avoiding Yue Ting’s counterattack, and at the same time swung both of his legs as fast as pinwheels, kicking them towards Yue Ting’s large physique, pushing him back. When Yue Ting’s bear paws came down to attack his legs, Yue Yang was already flying in the air, his two legs kicking towards the back of Yue Ting’s head. With a magnificent, flying, roundhouse kick, he sent Yue Ting out of the arena like a cannonball shooting out from a cannon. Yue Ting fell on the ground with a loud boom, his large physique almost entirely buried into the ground. He looked like he was in an extremely sorry state.

“Third Brother is so awesome. It was the first time for me to be beaten up without being able to retaliate at all…However, I’m not injured at all. Let’s go at it again,”

Under the dumbstruck gazes of the audience, Yue Ting climbed up and entered into the arena again with a flying jump.

According to rules, he should have lost.

But it seemed like he couldn’t accept his loss, and wanted to come at Yue Yang again.

Everyone remained silent. How could every single Yue Clan member be stronger than the one before…? Let alone Yue Tian and Yue Yan, it was already inconceivable for the Yue Clan to have Yue Bing with her extremely powerful plant-type beast. Now, another Yue Clan member, Yue Ting, who was unafraid of beatings, had also appeared. In addition, there was also the abnormal trash, this Third Young Master… This family, none of them was normal. They were all monsters with frightening capabilities.

“You just can’t accept your loss, right?” Yue Yang did not use his sword. If he accidentally killed Yue Ting, perhaps Elder Yue Hai, who had his efforts wasted and was left with no successors, would be so depressed that he would kill himself. If that really happened, the Yue Clan would be completely finished. Fourth Mother and Yue Bing would also not dream of living a good life in the future, as they would be filled with guilt.

However, teaching this stupid bear a lesson was still not a problem.

Yue Yang moved with a speed as fast as lightning and used his fists to beat Yue Ting up until he couldn’t recognise which way was north. In the end, he used a violent kick to send Yue Ting flying out of the arena again.

“Third brother, I feel a little pain, but I’m still not injured. Let’s go at it again,” Yue Ting, this fellow, seemed to be a living creature in the same category as Hui Tai Lang, a cockroach that wouldn’t die no matter how much it was beaten. In reality, Yue Ting’s power was extremely frightening, but he just couldn’t land a hit on Yue Yang. Otherwise, Yue Yang’s small body would probably not be able to withstand Yue Ting’s bear paws. Yue Yang had totally suppressed the limitlessly powerful Yue Ting with his speed and skills. Yue Yang had utterly beaten up his Fifth Brother, even more brilliantly than when he had beaten up the beauty inside his dreams. It was almost to the point where the fight blew to his tune.

“I want to fight too,” Xue Tan Lang, who had a cold demeanour but owned a passionate heart, and who was also a fellow addicted to battles, couldn’t control himself and finally shouted emotionally, “Although I am a guest, but I want to fight for my sister’s justice. So, Third Young Master, receive my attack!”

He summoned a tornado-like figure that covered the whole arena with coldness. The audience couldn’t help but to shiver in the cold.

As they saw Xue Tan Lang focusing all of his concentration to grow his tornado ten times bigger and condensing it even more, the audience immediately scattered in all directions… This was no joke, if they got caught up in that frightening tornado, they would definitely die without even a trace of their bones left. The whole arena was filled with a coldness that penetrated right to the bone as countless amounts of frost began to form. Even Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade that was filled with demonic Qi had slowly frozen over.

Seeing this, Yue Tian and Yue Yan immediately flew down and landed on the arena. Summoning his grimoire, Yue Tian hypocritically said, “Brother Tan Lang, this is our brother’s fight. It’s a fight within our Clan, so why do you need to interfere?”

“Yes, yes. Brother Tan Lang, please stop. Please get down from the arena and return to your seat, so that we can observe the battle.”

Although the both of them spoke those words, their actions spoke otherwise. They had both summoned a Flaming Lion and a Golden Condor respectively, prepared to pincer attack Yue Yang.

With regards to killing Yue Yang, they didn’t hope too much. Furthermore, under the onlooking eyes of the audience, it would be difficult to explain themselves if they really did such a thing. However, they were determined to defeat the unbridled Yue Yang. They wanted Yue Yang to learn that no matter how much he had improved, he was still far behind the two of them, who had been geniuses for a long time. With Yue Ting as their meat shield and Xue Tan Lang with his frightening killing power, they felt that the opportunity for them to defeat Yue Yang had finally arrived.

“Seventh Sister, what do you think of a brother who fight against four people alone?” Yue Yang suddenly asked.

“Brother is the strongest, forever the strongest, obviously. I will also help brother,” Yue Bing clenched her small fist tightly, her expression incomparably resolute, expressing no fear at all while fighting against one of the Three Great Killing Stars, Xue Tan Lang. She was definitely confident in her brother’s capabilities.

“Good girl, but you should just stand there and cheer for your brother. Wait until I’ve won, then you can shout to those self-interested people that you have the strongest brother in the world. With your brother here, no one would be able to bully you. Curse all those who looked down upon your brother!” Yue Yang reached out his hands, summoned out his silver grimoire and called forth the Barbarian Cow Shadow. He also added a [Phantom Shadow] that increases her abilities by a hundred times.

Barbarian Cow Shadow howled loudly as she sent the charging Flaming Lion flying with a punch.

Fire emitted from her nose as her eyes flashed with a red, furious look.

The secret weapon that Yue Yang had been saving finally appeared… Even the Golden Condor in the air, that was trying to escape, cried miserably and immediately fell headfirst to the ground, dying instantly.

“Eh?” Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai both stood up. They never thought that Yue Yang, this mad brat who focused on his physical skills, could actually have such a strong beast. Bronze-ranked level 5 Guardian Beast? Didn’t he just contract a grimoire not long ago? How could he level it up to this level? Without anyone helping him, he had already turned the grimoire in his hands to silver-ranked. This, what had this mad brat been doing all this while?

How could he level up so quickly?

How many battles had he gone through exactly, to be able to level up to this level?

It had not even been half a year, and he already managed to have a silver-ranked grimoire. He had even raised his Guardian Beast’s level to bronze-ranked level 5… This was simply unbelievable!

“This is impossible. How could you have a bronze-ranked level 5 beast? You had only just contracted a grimoire,” Yue Yan, who hated the pitiful guy the most, almost went mad with fury.

“Ah, I made a mistake. Excuse me, I had only contracted a grimoire not too long ago, so I wasn’t that familiar with summoning. I have accidentally summoned the wrong beast… I clearly wanted to summon a gold-ranked Bloody Queen, why did I summon this low-levelled bronze-ranked Barbarian Cow Shadow… Such a failure, seems like I am really a naturally-born trash. I can’t even summon the right beast…” When Yue Yang said this, Yue Yan was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

“Are you dreaming? You would never be able to have a gold-ranked beast!” Yue Yan really wanted to swallow Yue Yang whole, eat his flesh and drink his blood.

“I was seen through! You are indeed a genius, you have a brilliant pair of eyes. I don’t have a gold-ranked beast indeed, but I do have a Golden King Beast.” When Yue Yang summoned the Bloody Queen, everyone present in the whole place immediately petrified into stone.

There was at least a third of the audience who immediately vomited blood and fainted to the ground. Yue Yan was one of them.

But it was not due to fright, it was due to anger.

In their whole life, they had never seen someone so abnormal. Yue Yang had not even contracted a grimoire for half a year, and he already had a bronze-ranked level 5 Guardian Beast and a gold-ranked level 3 Bloody Queen. Furthermore, this Bloody Queen was a Golden King Beast. This was a beast that not a ranker under the rank of [Elder] could ever dream to have. They never thought that this trash could control such a powerful beast in less than half a year!

Another third of the people had started crying. Yue Tian was one of them.

This trash, how could he bully others so much?

It was more than enough that he summoned a bronze-ranked level 5 Barbarian Cow Shadow to kill his Golden Condor instantly. Couldn’t he be more low-keyed or hide his abilities a little? Must he make everyone so jealous of him? Couldn’t he be more magnanimous and refrain from making everyone feel so inferior, so helpless?

This brat was simply too powerful and too much of a bully. He ought to receive divine punishment!

He ought to be struck by lightning…

There was also another third of the people who couldn’t believe their own eyes, and Yue Ting was one of them. They were all rubbing their eyes. They felt like they should just bang their heads into the ground and die. No matter what, they wouldn’t believe this reality.

And a small minority such as Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai, Yue Shan, Yue Ling, Feng Shao Yun, Feng Kuang, Xue Tan Lang, Fifth Elder, and the beautiful woman, these few people, maintained their stupefied, petrified expressions. They really did not know what to say. The Golden King Beast, Bloody Queen, was an intelligent beast, but it had actually contracted an [Apprentice] that had just contracted a grimoire less than half a year ago. If they told this story to other people, would they even believe it?

Not even a fool would believe that.

However, the truth was laid down right in front of their eyes, against all of their expectations…

Is this an illusion or reality? If it’s real, then where had this brat gotten such a strong beast?

On the other side, Yue Yang was calm and unperturbed. Wasn’t it just a Barbarian Cow Shadow and Bloody Queen? Compared to Xiao Wen Li, who had a diamond grimoire and the mysterious Golden Beast, compared to the beast that he had inside the Celestial Grimoire, they were only the tip of the iceberg of his true strength. Let alone Xiao Wen Li, even the future Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen would also be many times stronger than this Bloody Queen. How could they be dumbstruck with just seeing these? How could they vomit blood and faint at only this level? How could they cry endlessly with just this?

Alright alright, he’ll just let them use all of their efforts to cry, vomit blood, and be jealous!

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