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LLS Chapter 109 – The Craziest Battle!

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Chapter 109 – The Craziest Battle!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Based Jessica, Krithika and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Characters in Yue Clan are getting confusing, click the link below if you want to understand better.

It was Yue Bing’s turn to fight. However it turned out that all the participants from the extended family, who had been organised as her opponents, had all withdrawn from the match. Therefore, her opponent right now was the Sixth Young Master, Yue Bao.

Yue Bao was Yue Shan’s third son, born after Yue Tian and Yue Ting. However, he wasn’t as well-known as his brother, Yue Tian, and he was also unlike his brother Yue Ting, who entered the palace to work at a young age, becoming the princess’ personal guard. Yue Bao had always stayed within the Yue Clan and was also the one who had bullied the pitiful guy the most and the worst. Unlike Yue Tian and Yue Yan, who plotted in secret or bullied by ridiculing, Yue Bao was often the brainless brawn who was responsible for beating Yue Yang up. Of course, Yue Bao wasn’t exactly an idiot. On the contrary, he was very cunning. It was just that he had felt secure because he had his family’s backing and never thought that the pitiful guy would have such a large turnaround in his life.

If he were to go up against the current Yue Yang, Yue Bao would definitely not dare to fight him.

However, against Yue Bing, he was fully confident that he would win.

He had the assurance that he had Yue Bing’s Treant in the palm of his hands. Plant-type beasts? Those were the weakest type of beasts and were the most easily bullied.

Yue Yang observed that this Yue Bao didn’t really look like Yue Shan, who was his father. Although his looks were not too bad, he had a sharp, crooked nose, thin lips, and narrow eyes. He looked a bit like a villain, an appearance that did not endear him to people’s affection. In reality, this brat had a really narrow and petty mind, and was actually vengeful, fickle, and treacherous. Amongst the Young Masters in the Yue Clan, he was the most hateful one.

“Seventh Sister, Sixth Brother is slow-witted and can’t compare to a genius like you. I hope that you will have mercy on me and not let me lose too badly.” Yue Bao hypocritically, but modestly saluted.

“I have already promised Third Brother that I will fight to the best of my ability no matter who my opponent is. I will never have mercy on you,” Yue Bing coldly humphed. She definitely would not fall for her opponent’s hypocritical act. Her will and resolution remained strong.

“You really think you can defeat me?” When Yue Bao heard her words, he started laughing out loud.

Abruptly, his face darkened as his smile disappeared, “Don’t be too arrogant! Do you think with just your stupid plant-type Treant, you would be able to fight on equal grounds with me? What a joke!”

Yue Bing completely ignored him as she closed her eyes and began to meditate.

She wanted to reach an optimal state and defeat this extremely annoying Sixth Brother. As long as she used what her brother had taught her earlier, she would definitely shock everyone in the whole clan to the point where their eyeballs would almost pop out. She wanted to show her brother the results of his tutelage and her diligent training, and at the same time, give her mother the ultimate surprise.

Amongst the clansmen, no one looked favourably upon Yue Bing. She was indeed a genius, but plant-type beasts were simply too weak.

As long as Yue Bao managed to summon his Iron Puppet, it should be able to defeat her Treant easily.

And if Yue Bao summoned another beast with a fire attribute, then Yue Bing’s Treant would definitely lose… Yue Bao’s Guardian Beast, Fire Fox, had already reached bronze-rank level 3, and was well known in the clan as a pyromaniac. Since Yue Bao could control his beast freely, Yue Bing’s Treant’s chances of winning were close to zero. Let alone others, even the Fifth Elder, who sided with the Fourth Branch, was not optimistic about Yue Bing’s chances at victory.

“This is to prove it to the audience!” Seeing Yue Bing closing her eyes in meditation, Yue Bao summoned a silver grimoire. Pointing at Yue Bing, a slim, red figure with a large fiery tail charged right at her, launching a surprise attack to break Yue Bing’s meditation. If that happened, her mental concentration would receive a heavy blow and she would probably lose consciousness.

Previously in Yue Bing’s first match, she had used a surprise attack and immediately knocked a guy from the extended family unconscious.

Right now, Yue Bao was obviously copying her tactics and used it against her instead.

But Yue Bing, with her eyes still closed and seemingly lost in meditation, extended her beautiful hands lightly in front of her.

An advanced bronze-ranked grimoire was immediately summoned, and a Halo Shield erected just in time, launching the red figure into the air. Seeing that his surprise attack had failed, Yue Bao ordered his Fire Fox, that had been thrown into the air, to shoot a ball of fire. He understood Yue Bing’s battle tactics very well. In the next moment, she would definitely summon her Treant, and this ball of fire would be there just in time to attack the Treant’s head that was full of leaves and branches…

The next step would be very simple. He would only need to order his Fire Fox to parade around the arena and wait for the Treant to be burnt to death.

If he saw that the Treant wasn’t burnt enough, he could make his Fire Fox spit another fireball.

Thinking about this, a treacherous smile appeared on Yue Bao’s face.


A deafening, explosive sound suddenly resounded in the arena. Everyone in the audience were shocked. What had actually happened?

A gigantic figure suddenly rose into the the sky above.

Its two arms that were spread wide apart almost covered the entire sky.

The Fire Fox still wagged its tail complacently, spitting fireballs down below. Little did it realize that there was a huge palm swinging down towards its forehead. Like a squished pellet, the Fire Fox crashed into the slab heavily with a loud boom, embedding deep into the the hard, stone surface. A huge, green, mountain-like figure then appeared. Just in time, its two legs stepped on the Fire Fox’s head, which had just peeked out, hence burying it even deeper into the stone slab.

It was only then that the audience finally saw it.

This was a giant Treant that was more than 6 meters tall. Both of its hands were filled with branches and leaves. Its tree-palms were as large as a King’s parasol.

The black-coloured tree trunk looked as solid and hard as steel, decorated with powerful looking muscles. It looked extremely powerful and shocking. Every single joint was as sharp as a thorn, and the green eyes on its huge face were burning with an extremely angry expression.

“Ah, what’s this thing?” Most of the audience couldn’t recognise Yue Bing’s beast. It looked a little like a Treant, but wasn’t it too big?

“It’s a Hundred Year Old Treant Defender…” There were also some Rankers who recognised the beast, and when they recognised it, they were shocked beyond compare.

“Bronze-ranked level 5,” Even the true Rankers who were seated amongst the audience, such as Jun Wu You and Elder Hai, twitched their expressions a little. Yue Shan, Yue Ling, and the three representatives from the three other Great Clans were so shocked, that they immediately stood up, staring intently at this Bronze-ranked level 5 Hundred Year Old Treant Defender. Their expressions were filled with disbelief. They all knew that levelling up plant-type beasts was extremely difficult. Plant-type beasts were beasts that were the slowest to grow and the weakest in the beginning. Their slow growth rate was the biggest weakness for plant-type beasts. At the same level, almost no beast-type or bird-type beasts would suffer great losses when fighting a plant-type beast.

Previously, Yue Bing who had managed to train her Treant to Bronze-ranked level 3 was already perceived as a genius by others.

Although it was hard for plant-type beasts to grow, the power that they had after levelling would definitely be greater than beast-type and bird-type beasts that were of the same level.

It was already amazing for Yue Bing to raise her Treant to Bronze-ranked level 3. Now that she had raised it to Bronze-ranked level 5, it was practically an inconceivable improvement. Furthermore, she even evolved her Treant into a Hundred Year Old Treant Defender with a special evolution, which was a prerequisite for evolving it into a Thousand Year Old Treant General and Ten Thousand Year Old Treant Emperor. Her future was immeasurable.

This girl, how could she have done this?

“It’s impossible, impossible. Her Treant was only a Bronze-ranked level 3 Treant just one month ago. How could it have levelled up twice in just a month, and even undergone a special evolution, turning into a Hundred Year Old Treant Defender? That’s impossible!” Yue Yan stood up and cried out emotionally. He couldn’t believe the facts that had been laid before him.

“…” Yue Tian didn’t speak up, but his complexion had become really bad.

Yue Bing had always battled alone. She had had neither her family’s support, nor a friend’s help. She even fell victim to traps and bullying a lot of times, hence it was already a miracle that her Treant could reach Bronze-ranked level 3.

How could her Treant have evolved into a Hundred Year Old Treant Defender in such a short period of time?

Could this be because of the abnormal trash’s guidance?

Yue Tian looked towards Yue Yang and observed him closely. Yue Yang pretended not to notice him and dug his ears with his little finger. He even whistled leisurely, as if showing an appearance of “Could you please not be such an idiot?”. Yue Tian’s humphed loudly through his nose as he turned away from Yue Yang, returning his gaze to Yue Bing’s Hundred Year Old Treant Defender in the arena. Yue Tian started to plan out different methods to figure out how to face Yue Bing in his heaert.

“Sister is simply too awesome. This is really great!” The little girl was the master of Fearlessness. Seeing the gigantic Hundred Year Old Treant Defender, she didn’t feel an ounce of fear, she was cheering and clapping her hands instead.

“Bing-er, this child… Why didn’t she, why didn’t she tell me about this?” The beautiful woman was extremely moved in her heart.

Not only her son had improved a lot, even her daughter had also worked hard to improve.

The two siblings were always looked down upon by the members of the clan and were backstabbed so many times. Today, they could finally pay back all the enmity that they had towards all of the clan’s people.

Be resolved! Although her two children weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths, they were extremely sensible. They even improved so much that they reached such a point all for today. Seeing such a huge improvement in both of her children, Fourth Mother thought that even if she died, she could die peacefully. Tears flowed down the beautiful woman’s face without her realizing it, but those tears were definitely not because she was sad. It was because she couldn’t stop the joy in her heart, and ended up crying tears of joy…

“This is nothing. Even if it’s a big Treant, it’s still useless.” Yue Bao’s face was distorted badly as he ordered his Fire Fox to use its [Earth Drilling] ability.

Even in stone, the Fire Fox could still smoothly escape from under the Treant’s feet.

It moved along the arena’s ground and escaped.


The Hundred Year Old Treant Defender raised its gigantic arms and pounded the arena with its fist, smashing the arena’s stone slabs and making the Fire Fox confused and disoriented.

It shot out a sharp thorny branch which dug into the ground, splitting the stone slabs apart. When the thorny branch came out again, it had penetrated the Fire Fox’s body, holding its suspended body in the air. If the Fire Fox wasn’t Yue Bao’s Guardian Beast, it would definitely have died.

Yue Bing controlled the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender in her mind to grab the Fire Fox’s tails and raise it up high.

Then, she ordered it to smash it to the ground violently.

The Fire Fox didn’t even have the time to cry out as it turned into golden rays of light and returned to Yue Bao’s grimoire…

“Don’t think that you can defeat me just like this. Dream on.” Yue Bao immediately summoned an extremely heavyweight, four-meter high Battle Mammoth. Although it wasn’t a bronze-ranked beast, it was still level 5. He planned to use this humongous beast as a meat shield to fight against the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender, then attack it with his secret weapon… That Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet, that was made especially to counter Treants, was the nemesis of all Treants. No matter how strong a Treant was, under its rotating wheels, it would definitely be defeated.

Seeing the Battle Mammoth and the Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet rushing towards her, Yue Bing coldly humphed, “This move is now useless against me!”

She raised her hands and immediately, a bunch of thistles and thorns burst from the ground.

Although the thistles and thorns couldn’t bind the Battle Mammoth’s humongous body, it successfully locked one of the mammoths’ legs down.

The charging mammoth immediately stumbled.

Although the thistles and thorns had been torn off from the impact, the mammoth’s humongous body had lost its balance and it fell down to the ground with a loud boom.

On the ground, no one knew when or how they got there, but an area of 1 meter had already been filled with sharp thorns. When the mammoth fell down, every single thorn pierced into the mammoth’s body. The Battle Mammoth cried out painfully as it struggled to get up, its body covered with the Treant’s thorns.

Seeing that the mammoth had suffered a grave injury, Yue Bao immediately tried to unsummon it, thinking of recalling it back into the grimoire.

Who would have thought that the Battle Mammoth would let out a cry before it suddenly fell to the ground.

“This is impossible. It couldn’t have died just like that. My Battle Mammoth is a beast with the strongest vitality, how could it die with just a fall? This is definitely impossible.” Yue Bao almost went crazy. Fire Fox was his Guardian Beast, so it wouldn’t really die, but the Battle Mammoth could. Since he had failed to recall it, this would mean the Battle Mammoth had truly died, he didn’t even have the chance to bring it to the Beast Medical Hall anymore.

“It’s poison.” Seeing this, Yue Tian felt a cold breath blowing in his heart.

“You are saying that Yue Bing could bring out her [Intense Poison] Inherent Skill through the Treant’s thorns?” Yue Yan clenched his fists tightly, trying to clamp down on the fear in his heart with all his might.

“It’s not like that. It’s the thistles and thorns. When the thistles and thorns wounded its body, [Intense Poison] had already entered the Battle Mammoth’s body. Otherwise, the Battle Mammoth’s skin wouldn’t be pricked so easily by the thorns, and it wouldn’t die,” Yue Ling patted his son’s Yue Yan’s shoulders a little and warned lightly, “Yan-er, when you fight against Yue Bing, you must keep her Treant at a distance. Use long range fire attacks, that would be the best method.”

“Spitting High Temperature Flame Shot!” The method that Yue Bao was currently using was indeed that method.

The Saw-toothed Wheel spat out a flaming dragon while its other arms started rotating at a frightening speed. The saws on its wheels had turned into a frightening tree-cutting machine.

When a Treant caught fire, it would immediately be in panic. Yue Bing would lose her control over it, so the next plan of attack was to slice the Treant right down the middle with the rotating saw wheel.

Amongst all puppet-type beasts, Saw-toothed Wheel Puppets were specially made to counter Treants. It was so effective, that it was extremely disadvantageous for Treants to ever meet one. The only weakness it had was that it had to replenish its energy and change its gears once it had unleashed its attack. However, Yue Bao didn’t care about much anymore, he just wanted revenge. He wanted to use the Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet to kill this Treant, then kill Yue Bing. Otherwise, he would probably explode with hatred and anger.

Yue Yang who was standing below the arena, sent a hand gesture to Yue Bing to finish the battle.

Seeing that, Yue Bing grasped his intention and nodded. She ordered the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender to leap up high…”Boom”! It trampled the Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet with the entire force of its body, trampling it to pieces. Parts of the Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet flew about, scattering like fireworks.

Countless roots spread out from the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender’s body, tightly twining around the Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet’s body.

The Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet couldn’t even budge an inch as its internal parts produced a series of “Ka ka ka” sounds.

The Hundred Year Old Treant Defender then raised both of its humongous hands and grabbed the Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet’s humongous metal head. It twisted its head ruthlessly, pinching its whole head off. In just a moment, sparks of fire splurted out from the Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet’s neck as buzzing of electricity resounded.

“Peng.” The Hundred Year Old Treant Defender dropped the metal head onto the ground, then raised its tree legs and stomped on it heavily.

The Saw-toothed Wheel Puppet was immediately destroyed, thoroughly finished.

As every single one of Yue Bao’s summoned beasts had died, his Halo Shield disappeared. He looked at the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender and was extremely terrified. Looking at it raising its tall arms, he immediately shrieked loudly as his pants became wet. His eyes turned white and he immediately fainted from fright. Yue Bing did not order the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender to kill Yue Bao. Instead, she ordered it to stretch out one of its arms, that was even thicker than a normal tree’s trunk, and swung it, swatting Yue Bao out of the arena as if he was a fly.

“Brother Hai, this young lady of your family is also pretty good! Brambles, tree’s thorns, poison, and coiling roots. Not many elites have all of these skills. In the future, I reckon that whoever fights against her will probably die of depression. Haha, I like this young lady. How about I adopt her as my daughter? No, I cannot mix up the seniority in the family. How about I adopt her as my granddaughter?” Da Xia empire’s emperor, Jun Wu You, laughed as he spoke to the Clan Master Yue Hai. It was a common knowledge in the empire that the emperor was one that did not behave like his position indicated he should. However, Jun Wu You’s position was sturdy and unbreakable, he had been the emperor incumbent for over a hundred years. Even until now, there was still no one who could shake his position.

“Bing-er’s fate reading is not that good, this has really put her at a disadvantage.” Elder Yue Hai was also overjoyed. He would never have thought that other than Yue Yang, Yue Bing would also give him such a big surprise.

“Elder Hai, every genius of your family is stronger than the one before. We, the three clans can’t even compare to you. It’s really envious…” The three representatives from the other clans immediately congratulated Elder Yue Hai one by one.

“It’s my son’s bad luck. Aih, they could have been a perfect couple,” The Feng Clan’s representative, Feng Clan Master Feng Xiao Yun said as he looked at Yue Bing. Remembering his son, who died instantly at the hands of a Golden King Beast during his training, he couldn’t help but to let out a long sigh. It turned out that other than Feng Qi Sha, the Feng Clan Master also had hopes on his son. Who would have thought that his son would meet with such a disaster…

“Maybe there was a mistake in the fate reading. How about asking the Grandmaster of the kingdom to read it again?” A few clans members asked.

Where else could they find such a good daughter-in-law like Yue Bing?

If it was really a mistake in the fate readings, if the other clans could connect to the Yue Clan through marriage and take this little girl, Yue Bing, as their daughter-in-law or granddaughter-in law, their Clan would definitely rise a lot in power. In just a moment, an expression of greed flashed across countless Clans’ representatives’ eyes.

Elder Yue Hai saw all this, but remained quiet.

Although Yue Bing won, she didn’t come down from the arena immediately. Instead, she turned around and challenged Yue Yan, “Seventh Sister’s next opponent is Fourth Brother. Since I am already here, if Fourth Brother is willing, we can fight our battle now. If Fourth Brother agrees, I would like to team up with Third Brother and we, the Fourth Branch, would like to challenge both of you, the First Branch and Second Branch. I invite First Brother, Fourth Brother and Fifth Brother to fight us altogether,”

“No, we are all ignorant fools. We still need instructions from our elders. First Uncle and Second Uncle, please fight us altogether too.”

When Yue Yang spoke this sentence, everyone present all thought that he had already gone completely mad.

Fighting against Yue Tian, Yue Yan, and Yue Ting was still fine, he was even overestimating his abilities and challenged First Uncle and Second Uncle to fight?

It must be known that the First Uncle Yue Shan and Second Uncle Yue Ling were both well-known Rankers in this world. Yue Shan was a level 6 intermediate [Elder], while Yue Ling was a level 6 beginner [Junior Elder]. This brat had actually wanted to fight against the two of them alone? Could it be that he already had the strength of a level 7 [Overlord]? But how could he defeat two [Elders] with just physical skills alone? He was really indulging in his fantasy!

Everyone in the audience felt that if this brat was not insane, then they must have been the one’s that had already gone mad.

When Xue Tan Lang heard this, his eyes opened wide with shock.

He could guess that Yue Yang would challenge Yue Tian and Yue Yan, but he never thought that Yue Yang would actually be so daring to challenge even his First Uncle, Yue Shan, and Second Uncle, Yue Ling.

Could it be that this brat’s balls were made of steel? He had seen mad fellows, but they had never seen such a mad fellow… Xue Tan Lang felt a bubble of impulse bursting in his heart. He really wanted to charge over and fight with Yue Yang too. He wanted to see whether this madman’s physical skills, or his element-type beasts, were stronger.

Jun Wu You and Elder Hai were extremely shocked. They looked at each other for quite a while, before a smile appeared in the corner of their lips.

Similar, this brat was really too similar to his father, Yue Qiu!

Yue Qiu’s temperament was also like this. He wasn’t afraid of anything. But Yue Qiu wasn’t as cunning nor as glib as this brat.

Like father like son, indeed…

Seeing his useless son become so amazing, become an unyielding ranker in the world, Qiu-er’s spirit in heaven would probably also be smiling with happiness, right?

When Elder Yue Hai thought of that, his eyes, that had never shown any expression or concern seeing hundreds of thousands people dying in battle, started to get a little wet. When he looked at Yue Yang, a little more warmth filled his eyes.

Right now, everyone’s gazes were on Yue Shan and Yue Ling.

Facing this kind of challenge that their insane nephew had issued, as his uncle, what kind of reaction would they give?

Would they reject it?

Or would they agree to it?

Every single person in the audience waited with bated breath, waiting for the two people’s answers.

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