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LLS Chapter 108 – Let your enemy shudder in front of you!

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Chapter 108 – Let your enemy shudder in front of you!
Translated by: Ignis, Shiroyukineko and Taffy
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko, Ignis

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“San-er, you should not kill.” Fifth Elder hurriedly shouted when he saw Yue Yang lifting his hand up with the magic blade Hui Jin gripped tightly.

“Sorry fifth elder. In my childhood, I was slapped by Second Uncle. From that day forth, my hearing has been quite bad. Did you say anything? I could not hear you.” Yue Yang stepped onto the werewolf grandmaster’s head, forcing it down inch by inch. In the end, his head was entirely stuck into the stone floor of the stage.

The other grandmaster saw this and shivered uncontrollably in fright.

He hurriedly carried Yue Feng away, afraid that he himself might meet the same fate.

Although that elder, who was a Level 6 [Elder], was Yue Feng’s main teacher, Yue Yang was surprised by his actions. He had watched his disciple being attacked, but his expression did not change at all. Instead he remained calm and stayed seated.

As for the werewolf grandmaster being humiliated and having his head stepped on by Yue Yang, he had also ignored it.

Yue Ling hurriedly stood up, his face a little nervous. However, seeing that his son had only fainted and was not in any danger, he let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

He took a look at his father and then at the emperor Jun Wu You of the Da Xia Empire. It seemed that neither had the intention to stop Yue Yang at all. He hurriedly sat down and did not go to help the werewolf grandmaster.

The werewolf grandmaster had fallen into a deep trouble. He was all by himself and without help.

He dug his two claws deep into the ground against the slab. When the opportunity arose, he planned to use brute force to shake off Yue Yang’s leg that was stepping on his head with a weight that seemed to be more than a thousand kilograms.

He had no expectations of defeating this abnormal trash anymore, he only hoped to get away from the humiliation of getting his head stepped on. As one of the Grandmaster’s of the Four Great Sects, being stepped on his head by someone from the younger generation in front of Jun Wu You and the representatives of the Four Major Clans and stuck down into the ground where he couldn’t even move if he wanted to, was really his lifetime’s biggest embarrassment and humiliation. If it was possible, he would like to immediately kill this brat… But, he couldn’t even struggle free from his grasp right now.

While his head was being stepped on, the werewolf grandmaster dug his claws into the stone, vigorously trying to straighten his back and support his body. Despite his bones emitting a series of cracking sounds, he was still incapable of struggling free.

Yue Yang’s foot was weighing down on him like a huge mountain.

Normal warriors were aghast at this sight, thinking that this trash was indeed abnormal. It was no wonder that he could fight his way into the Yue Clan Castle with just a sword in hand.

As for warriors that were powerful enough, most of them were trying to figure out the “Second Slash: Heaven and Earth Collapse” that Yue Yang had displayed earlier. Although it was unlike Yue Qiu’s sword techniques, its strength and intention was real. Could it be that this young fellow had modified and improved his father’s techniques? Or had it mutated due to him not having achieved his father’s maturity?

The crowd did not understand and only hoped to get the chance to see it again, clearly this time. That was the main reason why nobody stepped forward to stop Yue Yang’s unbridled provocations.

Upon seeing the werewolf grandmaster struggling with all he had, Yue Yang coldly laughed and reduced the force of his leg by a little.

When he felt that the force on his head had lessened, the werewolf grandmaster felt a great delight.

Could it be that the brat’s strength had waned?

It was time for his retaliation. However, once the werewolf grandmaster raised his head just a little, another huge burst of force fell. With a bang, his head was once again barbarically stomped into the ground by Yue Yang. It was only now that the werewolf grandmaster understood; this brat was actually intentionally teasing him in front of the masses and was causing him to suffer an even greater humiliation.

He was, after all, a Level 5 [Grandmaster]; it could not be that he had to plead for mercy under the stares of the masses?

At the thought of this, the werewolf grandmaster’s pupils became wet with humiliation.

He could not do so; he was an instructing grandmaster of the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect.

He could lose his own face, but could not tarnish the prestige of Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect of the four big sects.

Would he really be killed by this brat just like that? No, he still had his beast; why not stake everything against him? The werewolf grandmaster was not resigned to this and prepared to summon a beast in order to reverse the situation. Yue Shan’s voice suddenly resonated, ”Nephew San-er. You cannot be disrespectful towards our honored guests from the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect. Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect is one of the four big sects. Their older generations possess many capable people and deserve our’s, the younger generation’s respect. Moreover, Xiao Jiu is a disciple of the Southern Mountains Floating Mist Sect. If you injured his instructing grandmaster, I’m afraid that Xiao Jiu’s learning would also be affected. Nephew San-er, listen to your First Uncle’s advice and let the grandmaster go without delay.”

“…..” The werewolf grandmaster rained curses in his heart. You obviously knew that Yue Yang, who had been treated unfairly, had a huge resentment towards Yue Feng. Yet you still had to say it this way, isn’t this just reminding him to kill me?

“Since Big Uncle has passed the order, your nephew shall accept the order and kill this swindler who will hamper Xiao Jiu’s future.” Yue Yang slashed his demonic blade against the back of the werewolf grandmaster, causing blood to splash out. The werewolf grandmaster was initially scared out of his wits. However, when he felt the pain, he realised that despite the heavy, superficial injury, he was not in mortal danger. He instantly understood that this brat was not easy to deal with; it seemed that the reason why he was not killed was actually due to Yue Yang wanting to borrow the opportunity to take revenge against his first uncle Yue Shan.

“No no no, San-er had misunderstood. My intentions are for you to release the grandmaster as soon as possible.” Yue Shan advised Yue Yang with seemingly incomparable sincerity.

“Yes, First Uncle, do not worry. Your nephew will definitely heed your orders and humiliate this swindler, who is not in the least capable, yet has pretended to have the ability.”

He repeatedly slashed and blood splattered.

However, none of the slashes were fatal.

The crowd was perspiring in madness. It seemed that this little lunatic has decided to meet his big uncle Yue Shan head-on.

It looked like this lunatic was prepared to wash his title of trash away in front of the entire Yue Clan. He also wanted to demand back everything that he had lost… Towards Yue Yang’s actions, many of the other clans secretly rejoiced. Yue Clan had too many geniuses and was also flourishing in numbers. If not for them having internal strifes and terrible power struggles, the Yue Clan would probably be the strongest amongst the four big clans. The fiercer and more intense the conflict between Yue Clan’s Third Young Master and the Yue Clan became, the better it was for the other clans. If this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master also died early like his father Yue Qiu or was eliminated in the midst of the clan’s power struggles, it would probably be the best outcome.

“San-er. It looks like you really misunderstood my intentions.” Yue Shan acted like he was grieved beyond compare. With such a great acting skills, even the winner of the Oscars did not have the qualifications to carry his shoes.

“Please don’t talk anymore. The more you plead for me, the more terribly I will be beaten by him.” The werewolf grandmaster was extremely infuriated inside.

The werewolf grandmaster had so many grievances that he couldn’t count speak out. He felt that if Yue Shan was sincere in saving him, why didn’t he just come to the stage and blow this brat away with a punch?

Of course, before either the emperor of Da Xia Empire Jun Wu You or the elder Yue Hai speak, he wouldn’t dare to rebuke Yue Shan or the Yue Clan. Afterall, he had gone against the rules of the battle and went up to aid Yue Feng. That was why he ended up being painfully beaten by this abnormal trash.

Even normal warriors felt that the werewolf grandmaster deserved to be beaten up, much less Jun Wu You or elder Yue Hai.

Even if he had wanted to shield Yue Feng, he should have considered his own strength. Even Xiao Jiu’s master and his father did not react, why would he, a beast instructing grandmaster, rush up?

It was fine if it was just rushing up to mediate. But he had even dared to attempt a sneak attack in the face of so many rankers?

This little lunatic had just recently fought his way into the Yue Clan Castle and nobody could stop his onslaught. If not for the head of the family, elder Yue Hai, stepping in personally and controlling the situation, a huge amount of blood might have been spilled. For a little lunatic like him brutally beating up an opponent that had gone against the rules, would he be willing to negotiate with anyone?

Only one sentence could describe this werewolf grandmaster: He’s seeking his own death.

“Stop it immediately. San er, listen to everybody. You can only hit your opponent during the competition and killing is not allowed here. You have already won. Quickly come down so that Yue Bing can go up for her turn.” Fifth Grandfather knew that Yue Yang was confronting Yue Shan and Yue Ling. But they were as crafty as foxes, so they would definitely not be fooled by this plot. If this carries on, there would be no way of salvaging the situation.

“Yes, yes. Nephew, you should not show disrespect in front of the Emperor and the Clan Master.” Yue Feng’s father, Yue Ling also stood up, playing the ‘good-guy’ role.

“I can’t hear anything. What are you all saying?” Yue Yang intensely stomped down onto the werewolf grandmaster’s back, as if he was stepping on a shameless toad.

“A Xian, he listens to you so advise him. No matter what, you have to quickly get him down.” Fifth Grandfather turned towards the beautiful woman and pleaded.

“San-er, come down,” the beautiful woman initially would not bother about Yue Yang’s matters, but she could not reject the elder’s plea.

“Yes. Only my Fourth Mother speaks loudly enough. I could hear clearly as soon as she spoke.” Yue Yang relieved the force of his leg, carrying the werewolf grandmaster up. He tidied up the torn clothes of the werewolf grandmaster and said in a sincere tone, ”Grandmaster, please forgive a trash like me. You are a Level 5 ranker and also an instructing grandmaster of the Floating Mist Sect, while I am just a trash that anyone can bully easily. Aside from Fourth Mother who dotes on me, there is nobody else who cares for me. Please be magnanimous and let me off. Things such as the medical fees for you beating me up, slashing my back and stepping on my head, I will not dare to mention it at all. It all can only be blamed on the fact that i’m a piece of trash. You see, I am now drenched in blood and my clothes are in pieces. I’m in such a sorry state, so could you please spare my life and allow me to go back down and reunite with my family?”

“….” The werewolf grandmaster did not cry but he knew that the expression on his face was worse than a crying one.

If he could, he would rather smash his own head and die.

However, his life was now still in the hands of this lunatic and he could not do anything.

Even if he wanted to commit suicide, he was afraid that he had to wait for Yue Yang to finish speaking. The werewolf grandmaster only hoped that he could pass out but he could not do so no matter how he tried…

Yue Yang let go of the werewolf grandmaster and waved away his hands. “Thank you grandmaster for sparing my life. I knew from the start that you who is drenched in blood…ah no…such an impressive grandmaster like you, will definitely not pick on such a weakling like me. Thank you grandmaster, I will now send the grandmaster down the stage.”

With a kick, he sent the grandmaster flying over ten metres as he hummed, “I’ll send you away, thousand miles away”. He was by the side of the beautiful woman in a jiffy and appeared like an obedient child. He bowed courteously and said:” Fourth Mother, I have returned. It was fortunate that everybody had pleaded for me and that the grandmaster was benevolent enough to spare my life. It was only due to this that I escaped from danger. I realised my mistakes and I do not dare to not listen to you again.”

(Ignis: I’ll send you away, thousand miles away – is the chorus for Qian Li Zhi Wai, a song by Jay Chou and Fei Yu Qing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocDo3ySyHSI)

“You silly child,” the beautiful lady understood that Yue Yang was purposely trying to make her look important with his words. She was moved to tears at this instant.

“….” The crowd did not know what to say as they looked at the weird actions of this kid.

While it was crazy for him to be so confrontational in front of everybody, he acted logically the entire time. Be it in scheming or in his words, there was not a trace of him losing himself in aggression. But his actions were not logical either, since he had overestimated himself and made an enemy out of everyone. He was even bold enough to confront the Southern Mountain Hidden Mist Sect, one of the Four Great Sects.

While he went against his clan and was a rebel by being disobedient towards his elders, he was incomparably filial towards his Fourth Mother.

It was to the point that everything he had done was to raise the importance of his Fourth Mother.

There were so many contradictions with regards to this little lunatic.

For this kid who had the imbalanced mixture of madness and logic, rebelliousness and piety, he was a weird person indeed.

“Brother Hai. Your clan’s Third Young Master is really interesting and pretty good. He is more interesting than his father who had that stubborn attitude. If only I had such a filial son, how good would that be.” Jun Wu You burst into laughter and patted elder Yue Hai’s shoulder.

“Isn’t Princess Qian Qian very filial?” Elder Yue Hai only laughed indifferently and looked at Yue Yang with an odd gaze. It could be that he was reminded of his late son Yue Qiu whom he felt the most pleased and proud of before. His expression was a little solemn. Jun Wu You’s expression suddenly changed and became as solemn as elder Yue Hai. “It is a pity that girl is not male. Such a pity.”

“Yes, it’s a pity” Although elder Yue Hai said that it was a pity, it was unclear if he meant it towards Princess Qian Qian or his son Yue Qiu who had already died fighting in battle.

Yue Tian, Yue Yan and the others looked at Yue Yang from afar. Although Yue Yang had been very showy with his techniques, they were still very confident that they would be able to defeat Yue Yang. There were some beasts that could be used against people who only fought with physical skills, and both of them had such beasts in their arsenal.

Furthermore, they were unlike Yue Yang who could only summon one beast. They had gone through many years of training.

Other than the Three Great Killing Stars, Yue Tian and Yue Yan did not feel that there would be anyone that could be their opponents.

This trash Third Young Master?

Although he was extremely skilled in physical skills, wouldn’t he be tired in the end? With just the grimoire that he only contracted half a year ago, that contained zero beasts inside, how could he possibly be their opponent? Furthermore, after getting those things three days ago, this trash Third Young Master was doomed to be defeated by their hands. They let him be arrogant now, so that they would receive more honour when they defeat him later. The higher he rose up now, the harder he would fall later on.

With regards to Yue Tian and Yue Yan’s hateful thoughts, Yue Yang only laugh brilliantly.

He believed that the reason why these two people were so calm and collected was because they had a way to deal with him.

However, unfortunately, they didn’t know that his skill was Innate-ranked, and that he did not have the need to use any beasts. Let alone Innate-ranked skills, Yue Yang was really looking forward to what kind of expressions would they have when he released the Barbarian Cow Shadow during their battle later on. If he summoned the Bloody Queen and slaughtered all of their beasts completely, leaving them with nothing at the end of the day, what kind of wonderful expressions would they have on their faces?

In front of the Yue Clan Castle, the reason why Yue Yang stopped fighting, stopped trying to do a death-match with Yue Shan, was because he was afraid that Yue Tian and Yue Yan would be so scared that they’d forfeit their match.

They have been arrogant for far too long…

Yue Yang decided to eliminate them amongst the ranks of the genius, talented younger generation, leaving them with nothing at all.

Thus, he had endured his anger until this moment, the Clan’s New Year’s Tournament.

He planned to violently bully them in front of the public during the tournament, and leave everyone dumbstruck and speechless while they watch them return to mediocrity, crying pitifully.

“Brother, it’s my turn now. I’ll definitely defeat them with everything you’ve taught me.” Yue Bing clenched her hands into fists. Helping her brother raise the prestige of their entire clan was her greatest wish. No matter who the opponent in front of her was, she would be merciless. She had to achieve the smoothest and most enjoyable victory to show her brother. It would be just like she had given him a gift for the New Year’s.

“I understand, my sister is really the best. Even if there were any dogs looking down on you, it wouldn’t change this fact. You should tell them what the word genius really means. Go, Bing-er, and let all of your enemies shudder in front of you!” With Yue Yang’s motivation, Yue Bing’s eyes glowed with a warm light, burning brightly like a sun.

“Yes, Brother. I won’t disappoint you.” Yue Bing’s fists clenched even tighter. She gave a loud shout, her lovable cry ringing through the air and soaring up towards the heavens.

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