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LLS Chapter 106 – Innate Realm Third Layer

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Chapter 106 – Innate Realm Third Layer
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: metalith, Based Jessica
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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According to Yue Yang’s imagination, the best thing for a breakthrough at this juncture was obviously by being pushed down by this Heavenly Sword Goddess big sister.

Of course, the possibility of being pushed down by her was not high.

Yue Yang’s thoughts were, rather than waiting for her to help him, he should just take the initiative himself and be the one to push her down. As for the difficulty level of pushing her down, it wasn’t exactly too high. He reckoned that the difficulty level would probably be just a little lower than instantaneously killing the Demon King Ha Xin. How little is little exactly? It wasn’t that much, really. Yue Yang’s perception of little meant ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine times more than difficult; it’s not even one hundred thousand times.

The Heavenly Sword Goddess had a temper of her own. Yue Yang had really wanted to rush over to her, hug her thighs and cry “Wifey I’m here!” while taking advantage of her.

However, she did not give him the chance to do anything; with just a point of her beautiful fingers, countless colourful rays of light suddenly burst forth as they gathered and melded together to form the shape of a person.

It was a guy.

If the Heavenly Sword Goddess had created another guy in this world from her condensed energy, Yue Yang would have probably been mad with jealousy. However, the guy that was created did not make him angry at all… this was because that guy looked exactly like himself.

The Heavenly Sword Goddess then disappeared, while the ‘Yue Yang’ that was created from the condensed energy suddenly flew towards Yue Yang. At the same time, he shot Innate Invisible Sword Qi at him.

“I hate myself the most right now,”

At this moment, Yue Yang was extremely confused, frantic beyond compare.

This was because the Heavenly Sword Goddess had created a clone of himself. A clone that had the exact same abilities as him, who could unleash [Innate Invisible Sword Qi], [Mysterious Three Styles], [Nature’s Heart], and [Massacring Heart]… In any case, whatever Yue Yang could do, this clone could also do. He was a complete carbon copy of himself. The only difference was that this other identity of his had no sentience; the only instincts it had been given was to completely defeat Yue Yang. Right now, Yue Yang finally understood the Heavenly Sword Goddess’ training purpose. She wanted him to break through the Innate Invisible Sword Qi’s third layer. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to defeat his copy, that had the exact same abilities as himself.

“Wifey, I know you meant well, but could you at least welcome me home first the next time you appear? If this is the way you treat me everytime I see you, won’t my heart stop out of shock?” Yue Yang miserably tried to avoid his clone’s attacks. However, under his clone’s rain of attacks, he was almost left with no chance to counter and fight back.

Yue Yang quickly realised that with regards to the use of his skills, be it [Innate Invisible Sword Qi] or [Mysterious Three Styles], his clone had managed to utilise them at a high higher level of proficiency than he was able to.

It was only now Yue Yang finally realize how strong he was.

Only after being attacked by his clone, who had the same exact abilities as himself, did Yue Yang realize that his skills were simply too awesome.

However, both of them fighting spiritually simply had no meaning.

It was completely meaningless.

No matter how many times Yue Yang injured his clone or his clone injured him, the two would suffer the same exact injuries. The clone’s power was also linked to Yue Yang’s. Yue Yang would feel exhaustion if his clone used up his power… If he beat up his clone with all his might, Yue Yang would also feel his power consumed. In this space inside his consciousness, there was no real body, so the two identities fought with their spiritual body. Hence, there was no meaning to this fight at all. Heavenly Sword Goddess had only created a clone of Yue Yang to beat him up and force him to break through to a new level.

Yue Yang would be able to level up, but his clone, which was just a condensed form of energy without sentience, would never be able to.

As long as Yue Yang broke through the third layer, he would be able to defeat his clone easily.

“Heavens, how am I going to solve this problem today?” Yue Yang was deeply regretful in his heart. He thought that if he ever became powerful in the future, he would definitely catch the Heavenly Sword Goddess and spank her little butt hard. Her method of training was simply too vicious. If the Heavenly Sword Goddess had created a beautiful copy of herself instead, Yue Yang would probably be in a much better mood than he was now.

As Yue Yang daydreamed in his mind, in a moment of carelessness, he was attacked by his clone, who only had the instinct of attacking him continuously.

His clone charged over as he punched, kicked, kneed, and headbutted Yue Yang in a combo attack.

Even though it was only Yue Yang’s spiritual body in his dream, and he wouldn’t be really injured in reality, when he saw his clone’s head fly towards him for a headbutt, he couldn’t help but to let out a scream as his clone’s handsome face was only two cm away from his own face. That was because he had never seen his own face at such a short distance…

“San-er, San-er, what happened?”

When he heard the beautiful woman’s gentle voice, that sounded like flowing water, Yue Yang immediately withdrew from his dream and opened his eyes. He saw that the beautiful woman was sitting right beside his bed, looking at him.

The beautiful woman asked him in a tone full of concern, “San-er, what happened? Did you have a nightmare?”

Yue Yang immediately shook his head. He couldn’t possibly tell the beautiful woman that he was actually so scared of himself that he woke himself up? Ah, not right, he had woken up because of his own handsomeness.

The little girl mischievously reached out her orchid-like little hands, intending to pinch Yue Yang’s nose. Seeing this, the beautiful woman hurriedly pulled her hands away. However, she had wriggled out and forced her way under Yue Yang’s blanket, wrapping around his body like an octopus. She chirped with her innocent voice, “Elder brother Xiao San, I also had a dream just now. There was a really large plum tree that had a lot of ripe, delicious plums hung on its branches. Elder brother, help me pluck the plums on the tree…”

“Preserve the plums in your dreams. Wait until it ripens even more before plucking it. Remember to give it a lot of water,” When Yue Yang replied this, the beautiful woman couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh heartily.

However, with the little girl’s mischief, Yue Yang thought of a method to deal with his clone.

No matter what, it was all a dream. He wouldn’t really die anyway, what did he have to be afraid of?

He should just ignore that clone.

When Yue Yang, who had made up his mind, slept again and entered into his dream, he found that his clone that was made of condensed energy had disappeared. Seeing this, he laughed heartily.

So it turned out that his clone could disappear. If that was the case, he should just exit from this realm of dreams whenever the Heavenly Sword Goddess creates a clone of him again.

As long as he didn’t fight his clone, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“Hahaha, a shameless person is truly unmatchable!” Yue Yang laughed very happily. However, three seconds later, his complacent laughter had turned into a gulping sound.

This was because in the consciousness of his mind, a snow white, untarnished arm had reached out. With a point of the arm’s fingers, countless rays of colourful lights had coagulated into a person. However, this time, it wasn’t Yue Yang’s duplicate, it was a beautiful woman that looked exactly like the Heavenly Sword Goddess. She wore a skintight warrior’s armour that covered her whole body, wrapping her breasts tight. The woman had a young, fresh, and innocent look that awakened Yue Yang’s wolfy heart as he gulped down his saliva. As he took a second look, he saw her petite, adorable, and exquisite body, accompanied with a slim, rounded waist that begged to be embraced. Her long, beautiful legs had also inspired thousands of imaginations in Yue Yang’s mind.

“Little girl, Uncle Guai is coming for you,” Yue Yang immediately threw himself towards her, shamelessly using Wei Xiao Bao’s ultimate move ‘Hand of the Dragon’s Claw Catching Breasts.’

(Shiro: Uncle Guai – internet slang for those type of sleazy old men luring small kids with sweets. Wei Xiao Bao – Protagonist from a well known chinese classics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Deer_and_the_Cauldron_characters#Wei_Xiaobao_and_his_family)


The adorable girl sent him flying with a kick.

Apparently, she was similar to Yue Yang’s clone which previously had the exact same capabilities as Yue Yang. It was just that the Heavenly Sword Goddess had changed the appearance of the clone from Yue Yang’s wolfy look, to a girl with the same features as herself.

Yue Yang had not wanted to fight in the beginning, but with a cute girl standing right in front of him, how could he be accountable for his actions if he did not take liberties with her?

As for the idea to get out from this realm of dreams?

He had already thrown it far away to cloud nines. With the beauty in front of him, everything else was irrelevant.

“Happily in pain… this is the life!” Yue Yang was beaten up so badly by the beauty that he almost fell flat on the ground, but he was still successful in groping her breasts. Because of the magical, wonderful feeling that he felt in his hands in that very instant, Yue Yang was so moved, that tears streamed down his cheeks.

If the Heavenly Sword Goddess was watching the whole scene secretly, she would probably be speechless by Yue Yang’s performance.

After three days, Yue Yang, who had been beaten black and blue by the beauty, finally broke through the Innate Invisible Sword Qi Third Layer. However, he still could not take revenge for the three days of beating and push down the beauty. This was because the beauty had levelled up with him, having the same exact capabilities that he had. She then continued to beat up Yue Yang, who had tried groping her breasts and butt, until he couldn’t determine which way was north… Other than breaking through to a new realm, Yue Yang, who endured the beauty’s countless beatings, had also learned how to use the refined techniques of Innate Sword Qi and Mysterious Three Styles.

The way that the beauty had used the Innate Invisible Sword Qi was extremely exquisite and accurate. The way she used the skill in terms of angle and control had put Yue Yang to shame.

Through the beauty, Yue Yang had learned a lot. He had also learned a new skill that he had never seen before, [Marvellous Way of the Heart]. Due to his quick improvement, Yue Yang, who could only shoot three shots of Innate Sword Qi initially, could now shoot six shots after the training in his dreams.

Yue Yang thought, he could shoot one shot when he was at the First Layer, then gained two more shots when he rose to the Second Layer. Now, he gained additional three more shot in the Third Layer…

Of course, this was only his wild guess.

What truly was happening, Yue Yang still couldn’t figure out right now.

Although his number of shots had only increased to six, Yue Yang was quite satisfied with it.

He had broken through a new layer, increased the number of shots of his Sword Qi, and had the company of a beautiful girl to train with to boot. Such a happy life, if he still felt dissatisfied with it, he would probably be punished by the heavens.

“Brother, why do you look so happy?” Seeing Yue Yang’s face that always had a wolfish smile, Yue Bing had even thought that he was thinking about bullying his opponents at the New Year’s Tournament. Who would have thought that his thoughts were only focused on that beauty in his dreams. Playing the sleazy old man game with the beauty had made him forget about his duties.

“That’s of course. We have to train diligently and defeat all of our enemies so that we can take back the dignity that belonged to the Fourth Branch. We have to fight to get back our happiness!” Yue Yang waved both of his hands like the war madman Adolf Hitler, motivating Yue Bing. His motivational encouragement had boosted the little girl’s morale and fighting spirit to the brim. Yue Bing adored her brother and nodded determinedly, “Yeah, I won’t let elder brother down!”

With regards to Yue Bing, who was eager to learn, whatever new comprehension Yue Yang had on beasts, or whatever beasts’ strength and weaknesses, battle strategy and cultivation techniques that he heard from the Luo Hua City Mistress before, were all imparted to Yue Bing after Yue Yang adjusted it to meet her needs and capabilities.

Yue Bing had also worked very hard and gave it her all, thus improving tremendously.

She was even more used to controlling the Hundred Year Old Treant Defender now, almost reaching the level of controlling her own hands. If her battle power was incomparable to Shen Tu Hao, who owned countless strong beasts before, right now, she had far surpassed him. Yue Yang reckoned that amongst the younger people that he had met, other than the Three Great Killing Stars Yan Po Jun, Feng Qi Sha, and Xue Tan Lang and that Heavenly Sword Goddess with a cheat-like power, it’s now Yue Bing’s turn to catch up.

Yue Yang had not seen Yue Tian and Yue Yan until now, so he couldn’t exactly estimate their strength. However, he thought that they would probably not have an easy time fighting the current Yue Bing.

Bronze-ranked Level 5 Hundred Year Old Treant Defender, he believed that the entire Yue Clan’s eyes would probably pop out their sockets when they saw it.

As for the New Year’s Reunion Dinner, Yue Yang didn’t join in.

The substitute Clan Master, Yue Shan, had hypocritically sent a servant to invite him over, but Yue Yang rejected the offer with the reason being he was not feeling all that well.

The servant saw that Yue Yang, the brat, was so healthy that he could probably beat up a tiger, but he actually said an excuse that not even a fool would believe. The servant couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for Yue Yang, thinking that if he couldn’t lie, then he shouldn’t lie. Saying such an excuse was simply plain stupid.

However, Yue Shan seemed to take it for real. He sent another servant with a nourishing medicine for Yue Yang, painting a picture of a noble uncle who was really concerned with his nephew.

The second day of New Years was the Yue Clan’s New Year’s Tournament.

Yue Yang had been waiting impatiently for it, rolling up his sleeves, eager to get into action as he prepared to bring Yue Bing to the battle, go up on the stage and bully others.

However, when the deer-riding Fifth Elder came and said something, Yue Yang was truly speechless… Turns out that this Clan’s New Year’s Tournament, was not only a simple tournament within the clans member. The other three clans from the Four Great Clans would also send a representative to observe the battles. They might not participate in the battle, but they would definitely report what they have seen. This was because there were not many people in the other three clans, so they wouldn’t be able to set up a Clan’s Tournament. Hence, they were all here to see the excitement in the Yue Clan. Never mind if only the representatives of the Four Great Clans came, even representatives from the royalties of the Da Xia Empire also came, not wanting to fall behind. This year, it was said that the Emperor himself had been so free that his back was aching from too much sitting, so he had prepared to come over and visit too.

This news alarmed Yue Yang, could it be that that old fellow, Jun Wu You, was really going to turn up? Did he know that he was the person who had just become an Innate Ranker?

(Shiro: Jun Wu You is the name of the emperor and also a pun. It means a Worry-free Monarch)

If not for Jun Wu You’s habit of coming to the Yue Clan’s Tournament every three to four years, Yue Yang would probably have immediately withdrawn from the tournament.

“San-er, I hope you will work hard and help the Third and Fourth Branch to get back at the others. However, don’t become a madman, you can beat people up, but you cannot kill. Don’t cause an unfortunate event right at the new years, otherwise…I’ve said enough, you are a smart kid who would know what to do. Fifth Elder wouldn’t say anything further. Prepare yourself, when you come to the arena later, you can ask the servants if you need anything else. I’ll first take A Xian and Little Shuang-er out. My dear, let this Fifth Elder carry you…Aiya, don’t pull my beard, you are going to pull it to the roots!” The deer-riding Fifth Elder looked like he really love little kids, even when the little girl pull at his beard, he was all smiles and chuckles.

“Prepare?” Yue Yang had actually wanted to prepare a few aphrodisiacs and pour it down to Yue Tian and Yue Yan’s mouth, so that they would do something really shameful in front of the audience later on.

“Brother, I’m a little nervous.” Yue Bing was feeling a little nervous as she tangled her hands. In the end, she couldn’t help but throw herself into Yue Yang’s embrace, seeking her brother’s consolation.

“Ah…it’s okay, don’t be nervous. I am not that scary, I’m not Uncle Guai- no, I mean, they are not that scary,” When Yue Bing, the beautiful girl, throw herself to him, Yue Yang immediately threw his hands up in the air. He consoled his sister absent-mindedly as he chanted to himself flusteredly in his heart, “I’m not a sis-con, i’m not a sis-con, i’m not a sis-con”. However, the more he chanted, the more flustered he became. Even his forehead was damp with bullets of sweat.

“Thank you, brother, I am feeling so much better now. Aih? Brother, why are you sweating so much?” Yue Bing was pure-hearted, she never thought that her hug would wield so much power.

“The weather is too hot,” As Yue Yang wiped his sweat secretly, the north wind blew from outside the window into the room. Snow piled up on the grounds outside.

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