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LLS Chapter 105 – The Tipping Point for a Breakthrough

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Chapter 105 – The Tipping Point for a Breakthrough
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango, Krithika, Brian, metalith, Based Jessica
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Shan and the others stood before Elder Yue Hai like a flock of obedient little sheep.

They all nodded their heads in agreement and went back.

Only then did the Fifth Elder, who was riding on his deer, finally rush over. He hurried towards Yue Yang with a smile, as if there was some deeper meaning behind it, but did not utter a single word.

When the beautiful woman in the carriage heard that Elder Yue Hai had arrived, she hurriedly carried the little girl, who was still sleeping soundly, out of the carriage and kowtowed to Elder Yue Hai, saying, “This unworthy daughter-in-law pays respect to her grandfather. San Er, Bing Er, come and kowtow as well.” Yue Bing glanced at Yue Yang and knelt down as well. Only Yue Yang remained standing in silence with an unwavering expression that looked at him as an equal. He had absolutely no intention of bowing down and kowtowing to him.

“What’s the matter San Er? Are you not even going to acknowledge me, your grandfather?” Elder Yue Hai’s voice was like the shockwave of a cavalry charge, with a distinctive, charismatic tone that stood out from others.

“I did not do anything wrong. There is therefore no need for me to beg for forgiveness.”

Yue Yang was not the pitiful guy. Not only that, he was also not used to kneeling and bowing his head so easily to someone else.

It was a good thing to respect elders, but Yue Yang felt that respect which came from the heart was far more valuable than the superficial respect displayed through the tradition of kowtowing.

He had not known Elder Yue Hai before this, so naturally, respecting him was out of the question. He would definitely not kneel towards Elder Yue Hai just because of his identity as Clan Leader. Of course, he would not foolishly act superior in front of Elder Yue Hai either. Rather, he tried his best to moderate his tone, acting furious as if he was a wronged junior who had been bullied by others, “A man can die standing his ground but he should not live kneeling to others. I did not do anything wrong, so I will definitely not admit that I’m guilty nor beg for forgiveness.”

“A man can die standing his ground but he should not live kneeling to others? These words are really well spoken.” Elder Yue Hai seemed to be a little surprised. “San Er, I never expected that you would ever say such things. It seems like I really misjudged you in the past.”

“…..” Yue Yang was speechless. If not for him travelling through dimensions and taking the place of the pitiful guy, the pitiful guy himself would probably have never had the guts to say these words.

“Ah Xian, get up first. No matter how this issue is related to you, I will give you an explanation for it. In our Yue Family, it doesn’t matter how the men fight or are killed. Relying on their fists and kicks to find out who is stronger, and letting the stronger command the weaker is a very normal thing. However, whoever dares to touch the women or the children are complete trash. If I ever found out about their identities, I will definitely execute them publicly, and will not pardon any of them. Ah Xian, you can rest easy and bring your children to live here. As long as I am alive, nobody will dare to make a move under my nose… Fifth Elder, lead Ah Xian and her family into the castle. If anyone has the intention of attacking Ah Xian or her daughters, you can kill them first and report to me afterwards.”

As Elder Yue Hai finished speaking, he turned around and left in big strides.

His body was like a moving mountain. Each step of the metal, prosthetic leg that was attached to him created shockwaves that made the ground tremble.

Initially, Yue Yang thought that Elder Yue Hai had also wanted to fight with him and teach him a lesson. He did not expect that this old fellow would console Fourth Mother instead. Although it was really a little outside of his expectations, but this was good too as there was no need to worry about Fourth Mother and the little girl’s lives. He could also show off his strength in front of the family at the New Year’s tournament and take back Fourth Mother’s dignity. He definitely had to trample those elite geniuses of the family underfoot.

It would be very exciting to see the expressions on their faces.

A family battle, eh?

He had already wanted to find a chance to showcase his talents since the beginning… Let alone himself, he also wanted to show off Yue Bing’s capabilities to shock the entire family.

When they entered the castle, Yue Yang did not see Fourth Uncle at all.

The Fifth Elder (Yue Yang’s grandfather’s fifth brother) handled the accommodation arrangements of the beautiful woman before sighing a little, “Actually, this issue is quite complicated. It is not that the Fourth Master does not want to see you, but rather, the Fourth Master is currently not in the castle. He was attacked by multiple masked assassins halfway through his trip home after buying the [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill]. He was not severely injured, but he had been poisoned. He was afraid that you would be worried and asked us to keep it a secret from you.”

“Ah?” The news came like a bolt from the clear sky to the beautiful woman.

“Assassination? Poisoned?” The more Yue Yang heard about this, the more he felt that this was a conspiracy. Wasn’t this too big of a coincidence? How could he meet with assassins right after buying the [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill]?

“We aren’t experts at detoxification and the Fourth Master was afflicted with a slow-acting poison that we were unable to cure, but it happened shortly before the Ninth Young Master’s grand celebration for his success in contracting a grimoire. The He Yang Feng family also came to congratulate him. When it comes to detoxification, they are considered experts; but they were also helpless in the face of the poison that Fourth Master was afflicted with. Finally, we asked for the assistance of the young lady from the Feng family with the Inherent Skill of [Detoxification]… The detoxification process required Miss Feng and Fourth Master to embrace each other without their clothes. Only then would she be able to use her Guardian Beast to remove the poison slowly. Miss Feng is an unmarried woman from a noble family; had the Fourth Master not come from a reputable family, she would definitely not have offered to abandon her innocence to save his life. Fourth Master had rejected the offer with all his might; he would rather die than accept this kind of detoxification method. However, the poison in his system started to intensify two months ago. He fainted and was unconscious for the whole time. After a discussion between us old folks, we could not bear to see the old guy being sent to the reaper and sent him to the young lady of the Feng Family instead…“ As the elder spoke, Yue Yang felt as if he had heard the sky drop. This… this was far too coincidental, was it not?

A poison, that could not be cured by any medicine, that only the young lady of the Feng Family could cure!

Not only that, it had to be done in an abnormal manner of embracing each other naked?

How could this be called a saving of a life?

This was basically being legitimately forced upon… Yue Yang really wondered if he could have the same opportunity to be forced upon by a beautiful lady as an alluring cure for poison.

There was no need for him to even use his brain to think; even his toenails could figure out that this was a plot. At the moment, he did not know whether the young lady from the Feng Family was an accomplice, but Yue Ling, the husband of the beautiful woman, had definitely been set up to be killed by someone. He had been turned into a pawn, manipulated by others.

Perhaps this Fourth Uncle had also realised this. That was why he refused to be treated, regardless of whether he would live or die. On top of that, with the deep affection that the couple had for each other, knowing that he would have to be pushed down by the young lady of the Feng Family would have caused chaos in his family.

Thus, before he fell unconscious, he had continued to reject this kind of fate and would rather have died than yield to it.

“How’s my husband’s situation now?” The beautiful woman asked with tears streaming down her face.

“We were told that his condition has already improved greatly. However, he is still extremely weak and can only stay conscious for a short amount of time every day… There were no problems with the treatment given by the young lady of the Feng Family, but he still needs three to four months to be nursed back to health.” The Fifth Elder consoled her and said, “I have also gone to see the Fourth Master and confirmed that his condition has indeed improved greatly.”

“Since he can be completely cured in three to four months’ time, why was his marriage planned so urgently?” Yue Yang could not understand anymore.

“Cough, this, this was because Miss Feng is already pregnant. If this wedding happened any later, I’m afraid that he would become the laughing stock of the world. So, we hurriedly planned an auspicious time for them to be wedded. Both the Fourth Master and Miss Feng could not come back to the castle for the time being. So, we will let virgin boys and girls hold onto a cock and a hen as a substitute for the bride and groom during the rituals to complete the wedding. Now, the most important thing is to give the Miss Feng a status. The foetus in her womb will not wait. Once it is delivered, it would be hard to explain to the public… “ As the Fifth Elder spoke, Yue Yang started to get a little angry again. With Fourth Uncle being unconscious everyday, it was hard to say who this baby belonged to.

How could they be completely certain that the baby was Fourth Uncle’s?

Could it be that because they were embracing each other naked daily, he had to take the blame for this?

Yue Yang hoped that this world had something that could check DNA and prove that the foetus in Miss Feng’s womb was indeed Fourth Uncle’s flesh and blood. It would not be too late to decide on their wedding afterwards. Otherwise, if Fourth Uncle were to marry a wife that has an offer of buy one get one free, it could not be said for certain whether the child was the product of an affair with another man.

The Fifth Elder looked at Yue Yang. Perhaps it was because he was able to see that Yue Yang did not believe it, but since it was inappropriate to speak of such things in front of the beautiful woman, he slightly waved his hands, signalling him not to bring up this topic for now.

After waiting for the beautiful woman to calm down, he called Yue Yang outside for a chat. “San Er, you’re a smart kid, but don’t get mixed into the matters regarding your Fourth Uncle. What’s done cannot be undone. Taking the initiative on behalf of Ah Xian is filial piety, but if you oppose the marriage of your Fourth Uncle, you would just be causing trouble… The poison that the Fourth Master contracted was the Bee Emperor’s poison. This type of poison causes the person to ejaculate wildly. Not only that, once they start, they cannot stop. It eventually causes the person to die from excessive ejaculation. Thankfully, the young lady of the Feng Family was willing to give her life to save him, otherwise your Fourth Uncle would have been long gone by now.”

Yue Yang broke out in cold sweat when he heard this. How could there be such a sinister poison in this world?

However, it was still a little strange.

This Miss Feng was not even Lei Feng, how could she be so noble as to sacrifice herself in order to save Fourth Uncle?

(Sephilia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lei_Feng)

The Fifth Elder seemed to be able to discern that Yue Yang was puzzled and lightly coughed, “It was said that your Fourth Uncle had saved Miss Feng before, when they were still studying in their academy. Although your Fourth Uncle had graduated much earlier, married and had children, Miss Feng still could not forget him. She refused to marry someone else even at the age of thirty. Perhaps, she was bitterly waiting for your Fourth Uncle. If not, where would there be a pure lady willing to sacrifice herself to save your Fourth Uncle……”

“Fine, I won’t care about these messy issues.” Yue Yang had a headache listening to it all. Indeed, this Fourth Uncle’s love life was not lacking at all.

“You’re still a child, why do you need to care about the relationships between adults? Just stay here for these two days. When the new year comes, if you’re willing to, then join everyone for the reunion dinner. If not, you can just hide inside your room and eat your dinner. I reckon you won’t like to meet the First Branch and the Second Branch family members either. Actually, the more I look at you, the more I thought that you resemble your father… huuu, rest well.” The elder suddenly shook his head and sighed before leaving on his own volition. Yue Yang still felt like he was caught in a maze of doubts. For example, who faked the pitiful guy’s engagement cancellation letter? Who had poisoned Fourth Uncle? How did the pitiful guy’s father, Yue Qiu, die?

Could he still alive?

Who was the pitiful guy’s mother?

From the attitude that everyone faintly showed , the mother of the pitiful guy was a strong and extraordinary woman, perhaps equal to or better than Yue Qiu.

But, the thing that caused him to be curious was, why had nobody ever talked about her before?

It was impossible for Yue Yang to attend the farce of a wedding between two chickens.

It was even more impossible for him to attend a reunion dinner with Yue Shan and those other big, crafty dogs… Rather than wasting his time on that level of idle talk, he would rather count the strands of hairs growing on his legs instead.

Conversely, the beautiful woman would bring the little girl with her every day to pay respects to her elders. She would also frequently cook for the elders herself and bring back some delicious meals for Yue Yang and Yue Bing. Yue Bing meditated in her room everyday, preparing to join the family’s New Year Tournament in her peak form to battle against the might of Yue Tian and Yue Yan. However, with regards to Yue Yang, aside from wrecking his brains thinking of a way to sneak into the most restricted Puppet Palace of the Yue Family, he would either be eating or sleeping every day. If he wasn’t doing any of these things, then he would accompany the little girl to count the number of ants on the wall or play with sand… Not a single Yue Clan’s member had even seen him cultivate. Nobody could make heads or tails out of where this fellow’s battle skills had come from.

Of course, they would never have imagined that Yue Yang’s cultivation method did not require him to swing his weapon drenched in sweat like normal people.

He could cultivate within the space in his consciousness where the Heavenly Sword Goddess resided.

Not only that, cultivating in that space had far greater efficiency than cultivating outside in the real world. Since he had been provoked by the powerful strength that Elder Yue Hai had displayed, Yue Yang was extremely serious when he was training in his consciousness. Furthermore, he had faintly comprehended the [Massacring Heart] after his fight with the four elders. Hence, he had gained a lot of experience on the second level of the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi and was on the verge of breaking through to the third level.

Even though he was on the verge of breaking through, he still needed a tipping point to do so.

Yue Yang was troubled for a while. What kind of tipping point did he need? Seducing innocent women? Peeking at girls bathing? Stealing the treasures of the Yue Family’s Puppet Palace? Or watching the sexual activities of that hypocrite, Yue Shan?

When night fell, Yue Yang felt that this would not do. He then started scheming: If he was unable to break through by tomorrow, he would put an aphrodisiac in the tea of that fellow, Yue Shan, and then put an old female pig inside his room. Afterwards, he would set a fire outside and lure thousands of guards here to put out the fire. When the guards arrived, he would then unveil the brutal spectacle of Yue Shan enjoying himself with the pig to the guards.

With this imagination in his mind, Yue Yang’s mood turned better and before he knew it, he fell asleep.

In his dreams, the Heavenly Sword Goddess, whom he had not seen in a long time, suddenly appeared.

This had made Yue Yang so moved that his heart turned into a mess. In the end, it was always this woman, whom he had decided to be his main wife in heart without seeking for her approval, who would appear at the time when he needed her the most.

What kind of tipping point for a breakthrough would this Heavenly Sword Goddess bring him this time?

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