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LLS Chapter 104 – A Likeable Bandit’s Theory

Chapter 104 – A Likeable Bandit’s Theory
Translated by: Zaza, Ignis, Shiro
Edited by: Based Jessica, Krithika
TLCed by: Ignis, Shiro

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When Yue Yang brandished the two blades that were shining with the heat of the sun, the four most capable elders immediately retreated as quickly as possible.

After all, they were all cunning people who would always leave themselves some room to escape.

The two people who had previously been overpowered by Yue Yang were not in life-threatening danger, even though they were rolling on the ground like a gourd.

The most unfortunate one, however, was the black-clothed man who still foolishly charged forward, preparing to assassinate Yue Yang. He didn’t know that the other four elders had already retreated long ago. He wielded his pike with all his might and flew straight at Yue Yang. By the time he realized that there was a blazing light that blinded his eyes, it was too late to retreat. The steel pike in his hands crumbled and silently turned into metal slags when it collided violently with the explosive blaze. When the first ‘sun’ flared on his body, the black-clothed man felt that his body was melting from the intense heat of the sun. When the second ‘sun’, which was smaller in volume but ten times stronger, blew up on him, he felt himself being annihilated into nothingness in an instant.

The two figures standing atop the castle, who were watching Yue Yang’s dual blade slashes, looked considerably stirred.

One of the two figures shook his head, as he somberly spoke with an aged voice, “This is not the First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash, it’s only just a normal sword technique. Seems like it’s a technique that he comprehended by himself.”

“So you are saying that he is just like his father, a genius who can create his own technique?” The other figure questioned.

“It could be that someone is teaching him in secret.” The aged voice replied, in a suspicious tone.

There was another change in the situation below.

There were no injuries on the black-clothed man. Even his clothes remained orderly. However, the pupils of his eyes were widely dilated… Although he appeared untouched on the surface, he had already been killed instantly.

The remaining four elders, on the other hand, looked quite miserable. There were multiple scars on each of their bodies.

Although they had been cunning enough to retreat from the battlefield in time to save themselves, Yue Yang’s violent sword technique had left both their bodies and reputations covered in dirt.

The tightly shut castle gate slowly opened, and the drawbridge was lowered down.

A scholarly-looking man wearing a robe as white as snow strided out from within, walked straight towards Yue Yang who was composing himself. His face, which looked cultured and refined due to his extremely mature and well maintained complexion, revealed a smile as refreshing as a spring breeze. He nodded courteously, “San-er, it’s really you… When I heard the servant’s report, I could not believe my ears. I am more than pleasantly surprised, and had immediately informed Father about your arrival. I hope that he would also receive this news quickly and be happy. He has not had a pleasant surprise for a long time now… This is really a good thing, Third Brother (Yue Yang’s dad) finally has a qualified successor now.”

When Yue Yang heard it, he couldn’t help but shiver inwardly.

This fellow seemed to be the substitute Clan Master of the Yue Clan, Yue Shan. Seeing his all-too-innocent face, it seems like he was planning to cleanly push all the blame away from himself.

If Yue Yang had not known from the start that Yue Shan was a ruthless and vicious bastard, who harbored ill intentions behind his refreshing smile, he would probably have mistakenly believed that Yue Shan was a good uncle who cared about the well-being of his nephew. Seeing Yue Shan pretending to give him the sincerest of smiles, Yue Yang thought that even an Oscar wouldn’t be sufficient to award him for his talent in acting.

Damn. He was really worthy of his reputation as a capable government official of Da Xia Empire. He was different than other ordinary villains; in terms of politics, wisdom, and EQ, he was extremely exceptional.

With just one look, Yue Yang had already known that Yue Shan was not going to be an easy opponent to handle.

This fellow not only had extraordinary capabilities, but he was also extremely forbearing.

On the outside, he always pretended to be a modest and refined gentleman. Wasn’t he just like the Yue Buqun of this world?

(Ignis: Yue Buqun is a villain from ‘Xiao Ao Jiang Hu’, aka ‘The Smiling, Proud Wanderer’, a popular wuxia novel by Jin Yong. Pretty much appeared scholarly and refined but was actually a false gentleman. http://wuxia.wikia.com/wiki/Yue_Buqun)

Against such a person, if Yue Yang wanted to play mind games, he would simply be fighting against Yue Shan’s specialty. If that really happened, Yue Shan would probably be so happy that he would be too full to eat… The best way to deal with such people was to employ violence – the most brutal, overbearing and straightforward violence. Yue Yang wanted to ruthlessly beat him to the ground, step on his head, and mock him mercilessly. That would have been the best method treatment for Yue Shan.

However, as much as Yue Yang would really have liked to slash his smiling face with his Crescent Blade, he refrained from doing so. This was because Yue Shan was not simply a man harboring evil intentions behind his smile, but he was also a Level 6 [Elder].

Level 6 [Elder]. He was the strongest human opponent that Yue Yang had ever met to date.

“San-er, we are all one family. If we live in harmony, all of our endeavours would be successful. Put down your weapons quickly. If there were any misunderstandings, we can talk about it and clear it up. Everyone here are understanding people, there is no reason for them to not hear your explanation. A-Xian, you shouldn’t be afraid too. As long as I live, I will protect the safety of your Fourth Branch.” Other than advising Yue Yang, Yue Shan also courteously bowed towards the beautiful woman who was sitting inside the carriage.

Who would have ever thought that the person who was saying all this had been the mastermind behind everything that had happened?

Yue Yang thought to himself that if his IQ was a little bit lower, he would probably already have been sold as a slave and even help Yue Shan count the money earned from selling him.

Yue Yang felt that if he tried to speak to Yue Shan, this bastard, he would probably be overpowered by his status as the substitute Clan Master. As his junior, he would definitely be in a disadvantageous position. The only way was to be reckless and get his way with violence.

Aren’t you a hypocrite who wants to pretend that you cared about your nephew? I’ll help you to accomplish that.

An intelligent method must be used to deal with a fool.

On the other hand, using a foolish method to deal with an intelligent person could sometimes also be effective.

The guy from another world arrogantly raised his heroic looking brows. A slight sneer could be seen at the corner of his mouth, while he took a tone that sounded sincere to the utmost: “Lately, this Little Nephew had been encountering difficulties in his training and was finding it hard to improve his battle skills. I wonder if it is possible for First Uncle to provide this nephew with some pointers?”

He wasn’t merely casually speaking; he had already begun to charge his Innate Qi in the Crescent Blade.

He didn’t even need Yue Shan to reply. As long as an opportunity presented itself, the Crescent Blade would immediately slash towards Yue Shan’s head….Wanting to compete in scheming? Bring it on!

Yue Yang inwardly sneered and knew that he could compete with this guy in scheming. Besides using his barbarous force, he would also be hypocritical. He wanted to see how long Yue Shan could keep that smile on his face.

The four elders, as well as the two uncles who had fallen over in shock, were dumbstruck upon hearing what Yue Yang said.

They did not dare to believe what they had heard.

They looked at each other, thinking that Yue Yang had became insane.

In the Yue Clan, in terms of strength, the Clan Master Yue Hai who had reached the pinnacle of a Level 6 Advanced [Senior Elder]’s power would the strongest in terms of power. Below him, it would be the three Grand Elders and his eldest son Yue Shan. The three Grand Elders were advancing in age and had never bothered about the clan’s affairs. Since they only focused on researching the bequeathed techniques of the clan, they could be excluded from the ranking. Thus in the entire Yue Clan, the second in terms of strength would be the eldest son Yue Shan, who was a Level 6 Intermediate [Elder].

If not for the fact that he had that level of strength, how would Yue Shan be able to strongly convince the entire clan and take up the role of substitute Clan Master?

Now, this was something strange. A good-for-nothing, who could not form a contract even with the trashiest of beasts, actually dared to challenge the substitute Clan Master of the Yue Clan?

Could it be that Yue Yang thought Yue Shan‘s rank of a Level 6 [Elder] was just a pretext?

Or could it be that, by mastering some techniques inherited from his father, Yue Yang had thought he could rise to the heavens?

Even Yue Qiu back then would not have dared to say that he could easily defeat his older brother Yue Shan, let alone Yue Yang, who was just a kid from the younger generation.

Upon reaching Level 6, regardless of which type of beast was contracted, a warrior’s strength would increase by at least ten times over that of a Level 5 [Grandmaster]… only somebody who had transcended the realm of a Level 6 [Elder] would have the qualifications to be at the apex in the future. He would also be officially recognized by the country. In the eyes of a warrior that is at the apex, anybody at Level 6 or lower were all tiny and powerless.

Putting aside the fact that this tiny and powerless trash Third Young Master had dared to attack a Level 5 elder, he even dared to challenge Yue Shan, who was at Level 6?

“This is all your First Uncle’s fault. I had been constantly busy with the affairs of the empire and had neglected my nephew. San-er, if you say that you have something that you do not understand, I will try my best to help.” Although Yue Shan was smiling, Yue Yang could see the killing intent that had flashed deep in his pupils.

Yue Shan did not conceal himself as he knew that this brat Yue Yang was also intelligent. Between intelligent people, there was no need for excessive pretense.

The words between the two of them were only for others to listen.

At this moment, both of them were itching to kill one another. Yet on the surface, one was a modest nephew seeking pointers, while the other was a magnanimous and benevolent uncle teaching his nephew…

The moment that Yue Yang begun collecting power in the Crescent Blade, Yue Shan summoned a Gold Grimoire with a smile on his face. He then quickly summoned a silver-ranked beast to fuse with his body and slowly retrieved a long sword that was tied to his waist. He spoke with an abnormally gentle tone: “San-er be careful, the blade has no eyes, so take care not to overdo things. Don’t try to show off too much and hurt yourself in the end.”

“Then I would also advise First Uncle not to be muddle-headed, and be careful too.” Yue Yang brandished his Crescent Blade, slashing it heavily forward.

Yue Yang unleashed a slash that could split the heavens and earth, the one he had used to instantly kill the black-clothed man, who was a Level 4-Intermediate [Champion].

However, Yue Shan simply extended one hand and easily received the blow.

Yue Yang raised his eyebrows as he realized that Yue Shan’s summon was quite strange. It wasn’t simply an ordinary strengthening-type beast, it was actually a special-type octopus beast. Yue Shan’s arms had actually turned into an octopus’ arms that could receive strong impacts with its softness. Countless suction holes appeared on his arms, and it sucked dry the energy that Yue Yang had charged into his Crescent Blade. On the other side, the long sword in Yue Shan’s hands had also turned into thousands of sharp darts. Countless sharp shadows flew straight towards Yue Yang’s body. Yue Yang’s level 2 [Divine Vision] could see that not only Yue Shan’s octopus beast could transform his arms into octopus arms, it could also apply poison to Yue Shan’s weapons. He definitely couldn’t avoid Yue Shan’s attack, because if he did, Fourth Mother and the little girl behind him would definitely die if they were shot by the arrows.

He was indeed a ruthless bastard, his moves were so savage and malicious.

“Second Slash: Heaven and Earth Collapse!” In reality, Yue Yang did not know any of Yue Qiu’s sword techniques. However, in order to hide the fact that he had the Innate [Invisible Sword Qi], he drawed everyone’s attention towards Yue Qiu’s Sword Techniques.

When he unleashed his move, he had also tried to imitate the stance of that sword technique.

A fierce look flashed across Yue Shan’s expression, “Not bad, but the power was a little bit lacking,”

Yue Shan seemed to have an idea to break Yue Yang’s Second Slash: Heaven and Earth Collapse. His arms, that had originally transformed into an octopus’ arms, suddenly underwent a quick transformation. Darkness shrouded him, almost as if he was trying to unleash a sneak attack on Yue Yang.

Suddenly, Yue Shan stood tall and upright, and before a second even passed, he had returned his appearance to being the modest and refined man he had been previously.

He didn’t make a move, allowing Yue Yang to slash at his forehead with the Hui Jin Magic Blade.

However, a large figure suddenly appeared in the middle of Yue Yang and Yue Shan. Yue Yang didn’t care about who that was, as he assumed an eager opponent restaining the power was too late and violently slashed down at the figure. The figure neither retreated nor disappeared, it used his strong body to receive the heavy slash from Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade. A deafening boom resounded when the figure’s body collided with the Magic Blade. In the next moment, to Yue Yang’s surprise, his Hui Jin Magic Blade had actually bounced back upon impact. That figure, on the other hand, was like a statue of iron. He did not move at all from the impact, and he also did not receive any damage from his attack.

“Your strength is quite powerful, I felt a little pain just now,” That tall figure brushed away his armour that had been broken to pieces with his hands.

“Ah?” Yue Yang thought that this person was really powerful. Wasn’t this defense too powerful to be true?

When he observed clearly, he saw an old man with white hair, who did not have an arm and a leg. However, his Qi was as ferocious as a fierce lion. He had a tall figure, towering as a mountain. He was only standing idly in front of him, yet he gave the feeling that not even an army with thousands of soldiers and horses would be able to pass through him.

Yue Yang had never met him, but he could tell that this old man was the Yue Clan’s Clan Master with one look.

Of course, he was also the Great Marshall of the Da Xia Emperor that had just retired. He was the pitiful guy’s grandfather who had the nickname of ‘One-armed War God’, Yue Hai.

He had such a frightening Qi that was definitely accumulated from his experience in the battlefield. No one would be able to fake such a fierce Qi.

Yue Yang realized that compared to his son Yue Shan, this Yue Hai had even more abilities that Yue Yang couldn’t see through with his level 2 [Divine Vision]. However, even with the abilities that Yue Yang could see through with his [Divine Vision], they were enough to make Yue Yang’s heart shiver with alarm secretly.

This pitiful guy’s grandfather, old man Yue Hai, had an extremely strong Gold King Beast in his arsenal.

It was like a strengthening-type Guardian Beast, fusing into the old man’s, Yue Hai, body and living together with its master.

However, Yue Yang was definitely sure that this Gold King Beast wasn’t a Guardian Beast.

That was because a Guardian Beast would never die, and it would always heal back to its original form if it was injured. However, the Gold King Beast in the old man Yue Hai’s body that was incomparably strong was also disabled like his master, lacking a leg and an arm. As for its type, Yue Yang couldn’t see through it in the meantime. However, he thought that it could be the legendary Mother Earth Bear.

Not only does this old man Yue Hai was a Level 6 Advanced [Senior Elder], he also had ample experience in war. His killing intent was as sharp as a sword, he was indeed as strong as the rumors.

Although Yue Shan was also a level 6 Ranker, he was like a teenager compared to Yue Hai, a warrior. The difference was not just a little, it was extremely huge.

When Yue Yang looked at the old man Yue Hai, he had a feeling like he was facing against that Three-Headed Chimera in the Aries Temple. He was burning with anger, eager with anticipation to fight this strong Ranker with all of his power. However, under the condition of not being able to use all of his powers, he wasn’t one hundred percent confident that he could defeat him.

If he didn’t use Innate Invisible Sword Qi, Xiao Wen Li and the Golden Beast, and only use Hui Tai Lang and Barbarian Cow Shadow, he would definitely not be able to defeat the old man Yue Hai.

He was afraid that even with the Bloody Queen, it wouldn’t be enough to face Yue Hai.

After all, Yue Hai was a strong Ranker who had trained for many decades, almost nearing one hundred years. His skills and abilities was simply too powerful.

Yue Yang slowly sighed in his heart. Although he was already in the Innate Realm, which ranked above the old man Yue Hai, his training time was simply too short. It had not even been half a year since he came to this world. If only he could train for a few more months… Of course, even if they really fight it out, Yue Yang didn’t think that he would not be easily defeated by the old man Yue Hai.

This is because the old man Yue Hai was only strong, with regards to skills and techniques, the Innate Invisible Sword Qi was a hundred times stronger than the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique.

“What nonsense are you guys doing? The whole family gathering in front of the house and fought till this extent, what troubles are you guys going to bring next?” The old man Yue Hai bellowed with a voice as strong as an entire army. He was extremely charismatic as his large figure overlooked the whole battlefield, scolding everyone bluntly, “I don’t know what had happened here, and before I fully understand the situation, nobody talks. I don’t have the patience to listen to all of you children’s tantrum. I had always thought that the members of the Yue Clan are calm and could be reason with. Even if you don’t want to be reasoned with, I had thought that you would not resort to violence. No matter if you guys wanted to argue or fight, it could all be discussed clearly during the New Year’s Tournament. Right now, go back to your houses immediately, don’t stay here and be a disgrace and become a joke to the public!”

“…” Yue Yang sweated when he heard this.

You can talk it out if you have an argument, and you can fight it out if you don’t want to discuss your argument?

Damn, what kind of bandit’s theory is this? Is this place really one of the Four Great Families, Yue Clan, Yue Clan’s Castle, or a robber’s hideout?

How could everyone be more uncivilized than the other?

Yue Yang had thought that he was already quite unreasonable. Who would have thought that this old man Yue hai was even a hundred times more unreasonable than him? Is this old fellow really a Marshall of the Empire’s army?

He really couldn’t wait for that Clan’s New Year’s Tournament where he could reason with his fists.

As the guy from another world thought about this, he smiled.

Talking with his fists, wasn’t this exactly his forte?

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