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LLS Chapter 103 – Breaking New Realm in the Battle

Chapter 103 – Breaking New Realm in the Battle
Translated by: Shiro, Ignis, Taffy
Edited by: Shiro, Ignis and Rango
TLCed by: Shiro, Ignis

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Yue Bing was unyielding; she wiped her tears away, got down from the carriage and helped Yue Yang pull the carriage. Yue Yang was afraid that there would be people mounting a sneak attack on them, so he advised her to go back into the carriage. But Yue Bing shook her head instead, walked to the back of the carriage and pushed it with all of her might. Silently and determinedly, she tried to show her cherished desire to walk together with her brother and share his burden. Yue Yang knew that she had an unyielding personality, so he didn’t say anything much any more, letting her do as she pleased. The beautiful woman wiped away her tears and hugged the small girl tightly, sitting inside the carriage quietly.

She knew that she couldn’t go down from the carriage, or she might trouble her son and daughter. Hence, no matter how panicked and frightened she was, she could only bite her lips and sit inside the carriage, letting her children pull and push her up to the Yue Clan’s Castle.

Although they would return to Yue Clan Castle once a year, this year’s was the proudest and greatest moment of her life.

With a son and daughter like this, she felt that she was the happiest mother in the world!

The happiest person currently was actually Yue Shuang, the small girl, who was perfectly sleeping soundly in her mother’s embrace.

She was still too young to understand; Yue Yang was afraid that she will be too frightened if she saw such violence, so he had earlier bought a “Fragrant Sleeping Flower” from Green Bamboo city, and induced her into deep sleep. This idea had to be credited to the Master of Luo Hua City. She was extremely knowledgeable about botany and had casually mentioned to Yue Yang about the effects of the “Fragrant Sleeping Flower” during their journey to the pavilion in the Sky Island.

Along the way, there were people who frequently spied on them, while others stalked them from a distance.

Yue Yang was unconcerned about the appearance of these people.

Contrarily, Hui Tai Lang repeatedly bared his fangs and snarled deeply, seemingly to warn others that he would kill whoever came too close.

They had travelled ten miles over the meandering mountain road.

The road had been relatively levelled and had resting points at certain intervals. Even so, it would be unbearable for ordinary warriors to pull a carriage up the mountain! Yue Bing was so tired that she was panting and sweating profusely. She did not train her physical skills often, and coupled with the fact that she did not contract any strengthening-type beasts, her physique was no better than an ordinary warrior. She was, however, extremely resolute, and determinedly pushed the carriage despite being exhausted.

Even if it was just a little bit, she hoped that she would be able to be of help to her brother!

Yue Yang was hardly weary from pulling the carriage. After countless months of diligent training and the enhanced physique from practicing the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, it was as if he had the fearsome strength of the Barbaric Cow Shadow. Yue Yang also used his extremely powerful perception and Divine Vision to scour for information on nearby enemies.

The geniuses from the same generation, the First Young Master Yue Tian and Fourth Young Master Yue Yan might have appeared and passed by, but Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to recognize them.

However, he felt that amongst the people who had been spying on them earlier, one of them must have been present.

Yue Yang saw a figure that was riding atop a Flaming Lion, who seemed to be imitating Yan Po Jun a little, but was neither as imposing nor as elegant. Yue Yang guessed that the person might have been Yue Yan, but he recalled that Yue Bing mentioned that Yue Tian also had a Flaming Lion beast, so he was a little unsure. Back then when the Yue Clan lavishly purchased the two Flaming Lion beast eggs, the pitiful guy had unsuccessfully tried to contract with one. Yue Yan, who was a few days younger than him, had instead managed to contract with it. And thus, the pitiful guy’s pitiful life began.

There were also several other more powerful figures, who were probably the elders of the Clan.

Their strength was not inferior to the Torture Chamber Elder. In fact, if Yue Yang had not grasped and intensely attacked the fatal weakness of the Torture Chamber Elder, it would be difficult to defeat him without using the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi or his summoned beasts!

Though whoever it may be, Yue Yang ignored their spying.

He slowly walked while pulling the carriage, along the foot of the mountain and through the wide mountain path, all the way to the entrance of the Yue Clan Castle.

The majestic Yue Clan Castle was much grander and taller than Iron Fist City on the third level of Tong Tian Tower, which the humans had used as a stronghold against the demonic armies. Atop the 30-meter tall and straight mountain rampart, 15-meter walls of black stone were constructed. It was fully equipped with arrow towers, gate towers, guard stations, patrol passages, sentry posts etc, making it a fort that could be easily defended and difficult to conquer.

While Yue Yang did not bring any troops, should there be a war and both sides entered a confrontation, it would be futile to even think of gnawing at the Yue Clan Castle which was armed to the teeth.

In front of the Yue Clan Castle, there were about ten dark figures who were waiting quietly for Yue Yang’s arrival.

The drawbridge was raised and the castle gates were tightly shut, clearly showing their intentions. It looks like they would definitely prevent Yue Yang from bringing the beautiful woman into the Yue Clan Castle. Yue Yang had long ago predicted this and even felt it was inevitable that a huge fight would break out later.

The enemy had already laid down this scheme, and only had to wait for him to act rashly. Now that they achieved this objective, there was no reason to let him off easily.

Yue Yang felt that it was all the better, giving him the opportunity to unleash his rampage!

“San-er, Clan Lord Shan said that he is unable to discipline you, yet cannot bear to enforce the clan’s law on you and cut off the bloodline of the Third and Fourth branches. He has personally left to get your grandfather back, so that he could be the judge for this matter. Just wait here and lay out your reasons when the time comes!” A white-haired old man holding a green cane emerged from the crowd, and calmly said. He had a peaceful and amicable look around him, but as for his true intentions, nobody knew.

“Is that so? If that’s the case, could it be that all of you, esteemed seniors, are gathered here to welcome this trash Third Young Master back home?” When Yue Yang heard what the old man said, he burst into laughter.

“We may stop pursuing the matter of Torture Chamber Elder’s death in the meantime, but we will definitely not allow you to continue injuring people!” Another black-clothed man in his fifties strode out, strictly warning Yue Yang with a manner like a stringent and unfriendly character from a traditional play.

“Don’t be angry. We are all from the same family and we are all brothers. This may all be just a misunderstanding. There will be a decision when the Clan Lord is back!” This time a green-robed man stepped out, playing the good guy.

“Since no one is welcoming me, this trash Third Young Master home, I shall just find my own way around!” Yue Yang lifted the Crescent Blade in his hand, crook his finger and flicked onto the blade. A surge of Innate Qi was unleashed and the Crescent Blade shook with a mysterious wave immediately. The vibrating Crescent Blade emitted a sweet-sounding buzz that was filled with dense murderous intent. The Crescent Blade looked like a monster that relished drinking fresh blood, whizzing in excitement.

Yue Yang’s attitude clearly displayed his intention of forcing his way into the Yue Clan Castle, fighting to the end.

Everybody silently took precautions, afraid that they might be the next one to end up like the Torture Chamber Elder.

Everybody knew the capabilities of the Torture Chamber Elder. They understood that this trash Third Young Master, being able to kill him on the spot, was no longer the loser that didn’t dare to look up or stand up for himself.

The masses were extremely curious. Could it be that before Yue Qiu died in his battle, he had secretly imparted all of his best skills and techniques to his son?

Right now, it seemed like this useless Third Young Master who had secretly honed his skills had finally mastered them successfully. Because of that, he had decided to come back home to get back the justice that he deserved and wash away his reputation of a trash!

The crowds were especially certain about this as they saw Yue Yang holding his Crescent Blade, instead of a spear. That was because Yue Qiu, who was the only clansman that managed to reach level 7 [Overlord] at that time, achieved it using his self-created Sword Technique. He was renowned throughout the world for using this Sword Technique, and not the traditional Yue Clan’s Spear Technique. Today, although Yue Yang had initially used Rod Techniques to fight, he had used the Crescent Blade to kill the Torture Chamber Elder in the end. This confirmed that Yue Yang had practiced the Eight Hungry Blades Beheading Technique, which Yue Qiu self-created back then.

“Xiao San, you dare to be disrespectful in front of these four elders and all these seniors?” The black-clothed man roared with rage.

“I may acknowledge that everyone here is my senior, but this Crescent Blade in my hands doesn’t! I will still say the same old words. I want to go home and whoever blocks me, shall die!” Yue Yang replied to him coldly. Since they were going to fight, then he should make it a big and lively battle. His enemies were indeed cunning and treacherous; but this was actually nothing to him. In the face of absolute power, all trickery and schemes were garbage! He wouldn’t allow them to lead him by the nose. Right now, they would have to fight him regardless of whether they wanted to or not! It wouldn’t make a difference in killing one or two more people, since he had already killed the Torture Chamber Elder. He had returned with the intention to pick a fight with his Clan, so why should he care about being respectful to them!

Yue Yang slowly lifted the Crescent Blade, becoming solemn in an instant. His breathing became indistinct and gradually disappeared.

The people on the other side couldn’t help but be frightened upon seeing this.

This stance looked exactly like one of the stances of Yue Qiu’s world destroying Sword Technique, Earth Splitting Slash!

Atop the castle walls, two figures suddenly appeared at a corner, discretely observing the entire situation….

“It’s pointless to say any more. Any senior who wants to come at me, must first talk to the Crescent Blade in my hand!” Yue Yang flew like a bird and leapt high in the sky. His arms were drawn-out in the air as he gracefully glided for more than ten meters in distance.

The Crescent Blade in his hands had transformed into a stream of light, looking extremely sharp, as if it had its own mind.

With a speed of light, Yue Yang appeared in front of the black-clothed man. In a blink, the cold light of death encroached between the eyebrows of the black-clothed man and he became absolutely terrified, as though he fell into a deep and icy pit. This was the first time in his life that he had come so close to death! Just as the black-clothed was about to be killed, there was a flash of golden light. An orange shield extended from behind him, deflecting the Crescent Blade at the very last moment.

It was the cane-holding elder.

He summoned a Silver Grimoire and raised a Halo Shield, saving the black clothed man just in time.

Although everyone knew that this useless Third Master would rise in revolt and attack them, they hadn’t imagined that his speed would be so fast.

Seeing that the attack hadn’t hit, Yue Yang landed down as lightly as if he were flying, his body as agile as a dragonfly touching the surface of water. He shot forward towards the orange shield, and with an even faster speed, jumped into the air, twisted his body and slashed the green-robed man on the other side with his blade. This slash was ten times stronger than his previous move. In comparison, the previous slash was only a warm-up, while this one was a genuine, fatal strike!

(Ignis: Dragonfly touching the surface of the water is a chinese idiom to depict an agile and nimble method of moving.)

“It’s ‘Earth Splitting Slash’, hurry up and get away!” The cane-holding elder could not assist him in time, frantically called out to the green-robed man.

The green-robed man’s soul had longed since escaped his body from fright. He commanded his beast, the Armored Monitor Lizard, to jump up and use its hard body to block Yue Yang’s slash. At the same time, he quickly retreated at a tremendous speed.

The two elders simultaneously raised their shields with the intent of blocking Yue Yang’s fatal strike for the green-robed man.

They hoped that their shields would be able block the Yue Yang’s blade, which had an edge that looked like it could split jade.

The blade flashed.

The floor remained intact, and the spirit beast remained unharmed. But the green-robed man that had fled behind the two shields had an expression of great shock.

When everyone saw that he was unaffected, they all inwardly sighed in relief. It was a good thing he had made it; otherwise, that slash definitely would’ve taken his life. Suddenly, everyone’s gazes shifted up. The Armored Monitor Lizard, which had been ordered by its master to jump up, fell flat towards the ground and crashed with a bang. Despite having a metal-like plate of armor, its entire body had been split in half, immediately meeting a tragic end. Everyone’s hearts felt a chill; as expected from Yue Qiu’s world destroying Sword Technique!

This slash had actually instantly killed a level 3 Armored Monitor Lizard!

As the people looked back at the green-robed man, they all felt glad for him. He had fortunately been able to escape this calamity. Otherwise, he would’ve definitely been instantly killed on the spot, just like the Armored Monitor Lizard.

However, a frightened look suddenly colored the green-robed man’s face. His hands were twitching a little, as if he wanted to grab his own throat.

Everyone watched in fear as a red line on the green-robed man’s neck began to expand. The green-robed man clutched his throat tightly, as if he wanted to stop the strong outflow of blood. The cane-holding elder had already taken out his best healing stone, but before he could activate it, the green-robed man’s entire torso exploded open with a boom. Everyone caught a glimpse of his inner organs as his blood burst out, splashing into the air.

Like his beast, his whole body was cut into two by the edge of Yue Yang’s sharp blade; his chest and abdomen were all cut open!

The green-robed man, whom everyone thought to have escaped from Yue Yang, was actually killed instantly in one slash!

The cane-holding elder and the others looked at Yue Yang, absolutely terrified. They were trying to determine how much of his father’s fighting skills this brat had mastered to have such a frightening amount of strength. Suddenly, Yue Yang closed his eyes and started to meditate. Steam emitted from his body and a heavenly glow seemed to appear on his face. It was as if he was exploring the breakthrough to a new realm. Immediately, everyone felt a perilous feeling in their hearts. Could it be that this brat had a breakthrough after unleashing that slash?

Could it be that this guy had experienced a new breakthrough of a skill in the midst of the battle?

Heavens! If he broke through another layer, wouldn’t he become the Yue Clan’s second Yue Qiu?

“Everybody attack him together!” The cane-holding elder no longer cared about his identity. Taking the lead, he pounced forward at lightning speed. He brandished his cane towards Yue Yang’s head, attacking ferociously.

The attackers did not understand the ridiculing smile that Yue Yang had on his lips.

Yue Yang smiled liked a hunter who had seen his prey falling into his trap.

“This is not good! Quickly kill him!”

The black-clothed man also brandished his long spear, driving it towards Yue Yang’s heart like a poisonous dragon.

Seeing these vicious and murderous attacks, one of the two figures watching from atop the gate tower seemingly wanted to fly down and assist Yue Yang. However, he was stopped by the other towering dark figure, who said a few words. The figure that initially wanted to assist Yue Yang stopped in his tracks, nodding his head silently.

Two people stood on top of the gate tower, quietly observing.

At that moment, a bright glow, as bright as a river of stars, flashed with an incomparable brilliance.

It became an amazing sight; akin to a spiraling vortex like the expanding Milky Way. Yue Yang, who was initially in a meditative state, suddenly straightened his body. His eyes suddenly glared open; like a demon, his eyes were crimson red in color! The air that his body was emitting suddenly burst like a flash flood, exploding around his body with a loud, thundering boom, shaking all of the earth.

The smoke from the explosion immediately surrounded the two people with the weakest abilities, rigidly shrouding them.

Yue Yang’s crimson eyes were wide open in fury. His entire person seemed to have gone mad, like a demonic god. He stood tall and straight unyieldingly, looking down with a disposition of someone that was unparalleled under the heavens, coldly confronting all of his enemies’ combined attacks.

His left hand held his Crescent Blade while his right grasped the Hui Jin Magic Blade. The glow from the two blades quickly brightened, glowing as fiercely as the sun!

This, this was the real destructive First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash!

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