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LLS Chapter 101 – Yue Yang Storming Out

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Chapter 101 – Yue Yang Storming Out
Translated by: Zaza, Shiroyukineko, Ignis
Edited by: Rango, Based Jessica
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko, Ignis

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“Fight!” Behind the Torture Chamber Elder, there were 2 red-robed officers. They were the Torture Chamber Executors that enforced the Clan’s Laws, the cream of the crop amongst the elites.

Once they saw that this trash Third Young Master had completely rebelled and had disregarded the Clan’s rules, they quickly ordered the elite guards into formation. The other party had a Level 5 Bronze-ranked Two-headed Demonic Wolf, which was extremely fast and had terrifying attack power, therefore fighting it alone was definitely courting death. Although there were many Puppet Beasts, they had no sentience. So long as the opponent lured them, they would immediately be thrown into disarray and be unable to fulfill their main purpose. They would only be able to impede the enemy at most.

The Torture Chamber Elder was so angry that he almost suffered from internal injuries and passed out. He was completely unable to give any orders for the time being.

The two red-robed officers took charge and ordered the elite troops to form a container-like formation, deciding to capture this trash Third Young Master before doing anything else.

Of course, Hui Tai Lang would not go head-to-head with a dozen or so Puppet Beasts. Earlier in the Aries Temple, it had already experienced what being a meat lure for the enemy meant. Luring these Puppet Beasts was now a simple task for it. Let alone a flat and spacious area like this, even at the Demon’s Blood Pond, with that kind of vicious terrain, Hui Tai Lang was still able to escape unscathed while it was being chased by a whole family of Hydras. Moreover, it was not just once that Yue Yang made him go back into the marsh to lure the Hydras. Luring enemies, in Hui Tai Lang’s opinion, was a task that was easier for it to do than for an old cat to catch a young rat!

It nimbly jumped around the clumsy Puppet Beasts, occasionally lifting its leg up to pee on the Puppet Beasts’ legs.

If the Puppet Beasts had intelligence, they would have already been driven mad.

A wise man of the Soaring Dragon Continent once said: “Like Master, Like Beast.” It was probably most accurate when used to describe Yue Yang and Hui Tai Lang!

Soon enough, all the Puppet Beasts were lured into confusion by Hui Tai Lang.

All those Puppet Beasts of different sizes had crowded around each other. They followed Hui Tai Lang and wandered far away with clumsiness that was beyond comparison.

The Elite Guards realised that this Two-headed Demonic Wolf was even craftier than a human, making them speechless with worry and shock. They hurriedly summoned strengthening-type beasts in order to supplement their battle strength. At the same time, they shouted and beat the backends of their spears against the ground, like an army, encouraging one another and boosting morale. They were the elites of the elite. Having gone through training as tough as that of an army’s elite unit, they were very different from normal guards. Each of them had strength that equalled a normal guard captain’s. In battle skills, each of them had learned the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique. Although it was only four moves, it was still many times stronger than the normal guards’ Breaking Iron Blade Technique and Crushing Stone Hammer Technique.

“Clan’s Law! Clan’s Law! Clan’s Law!”

The elite guards gave a loud rallying cry, their voices were getting louder and louder, and finally, they ended the cry with a vigorous explosion of sound which resounded into a deafening roar.

The red-clothed officer saw that it was a good opportunity and pointed at Yue Yang with his crimson spear: “Capture all of them and bring them to Torture Chamber to stand trial!”

Yue Bing was worried that her elder brother would be heavily outnumbered, and got off the carriage: “Elder brother, I’ll help you!”. She wanted to summon her Grimoire, but was stopped by Yue Yang: “Seventh Sister, the fun part has yet to begin! You are elder brother’s secret weapon, right now, you still do not need to take part. Stay in the carriage and look after Fourth Mother and Shuang-er!”

He felt that if they exposed their overpowering strength too early, they wouldn’t be able to fight later battles as easily, thus, he did not summon the Barbaric Cow Shadow. He also did not summon the Gold King Beast Bloody Queen, for now there was still no need to use them! He didn’t even use the Hui Jin Magic Blade or the Crescent Blade. He only pulled out a bundle of solid wooden rods from the carriage roof that he had made by chopping a tree and shaping it. They had merely displayed a few battle skills; who didn’t know how to do that! Although Yue Yang mainly cultivated the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, when it came to comprehending the simple and crude Yue Clan’s Spear Technique, he was still much better than those of the Yue Clan who had immersed themselves in practicing it for decades .

Most importantly, Yue Yang was an expert in pretense. He was also selfish, keeping the most formidable part of Yue Clan Spear Technique to himself, unwilling to reveal it because he was afraid that others would secretly try to learn it by watching. He only used pounding, piercing, sweeping, thrusting, hacking, deflecting, jabbing, and spinning techniques that were similar to Rod Techniques.

That’s why, he had prepared a bunch of rods, wielding one with each hand. He also had a few more rods on his back, which he could use to replace broken ones and beat these dogs anytime.

This way, he could beat others up peacefully and would not need to be worried about getting his spear technique stolen.

“Having a loud voice does not mean that you are right, but having a bigger fist does!” Yue Yang could summon his beasts to beat these people up. However, he didn’t do it as he thought that beating people up personally would be more enjoyable. He had never liked to reason; he only liked the notion of returning violence with violence. If he had to reason, wouldn’t he be able to do it more efficiently by doing it while trampling on a person’s back?

“Charge!” The two red-robed officers waved their hands and the elite troops behind them formed a spearhead formation as they brandished their spears, roaring loudly as they charged towards Yue Yang.

If this move was used on the battlefield against normal soldiers, it might be able to forcefully bore a hole through the enemies. However, these elite soldiers were facing a crazily strong and despicable opponent like Yue Yang, practically making their assault a big mistake.

Yue Yang loudly exhaled and gathered strength in his arms, before throwing out his rod like a pike.

The rod made a fierce, whistling sound as it flew into the abdomen of one of the captains, who was at the forefront of the battle formation.

If not for this fellow having a strengthening-type beast that protected his body like an Iron Armour, the rod would probably have pierced through him immediately. The Iron Armor broke upon the impact and the rod pierced through his abdomen like a spear, almost pass through his back. The elite-troop squad leader immediately threw up fresh blood upon receiving the injury.

He moaned painfully as he tumbled backwards.

The strongest part of their spear formation was broken by Yue Yang with just one move.

The troops on the two sides couldn’t react in time and continued to charge forward with all their might. The people in the middle were hindered by the fallen squad leader and were not able to keep their formation. As a result, their formation became entangled. If they were normal soldiers, they would probably have collapsed. In the midst of this disorder, Yue Yang appeared like a Death God. His body rose up high into the air as he raised his rods to the sky. In the next moment, the rods that held a power of three hundred thousand kilos smashed down into the ground.

There were at least 5 to 6 elites that couldn’t react in time and were smashed by Yue Yang’s rod. They fell and didn’t get up again.

Yue Yang, who managed to break into the middle of the battle formation, used the two rods in his hands and swung them all over the place. He didn’t even need any kind of Rod Techniques now, there would be people wherever he swung anyway.

When one of his rods broke, he took another rod from his back.

“Look at my Dog-Beating Staff Technique, it’s a technique created especially for beating dogs!” Yue Yang thought that this was the most enjoyable beating he had ever given in his lifetime. These guards were all elites, hence most of them had a tall and sturdy physique. They had strengthening-type beasts to protect their bodies too. They were not like those kinds of people that were made of tofu, so the feeling Yue Yang would get from his hands while beating them up was extremely invigorating.

(Shiro: Reference to the Dog Beating Staff Technique, a martial art skill from Jin Yong Wuxia novels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beggars%27_Sect)

Yue Yang continued to violently beat everyone up, to the point that in the end, all his rods ended up breaking. He waved his fists and gave up on the Dog Beating Staff Technique that he had plagiarized, plagiarizing a certain Fist of the North Star Technique instead, hitting everyone in his path. In just a moment, everything seemed to scatter about. With almost every blow, there would be teeth broken and blood strewn all over like rain. The two red-robed officers watched from the back with dumbstruck expressions. It was not until now that they finally realized that the useless Third Young Master, although he couldn’t contract beasts, was actually a crazily strong guy in martial arts.

(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fist_of_the_North_Star)

“Oh my god, this brat is just like his father, he is an idiot who focuses on training his physical skills!” The two red-robed officers almost fainted; they had never thought that this trash, that everyone bullied, actually had such fearful strength.

“Fortunately he couldn’t contract with beasts, otherwise…”

“Why are you guys still frozen? Take the little girl and A Xian down, and this brat would definitely listen to orders like a good boy then! What use would using violence do? Do you want all your beasts to die?” The Torture Chamber Elder could finally think clearly. Seeing the whole situation in chaos, he was so angry that his beard started to tremble. He ordered his two subordinates to take down the beautiful woman and the little girl immediately, utterly discomfited.

“But Lady Xian and Ninth Young Mistress can’t fight with martial art skills at all… If we were to accidentally slip…” The two red-robed officers found the Elder’s orders a little difficult to execute.

They were only the descendants of the extended family. It was fine if they had only bullied the Third Young Master, since he was useless and unsuccessful. Furthermore, the Third young Master’s and Miss Xue’s engagement made a lot of people jealous. There were many people who liked to bully him in secret, and usually this bullying did not leave any gossips or rumours behind.

Lady Xian was the Fourth Lady. If they endangered her, even if Fourth Master did not pursue the matter, it was hard to say if the Fourth Master would not use this matter to threaten them in the future. Ninth Young Mistress was still a kid, and no one could predict what kind of future she would have. What if she succeeded in contracting a grimoire and was fancied by one of the Four Great Sects or the Royal Households? If that really happened, they would be really unlucky. In the Yue Clan, it was taboo to attack women and small children. If they received orders to arrest Third Young Master, they would grit their teeth and do it even if it was difficult. But if they attacked women and children, when the Clan Master knew about it, he would probably explode with anger. He would definitely order them to be killed immediately without a second word. If that time came, how many lives did they have to spare?

At that time, who would protect them?

Seeing that they didn’t listen to his orders, the Torture Chamber Elder was extremely furious. He immediately glared at the two red-robed officers, “If problems arise, I’ll take responsibility for them. Execute my orders immediately, otherwise I’ll dispose of you guys!”

The two red-robed officers immediately charged towards the horse carriage. Of course, they still didn’t dare to attack the beautiful woman inside the horse carriage. They simply killed the two horses outside.

The bald Torture Chamber Elder was furious. He personally summoned a powerful Iron-clawed Bear in order to supplement his strength.

In the next moment, he immediately charged towards the horse carriage.

He had actually wanted to take down Yue Yang personally, but seeing that Yue Yang’s martial arts skills was beyond frightening and extremely quick, he was afraid that he would be cooked alive with one slip up if he was not careful enough. If he really received this brat’s attack, even if he wasn’t injured, it would hurt his reputation. He would be humiliated in front of his subordinates and it would probably be difficult to convince the others in the future. Hence, the Torture Chamber Elder decided to take down the women and children first. As for the this trash Third Young Master, it wouldn’t be too late for him to bind with a rope, make him kneel in front of him and torture him later on!

“You’re asking for death!” Yue Yang was furious, even though this was also his ploy. All it takes was for the Torture Chamber Elder to attack the beautiful lady. Playing on this point, no matter if it’s skills or justification, he would be able to beat down the vile people of the Yue Family completely.

However, when he saw the Torture Chamber Elder trying to attack sneakily, he could not suppress the exploding anger in his heart.

Moving as fast as lightning, he pounced towards the Torture Chamber Elder.

The Torture Chamber Elder had also constantly taken note of Yue Yang’s actions and was secretly vigilant. Upon discovering that Yue Yang abandoned the elite guards and rushed over, he laughed coldly.

He forcefully threw the pike in his hand towards the carriage, then unleash his beast’s strongest power and returned to face Yue Yang.

Regardless whether the thrown pike had killed the beautiful lady and the girl, when the time came, the blame could be pushed to the two elite underlings. As for the trash Third Young Master, how would he be able to endure the provocation of having to watch his mother and sister die? If his will and mental concentration wavered, would he still be a worthwhile opponent? By relying on the bear’s humongous strength, together with the strengthened claws, would trash that is unable to contract with any beast or summon a Guardian Beast be able to go against me? (this is the elder’s perspective i suppose)

The bald Torture Chamber Elder’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Raising his enlarged right bear claw, he heavily struck down on Yue Yang, who had pounced towards him.

Die together with your mother and sister!

He smiled coldly inside: “Trash does not have the right to live in this world.”

It’s just that, what he didn’t see that just an inch before his long spear penetrated the tyres, it was completely covered with ice. Half a second later, it was smashed into smithereens. This was Xiao Wen Li’s signature move. Yue Yang was not an idiot. He wouldn’t make Yue Bing, who had no guarding experience, be the only one to protect the beautiful woman and little girl, who could not practice any kind of martial arts. He had left Xiao Wen Li inside since the beginning and ordered her to protect the horse carriage. Otherwise, he wouldn’t stage this trap to entice the Torture Chamber Elder to attack. Yue Yang was even more assured with Xiao Wen Li’s protecting abilities than his own.

Although there wouldn’t be a problem, the Torture Chamber Elder’s vile actions thoroughly infuriated the guy from another world.

A man should fight with his life and his own power to determine win or loss; having no complaints even if he were beaten to death!

However, attacking weak women who did not have any battle power and were unarmed, even using a spear to attack them viciously and attempting to kill them, was he still even a human?

“Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!” Yue Yang was completely enraged. Did he want to kill the women he protected? That was equivalent to seeking death! Pay with your life! Let alone becoming enemies with the Yue Clan, even if he would make enemies with all the strong rankers in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent, he must kill this fellow.

He was simply not fit to be a human!

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    One of the Fist of the North Star Techniques

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    Dog Beating Staff Technique (打狗棒法; Dă Gǒu Bàng Fǎ)

    [01] A Fierce Dog Blocks the Path (惡狗攔路)
    [02] Whack Two Dogs with a Staff (棒打雙犬)
    [03] Oblique Hit on the Dog’s Back (斜打狗背)
    [04] Flip the Dog Upside-down (撥狗朝天)
    [05] Retrieve the Staff from the Mastiff’s Jaws (獒口奪仗)
    [06] Whack the Dog’s Head with a Staff (棒打狗頭)
    [07] Reverse Jab the Dog’s Bottom (反戳狗臀)
    [08] Lift the Mad Dog with the Staff (棒挑癩犬)
    [09] Squash the Dog’s Back (壓扁狗背)
    [10] No Dogs Under Heaven (天下無狗)

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