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LLS Chapter 100 – Put Him In A Coffin Immediately

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Chapter 100 – Put Him In A Coffin Immediately
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, Based Jessica
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Woohooo! Chapter 100!!

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Upon hearing Yue Yang’s orders, Hui Tai Lang immediately shot out like an arrow and charged straight towards the purple-robed warrior.

The purple-robed warrior had actually hoped that this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was only a useless trash that was pretending to be strong. He thought that this brat would probably not have the guts to go against the whole clan even if he wanted to. He didn’t expect that Yue Yang didn’t even say anything further and immediately ordered to kill. The purple-robed warrior was extremely worried in his heart. He jumped and soared in the air, avoiding Hui Tai Lang’s attack. The beasts that he left behind, that ordinary level four Tusked Wild Boar, had instead met an unfortunate end!

The ordinary level four Tusked Wild Boar didn’t dare to fight against a bronze-ranked level 5 Hui Tai Lang, but under its master’s orders, it forced itself to charge towards Hui Tai Lang.

Hui Tai Lang didn’t bother with the Tusked Wild Boar’s attack and tried to end the battle quickly instead. It leapt up agilely and slashed its claws in the air. Multiple claw marks immediately appeared on the Tusked Wild Boar’s face; one of its small eyeballs had even been clawed out.

Although the Tusked Wild Boar had thick skin and tough flesh, its eyes were actually the weakest part of its body.

Hui Tai Lang didn’t wait for the Tusked Wild Boar to even let out a cry of pain, it immediately slashed his claws once again and clawed out the Tusked Wild Boar’s other eye.

“Ah, no!” the purple-robed warrior was extremely distressed as he watched his beast suffer a grave injury. Suddenly, a dark figure flashed. In the air, a fist had suddenly punched him ruthlessly.

“You should be Eighth Mistress’ Husband right? At such an age, you should be resting in old folk’s home and wait for your death. Why are you even flying in the air!” Immediately after Yue Yang threw his punch, he made a turn in the air and kicked the purple-robed warrior’s lower abdomen. As the purple-robed warrior was thrown up into the air from the impact of the kick, Yue Yang lifted both of his hands up high and jumped up to him. He then clapped his hands together and smashed them down towards the purple-robed warrior’s chest.

When the purple-robed warrior received Yue Yang’s heavy blow, he immediately shot towards the ground like a meteor.

Below, Hui Tai Lang was also matching its tempo with Yue Yang. When the purple-robed warrior almost crashed to the ground, it immediately charged towards him. It used its strength and body, that was even more powerful than a bison’s, and knocked heavily against the purple-robed warrior’s body.

The purple-robed warrior’s body was sent flying from the impact of the collision. He flew right towards the horse carriage.

Meanwhile, Yue Yang turned in the air and had already been waiting right at the spot where the purple-robed warrior was sent flying to, with a long rod ready in his hands. In the next moment, he sent the purple-robed warrior flying through the sky as if he were playing baseball.

“You had actually dared to disrespect your superiors, and even tried to kill your elders?” The tall, lanky man was so scared that his soul almost flew away. He never thought that the Eighth Mistress’ Husband, who was a level 3 [Hero], couldn’t even react when this useless Third Young Master attacked and was defeated instantly. Even the Battle Wolf at his heels had already fled the battle when it saw Hui Tai Lang. He immediately summoned a level 3 Armored Puppet in order to protect himself.

“Eight Mistress’ Husband didn’t care about the relationship between brothers, and repeatedly tried to kill my family’s Fourth Mother and two sisters. He had committed extremely atrocious deeds that would even anger the heaven’s above. I, as the younger generation, could not stand his actions anymore; I had to clean up this filth! Since you have spoken on his behalf, then you must be his accomplice. Hui Tai Lang, what are you waiting for, kill him!” Yue Yang’s unyielding attitude terrified the tall and lanky man to death. He didn’t dare to face Yue Yang as his opponent anymore and immediately ran towards the crowd of people behind him. He intended to seek protection from the Yue Clan’s guards and abandon the battle.

Hui Tai Lang did not foolishly attack the Armored Puppet that the tall, lanky man had left behind. Instead, it chased straight after the tall and lanky guy, refusing to let him off.

It chased after him and followed him into the crowd of people that was immediately thrown into chaos, as if a tiger had entered into a crowd of sheep. Hui Tai Lang’s two heads devoured blindly as its claws slashed the air, sweeping everything that was blocking its path away. Pools of blood immediately started to appear underneath the crowd of people.

All of the Yue Clan’s guards that could not run away in time were cut down like wheat being harvested immediately, falling down one by one.

Meanwhile, the other low-levelled beasts were so terrified that they started to scatter about. There were even some who felt so cornered that they started to bite people that restricted their escape, even their own masters… Hui Tai Lang realised that these people in front of it could not even withstand its single blow, they were so much weaker than those Sheep-headed Monsters in the Aries Temple. It became even more excited and pleased with itself that it began to give its all in the massacre. It swept its claws violently and swatted the people and beasts who could not run away in time like houseflies, to the side. However, it still kept its target on the tall, lanky man.

The Yue Clan Guards were so frightened that they ran for their lives, dispersing in all directions. How they wished they could grow another pair of legs to run faster.

Even so, there still were some unlucky ones which were swatted away like a fly by Hui Tai Lang. Upon impact, their muscles were torn and bones were broken. Blood flowed continuously as they gasped with their laboured breaths.

Although they were feared by others and had lived a good life assisting someone that was doing evil deeds, after meeting Yue Yang, this extremely powerful brat who was not afraid of any consequences in killing people, their good life had come to an end!

The tall, lanky man tried to escape frantically. But how could he escape Hui Tai Lang’s chase? When he turned his head back in despair, he found that Hui Tai Lang had almost caught up to him. He started crying out in fear, but how could Hui Tai Lang be courteous to him? With a slash of its claws, both the tall, lanky man’s clothes and flesh were torn as they scattered in the air. The tall and lanky man cried miserably as he immediately tried to roll away like a gourd. A trail of blood was left on the ground as he rolled. Before he could even cry out and beg for forgiveness, Hui Tai Lang’s two heads had bent down on him, and with a ‘kacha kacha’ sound, it broke two of his legs. The tall and lanky man’s cries resounded through the whole of Yue Clan’s Village, making others who heard his cry tremble in fear.

If Hui Tai Lang wanted to kill the tall and lanky man, it simply need to open its mouth wide, but it was a clever dog that knew how to seek favour from his master.

It didn’t devour him immediately, but instead forcefully dragged the tall and lanky man to Yue Yang. Placing him right in front of Yue Yang, it wagged its tail wildly, giving off the feeling that it was saying ‘I’m a qualified thug, aren’t I?’.

“Spare my life, Third Young Master, please spare me…” The tall and lanky man cried in fright.

“Cry out louder, I can’t hear you!” Yue Yang’s heart was definitely made of stone. In his eyes, in the Yue Clan, other than Fourth Mother and his family, the other members were all just NPCs. If he was in a good mood, he could probably chat with them a little, but if they tried to seek trouble with him, it would be pointless to listen to their excuses, he would kill them immediately!

A group of people hiding within the Yue Clan Village could no longer sit and hide in secret as they watched the scene and saw what was happening. They immediately charged out, one by one.

The leader of this group of people was a bald, elderly man riding a Tiger Puppet Beast.

Seeing the appearance of this hidden group of people, Yue Yang laughed bitterly in his heart.

Just as expected, this was a plot. They had already predicted that he and his family would retaliate against the Clan Elders. However, they might not have anticipated that the one attacking would be him, the useless Third Young Master. They had miscalculated; those low-levelled, but agile beasts were probably summoned to fight against Yue Bing’s Treant originally. Who would have imagined that he would use Hui Tai Lang instead, which happened to be these beasts’ exact nemesis. With regards to the appearance of this Baldy Elder, Yue Yang was not surprised at all. It could even be said that this was the moment he had been waiting for. Since he had decided to fall out with his Clan, then he should play the game with higher stakes. He would kill his way to the Yue Clan Castle and use his fists to talk with the people living in the Yue Clan Castle. He thought, ‘Right now, my fists are the strongest and my strength is the mightiest. Try to bully us if you want, let’s see who will end up bullying whom!’

The Baldy Elder’s face darkened as he ordered the elite soldiers behind him to summon their puppet beasts with a wave of his hands.

Ordinary beasts would not have any effect against Hui Tai Lang. Their level difference was too big. Any living beast would immediately run away and flee from the battle with one look from Hui Tai Lang, a bronze-ranked level 5 beast. Only Puppet Beasts, who were not living organisms and did not possess fear, would be a little bit more useful!

“Xiao San, you really have guts. You actually dared to commit murder in the Yue Clan Village? I order you to release Lin Yao, otherwise don’t blame me for punishing you severely by law!” The Baldy Elder seemed to be an influential person. He was riding on a bronze-ranked level 4 Tiger Puppet Beast. The two red-clad guards behind him also had bronze-ranked level 3 Tusked Battle Tigers ready.

Behind them, amongst the elite guards who had summoned their Puppet Beasts, although there were not many bronze-ranked beasts, most of them had summoned level 3 or level 4 Battle Wolves Puppets or Battle Leopard Puppets.

Hui Tai Lang was the highest levelled beast in the area, but his oppressing aura did not have any effect on these puppets who did not possess any intelligence.

The Baldy Elder was fully confident that he could take control of the whole situation.

He didn’t know how that useless Third Young Master got his hands on a bronze-ranked level 5 Two-Headed Demon Wolf. However, he felt that although the situation had changed a little, challenging the whole of Yue Clan, one of the Four Great Clans, with just one Two-Headed Demon Wolf was simply a big joke! The Baldy Elder also didn’t believe that Yue Yang would dare to oppose him, who was an Elder with a high position in the Clan. This trash, in the past, Yue Yang would immediately tremble with one look from him; he couldn’t even speak properly in his presence. With just the power of this brat alone, he still wanted to pick a fight with him?

“Old geezer, what did you say? Say it louder, I couldn’t hear ya!” Yue Yang pretended that he couldn’t hear properly as he continued to use the wooden rod to forcefully beat the tall, lanky man. Yue Yang used just the right amount of force to break the bones in his body. He ensured that the tall and lanky man wouldn’t be beaten to death or beaten unconscious; Yue Yang wanted to let the him suffer a pain so painful that he would rather die but wouldn’t be able to!

“Xiao San, you actually went as far as going against my orders! A Xian, (Shiro: Fourth Mother), if you don’t stop Xiao San immediately, I will take him down by our Clan’s Law!” Seeing that Yue Yang had ignored him, the Baldy Elder bellowed towards the beautiful woman who was sitting right inside the horse carriage, flustered and exasperated.

“Xian believes in the Confucianism teaching, and had vowed to strictly adhere to the Three Obediences and Four Virtues. I will obey my father as a daughter, my husband as a wife, and my son when my husband isn’t present. Since my father and my husband are both not here, I would naturally listen to my son. Whatever my son desires, I will follow his will. My son is the honorable Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, it is a matter of course if he wants to return to the Yue Clan Castle. However, a vicious servant had blocked his path and prohibited him from returning back. Where would there be logic in that? My son has already grown up to become a successful adult, a strong and capable man with an indomitable spirit. He has his own will and opinions, and I will not interfere with them! Speaking about crimes, why don’t you wait until we returned to the Yue Clan Castle and discuss it with the other Elders? Surrounding us like this intending to kill my son, is this what you call the Clan’s Laws?” The beautiful woman rejected the Baldy Elder’s orders with one breath.

(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Obediences_and_Four_Virtues)

“A Xian, you actually followed your son and become his accomplice in this heinous crime? Well, well. You’ve really have a lot of guts!” The Baldy Elder was so furious that his face had turned red and green, just like a chameleon.

“Hui Tai Lang, kill this old fart who intends to sexually assault my Fourth Mother!” Yue Yang decided to place the crime of sexually assaulting a daughter-in-law from the Clan on this Baldy Elder first. As for whether or not this crime could be established, it would depend on whether his fists were strong enough to speak for themselves!

“Xiao San, you, you, how dare you slander others!” The Baldy Elder didn’t think that Yue Yang would be this shameless. He bellowed loudly, furious to the point that his lungs almost burst.

“Old fart, are you senile, or braindead? Do you think that a fool like you can call me Xiao San? Address me as Third Young Master! Old dog, have you forgotten how to greet your masters when you see them? Now call me Third Young Master!” If it was the pitiful guy in the past, he would probably be afraid of the Baldy Elder. Unfortunately, Yue Yang was a guy from another world. He completely didn’t recognize who this Baldy Elder was.

Since they had already fallen out with the Clan, Yue Yang didn’t even bother with being courteous any more. With his rampant and aggressive speech, he made the Baldy Elder so angry that he almost burst his veins. The Baldy Elder’s vision turned dark for a moment and he fell down from his Tiger Puppet Beast’s back.

“San-ge,” Yue Bing sweated with worry. It seemed like her brother had gone mad with all the killings. He even called the Torture Chamber Elder, whom he was so afraid of in the past, an ‘old dog’!

“Who’s this idiot?” Yue Yang was curious, could it be that this fellow was a person that he couldn’t afford to offend?

“He, he is the Torture Chamber Elder…” Yue Bing explained worriedly. She had wanted to tell Yue Yang that this was the person that he was most afraid of in the past, but who would know that Yue Yang had immediately laughed out loud the moment he heard that, “Isn’t he just a Torture Chamber Elder? You gave me a fright. He’s just an insignificant old geezer; he is so old that he already went senile and even has difficulty stabilizing! What are you afraid of? Don’t be afraid, brother will put him in a coffin immediately.”

“Everyone, take this little brute who has no respect for elders and the Clan’s Law down! I, I will uphold our Clan’s Law!” the Baldy Elder was saved by his subordinates, but upon hearing Yue Yang’s words, he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

Someone like him who had always been respected and looked up to, it was really the first time in his life suffering through such vicious ridicule and humiliation.

Under such embarrassment and humiliation, he was so angry that he had actually threw up blood.

“I think you are already tired of living. An old dog like you would only waste food and resources living in this world. Elder, let this junior pay his last respects to you! All of you, come! I’ll kill whoever opposing me, it doesn’t matter if I kill one or everyone one of you. That way I could end this battle faster. Hui Tai Lang, send this Elder to his way!” Yue Yang smirked a little. This old fellow must be one of the conspirators against the Fourth Branch. He must have an undeniable relation with regards to the matter of Fourth Uncle marrying a new wife and the cancellation of the pitiful guy’s engagement that made him drown himself in the river. If Yue Yang didn’t kill him, then was he really expected to treat this fellow as an elder?

Beating a bastard slave in the open wasn’t awesome enough. If he wanted to beat someone, he should beat them up from the most powerful, the mightiest elder onwards.

A flash of demon-like glint crossed Yue Yang’s eyes. “The show is just starting now!”

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