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LLS Chapter 10 – Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen

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Chapter 10 – Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: OMG I just found out that Re:Monster is already translated to day 235! Wth! I was so dejected when it stopped at around day 70… Yes! I’m gonna read-a-thon 165 chapters, no, 235 chapters from the beginning! Oh, and I’m going to use spirit beast/monsters interchangeably, coz for some summons “monsters” would be more fitting, while for others, “spirit beasts” are more fitting.

“Hahaha!” Yue Yang was secretly laughing. With his mice example, he managed to hid the secret skills of the [Spitting Thorny Flower].

If the flower feed on corpses that were not suitable for it, it would never evolve.

[Corpse Feeding] allows the flower to to gain a huge amount of energy for recovery. This was extremely beneficial, especially in the long term. The flower had the ability to store excess energy it absorbed from corpses in its body. They would be stored in its fruits, which was called the [Thorny Flower Fruit]. Each and every fruit would hang on the thorny flower, and they had the ability to replenish the flower’s power that was consumed during battle, at any point of time. However, if the [Spitting Thorny Flower] wanted to evolve from [Corpse Feeding], they would have to feed from corpses that had the most suitable attributes to it. The higher the level, the better it would be.

When the flower feed from corpses, there is a big secret to it.

If the flower had absorbed a living thing that had the same attributes in the beginning, then it would not become a “variation”, it would only gain levels.

Conversely, if the flower had absorbed a living thing that did not have the same attributes (e.g. a human body) in the first absorption, it would not gain levels, but it would evolve to become a “variant”.
(TLN: Lol I remembered Re:monster because I was trying to find the word “Variant”)

Almost all of the monsters in the Soaring Dragon Continent were normal monsters. Only a few monsters would undergo evolution to become a “variation” under certain conditions.

Monsters that had gone through “variation” would be much stronger than normal monsters.

Such “variant” monsters could more easily evolve into an elite monster. When it evolved to an elite monster, its abilities would greatly increase. Similar to the grimoire rankings, the elite monsters ranks are divided into copper, silver, gold, platinum and diamond, five different types of ranks. Every time an elite monster raise in rank, its powers would increase by ten fold. Let alone platinum and diamond ranked monsters, even having a copper ranked monsters was something only normal people could dream of all their lives.

“I think I’ll give up on [Corpse Feeding]…Anyway my Guardian Spirit Beast is not the thorny flower, it’s a [Treeman Warrior]. I would only use the thorny flower to practice controlling technique anyway, I’ve never used it for battle.” Yue Bing shook her head as she quickly refused. She couldn’t even stand the thought of eating an Iron Fur Mice, let alone wanting to eat it!

“Such a pity,” Yue Yang laughed inside, he knew that the little miss had lost interest in the [Corpse Feeding] skill.

“San-ge, could you teach me the [Spore] skill instead?” Yue Bing was definitely a bright and eager student, she did not have any ill intentions like his fake brother.

“This is only a skill that a thorny flower who had reached level 4 [Thorny Flower Overlord] could do. Even when a [Spitting Thorny Flower] evolved into a level 2 [Carnivorous Thorny Flower] or a level 3 [Giant Thorny Flower], it still wouldn’t have the [Spore] ability. Only when it has reached level 4 and became a [Thorny Flower Overlord], it could disperse its parasitic [Spores].(TLN: I wanna be, the very best…) These spores would stick on corpses and turn them into [Spitting Thorny Flowers]. If the opponent was a living person, the the spores would enter into the person and devour his internal organs, sucking in his blood. Then it will evolve into a [Carnivorous Thorny Flower] and came out from the person’s body by tearing his stomach apart.” When Yue Yang explained it in that way, the little miss could only cringe as she was unable to endure it anymore.

She was thoroughly traumatized when she thought of a spore entering a person through the mouth, devoured his internal organs and then crawling back out.

A grotesque [Carnivorous Thorny Flower] forcing its way out of a previously healthy person, such a traumatizing scene…

That, that was so frightening!

Although Yue Bing was a genius teenager, her mental age was still a fifteen year old girl. Her pure and naive heart was deeply disturbed with such bloody images.

Of course, Yue Yang had purposely described it with such vivid words.

The real use for [Spores] was not to kill people. Who would be so foolish as to stand still and let the spores take root on their bodies? The main purpose for these spores was to break down corpses. There are some special monsters that would turn into zombies when they die, or resurrect again with several conditions. For example, the monsters in Water Category and Fire Category could be resurrected under a summoner’s special skill.

As the owner of the thorny flower, one would not be able to survive against these in a battle.

The thorny flower’s [Spores] could finally be used in this kind of scenario.

It could parasitize these monsters corpses and turn them fully into [Spitting Thorny Flowers], interrupting their revival. This interception would definitely weaken the other party’s fighting strength.

With regards to parasitizing on living people, it was actually something very difficult to do.

Furthermore, rather than having the spores parasitize on them, wouldn’t it be better to order the [Overlord Thorny Flower] to gobble that unlucky person up? Who knows, maybe the [Overlord Thorny Flower] could evolve another rank.

“Thank you Third Brother. Plant type monsters were already the weakest among the monsters, and this thorny flower is the weakest of the weak. It will be difficult to train it into a level 4 [Overlord Thorny Flower]. It’s best if we leave it at that. You should focus more on training your own Guardian Spirit Beast, because that would suit your training the most…What? You couldn’t summon your Guardian Spirit Beast? Ahh… Maybe you are just like me, the oddballs amongst summoners…What a pity. If only Third Brother has the talent to summon other monsters like you have summoned the thorny flower, then your future will be limitless. Such a pity…” When Yue Bing heard about Yue Yang’s inability to summon his Guardian Spirit Beast, she was greatly saddened for him.

She quickly comforted him by assuring him that his Guardian Spirit Beast was definitely the most suitable monster for him.

He might not be able to summon it right now because his spirit level was not high enough.

He could simply raise his spirit level slowly, and there wouldn’t be any problems in the future.

Yue Bing also said that element-type summons require a lot of conditions to summon. In the Academy, she had heard stories about how some of the element-type students couldn’t summon their own Guardian Spirit Beasts in the beginning. She had only wanted to take a load off Yue Yang’s mind. How could she know that her fake brother’s Guardian Spirit Beast was actually a special-type monster, [Phantom Shadow], and not an element-type beast?

Furthermore, with the current spirit level in Yue Yang’s body, he should be able to summon the [Phantom Shadow].

He had summoned it two days ago, but kept it a secret.

“Such a pity, Third Brother, your talent are just as useless as mine, the plant-type that has no future. And you could only summon a thorny flower…” Yue Bing shook her head slowly as she sighed. In her mind, thorny flower was the weakest amongst the monsters. It was the monster that was used by the Academy as a teaching tool, so it was fated that there wouldn’t be much growth.

“It’s alright. As long as I work hard, no matter what kind of monster, even if it’s just a weak thorny flower, it would be extremely strong when it reached level 10 and above.”

Seeing the miss became so sad for him, Yue Yang couldn’t help but to comfort her with his words.

Actually, based on the knowledge he got from the grimoire, he understood an extremely important point. That is, plant-type monsters might look weak on the outside, however, in reality, it was not weak at all. It was in no way inferior to the most sought-after monsters such as the and beast-type and bird-type monsters. The plant-type monsters appeared to be the weakest one, but on the contrary, it had a huge potential for growth, something that other monster types don’t have.

Should there be the king of plant-type monster, it would be this thorny flower that people had looked down upon.

lls-fairylls spitting thorny queenThree thousand years ago, there was a Ranker called the “Thorny Flower Fairy”, who had evolved her thorny flower to its maximum evolution stage. The thorny flower’s last stage of evolution turned out to be a human like [Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen]. When demons tried to invade the Soaring Dragon Continent, it was this Thorny Flower Fairy and her Thorny Flower Queen who had slaughtered three of the Demon Kings. The flower had also gobbled more than five thousand demon troops. The boundless sea of flower that the Flower Queen had created became a nightmare for the demons. Even the unbeatable Black Dragon Demon King would ran away with tails between his legs at the sight of the Thorny Flower Fairy.

This Thorny Flower Fairy was the only human being who had the strength to resist and massacre the strong warriors of the invading Demon Legion.

lls-fightUnfortunately, her lover died in the battle. The Thorny Flower Fairy couldn’t bear her loneliness and had chosen to be together with her lover instead.

In the future generations, there had been no one that could uncover the Thorny Flower’s secrets.

Countless Rankers had tried, but none could make the thorny flower evolve into a Mythical-Ranked “Humanoid Divine Beast”. In the end, people could only helplessly gave up researching on the thorny flower. On the other hand, beast-types and animal-types, these monsters who had great advantage in the beginning, quickly increased in their popularity with people. And thus, plant-typed monsters lost its former glory and had been long forgotten as the strongest “Humanoid Divine Beast” who had massacred thousands of demons during the Demonic Legion invasion. It even become the Academy’s teaching tool.

“That’s right, we warriors should strive for self-improvement continuously. We must persevere. Third Brother, thank you.” Yue Bing nodded, looking like a model student again as she bowed respectfully towards Yue Yang. “Third Brother, I will go back for today. We can continue our training tomorrow.”

Seeing the little miss retreating back, Yue Yang mumbled to himself, “Since no one cared about this insignificant thorny flower, I’m gonna raise a [Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen]!”

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