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LLS Changes

Hey guys, Shiro here. Will be posting the chp 350 soon, but I need to clear this up now…

So I’m making this post because I decided to change ‘Mythical Beast’ to ‘Divine Beast‘, ‘Divine Grimoire’ to ‘Celestial Grimoire‘, ‘Godly Grimoire’ to ‘Divine Grimoire‘. Because these terms are used a lot in LLS, I wanted to make sure everyone stays at the same page. If you want to know the reason why, read on below.

All along, I have never read ahead and would just translate a chapter and post it straight away. However, this is not a good practice because LLS has A LOT of terms. I have to decide on the term name right on that chapter, but this may cause conflicts in further chapters because translating is relative, a Chinese word can be translated into different English words, which are all synonyms. Furthermore, sometimes I am too lazy to check my glossary and past translations if a certain term had been used before, so I might even end up giving two different kinds of English translation for the same Chinese term. And that’s what happened to this term – 神.

So until around chapter 200+, I didn’t realize that the author had actually thought up of an identical, fixed ranking system for ALL beasts, grimoire and weapons. I have been putting this matter off because it’s such a schmuck that I can’t even imagine to begin fixing it…

All beasts, grimoire and weapons in the LLS World are actually ranked this way – Normal (普通), Bronze (青铜), Silver (白银), Gold (黄金), Platinum (白金), Diamond (钻石), Holy(圣) and Godly/Mythical/Divine(神).

There is nothing wrong with the first 7 rank, but the eighth rank (神)… I screwed so badly. For 神-ranked Beast, I translate it as Mythical Beast. For 神-ranked Grimoire, I translated it as Godly Grimoire. For 神-ranked Weapon, I translate it as Divine Weapon (e.g. Prison Emperor Divine Sword, Divine Seal, Divine Staff). So now I’m in deep shite. ? ? ? ? OTL

Anyway, I have decided to translate 神 as ‘Divine’. It’s final, I’m not going to change it anymore. That means, I will be using Divine Beast instead of Mythical Beast, and Celestial Grimoire instead of Divine Grimoire.

If you refer to chapter 68 and 283, a ‘Divine Grimoire’ was mentioned before. I’m going to change that to Celestial Grimoire.

I hope this change doesn’t cause a huge confusion and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused… I will change all Divine Grimoire to Celestial Grimoire, Godly Grimoire to Divine Grimoire and Mythical Beast to Divine Beast…
(Note: the change will probably be over the course of days, or possibly months)

I understand my translations are far from perfect… but at least I’m improving!

Lastly, if you guys had any question about the world of LLS, please ask them here. I’ll try my best to answer them…

Please forgive me?


  1. desa says:

    I wanted to ask if the crystal card Yue Yang got from Zhi Zun for the Tong Tian Tower would also be a diamond card since the other mentioned cards were bronze, silver and gold which might also follow the same order. I have no Idea since i don’t know chinese, just a thought, might be completly wrong.

    I love lls, thanks for all the hard work translating 🙂

  2. DMR says:

    You know, in my opinion, it didn’t matter much that you translated them all a bit differently.

    We knew which term fit with what. And, when translating, sometimes, consistency is more important than accuracy.

    After all, even if you called it “Wooden Grimoire” we’d probably never have noticed or cared in the long run.

    If a few names were wrong, in general, it wouldn’t be a big deal really.

    Well, again, just my thoughts.

  3. JonDoe says:

    Lol no worries you! Totally understand and appreciate that you willing to correct at least two of the three. I say you all good (^_^)b thanks for all your hard work! !!!

  4. astom says:

    shiro if u have a document with the translation u can use the search option. if u dont have that just copy the translation on the document from the site and use the search in it.

  5. ombra30 says:

    i agree with the others. it’s ok, no problem if you’re doing these changes; i already appreciate that this novel is in english 😉
    p.s. just don’t change the characters names please…that would be much more misleading

    • Varler says:

      Yea, I agree with that. When important characters have their names changed it gets super confusing. (Especially in a novel like this one that has so many characters to begin with. Haha.)

  6. Varler says:

    Thanks for letting us know! I think this is good, to have everything be more consistent and have better clarity. Thanks for the work you’re doing for this! 🙂

  7. Kijin says:

    Eh, its alright w/ me personally. I keep re-reading LLS from the beginning anyway (becoz its a entertaining guilty-pleasure of mine) >_<. Standardizing the terms would be acceptable.

  8. gerry says:

    No problem, really. Thank’you for wanting to improve your work, it’s a beautiful thing. But the change is very easy to do in SECONDS.
    1. open ALL the files at once in your desktop text editor (it has to support tabs for this)
    2. search “Divine Grimoire”, replace with “Celestial Grimoire” IN SESSION
    3. search “Godly Grimoire”, replace with “Divine Grimoire” IN SESSION
    4. search “Mythical Beast”, replace with “Divine Beast” IN SESSION.
    5. Save and upload. =D
    Note: if you use Atom text editor, you can just open the editor in the folder where you keep the sources. Then press Ctrl-Shift-F to open the project-wide search-replace.

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