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Important Updates!!

Hey guys, Shiro here.

I wanted to announce a few changes, and although it will be bad news for you, please understand us.

First matter: I’m opening DOP and UUTS for adoption! This is because I feel that it would be unfair to keep this novel to ourselves and translates them at such a slow pace. If there is any other group/translators who wanted to pick up the project, please contact me at shiroyukitrans@hotmail.com. If no one comes up, I will be putting these two projects on hiatus from January  1 onwards as I wouldn’t have much time to translate once my semester starts. I may translate them again, but there will be no guarantees. I will also clear all the queues for donated chapters and top up whatever’s left, if there’s any.

Second matter: LLS chapters are getting really so much longer than I expected. We are kinda dying from the daily releases and increasing chapter lengths. I set the donation amount to $45 initially because I expected each chapter to be around 2000 words long (as shown on the picture below, the word counts for earlier LLS chapters) but the chapter length had been increasing and showed no sign of stopping at all (I checked the later chapters). Lately, LLS chapters even went over 4000 words long, which is more than twice the length of earlier chapters. Which is why, I have decided to increase LLS donation amount to $60. This will take effect on donations from 7 Dec onwards. I’m sorry for this decision, but we have really tried to persevere for these few months. Please understand us…s




  1. L says:

    You should of started at $60 to begin with.
    4k+ word chapters are the same length as CD from WuxiaWorld, and he got $80 per chapter (he even did 2-3 chapters a day compared to 1 to you, while at work etc.)

    You could just ask RWX if you could host LLS on WuxiaWorld aswell, and get donations from there aswell.
    That way, the money will come in.

    People that say they TL for fun, is 90% bullshit.
    The TL business is good money, people LOVE good stories.
    LLS is a great novel, do something with it and expand and see where it’ll go.

    This was encouragement, not to bash on you people.

    • meepmeekmeep says:

      i think that you just ignore how the whole translating literary work scene was created from the first place i.e. spcnet.tv/forums and bakatsuki. so please dont say its bullshit even if its only 90%, because that is still mean.

    • Firstpost says:

      Agree completely ! I also think a move to wuxiaworld would be great. Charging for chapters is also a translator’s prerogative.

      I appreciate that you stopped DOP and UUT when you felt overwhelmed.

      I hope the same thing that is happening to Kuro no Mago (with an indefinite hiatus and one of the translators bored of translating it) never happens.

  2. Linzhongyunfeng says:

    I LOVE LLS keep up the good work thanks a lot, hopefully DOP & UUTS will land in good hands for those who read it 🙂

  3. Mr. T says:

    Shiro support your decision. You have done an amazing job so far. Keep up the good work. $60 for 4000 word count is more than adequate.

  4. Dawn (@Dawnyaaa) says:

    I don’t think 60$ is enough. You’ll encounter the same issue in a few months.
    45$ was way too cheap..in any case like everyone else, i greatly appreciate your work.

    Don’t overwork yourself on this though. People doesn’t realize it but..you soon end up in bad health when you’re doing stuff like Fansub/TL/Scanlation etc. because you’re passing a lot of time in front of the screen.

    What it takes 10min for us to read take you 3h to do (probably more).
    One advice though, when you start to be in bad shape..
    or depressed (because of overwork/stress).
    Just stop doing TL altogether, don’t dwell on it.
    Or else you’ll end up at the hospital (like i did).

  5. MotherHen says:

    I love you!!!! Be sure to rest, and have fun. Make sure to stay warm this winter, don’t overdo it and get sick. Eat plenty and make sure to drink water/liquids. Sleep proper amounts. Thank for introducing me to LLS. And remember we are all family and we support you no matter what!!


  6. MegaMonStar says:

    This is probably the best decision i have ever read in my whole life. I fully support this decision. Long Live Shiro….Long Live Shiroo!!

  7. LordFifthIsASuperDivineBeast says:

    Thank you for all your work, but man I was so scared you were gonna drop LLS … All of you TL squad are awesome, keep it up!!

  8. Varler says:

    I’m happy about hearing you focusing on LLS, and support the increased donation cap. But I’m sad to hear about DOP eventually going on hiatus, as it’s a rare series with a female protagonist. But life is important, and I get that. Good luck with your classes. 🙂

  9. ekekee says:

    I hope someone take over DOP and UUTS…

    Honestly, even if you raised LLS donation to 75/80$, people will still support you… because it’ll be totally worth it!


  10. matt says:

    everything you said is understandable and reasonable.

    if you need another translator email me and i will let my friend know. she does it in the side for extra money(she’s in school). while she is not a fan she speaks and writes fluently in Chinese and writes and speaks well in English. as for my reward what more would i want besides faster releases!

    gl and we all wish you the best

  11. malvazar says:

    you’re epic. I am in support and agreement of a more than reasonable decision.

    The average chapter lengths have increased from 2000 to probably somewhere between 3000-4000. But since there is probably a backlog of donated for chapters already that means by the time the extra cost for chapters comes into consideration the average length will likely be over 4000 which is more than double the original chapter lengths.

    You increase the price only by 15$. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see this is more than a good deal. Especially since we’re talking about the epicness of LLS here 😉

  12. Lucky says:

    Oh poor Shiro , this is not a good thing but i think it can be accepted , good job for not give up.a shameles MC of a shameles story with a shameles number of words.

  13. lilygel says:

    Much thanks for all the hard work. I wonder if someone has shown interest in taking over DOP. Aside from ZTJ, it’s the only novel I’m following right now. I’m still waiting for a few more chapters before I start LLS.

    Anyway, I hope the site continue to prosper. If only I had the financial capabilities, I would’ve donated a few bucks every week.

  14. Buizerdlover12 says:

    Nooooo I just found you yesterday. I was so happy to find someone/a team that translated DOP. Oh well as long as the people don’t overwork themselves it’s for the best. If someone has taken over DOP could you tel us who that person is gonna be (one day)??? Thanks for al the translations.

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