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I need your opinion

Hello lovely readers~ (This is a sticky post, scroll down for updates) 

Holy. When I was putting up the donations page, I was sort of thinking that I would probably only need to do around 0-1 extra chapters per day. I was definitely not expecting that you guys would donate $80 in one go.

I’m working solo here, so there’s a limit to the things that I could do alone. So…with regards to this, I’d like to ask for your opinion.

Should I:

1. Raise the $/chapter but would guarantee all sponsored chapters out within 24 hours from the donation time (Even if you donate $1000, lol). Why would I raise the $/chapter? Coz I’m trying to entice my friends to help me translate and get the chapters out faster. Hahah xD The revised donation pools would be:
DOP – 1 extra chapter with every USD$12 in the donation pool, within 24 hours from donation time.
LLS – 1 extra chapter with every USD$45 in the donation pool, within 24 hours from donation time.
UUTS – 1 extra chapter with every USD$60 in the donation pool, within 24 hours from donation time.


2. Keep the current $/chapter but set a maximum extra chapter(s)/day. The rest of the donation amount would be queued for the next day.
DOP – 1 extra chapter with every USD$8 in the donation pool, with a maximum of 3 extra chapters within 24 hours.
LLS – 1 extra chapter with every USD$30 in the donation pool, with a maximum of 1 extra chapter within 24 hours.
UUTS – 1 extra chapter with every USD$40 in the donation pool, with a maximum of 1 extra chapter within 24 hours.

Edit: And this is not a matter of me burning out or not (thanks for all of the concerns…I think I could cope with whichever outcome…probably…)…it’s a matter of whether you guys would prefer faster release or cheaper sponsored chapters.

Vote it on the poll! xD

Poll will be open until 25/6/2015, 23:59 (GMT+8)


  1. Vivec says:

    Definitely just cap the bonus chapters per day. Us readers/leechers can’t have you burning yourself out can we? At a certain point what you do for fun can become a chore, and at that point we get dangerously close to a stop in getting moar reading material from you.

      • Vivec says:

        You would start minding it once you burn out specatcularly and regret everything. I can say this from personal experience of having 3200+ hours on TF2, 3000ish custom map game of WC3, and a few months of constant heavily concentrated reading. I’ve already had a massive crash and burn to where I will probably almost never play TF2 again, and it was one of my favorite games for a couple years, and now I’m seeing signs for WC3 including multi-month hiatuses, and the concentrated reading is making me enter full out space cadet mode, allowing even more spectacular crashing and burning. I can see it, but the momentum won’t let me stop. Don’t join me on this wild ride.

        • shiroyukineko says:

          Lol i could hardly understand what you were saying xD But for myself, I think I would probably burn out faster with no.2 rather than 1. For 2, I would need to translate an additional of 3(for DOP) – 6(for UUTS) hours (I can’t post half chapters, can I?), of which, combined with the usual chapter release, totalled to 6-9 hours of translating a day (assuming donation amount reach maximum each day). On the other hand, with no.1, I would have the funds to ask for my friends’ help to translate. I think I have enough friends who would be willing to translate all the sponsored chapters. Which would really give me the breathing space I need. But of course, I want to know what you guys think of raising the amount of $$/chapter, which is why I wrote this post. It’s not a matter of me burning out, it’s a matter of whether you guys would prefer faster release or cheaper sponsored chapters…

        • Vivec says:

          Basically I began doing things. I got addicted to doing those things. I did them until I got completely sick of doing those things even though they were m favorite things to do, and I’ve done that over and over again repeatedly at an extremely regretful level.

      • dharmox says:

        Singaporean, Pinoy or the taiwanese….. ah anyway i only come to read any mc with male gender. And because i`m poor guy i can only wish you luck with donations thing, if i got spare money i hope i can donate those LLS. Thanks for every chap you translate and once again GOOOD LUCK.

  2. Snowcicle says:

    TL at your leisure, that’s what I do. As long as you don’t over stress yourself, just do what you would think is best for you. Since number 2 is more appealing to you, you can try it. If it doesn’t work, you can just switch back.
    BTW, I’m starting to TL the manhwa for DOP :3 it’s such a fun read.
    Thank you for your work.

  3. Will says:

    Wouldn’t option 1 be easier on the translator though? If he can get others to help out, he can potentially clear the queue in a single day. And lets be real here. It’s highly unlikely anyone is going to fill the queue to like 10 chapters every day. If option 1 is used, the translator can get more “days of rest” which would really go a long way in helping the translator not “burn out”.

  4. Jane says:

    I think option 1 is good for everyone, more translators means more consistent releases which means more site updates, more readers, and then again more translators… more releases for us!

    Although mainly I’m hoping for faster releases on anything not DOP since it’s the only one I don’t follow on this site, so more translators will help.

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