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HK Chapter 9 – Bastard, stop!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Nick0


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Chapter 0009    Bastard, stop!

The Department of Computer Science, Class 3 of ‘06, the self-introduction session continued.

When it was Li Cai’s turn, Li Cai stood up and coughed for a second.

“Teacher Li, fellow classmates, nice to meet you!”

“My name is Li Cai. Li of wood and Cai of guessing. But I am not asking you all to guess!”

Li Zhiyue secretly smiled as she looked at Li Cai with a funny gaze.

Some boys in the class also laughed it out.

“Li Cai?”

“You guess I will guess or not?”

“You guess I guess you will guess or not?”


Li Cai, with his red face, sat down. His name had always been made fun of.


“Students, be quiet!”

“Continue to introduce yourself!”

Li Zhiyue stopped the students and allowed the self-introduction to continue.

Sitting in front of Li Cai at the right side, a girl with short hair. From her look from the back, she shouldn’t be that bad.

“Hello, my name is Wang Min.”

“From Shuangqing City, once served the duty as a secretary in high school. I hope that even in university, I will keep on serving my fellow classmates.”

Wang Min’s aim turned out to be secretary!

There were exactly a total of 40 students in the Department of Computer Study, Class 3 of ‘06.

When everyone had already introduced themselves, Li Zhiyue continued, “Just now in the self-introduction, some students had shown their desire and spirit to contribute to the class.”

“This is really remarkable!”

“I have read through your school files. Combined with your self-introduction, will I now assign a class representative.”

Li Zhiyue glanced around, when there was no objection from any student, she continued: “The appointment of the class representative would only last for one term.”

“For the next semester, we will have a fair election. I believe at that time, everyone would be able to choose the right class representative.”

Chen Ming took the lead to give applause and then voiced out, “We will follow how Teacher Li arranged it.”

Li Zhiyue smiled and nodded, “First, class leader. Chen Ming would be the one to fill the post for the time being.”

“In Chen Ming’s summer holiday, he after all, had once become the technical team leader in the famous Jinyou software company.”

“Presumably, Chen Ming shouldn’t let you down!”

With a confident smile, Chen Ming stood up and bowed to all students as a tribute.

“Thanks for Teacher Li’s trust for giving me this opportunity.”

“I will definitely live up to the expectation!”

Li Cai whispered to himself, “With just a look can I identify that smiling tigers face. It is definitely not good stuff!”

When Shi Lei overheard it, he laughed within his heart.

In past life, Chen Ming was indeed not some good man. Often harassing Ling Yumo and in the end, still failing to succeed.

Li Zhiyue then looked at Wang Min, “Wang Min, since you had served as a secretary before, will I appoint you as the class secretary.”

Although Wang Min was showing her calm poker face, the delightful eyes of hers still exposed the joy within her heart.

“Thank you, Teacher Li. Thanks, everyone!”

“Lin Hao would be the sports committee and Wang Yue as life committee. You two students, any problem with this arrangement?”

Lin Hao with his loud voice laughed while scratching his head, “Report to the teacher, absolutely no problem!”

Wang Yue with her soft voice, “I….I”

Li Zhiyue encouraged, “Wang Yue, I have read your file. I arranged you as the life committee hoping that you will be able to communicate more often with the other classmates.”

“Be more cheerful and lively!”

Wang Yue had a mild autism. Her character was a bit cold and introvert. Therefore, Li Zhiyue arranged her as life committee, hoping that would change Wang Yue for the better.

“Lin Hao, as a sports committee, you are going to help Wang Yue a lot. Any problem regarding this?”

Wang Yue was definitely not ugly. Instead, she had a humble temperament.

Looking at Wang Yue, Lin Hao laughed it off, “Teacher, rest assured. I promise that I will do so!”

The boys around lamented in their hearts, isn’t this the combination of a beauty and a beast!

“Li Cai, you will become the learning committee!”

“Within our class, your college entrance result is the highest. You must have loved studying right?”

Li Cai quickly agreed. At least, he managed to get a position.

“Ling Yumo, you become our art committee, how is it?”

Ling Yumo glanced at Shi Lei. Noticing that he didn’t say anything, only then did she agree.

“Alright, Teacher Li.”

Shi Lei whispered, “Xiao Mo, don’t tell me that you have some skill in art too?”

Ling Yumo softly gave a cry.

“Shitou Guai, I know how to play piano and violin!”

Shi Lei looked at Ling Yumo in surprise.

“You, I never could have seen you, Xiao Mo not only proficient in medicine but also skillful in musical instruments!”

Ling Yumo raised her small head, exposing her slender neck.

“Heng, you think I am as stupid as you!”

After finishing that sentence, Ling Yumo stuck out her tongue, “I’m sorry Shitou Guai.”

Shi Lei just smiled, not being bothered by that.

He was not without any expertise. It was just that his expertise, was extremely sharp in penetrating!

After finishing appointing the class representative, Li Zhiyue began to take attendance.

“Chen Ming, Lin Hao, both of you, lead some boys downstairs to get the military training equipment here!”

Chen Ming and Lin Hao quickly started picking some male students.

The first person he looked at was Shi Lei. The corner of his mouth was revealing a hint of an intriguing smile.

“Shi Lei, if you don’t mind, why not contribute to the class with us?”

Shi Lei glanced at Chen Ming and rejected him which was not beyond the expectation of Chen Ming.

“If I mind?”


Chen Ming had been stimulated by Shi Lei’s attitude and with hatred: “Shi Lei!”

“Perhaps you don’t want to contribute to the class?”

Shi Lei got up and walked towards Chen Ming.

Chen Ming smiled with a face of victory.

He believed that Shi Lei eventually yielded to the authority of the class leader.

But who knew that Shi Lei only passed by. He was actually walking towards Li Zhiyue.

While walking, he voiced out, “Teacher Li.”

Li Zhiyue looked at Shi Lei. This name really made her feel a peculiar feeling on this student.

A cheap T-shirt with a very obvious street quality jeans, not handsome or tall, there was nothing outstanding!

But Shi Lei’s eyes, they were very attractive to her!

“Shi Lei? Anything you want to talk about?”

Shi Lei pointed outside the classroom and then whispered, “Teacher Li, can you come out for a moment?”

“I have something to tell you.”

Li Zhiyue’s heart, inexplicable it was throbbing.

“Alright…. Alright then!”

In the surprised eyes of the whole class, Shi Lei and Li Zhiyue walked out!

Li Cai, this kid began to blab, “Brother Shitou is formidable!”

“He even has the idea on Teacher Li!”

Ling Yumo’s eyebrows involuntarily wrinkled.

To the Shi Lei who doesn’t care about his appearance, from the beginning since registration and the data modification for the dormitory, Ling Yumo obviously had a good impression on him.

She looked outside of the classroom. Her pair of fair hands, unconsciously clenched together.

Outside of the classroom, Shi Lei took out Shuanghu District General Hospital’s issued letter of military training exemption as proof.

“Teacher Li, due to my health problem, I can’t participate in the military training.”

“I’m really sorry.”

Li Zhiyue took the letter and carefully read the content. Then, she suspiciously looked at Shi Lei.

“Shi Lei, this proof, is this true or are you just giving an excuse to escape the military training?”

Shi Lei shrugged, “You guess!”

Li Zhiyue glanced again at Shi Lei.

“If this is the case, during the military training period, you better concentrate on treatment!”

“When the school officially starts, don’t delay studying due to illness!”

Shi Lei’s heart was touched.

This is Li Zhiyue. To anyone, Li Zhiyue would always be concerned with.

If in his past life, she was not disfigured, very likely she….

Shi Lei clenched his fist and secretly swore, “Li Zhiyue, in this life, nobody will be able to hurt you!”

Time passed by quickly, September 10, Teacher’s Day.

In the past life, it was the day Li Zhiyue was disfigured!

Shi Lei clearly remembered it!

On the campus, students were attending military training, teachers were on holiday, it was particularly quiet.

Li Zhiyue’s senior, another doctoral graduate who stayed in the university to teach, took this opportunity to have a meeting with her at Moon Forest and had a talk.

Moon Forest is a famous site for couples!

During summer, every night, there would be numerous couples dating and outdoor enthusiasts went to the depth of Moon Forest for the experience.

Leaving countless of small balloons, waiting for the sweeping uncle to clean them up! (TL: I am not sure about these small balloons, probably helmet for your penis…) (ED: Of course it`s that ;D)

Perhaps they could still be recycled and sold to the Wosang Empire, promoting their second-hand product sale!

Li Zhiyue’s senior is named Jiang Pan. He is also the senior of Shi Lei, one of the top students in this department.

Jiang Pan and Li Zhiyue met each other in some community service.

Since then, Jiang Pan became mad in pursuing Li Zhiyue.

However, Li Zhiyue did not have even any hint of feelings to Jiang Pan. Even until Dr. Li Zhiyue graduated, Jiang Pan didn’t succeed.

The angered Jiang Pan decided to confess for the last time.

If he was unsuccessful, he would sacrifice!

What he couldn’t obtain, others don’t even think to obtain it!

Love being too thick till hatred began to spread its root.

Moon Forest, Moon Lake, Li Zhiyue and Jiang Pan, one sat while one stood, facing each other.

“Zhiyue, so many years. You still don’t understand my feelings?”

Li Zhiyue’s face turned dark and cold.

“Senior Jiang Pan, please call me Li Zhiyue!”

Jiang Pan smiled bitterly.

Seven years, a full seven years!

He is already twenty-seven years old, Li Zhiyue reaching twenty-six. Yet, he still couldn’t make Li Zhiyue’s heart be touched.

“Zhiyue, can you tell me why you always never like me?”

“Which part of me is bad?”

“A total of seven years, your heart had not even moved a tiny bit for me?”

Li Zhiyue still remained to be unmoved.

“Senior Jiang Pan, I have already said before that we are not suitable for each other.”

“You are so outstanding. When you are still young you already obtained the title as a lecturer. Having such a good future, you will meet someone who suits you in future!”

Jiang Pan’s face was extremely red.

Waving both his arms, “No!”


“Zhiyue, I only like you!”

Li Zhiyue sighed.

“Senior Jiang Pan, which part of me do you actually like?”

Thinking that Li Zhiyue’s mind began to move, Jiang Pan began to flatter.

“Zhiyue, you know, you are the most beautiful girl in the world!”

“Even those superstars or models couldn’t beat you!”

“Plus, you have a lot of strong points!”

Li Zhiyue sneered, “Senior Jiang Pan, what strong points do I have?”

“As long as it is what you like, you just have to say it. I will change everything!”

Jiang Pan’s whole body trembled. Taking two steps backward, his fragile heart had been smashed!

“You change?”

“You really are going to change?”

Li Zhiyue firmly replied, “I will change!”

With a ferocious look, Jiang Pan took out a small glass bottle from his pants’ pocket.

“Alright, alright. I will let you change then!”

“I let you change!”

“This is sulphuric acid. You want to change, I will help you then so that you will become ugly!”

Li Zhiyue’s facial color changed.

“Senior Jiang Pan, what are you trying to do!”

Jiang Pan grimly smiled.

“Of course destroying your appearance!”

Li Zhiyue kept stepping backward, “You! Don’t come here!”

As Jiang Pan was approaching Li Zhiyue, Shi Lei’s voice came through.

“Bastard, stop!”
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