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HK Chapter 8 – She is Brother Shitou’s, my….

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Nick0


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Chapter 0008    She is Brother Shitou’s, my….

Time passed by, September 3, the registration deadline.

At the same time, it was also the first day of class.

Shi Lei, Ling Yumo as well as Li Cai, the three of them were in Class 3 of ‘06 of the Department of Computer Study.

As for Mu Shuang, she was in the Department of Business Administration, Class 2 of ‘06.

The classroom of the Department of Computer Studies Class 3 of ‘06, it was quite a distance away from the doctoral dormitory. Reaching there would require an about 10 minutes walk.

Early in the morning, 8 am, Li Cai graciously knocked on the door of Shi Lei’s room.

“Brother Shitou, Brother Shitou, quickly wake up!”

“There will be a class meeting today to select the class representative!”

Shi Lei lazily opened his door, “Class representative?”

“What game is this?”

Both eyes of Li Cai were red. Obviously, he didn’t sleep well yesterday.

“Class representative, becoming a committee member!”

Shi Lei clicked his tongue, “Little plum, never have I expect that you are still a fan of  class representative?”

Li Cai protested, “Brother Shitou, don’t call me little plum!”

“Why?” Shi Lei purposely asked him, trying to ridicule Li Cai.

“What kind of little plum is this? Brother Shitou, don’t you think it sounds familiar?”

Puzzled looking at Shi Lei, Li Cai gritted his teeth, “Little plum is the name of a eunuch. I am but a good man!”

Shi Lei ‘suddenly realized’!

“Ah, it is the name of a eunuch!”

“Little plum, don’t tell me you are real?”

Li Cai sadly said, “Brother Shitou, I will fight you to death!”

Shi Lei strangely smiled, “Little plum, are you sure?”

“A….hehe…..Brother Shitou, just joking, just joking!”

Li Cai was completely defeated without a battle.

As the two men were getting ready to leave the house, outside of the door, the two beautiful girls also just came out from their own house.

Shi Lei pushed his glasses. Making a youthful expression, he rejoiced, “These two beauties, we really have some affinity!”

Ling Yumo had a quick glance at Shi Lei.

“Shitou Guai, why are you guys so slow?”

Shi Lei pointed at Li Cai, “It is all due to little plum. He is a big man yet he wanted to apply what cream, what powder!”

Li Cai coughed as he choked.

“That’s….that’s….baby cream!”

Ling Yumo and Mu Shuang together laughed at the answer.

Shi Lei looked at them foolishly.

With these two different styles of flowers standing together, such scene was very attractive and charming!

Within the eyes of Ling Yumo, there was a touch of pride. Opening her mouth, “Shitou Guai, your soul faster returns back to your body. Quickly lead the way!”

Shi Lei replied ‘Oh’ and walked in front of them.

Walking on the road, Shi Lei turned around and looked at Mu Shuang, “Mu Shuang, you know the location of your department?”

Mu Shuang nodded and gave a lukewarm response, “I know.”

Touching a soft nail, Shi Lei didn’t care about it. Instead, he laughed it off, “Since you know, then I don’t need to send you there!”

“As for the wolves in the business management, use your gaze to kill!”

They started to part their way. Shi Lei lead the trio group, Mu Shuang walked alone to her respective department.

The Department of Computer Study, Building C, second floor, Class 3 of ‘06.

Ling Yumo walked up front and entered into the classroom first.

The originally noisy classroom, suddenly quiet down. The boys were all paying their attention to Ling Yumo.

Feeling embarrassed, Ling Yumo quickly found herself a seat which was still not occupied.

Shi Lei then followed. Under the watch of all the boys in the class, he sat beside Ling Yumo.

As for the little plum, he had been completely abandoned by Shi Lei.

Li Cai settled with sitting in front of Shi Lei and Ling Yumo. It could be considered as a consolation for him.

At nine o’clock, an electric bell rang.

Then, the sound of high-heeled shoes and the impact sound with the floor, from far away, was getting closer and closer.

A few moment later, a  long-haired woman wearing a black suit and black pants with large sunglasses, walked into the classroom.

Shi Lei blankly stared at this woman. Unknowingly, his thought had gone back to his past life.

In his past life, as an orphan, Shi Lei’s life was naturally difficult.

He was too poor to the extreme!

In class, besides Li Cai this good friend of his, he didn’t have any other friend. Not to mention a female.


Except for one woman!

The woman who was standing on the podium now!

Class 3 of ‘06, the Ph.D. graduate of Shuangqing University, Li Zhiyue who stayed in the school and contributed by teaching juniors.

Li Zhiyue was very beautiful. Especially with her intellectual beauty, that made Li Zhiyue even more attractive.

However, those who wished to chase Li Zhiyue, all belonged to the pervert category.

In the past life, all these perverts, due to not being able to obtain Li Zhiyue, the love had even turned to hatred. During the military training for new students, one of them used sulphuric acid to disfigure Li Zhiyue!

Even after being disfigured, Li Zhiyue still didn’t give up the post as the teacher in charge of this class and decide to stay.

The disfigured Li Zhiyue, her psyche became particularly sensitive.

All the boys in the class, including Li Cai, always involuntarily showed nasty eyes looking at the face which had been messed with by sulphuric acid.

Only Shi Lei was the exception!

Shi Lei didn’t hate the disfigured Li Zhiyue. Instead, he became friends with her.

During his four years in university, Li Zhiyue had helped Shi Lei many, many times!

Between them both, they were not just friends but also each other’s spiritual partner!

After being reborn, the reason Shi Lei wanted to avoid the military training was because of Li Zhiyue!

This tragedy, happening once was already more than enough!

This life, Shi Lei must not allow such tragedy to repeat itself again!

Blankly staring at Li Zhiyue, how could Shi Lei not catch the attention of her?

As Li Zhiyue looked at Shi Lei, her pair of eyebrow frowned. In the eyes of Shi Lei, it was very clear that there was no desire or any perverted ideas. Instead, it was only filled with pity and joy of reunification after a long time.

Li Zhiyue didn’t know how she was able to understand the gaze of Shi Lei but she knew that she didn’t hate such kind of eyes!

Next to Shi Lei, Ling Yumo asked with a sour tone, “Our class teacher, very beautiful isn’t she ?”


Ling Yumo’s pair of fists, slightly tightened.

“Prettier than me?!”


Shi Lei unconsciously responded.

Ling Yumo grunted.

Li Cai who was sitting in front, his heart secretly muttered, “Brother Shitou o Brother Shitou, you are really a mystical myth!”

“Daring to say in front of a woman that she is not as beautiful as another woman!”

On the podium, Li Zhiyue wrote her name on the blackboard.

Li Zhiyue, these three graceful Chinese characters, revealed an intellectual atmosphere.

“My name is Li Zhiyue. If everything is going smoothly, for the next four years, I will spend time with you all!”

“I’m not that much older than you all. This year, I just graduated from Shuangqing University and obtained my doctorate. I can be considered as your senior.”

“So, if you have any question, just openly ask me. Don’t worry about anything.”

Below the podium, a group of wailin wolves began to show their true nature.

A boy even asked, “Teacher Li, if we have any problems, how to contact you then?”

“Or then, why not tell us your phone number or QQ number?” (TL: QQ is Chinese social network)

Li Zhiyue smiled, “A phone number is not needed!”

“As for QQ number, our class would have it’s own QQ’s group. If you have any question, you can communicate within the group!”

The group of wolves sighed with regret.

Their wishes could not be achieved. This was too disappointing!

Ling Yumo whispered, “Shitou Guai, you also want teacher’s phone number right?”

Shi Lei who was still trapped in his memories, casually answered, “Zhiyue’s phone number, I know!”


Ling Yumo grumped cutely, “Such an intimate call, I wonder what relationship you two have?”

Shi Lei was caught in surprise for a moment. Only then was he able to wake up from recalling his memories.

Noticing the unhappy appearance of Ling Yumo, Shi Lei smiled and quickly explained.

“Xiao Mo, it is not what you think!”

Ling Yumo still didn’t let it go, “That is what?”

Shi Lei suddenly stuck with no words.

Every lie would require more lies. To support this lie, there would always be another lie being seen through!

Looking at Shi Lei who was keeping silence, she voluntarily rescued Shi Lei.

“Alright, Shitou Guai. I trust you!”

“Looking at you, such an insignificant guy, it does not seem like you have any relationship with Teacher Li!”

Shi Lei opened his mouth but ultimately didn’t add any word.

In this life, he and Li Zhiyue, there is really no relationship between them!

Even if they liked each other in their past life and became each other’s spiritual comfort, that had nothing to do with this life!

Li Zhiyue who was standing on the podium, her eyes occasionally swept past Shi Lei’s seat. When she noticed Ling Yumo who was sitting next to Shi Lei, she didn’t know how but, in her heart, there was an unexplainable feeling of discomfort.

After smiling within her heart to laugh it off, Li Zhiyue opened her mouth, “Tomorrow the military training would officially begin!”

“Later when we have selected the class representative, the representative would then lead all the boys to take military training equipment back!”

“Now, from the first row left side first, introduce yourself!”

“If you want to be the class representative, then perform well!”

The first student who introduced was a girl. Her look was ordinary. As her voice was soft, she seemed to be a bit shy.

Shi Lei only heard that she called herself Wang Yue.

After a while, a man with a tall figure, who came from northeast province began to introduce himself, “All my fellow classmates, nice to meet you. I am Lin Hao, from Heijiang City, ready to take the role of sports committee!”

“I hope that everyone will support me!”

After Lin Hao, a handsome man, who was well dressed stood up with a confident smile.

“Hello, Teacher Li and fellow classmates. My name is Chen Ming!”

“From Shuangqing City!”

“Aiming for the class monitor seat!”

“During the summer break, I worked in my family business as the head of the technical team. Since I have experience in organizing work, I hope everyone would support me!”

Chen Ming pretended to act humble and bowed a little before he sat down.

His introduction just now contained a very important information, family business!

Without doubt, he is a rich young master!

It was the turn for Shi Lei to introduce himself. Shi Lei laughed and continued, “My name is Shi Lei, Shi of stone, Lei of stone.”

“En, this is Ling Yumo!”

“She is Brother Shitou’s, my….”

Ling Yumo pulled Shi Lei’s sleeve, a signal for him to sit down.

Shi Lei’s face was still showing a wide smile. There was not even a hint of an embarrassed expression.

With a rosy red face, Ling Yumo stood up and introduced, “My name is Ling Yumo!”

After finished that sentence, she quietly sat down.

For a period of time, in the classroom, looking at the eyes of Shi Lei and Ling Yumo,an additional gossip began to spread.

Only in Chen Ming’s eyes, a trace of haze was revealed!

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