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HK Chapter 7 – Brother Shitou is very angry!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: NIck0


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Chapter 0007    Brother Shitou is very angry!

At the backstreet, surrounding the campus area where new students registered, it was once again ushered with the scene of people coming and exiting.

Shi Lei walked in front to lead the way. Pointing at a place not far away, a red colored signboard: “Tuhuo Hotpot!”

“The most authentic hotpot in the backstreet.”

Ling Yumo giggled, “Tuhuo?”

Mu Shuang is from Shenjing. Naturally, she won’t know the dialect of Shuangqing City.

“Sister Yumo, what about Tuhuo?”

Li Cai also had a puzzled look on his face.

Ling Yumo glanced for a second at Shi Lei before explained: “Tuhuo is another term of Tubie, which means country bumpkin!”

“Shitou Guai, the name of this hotpot, why is it so strange?”

Shi Lei shrugged, “I also don’t know!”

The line of four walked into Tuhuo Hotpot and noticed that inside, there were quite a number of customers.

Tuhuo Hotpot didn’t have any private rooms, only one big dining hall.

In the hall, there were only two empty tables left.

The waiter came forward, his face was brimming with a warm smile, “Hello, is it these four people?”

Shi Lei nodded, “En, four people!”

The waiter led Shi Lei and the co to the front of a square table and then voiced out: “You all want red soup pot or Mandarin duck pot?”

The so-called red soup pot is actually the spicy hot soup till the very bottom of the pot. As for Mandarin duck pot, it is divided into spicy and normal soup.

In order to take care of Mu Shuang and Li Cai, these two non-locals, Shi Lei with courtesy ordered one Mandarin duck pot.

After these four people ordered a number of side dishes, the Mandarin duck pot was finally ready to be served.

Although there were a lot of customers in Tuhuo Hotpot, their quality of service didn’t get affected that much. The dishes which Shi Lei and co ordered were very quickly served to the table.

Shi Lei didn’t care about his image at all. In front of these two gorgeous women, he ate and drank gluttonously.

Affected by his action, the other three no longer concerned about it and began their feast.

The taste of Tuhuo Hotpot was really not bad!

Whether it was the spicy red soup or the normal broth, their taste really made one have a huge appetite.

When they were about to finish everything, four youngsters with dyed hair sat on the next table.

One of them  who was wearing an earring on his left ear with yellow dyed hair  noticed Mu Shuang and Ling Yumo. He then began to whistle.

“Yo, such attractive two chicks!”

Mu Shuang’s brow wrinkled. With a cold stare, she looked at the youngster who opened his mouth just now.

The youngster with the left earring didn’t retreat. Instead, he continued: “Chick, what are you looking at this daddy for?”

“Don’t tell me that you think that this daddy is so handsome that you want to be my girlfriend?”

Shi Lei put down his chopsticks and stared at these group of youngsters.

If in the past, Shi Lei might have just forgiven them but before being reborn, Shi Lei had received training from that mysterious organization. How could he be afraid of these four mere bullies?

“Hey you four little slags, didn’t you notice Brother Shitou here?”

“In front of Brother Shitou, you dare to mess with my girlfriends. You guys don’t want to live anymore?”

The youngster with the left earring looked at Shi Lei with despise.

“Brother Shitou?”


“Who do you think you are?”

Shi Lei stood up, walking towards the youngster with left earring, he pushed his spectacles with his finger to the bridge of his nose.

Stopping at a distance about one meter away from the youngster with left earring, Shi Lei half-squinted his eyes, “Small slag, quickly apologize to Brother Shitou’s girlfriends or else…..”

The youngster with left earring gave a loud laughing cry.

“Glasses, daddy wouldn’t even apologize but also want your girlfriends to accompany this daddy to eat!”

Shi Lei smiled, “Then after dinner, they would accompany you to play too?”

“Do you want to sing at Donghai Entertainment?”

The youngster with the left earring’s eyes shined brightly.

“This suggestion….”


Shi Lei’s right hand landed a slap on his face which then caused the youngster with the left earring to fly to the ground.


“You dare to fight against me?”

“Do you know who I am?”

Shi Lei then kicked the belly of the youngster with left earring, “You know who Brother Shitou is?”

The other three youngsters had not even managed to react yet; Shi Lei’s figure began to move. With his clenched right fist, he directed his punch at the nose of another youngster.

That youngster immediately fainted!

The youngster with left earring who was lying on the floor loudly shouted: “Damao, Ermao, what are you still waiting for? Fight him to death!”

“All consequences, I will bear!”

Damao and Ermao looked at each other for a moment and then dashed forward towards Shi Lei.

Ling Yumo with both hands covered her little mouth, her eyes were showing an expression of fear.

“Shitou Guai, be careful!”

Shi Lei had an easy going expression, he could even spare some time to reply to Ling Yumo.

“Xiao Mo, don’t worry!”

“These two little slags, dealing with them is effortless!”

As he said that, Damao and Ermao were charging at him.

With his leg raised, Damao directed a kick at Shi Lei’s thigh.

Shi Lei’s figure moved to the side and evaded Damao’s kick. Stepping forward, his elbow hit hard on Damao’s chest.

Damao’s eyes turned dark as he almost fainted right away!

Ermao took the empty beer bottle on the table and smashed it over Shi Lei.

Shi Lei was not even showing any hint of panic. Using his left hand to grab Ermao’s arm, Shi Lei formed a chop with his right hand and chopped at the biceps of Ermao.


Ermao screamed loudly and squatted down on the ground.

Shi Lei was overwhelming. The second when Ermao was squatting down, Shi Lei raised his right leg and directed his kick at the stomach of Ermao.

Ermao suddenly felt a burst of pain in his stomach. Even the beer which he just drank was vomited out!

In just about thirty seconds, these four youngsters were destroyed by Shi Lei.

Ling Yumo looked at Shi Lei in surprise, even Mu Shuang was having some thoughts.

Li Cai trembled in excitement. Never did he expect that this Shi Lei who doesn’t look strong or burly was actually this powerful!

Shi Lei went towards the youngster with left earring. With his right foot stepping on his hand, Shi Lei squatted down and smiled, “Little slag, now you know how formidable Brother Shitou is?”

The youngster with left earring looked at Shi Lei in fear.

He was indeed a small fry in Shuanghu District University!

With their nature of bullying the weak, meeting someone like Shi Lei who is stronger than themselves, how could there be any principle of not being afraid?

“Shi….Brother Shitou….I’m sorry…..You…..Let us go!”

Shi Lei laughed out loud, “Don’t ask me!”

“Whom did you guys offended, find that person for mercy!”

The youngster with left earring looked at Mu Shuang and showed a pleading look.


Mu Shuang’s face color instantly changed and stared at Shi Lei.

“Shi Lei, since you have thought them a lesson, then just let them off this time!”

Shi Lei nodded and patted at the face of the youngster with left earring with his hand, “Little slag, remember from now on, when you meet this Brother Shitou, you got to respect me!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Thank you, Brother Shitou for your generosity!”

The youngster with left earring quickly nodded.

Shi Lei stood up, “Get lose!”

These poor four youngsters, with their arms supporting each other left Tuhuo Hotpot.

Sitting back at his seat, Ling Yumo’s both eyes were twinkling like small stars.

“Shitou Guai, you…you are so strong!”

Shi Lei raised his head and made a pose with that cocky face.

“Of course!”

“How could Brother Shitou not be strong!”

With that cocky expression of Shi Lei, even Mu Shuang exposed her sweet smile.

“Shi Lei, stop being a shameless show-off!”

Li Cai wanted to say something in hesitation till he got choked.

In contrast, Shi Lei was very clear of Li Cai’s character.

The heart of Li Cai which was like an older uncle, since childhood he had been exposed to various mechanical materials, labeling him as technology otaku was not an exaggeration.

In every otaku’s heart, they would have one big dream!

Li Cai was very envious especially of men with strong ability. He dreamed to become such man too.

“Li Cai, you wanna Brother Shitou to teach you a few moves?”

Li Cai nodded.

“Brother Shitou, almighty Brother Shitou, teach this little brother!”

Ling Yumo giggled, “Li Cai, you are so stupid. I’m afraid you won’t be able to learn it.”

Li Cai’s face turned dark.

“I’m sorry!” Ling Yumo quickly apologized and explained, “Li Cai, don’t think that Shitou Guai was just sending a few punches and elbow strikes.”

“However, every attack of Brother Shitou were directed at the weak spots of the human body!”

Saying this, Ling Yumo curiously looked at Shi Lei and asked, “Shitou Guai, don’t tell me you know medicine?”

“How could you be so familiar with a human body’s weakness?”

Shi Lei laughed it off. He couldn’t say that he had received rigorous training that he was very familiar with body’s weak spot right?

“Xiao Mo, how do you know about it?”

Ling Yumo’s face now in a prideful look, “Of course I have learned it before!”

“My mother is a doctor. Since young, I have been forced to learn a lot of medical knowledge!”

Shi Lei was even more curious now, “Since you know a lot of medical knowledge, why don’t you apply for medical profession but choosing computer profession instead?”

Ling Yumo dropped her head, “I….I myself like the computer!”

Shi Lei naturally could sense that there must be some other reasons but his current relationship with Ling Yumo was still not that close.

If you were to ask now, their relationship was something more than a stranger but still not a friend.

Therefore, Shi Lei took a decisive choice to change this topic and changed the attention back to Li Cai.

“Xiao Cai, if you really want to learn, it is not that I can’t teach you!”

An excited expression appeared on Li Cai’s face.

“Brother Shitou, really?”

Shi Lei smiled, “Xiao Cai, teaching you is not a problem but….”

Li Cai still didn’t realize Shi Lei’s evil plan. Instead, he walked into the trap set by Shi Lei and asked, “But what?”

“From now on, our house cleaning, laundry, watching socks etc, you will be the one in charge of all these!”

Without any moral principle, Shi Lei said his request.

Li Cai bit his teeth. In order to achieve his heroic dream and also able to step forward to protect his girlfriend in future, he could only be patient!

“Brother Shitou, you are so cunning!”

Shi Lei patted Li Cai’s shoulder.

“Rest assured, Xiao Cai. I will train you into the hero of our generation!”

Looking at the way Shi Lei and Li Cai were mixing with each other, Mu Shuang’s eyes were leaking a hint of envy.

After eating, Shi Lei took the initiative to pay the bill. In other words, this meal was on his tab.

However, when Shi Lei asked for the bill, looking at his wallet, there was only three hundred plus left. He began to feel pain in his heart.

Money, this son of b*tch, really made one hate.

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