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HK Chapter 6 – Li Cai? Guess your sister!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Nick0


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Chapter 0006    Li Cai? Guess your sister!

In the evening, Shi Lei brought along the military exemption letter and swaggered into the doctoral dormitory.

Unit 501, a childish man with bright and tender skin was struggling, mopping the floor.

He dragged the mop while whistling a folk tune.

“Today I am proud, today I am proud!”

With that degree of a curl from his mouth, it was not difficult to guess that his mood right now was very good!

The door of unit 501 wasn’t closed. Perhaps it was due to the door exactly opposite of unit 502.

Shi Lei swaggeringly entered and saw the man who was mopping the floor. His face automatically showed a smile.

“Li Cai o Li Cai, this kid, you are so diligent!”


Looking at Shi Lei, Li Cai revealed a bright smile. That chubby face of his, the more you look at it the more you felt that he is more like a cute little boy!

“Hello, are you my roommate?”

Shi Lei nodded.

Laughing happily, Li Cai self-introduced, “My name is Li Cai, these four years in university, we would be roommate then!”

Shi Lei pretended to not know anything, showing his confused face, “I guess?”

(TL= Cai means guess)

“Uh~” Li Cai was embarrassed: “My name is Li Cai!”

Shi Lei continued his act, “You ask me to guess?”

“What so good about guessing a name?”

“Guess your sister!”

That chubby baby face of Li Cai began to turn red. He quickly explained, “My family name is Li, last name Cai. The Cai of guess.”

Shi Lei suddenly showed a realized expression.

“Oh, so your name is actually Li Cai!”

“My name is Shi Lei, Shi of stone, Lei of stone. You can call me Brother Shi!”

Li Cai protested with his weak voice, “Why?”

“Maybe I’m older than you!”

“I should be the big brother instead!”

Shi Lei then showed a disdained look, “Based on my professional observation, you little kid, are definitely smaller than me!”

After he finished his sentence, Shi Lei deliberately talked to himself with a tone which Li Cai could hear.

“Li Cai this kid, with a look like that, perhaps he hasn’t even entered adulthood!”

Li Cai rolled his eyes, “Hey, let me tell you I am already an adult, okay!”

“Two months ago, I am officially an adult!”

Shi Lei laughed out loud.

“Apparently you are an adult now!”

“But, this brother has reached nineteen a long time ago!”

“Xiao Cai, from now on call me Brother Shitou!” (TL=Shitou means stone)

“Within Shuangqing University, Brother Shitou will cover you!”

Li Cai once again rolled his eyes and the very next second, changed to a perverted expression, “Shi Lei, let me tell you some good news!”

Shi Lei didn’t show any great interest, “What good news?”

Pointing at the opposite unit, Unit 502, Li Cai’s both eyes were shining brightly, “Shi Lei, do you know that there are two beautiful women living opposite us!”

“Based on my professional point of view, they are at the level of our school’s flower beauty’s!”

“Shi Lei, if you go knock right now on their door and manage to strike up a conversation, I will then call you brother from this moment on!”

Shi Lei exposed his insidious smile, “Really?”

Li Cai raised his head, showing the look of a man who will keep his promise.

“Of course it is true!”

“Go ahead!”

“I wish you good luck!”

Shi Lei raised his finger and pushed his glasses at the bridge of his nose. He then directly went to Unit 502.

Li Cai who was behind Shi Lei put up his thumb and whispered softly to himself, “Just wait for you to get scolded!”

“Dong dong dong!”

Standing in front of the door of Unit 502, Shi Lei knocked.

From the room, a cold voice echoed.

“I warn you, if you harass us again, we will call the cops!”

Shi Lei was shocked for a moment!

What situation is he in right now?

Shi Lei turned around at looked at Li Cai. Seeing him grinning evilly, Shi Lei knew that he had been tricked!

He was able to guess that it must be this kid Li Cai harassed them before this, seeing these beauty living at the opposite unit.

After glaring at Li Cai, Shi Lei knocked the door again.

“Dong dong dong!”

That same cold voice once again echoed.

“Can you stop bothering us?”

“Don’t think that I don’t dare to call the cops!”


“Think carefully about the consequences of calling the cops, be careful or you are going to be dropped by the university!”

With his indifferent look, Shi Lei continued knocking the door.

As if looking at a real hero, Li Cai’s mouth muttered, “This is talent! This is heroic! Our role model!”

The door of Unit 502, suddenly opened!

A woman wearing a white shirt with long pants glared at Shi Lei with an angered expression.

Even when this woman was at the brim of anger, her beauty was still intact!

Her beauty was like the moon, her bright eyes were like stars and her pinkish jade-like face was coupled with a high nose. Noticing that her moist lips were raised up, obviously at this moment, her mood was extremely bad!

This woman, from her appearance, her height seems to be about 1.7 meters. That appearance of her somehow made Shi Lei feel some pressure.

“Stop bothering….huh?”

“Who are you?”

The woman at first thought that it was Li Cai. Too bad when she opened the door, it was Shi Lei instead. This situation really made her feel embarrassed and awkward.

But she still didn’t show any signs of relaxing.

Hiding behind his glasses, Shi Lei’s eyes noticed the long slender legs of the woman. If he makes any movements which might suggest something else, perhaps what greeting him would be that long legs of hers, without any reserve!

Shi Lei scratched his head with his right hand, showing a silly face.

“This….I’m looking for…..Oh yeah, who are you?”

Although Shi Lei knew that the woman in front of him was the flower of the Department of Business Administration and also the school beauty, also known as Mu Shuang, the cold snowy lotus, that was not something he could mention right?

Mu Shuang’s eyebrows slightly frowned and clicked her tongue.

“You are the roommate of that guy right?”

Mu Shuang pointed at Li Cai and then continued, “Look at his appearance, like a deer-mouse. It is definitely not a good thing.”

“I’m afraid you are also not some good guy too!”

Li Cai cried all over his face, what does she mean by I look like a deer-mouse?

He was clearly a chubby warm hearted guy!

What vision is this!

Shi Lei voiced out, “Nice to meet you. I am Shi Lei. Shi of stone and Lei of stone. You can call me Brother Shitou!”

Mu Shuang tsked for a moment.

“Who would want to call you Brother Shitou?”

Shi Lei smiled and replied, “You are calling me?”

Mu Shuang groaned and turned her body, ready to close the door.

Shi Lei quickly interrupted, “Hold on!”

“What else do you want?” Mu Shuang’s facial expression turned extremely cold with thick frost covering it.

“I am finding Xiao Mo for some matter. Help me call her out!”

“Xiao Mo?”

Mu Shuang pondered for a moment and then suddenly showed an expression of realization.

“Yu Mo right?”

At that time, Ling Yumo happened to pass by the door. Noticing Shi Lei, her face exposed a huge smile.

“Senior, you came!”

Shi Lei then took the initiative to be frank, “Xiao Mo, I am actually not your senior!”

Acting cute, Shi Lei explained everything from the start, except the details when he hacked the school server.

“However, I am still older than you. You can call me Brother Shitou!” Shi Lei said solemnly.

Ling Yumo rolled her eyes and then laughed out loud.

“Good, you lied to me!”

“Shitou Guai!” (TL= Shitou Guai means Strange stone)

“Well, you are Shitou Guai!”

“From now on, I will call you Shitou Guai!”

Shi Lei helplessly said, “Alright, alright. You can call me whatever you want!”

“Xiao Mo, my luggage is still in your house right?”

Ling Yumo nodded, “En, it is inside my room!”

Shi Lei without any reserve began to step inside the house.

Mu Shuang immediately blocked his pathway.

“What are you trying to do?”

Shi Lei answered with a loud voice, “Of course to retrieve my luggage!”

Mu Shuang turned around and looked at Ling Yumo, “Yumo, our girls’ house, how could you let a man enter?”

Ling Yumo stuck out her tongue, “I’m sorry, Sister Mu Shuang!”

“Shitou Guai, I blame you!”

Ling Yumo stared at Shi Lei for a moment and then rushed into her room to pull out the luggage.

“Shitou Guai, here. This is your luggage!”

His heart felt some regret that he couldn’t take this opportunity to enter the beauties’ house but Shi Lei couldn’t insist on doing so.

Being hasty would only bring you disaster!

Such reasoning, he was extremely clear about it!

“Xiao Mo, thanks!”

Ling Yumo raised her little chin, “Luckily you still know how to thank me!”

Shamelessly, Shi Lei asked, “Xiao Mo, why don’t I treat you to dinner tonight?”

“This….” Although Ling Yumo had quite a favorable impression of Shi Lei, to eat alone with him, she was somehow shy, yet worried at the same time.

Ling Yumo turned around and looked at Mu Shuang, “Sister Mu Shuang, why don’t you accompany me, okay?”

Mu Shuang checked out Shi Lei by scanning him up and down, before looking at him with a strange gaze.

“You, I never expect that you kid to act this fast!”

Shi Lei once again acted innocent, scratching the back of his head, “What!”

That frosty expression of Mu Shuang caused Shi Lei to not to be able to move his sight away.

“In order to prevent you from bullying Sister Yumo, I will have to sacrifice myself then and accompany you two for a meal!”

Both eyes of Li Cai stared blankly.

His mouth quietly muttered, “The f*ck! Can it also be like that?”

“Hey, Brother Shitou,  bring me with you for the meal!”

That cheerful chubby expression of Li Cai, with this weapon, he tried to persuade Shi Lei.

Shi Lei smiled and promised so.

“Considering you are my roommate, I will count you in then!”

Li Cai began to bootlick Shi Lei, “Brother Shitou is formidable!”

Shi Lei looked above at the distant sky outside before voicing out, “I know of one hot pot place outside our campus. It is very authentic!”

“Why not go there tonight?”

Ling Yumo came from Shuangqing City, naturally, she won’t be afraid of the spicy hot pot.

As for Mu Shuang, she was from Shenjing City. Shi Lei wasn’t sure whether she is able to eat spicy food or not so he had to ask first in advance.

As for Li Cai, this Chang’an man, he had been ignored by Shi Lei.

“Mu Shuang, can you eat spicy food?” Shi Lei asked.

An eager expression appeared on the face of Mu Shuang, “Hot pot? The most popular specialty of Shuangqing City!”

“I have since a long time heard of this famous hotpot. But our Shengjing hotpot, it is not spicy at all!”

Shi Lei laughed and continued, “Your Shenjing hotpot, to meet your taste there, it just made some adjustments!”

“Let’s go. Brother Shitou will bring you all to enjoy the most authentic Shuangqing City’s hotpot!”

Shuanghu District had a large number of university campuses with more than 500,000 students!

Such a large number of consumers naturally gave birth to quite a number of restaurants, lodging and entertainment industries.

Once you step out from Shuangqing University’s back gate, there would be one whole row of food street!

In his past life, Shi Lei was extremely familiar with this food street.

Which one has good dishes, which one has what specialty, Shi Lei was very clear of them.

Coming out from the doctoral dormitory, Shi Lei was walking at the right side of Ling Yumo. At the left of Ling Yumo was none other than Mu Shuang.

Li Cai that cute and sinister boy had been ultimately forgotten as he was following behind them.

Shi Lei while walking, his mouth kept boasting about himself, “Follow Brother Shitou and you get to eat and drink….”
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