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HK Chapter 5 – I really have an illness!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Nick0


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Chapter 0005    I really have an illness!

TCM department of Beijiang General Hospital, holding his laptop, Shi Lei is using the identity of a retired expert, Guan Chenghua to forge his fake medical records.

2006 Feb 11, an initial diagnosis of suspected ‘Meniere’s syndrome’, proposed usage of ‘Sibelium’ as drug control therapy.

2006 Apr 23, follow-up suggests multiple signs, confirmed the diagnosis of ‘Meniere’s syndrome’.

2006 June 17, another follow-up, proposed ‘vestibular nerve transection’, patient refused.

2006 July 31, patient re-examination, continuing drug control therapy, a sign of nerve self-recovery.

Just four simple medical records and also quite a long interval between each visit. Shi Lei thought for a moment. That retired old expert probably won’t be able to remember it right?

Shi Lei re-checked everything three times and finally hit the ‘Enter’ key.

Medical records had been successfully created!

Gently closing his laptop lid, Shi Lei closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Putting his laptop under his arm, he walked towards the registration counter.

In Beijiang District General Hospital, before getting any treatment, each patient will have to fill in a form with all the details needed.

Well, you only have to fill in your name, sex, age and also department which you want to see. For example, Shi Lei would have to choose TCM.

Holding the form, Shi Lei went to the window labeled number 5.

At the counter number 5, a nurse which is younger than he expected was in charge. Noticing her card tag, Shi Lei knew her name was Zheng Yue.

Shi Lei then handed his form to her.

“Nurse Zheng, I have lost my medical record card. Can you help me to re-apply it?”

Zheng Yue didn’t have any doubts at all. She directly asked, “How often did you come to our hospital before?”

Shi Lei nodded quickly.

“Ah, in this hospital this should be my fifth visit!”

Zheng Yue smiled and said, “Pass me your ID card. I will help you re-print the medical record card.”

Shi Lei laughed at himself and took out his ID card and handed it over.

Through the window screen, Shi Lei was able to see his fake medical records being displayed on the computer screen.

After printing the medical records and paying the fees, Shi Lei took the card, walking away while also bringing the magnetic card of the TCM Department in Beijiang General Hospital.

TCM Department, there was a long queue.

Shi Lei rolled his eyes. Although his hacking skills are top notch, he was still helpless in making these people leave!

After experiencing a long three hours wait, finally, it was Shi Lei’s turn.

Guan Chenghua looked like an old man in his sixties with gray hairs. Raising his head to looked at Shi Lei, he then asked, “Pass me your medical record.”

Shi Lei then handed him the medical record without voicing out anything.

A moment later, Guan Chenghua broke the silence, “Xiao Shi, last time I have already informed you right? Meniere’s syndrome, basically it can’t be cured.”

“Either medication to control it or choose surgery.”

“You choose it yourself.”

Shi Lei dropped his head, pretending to be considering. In fact, he was actually laughing in his heart till flowering blossoms.

Retired ‘expert’, sure enough, he could still remember that Shi Lei came here for treatment!

After keeping silence for a moment, Shi Lei then answered, “Doctor Guan, I am now in Shuanghu District for my university. So, I wish to be transferred to Shuanghu District General Hospital.”

Guan Chenghua coldly sneered.

“Shuanghu District General Hospital?”

“In addition to treating a cold and headaches, what else can they do?”

Shi Lei insisted, “Doctor Guan, there is closer to me. Also, Meniere’s syndrome, there is no way to cure it right? So, isn’t going anywhere for a follow-up would also be the same?”

Seemingly to be hit at the sore spot by Shi Lei, Guan Chenghua once again snorted. Then, on the computer, he printed some specific transfer procedure as prove.

With the sound from the printer doing its work, a moment later, Guan Chenghua then signed the letter. Handing the letter to Shi Lei, he was showing an unhappy expression.

Holding the transfer letter, Shi Lei no longer waited.

He really could no longer stand the disinfectant odor within the hospital.

Spending nearly an hour, Shi Lei finally came back to Shuanghu District. As the time was close to six o’clock in the evening, most doctors were about to get off work.

But, Shi Lei didn’t care!

He was only going through the admission procedure. Also, the medical records were fake anyway. The doctor being there or not is totally unrelated to him!

Entering Shuanghu District General Hospital, Shi Lei directly walked towards the registration office.

This time, there was no one there!

The peak time for registration, that was in the morning session!

Holding out the transfer letter as prove, Shi Lei said, “Hello. I am transferring from another hospital to here. Can I apply for the admission procedures here?”

The small figured nurse at the registration office nodded, “Sure!”

“Register first!”

Shi Lei handed out the medical records from the TCM department of the Beijiang District Hospital as well as the transfer letter as prove.

“I’m from Beijiang District Hospital, transferred here.”

Without even looking at the medical record, the small figured nurse smiled slightly, “You are a university student right?”

“You want us to issue a prove for the military training exemption right?”

“Just directly go to the second floor, military training management room!”

After saying so, the nurse directly returned the medical record and transfer letter to Shi Lei while pointing to the location of the elevator.

Shi Lei was speechless. At the same time, he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Coming out from the elevator, Shi Lei saw at the end of the corridor, there was a room labeled military training management room.

Opening the door of the room, Shi Lei entered. Greeting him was a scene with lots of people!

The guy who was last in the line turned around and looked at Shi Lei. While smiling, he said, “Bro, you’re sick too?”

Shi Lei also responded with a smile, “Isn’t this a medical record!”

“Bro, let me give you some advice. The inspection here is very strict. If your medical records are not too….haha, I advise you to go back!”

This guy who was last in the line even tried to show his warm heart.

With a serious look, Shi Lei said: “I am really sick!”


The guy no longer spoke anything.

Shi Lei was happy to not being bothered anymore. Looking at a man who was standing at the very start of the line, the man was wearing a pair of glasses.

The person who was in charge of military training management room named Liu Bin. From the photo placed on the wall, he is the head of military training management room.

Liu Bin had a look at the medical record of the man in glasses and casually asked, “Is this true?”

The man in glasses then answered with a hint of nervousness in his tone, “Yes, Head Liu!”


Liu Bin coldly clicked his tongue. Soon, he picked up the desk phone and began to dial a number.

“Hello. Is this Head Fei?”

From the phone speaker, a response echoed.

“Head Liu?”

“Yes. I’m Liu Bin from Shuanghu District General Hospital.”

“Nice to meet you, Head Fei. I would like to ask, on your side, is there a student named Chen Liang with neurasthenic syndrome?”

Shi Lei who could hear the conversation clearly, his heart was laughing out loud.

Neurasthenic syndrome?


Why don’t you put having a heart attack instead?

The other side of the phone, the head with sir name Fei, happily responded.

“Hahahaha, Head Liu. Recently our hospital does not have any neurasthenic syndrome case!”

Head Liu expressed his thanks through the phone before turned around and stared at the man with glasses.

“Go back!”

“This time, I will let you off and not inform the school!”

Chen Liang wiped off his cold sweat on his forehead and gratefully left.

At the same time, within the military training management room, about seven individuals followed Chen Xiang’s footstep. They understood that with their medical record, it would not pass the inspection.

At this moment, in the room, only Shi Lei and the enthusiastic guy in front of him were still there.

The enthusiastic guy glanced at Shi Lei for a moment. Raising his head, he walked straight to the counter.

Shi Lei only smiled the whole time. A moment later, the enthusiastic guy was eventually defeated too.

With his dejected face, he walked to the room’s door while holding his medical record. Looking at Shi Lei, he decided to stop and watch Shi Lei’s play.

Shi Lei stepped forward and handed the medical record to Liu Bin before politely opened his mouth, “Head Liu, I transfer here from Beijiang District Hospital.”

Liu Bin raised his hand, “Let me have a look!”

With Beijiang District Hospital’s medical record, transfer letter, as well as the signature of Guan Chenghua, Liu Bin’s face color, was looking a bit better.

“Shi Lei, you don’t mind if I call you Xiao Shi?”

Shi Lei nodded, “No problem, Head Liu.”

“You suffer from Meniere’s syndrome. Why not stay in that hospital then?” Liu Bin began to interrogate him.

Shi Lei had long ago thought of his strategy and leisurely answered.

“Head Liu, Beijiang District is in the center of the city. As for Shuanghu District, it can be considered as a suburban region. From Shuanghu District to Beijiang District, even if there is no traffic jam, the journey would take at least one hour.”

“Plus, I have classes to attend. From my school to the hospital, it would not be convenient at all.”

Liu Bin nodded slightly as a sign of recognizing Shi Lei’s reasoning.

“I’ll give Old Guan a call to clarify the situation!”

To become the head of military training management room, Liu Bin naturally depended on his familiarity with various doctors from different hospitals.

“Hello, is this Old Guan? I am Xiao Liu from Shuanghu District General Hospital!”

Guan Chenghua’s voice came from the phone speaker.

“Xiao Liu? What’s the matter?”

Liu Bin described Shi Lei’s matters exactly like what’s stated in the record and stared at Shi Lei’s face.

With his poker face, Shi Lei even voice out, “Head Liu, help me say my greetings to Doctor Guan.”

From the phone, Guan Chenghua paused for a moment and then continued, “You are saying, Xiao Shi?”

“This child’s luck is really bad!”

“He is still young yet actually suffered from the Meniere’s syndrome!”

“Also, Xiao Shi’s Meniere’s syndrome has reached a very serious condition!”

“Xiao Liu, you try to persuade Xiao Shi to accept surgery!”

Liu Bin and Guan Chenghua chatted for quite some time before hanging up the phone.

“Xiao Shi, I also agreed with Old Guan’s point of view. You can choose surgery to help you!”

“After all, Meniere’s syndrome would greatly impact your life and learning!”

Shi Lei pretended to smile and shook his head.

“Thank you, Head Liu!”

“I still choose to control it with medication.”

Sighing, Liu Bin shook his head and then issued a letter of military training exemption to Shi Lei.

At the corridor, the enthusiastic guy looked at Shi Lei while admiring him, “Bro, you are so badass!”

Then the enthusiastic guy whispered to Shi Lei, “Bro, what channel are you using?”

“I have to fork out a huge price!”

With his grim look, Shi Lei asked, “You really want to know?”

The enthusiastic guy nodded.

“Of course I want to know!”

Shi Lei seemed to be talking to himself: “This new year is really crazy!”

“Some wish to be rich, some wish to get beauty, some wish to be officer….”

“Yet there are some who wish for sickness?”

The enthusiastic guy was caught in surprised, “What do you mean by that?”

Shi Lei solemnly said: “I really have an illness!”

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