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HK Chapter 4 – Forging the medical record!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Nick0


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Chapter 0004    Forging the medical record!

After they received the room key and walked out from the management room, Ling Yumo whispered and asked, “Senior, what is the doctoral dormitory?”

“Xiao Mo, for this question, see for yourself when we reach there!”

Shi Lei familiarly guided Ling Yumo all the way to the doctoral dormitory.

The doctoral dormitory has a total of two blocks. Each one of them has nineteen floors and each floor has six units. Unit number one and two are those with two bedrooms whereas the remaining ones from number three to six have one bedroom each.

In addition to the doctoral students, there are also part time lecturers who live in the doctoral dormitory.

Ling Yumo and Mu Shuang’s unit is 502. Shi Lei and Li Cai’s unit is 501 which is just opposite of each other in the same building.

In the elevator, Ling Yumo expressed her concern slightly.

“Senior, I….”

Shi Lei put up his finger, “Shhh….”

The elevator stopped at the fifth floor. Just to the left after the door opened is Unit 502.

“Xiao Mo, open the door!”

Ling Yumo’s face was blushing. Her heart was struggling whether to let Shi Lei enter or not.

She looked up and noticed that within the bright corridor, two cameras were working. This then let her calm down a bit.


Ling Yumo took out the keys and opened the unit’s door.

Shi Lei just casually helped himself and entered while dragging the luggages.

Ling Yumo followed behind. The moment she walked into the living room, she was stunned!

Within the living room, a simple yet elegant fabric sofa and a glass coffee table occupied an area.

A wall-mounted LCD TV was covered with a protective plastic film. One portable air-conditioner was standing at one corner of the living room. Plus, there was also a refrigerator quietly leaning at another side of the corner.

On the ceiling, simple lighting was illuminating in contrast against the light beige wallpaper which gave people a warm flavor.

Ling Yumo exclaimed, “Senior, what have you done?”

“This…how could this be a student dorm!”

Shi Lei just laughed it off. He didn’t answer but instead said, “Come have a look at your bedroom!”

Ling Yumo’s facial expression kept changing constantly. She half-doubtingly took out the key to open the room door labelled with the letter A.

A bedroom of about 20 square feet and also with a small balcony appeared in front of her eyes!

Within the room, there was a wall-mounted air conditioner covered with a protection layer, a comfortable two-person bed, one large wardrobe and also a nice bedside cabinet equipped with a convenient bedside lamp.

At the end of the bed, there was a computer table with a dark tempered glass surface and a broadband connector.

All of these shown here were more like home suites than student dormitories themselves!

Ling Yumo seemed to be a bit dazed by the scene.

Shi Lei raised his fingers, pushing up his spectacles, “Xiao Mo, let us have a look at the kitchen and bathroom!”

Within the kitchen, there was another balcony where a washing machine was placed. Besides that, a variety of cooking utensils were being displayed in the cabinet including a microwave oven and an induction cooker.

The bathroom was even more exaggerated. Such a large bathroom, there was even a huge bathtub too in it!

Ling Yumo dumbfoundedly looked at these, and then went back to the living room to sit on the sofa.

Shi Lei lazily sat on the other side of the sofa with his legs raised up on the glass table.

“Xiao Mo, satisfied?”

Ling Yumo was somehow angry from the sound of her tone, “Senior, what have you actually done!”

“Are you sure my dorm is here?”

“Dorms with such good facilities, they must have been for the lecturers right?”

Shi Lei shrugged, “You’re right!”

“These are indeed prepared for lecturers especially those who are married!”

Ling Yumo was very tense right now, “Then we have to quickly go search for Sister Zhao and explain the situation!”

Shi Lei just laughed it off.

“Xiao Mo, don’t be nervous!”

“This year, the amount of new intake has increased. Since the student dorms are not enough to accommodate all of them, thus the school has temporarily made such arrangement for two rooms.”

Ling Yumo looked at Shi Lei suspiciously.

“Senior, you are telling the truth?”

“Of course!” Shi Lei patted his chest, “I guarantee you with my integrity!”

Ling Yumo said to herself softly, “Who knows, if you have integrity or not!”

Shi Lei tilted his head, looking at Ling Yumo.

“Xiao Mo, what did you say just now?”

Ling Yumo giggled herself, “Sorry, nothing. There is nothing.”

“O yea, senior. Who is my housemate?”

Shi Lei licked his lips and laughed weirdly with his eyebrows raised up, “You guess?”

Ling Yumo frowned, with a nervous tone, “Senior, it couldn’t….couldn’t be you right!”



Shi Lei clapped.

Ling Yumo’s facial color instantly changed, “Senior…this….this…”

At first, Ling Yumo had some good impressions of Shi Lei but at the moment, all the positive impression had all been destroyed.

Shi Lei stood up, pretending to be like someone looking at a prostitute, “Little chick, from now on you will have to live with this uncle!”

Ling Yumo’s gaze was cold, with a hum she said, “Senior, please show some respect!”

Shi Lei laughed and resumed his mischievous look.

“Alright, alright, I am not going to tease you anymore!”

“Your housemate is a beauty from the faculty of business administration.”

Ling Yumo had really been confused by Shi Lei yet angry at the same time, but that little positive image of him showed signs of recovery.


“Of course it’s true!”

Shi Lei opened his own luggage, took out a laptop and then said, “Xiao Mo, you slowly clean your dorm now!”

“As for this senior, why I am so ungraceful and not willing to help you to clean, it is because I still have some important matters to do.”

“My luggage, I will put it here first. I shall come back later and take it.”

“O yea, regarding this matter of the dorm, don’t tell anyone about it at all!”

Shi Lei put his laptop under his left arm and raised his right hand, showing the goodbye gesture to her.

Looking at Shi Lei leaving the house hurriedly, Ling Yumo somehow felt disappointed in her heart.

But it was immediately washed away by the joy of cleaning her new dorm.

Holding the laptop, Shi Lei arrived at the school library. He was not ready to enter the library as he did not have his student card with him now. Even if he wanted to go in, he won’t be able to leave later!

Sitting outside the library, on a chair, Shi Lei opened his laptop. He then quickly entered into the school server and added the admission notice and his name into the school registration system.

Fortunately, the school registration system which the lecturers from Computer Science Department made was very standard and not with some funny name files like the dormitory allocation.

Before rebirth, Shi Lei is one of the world top hackers. The computer systems done by Shuangqing University lecturers were like a fishing net, full of loopholes!

After perfectly entering all the details into the registration system, Shi Lei whistled himself and closed his laptop to leave.

On the 3rd of September, there will be celebration for the freshmen enrolment. September 4th onwards, the military training for 26 days will begin.

Shi Lei naturally didn’t want to participate in it!

It was not that Shi Lei is not willing to bear the suffering during the military training but during the military training, there was an event which shocked the whole campus.

Shi Lei must definitely stop it!

If he took part in the military training, then there won’t be any chance anymore!

Thus, Shi Lei must not participate in the military training.

However, the military training, it is not something where you could say you don’t want to participate then you don’t have to!

Unless there are medical records which stated inability to participate in the training issued by hospitals and acknowledged by the Shuangqing University, then this military training can be exempted.

In order to achieve his aim of not participating in the military training, Shi Lei needed a medical record!

Shuangqing University is located at Shuangqing City, in the Shuanghu District.Hospitals acknowledged by Shuangqing University are obviously the government hospitals in the district such as Diyi General Hospital.

With some connections, you can still do something behind the scene in Diyi General Hospital. Bribing and falsing medical records to trick the university management, it is not impossible.

But once you are caught doing so, you will definitely be expelled from Shuangqing University!

Shi Lei didn’t want to be expelled when he hadn’t even started the semester.

Taking a public bus, Shi Lei went to Beijiang District to visit the Beijiang District General Hospital.

Beijiang District General Hospital, in the city of Shuangqing, it is extremely famous especially in dealing with hard cases like this one.

Shi Lei sat at a corner of the corridor, a chair which is in the blindspot of the surveillance cameras. Once again, he opened the laptop.

Although this is a general hospital, this hospital is equipped with the latest facilities. Not only that the whole hospital is using magnetic cards, even the medical office equipment are very advanced too.

For example, WIFI network!

Shi Lei activated the wireless network module in his laptop, scanning the hospital’s wireless local area network.

“Hehe, still using WEP encryption!”

Within his heart, Shi Lei was sneering. Relying on the limited power of his laptop, he might still need to spend some effort. However the wireless network encryption mode which is used by the hospital is actually none other than WEP mode which was already outdated as early as ‘03.

Easily breaking through the security of Beijiang District General Hospital, Shi Lei directly started his retrieval of information of different doctors and departments of Beijiang District General Hospital from the background.

“ENT, uh….. I have no problem with my 5 senses!”

“Obstetrics and Gynecology….What!”

“Dental, nope. Disease related to teeth won’t be good enough as a reason to be exempted from military training!”

Shi Lei immediately entered into Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), slowly looking at the TCM department of Beijiang District General Hospital.

The reason why he selected the ancient Chinese treatment which has history of thousands of years is none other that he had his own plan already.

First, the amount of patients admitted to TCM department of Beijiang District General Hospital….Hhaha….is the biggest in the whole hospital. Naturally, not every patient will be remembered by the staff. Thus, TCM department is definitely the best shot for him to get out of trouble.

Shi Lei needed to prove that the forged medical record is a real existence which will be able to withstand any test done to prevent forgery.

The second reason, in TCM, it is extremely difficult to treat incurable diseases. Many such incurable diseases, are extremely hard to be detected with any equipment. TCM just relied completely based on the patient’s description of the symptoms to deduce the illness.

As a result, even if the university management is suspicious, Shi Lei can still pretend to have his disease. Anyway, there is no equipment to prove whether he is faking or not.

From the TCM experts in the department, Shi Lei carefully selected one of the older ones. Retired expert or perhaps one of those with blur vision, maybe!

Old retired experts, in general their memory won’t be as good as the young ones.

After determining the target, Shi Lei began forging his fake medical records.

He naturally didn’t forge one with long medical history. If there is a long medical history, the old ones should still be able to remember him.

Therefore, Shi Lei only forged a medical record of 6 months with a total of only four times treatment. An average of once every one and half month.

The disease chosen by Shi Lei, through the TCM medicine base database, selected out one of them, ‘Meniere’s syndrome’!

This so-called Meniere’s syndrome, the usual signs of it are dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss and nausea.

Meniere’s syndrome is like a lottery disease. This is because there is still no known cause, unknown onset period and even the treatment is not known too. The current recommended treatment is just some drug remission.

Also, the most important point is there is no effective way to diagnose such a syndrome!

All of these perfectly fitted the requirement of Shi Lei!

“Aha, you are the one!”

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