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HK Chapter 3 – Invading the school’s server!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Nick0


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Chapter 0003    Invading the school’s server!

The moment when the computer blue screen appeared, Shi Lei apologetically looked at Zhao Qinghong, his voice was in a deep remorse tone.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…Sister Zhao……I….I didn’t know….There is really virus on my phone.”

Zhao Qinghong sighed, “It’s alright. Student, it is just a blue screen. Luckily, Teacher Zhang is here today.” Zhao Qinghong seemed to be glad, “Students, you two wait here for a moment. I will go find Teacher Zhang who is in charge of the computer.”

The one who is in charge of the computer, Teacher Zhang; his name is Zhang Song. His job is to manage the computer rooms and handling the practical knowledge.

Shi Lei nodded, “Sister Zhao, rest assured. We will definitely wait here obediently until you return!”

Zhao Qinghong was slightly pleased. At least, Shi Lei’s attitude was good. “En, you don’t have to wait long. In about ten minutes, Teacher Zhang and I will return here.”

Having said that, Zhao Qinghong walked towards the direction of the computer room.

Shi Lei who was sitting in front of the computer, with his hands on top of the keyboard, pressed the Ctrl key three times. Instantly, the blue screen disappeared as if nothing happen before!

Ling Yumo who was at the side was shocked by the scene, “Senior, this…..what is actually going on?”

Shi Lei smiled, and then with his right index finger in front of his mouth, “Shhh~”

“Xiao Mo, your admission notice number is 200620100208 right?” Shi Lei’s eyes did not leave from the computer screen; his fingers were busy dancing on the keyboard.

Ling Yumo was once again surprised, “Senior, how did you know?”

“A! Just now when you registered, I have already memorise them! O! It is Block 7, the 6th floor!” Shi Lei’s tone was full of teasing.

Ling Yumo who was standing behind Shi Lei, asked, “Senior, what is with Block 7, the 6th floor?”

Shi Lei then faced the direction of Ling Yumo, “Your dormitory!” His face was very serious, “Block 7 is a building which was left from the previous century with a total of eight floors and no elevator. The staircase is dark, the corridor is damp and the rooms are smelly too. In other words, Block 7 is the worst among all dormitory!”

Ling Yumo listened to the explanation of Shi Lei, she just kept silence and didn’t make any comments; frowning with her eyebrows.

Seeing as his motive wasn’t successful, Shi Lei then added with a mysterious tone, “Xiao Mo, there is also one more matter I want to tell you!”

Ling Yumo was curious, “Senior, what do you want to tell me?”

“According to a legend, this Block 7 is haunted. It is at the sixth floor besides you room!”

Ling Yumo’s face color turned white. She was clearly afraid of such things! Although now is the era of science and technology, it does not mean that there is no presence of superstition though.

“Senior, then what do we do now? Can I apply to change the hostel room?” Ling Yumo asked with an anxious tone.

Shi Lei smiled, “If you want to change the block, especially block 7, through the formal channel, then it will be extremely difficult!”


Ling Yumo’s expression turned even paler. Within her pupils were faint traces of fog.

Shi Lei quickly added on, “Xiao Mo, don’t worry! Although through the formal channel will be difficult, but with some hidden moves, it is simply a piece of cake!” With a positive facial expression, he continued, “Xiao Mo, you stand at the door there. Help me look outside. If Sister Zhao is coming back, then give your everything to cough and walk back here! Understand?”

Ling Yumo was puzzled, “Senior, what are you trying to do?”

“Of course to let you change dormitory!” Shi Lei’s right hand pushed his spectacles in a decent way.

Ling Yumo quickly replied, “I understand!”

Shi Lei then coughed, “Then why are you still standing here? Fast go look outside.”

“Alright!” Ling Yumo sticked out her pink tongue and went to the door, carefully looking at the outside.

From his phone memory card, Shi Lei dragged out a scanning tool and casually scanned the campus network within the school.

“En, my dear school server, I, Strange Stone have returned!”

In his previous life, the vulnerabilities of the school server, from the moment Shi Lei enrolled himself here, it had always been within his grasp. Shi Lei was even more familiar with its vulnerabilities than his own hair. After the scanning tool quickly scanned through the campus LAN server, he was able to smoothly discover the hole in the security of the server.

“Little good boy, surrender faster to this Strange Stone!”

Shi Lei’s heart felt a burst of pleasure as if he had returned back to those green years. O wait, he has returned to those green years!

After finding the school server, Shi Lei then established a new connection. There is no need to invade the campus server at all. He just directly used Shuangqing University’s Vice Chancellor, An Mingye’s administrator account!

“That old An, being in different lifetime yet the password is still the same!”

Shi Lei was ridiculing in his heart. He was able to log in into the school server smoothly by using the administrator account of the Vice Chancellor.

“Where is it!” Shi Lei muttered to himself in a very soft tone.

Ling Yumo who was watching the outside from the door was very tensed, “Senior, what did you say?”

“Nothing!” Shi Lei’s head did not  leave the computer screen. “Continue to watch out for her.”

“The specific data of the new student dormitory allocation program, where is it saved!? Damn this server administrator, to do such a non professional work. Such important data yet you just simply throw it within the server. Even all the file namings are not standardized!”

After spending a full 3 minutes, Shi Lei was able to find a file from the sea of messy files named ‘SP’ from the DB database file.

“Shit! SP= dormitory allocation? Pinyin abbreviations?”

Shi Lei expressed his respect on the standard of this server administrator in a sarcastic way.

After entering the SP database file, Shi Lei, through the search command, was able to quickly find the data of Ling Yumo. Then from the options available, he filtered out those who obtained the best dormitory this year!

“Wow, doctoral dormitory!” Shi Lei was shocked!

Shuangqing University’s doctoral dormitory, usually there will be one bedroom for one unit. Also, the unit will include a kitchen and their own bathroom! Plus, there are units with two bedrooms too.

This time, due to large number of new students registering, after the dormitories allocation, there were still four remaining students. As a result, the originally two units at the vacant doctoral dormitory had been obtained by those four freshies!

Shi Lei quickly removed these four lucky ones, and then put Ling Yumo into one of those rooms. Then, for the other one, Shi Lei picked his old buddies from his previous life through the namelist by filtering them out.

“Li Cai o Li Cai, this kid, even in this life you can’t escape me too. It is your fate to be staying with this big brother!”

Li Cai from Changan, his father is an extremely big shot. Not only is his name is big shot even his occupation is big shot too. His father’s name is Li Aiguo. Changan’s airplane industry’s first director of the research institute! (Aiguo: Love country)

“Good boy, in my last life you were the one who always took care of me. This life, this brother will be the one covering you!”

After finding his own information and Li Cai’s, he then put their name in an unit of the doctoral dormitory with 2 bedrooms. Ling Yumo’s unit is just opposite Shi Lei’s.

“Xiao Mo, who do you want to live with?”

Ling Yumo shook her head, “Senior, you decide it for me!”

Of course what Shi Lei was doing is a violation of the school rules. This action of his obviously made a good girl like Ling Yumo worried yet at the same time, there was a faint feeling of fun too.


Shi Lei showed a OK gesture.

“Let this brother think. Last time all the school beauties, who else! O yea, there is still Mu Shuang the ice sculpture!”

Mu Shuang is from Shenjing, the legend said that her family has a very high status and is extremely powerful. As for whether it is true or not, Shi Lei did not know.


Ling Yumo coughed loudly and quickly ran in small step back into the room. “Senior, be quick! Sister Zhao is back!”

Shi Lei quickly completed the update of the dormitory allocation programs storage and then cleared the traces of him using Old An’s account. Then, the scanning tool was deleted too. Not only that, even the Windows system log which was used to record the usage, all were cleared from the hard drive. Finally, he unplugged the data cable and together with his phone, he kept them in his pocket.

Zhao Qinghong walked into the room at the same time. Following her from behind was a man about twenty seven or eight years old. This man was dressed casually and seemed to be friendly.

“Aha, Sister Zhao, you are finally back?”

Shi Lei with a calm face stood up and with his bright eyes looking at Zhao Qinghong said, “Sister Zhao, the computer recovered!”

Zhao Qinghong sat down with doubt and played with the mouse, “Student, how did you fix it?”

Shi Lei who was still maintaining his smile and said, “After I pulled out my phone and restarted the computer, it was then restored!”

Zhao Qinghong with her big eyes looked at Shi Lei, “Teacher Zhang, I think it is still better to help me have a look at this computer. Maybe there is some hidden virus.”

This man who followed her, is the computer room management teacher Zhang Song.

Zhao Qinghong got up from the seat to let Zhang Song have a look at it. Zhang Song took out a pen drive and inserted it into a USB port. He then copied an anti-virus software which was able to be found in market and did the usual routine inspection. However, Shi Lei’s blue screen which he made just now, was no virus. He was just using the system’s vulnerabilities.

With the technology used by Zhang Song, no matter how formidable it is, it will still be impossible to detect anything.

Moreover, this Zhang Song was not that expert anyway!

Zhang Song quietly stared at the computer screen. Ling Yumo, such a beautiful and attractive girl yet did not have any appeal to him. Shi Lei was not worry even a tiny bit but Ling Yumo was somehow scared. Her breathing was a bit short though. When Shi Lei looked at Ling Yumo, he noticed that she was looking at him too.

“Don’t worry.” Shi Lei used his mouth movement to deliver the message.

Unfortunately, Ling Yumo did not understand the lip language. Shi Lei took a step forward and held the little hands of Ling Yumo which were cold. He then slightly squeezed her hands as a sign for her to relax.

“Teacher Zhang, is there any virus?” Zhao Qinghong asked nervously.

Zhang Song nodded, “There is really virus here, however this virus will not create a blue screen. Instead, it will try to steal information from the Internet. Teacher Zhao, you don’t have to be stressed over this. The blue screen just now, was perhaps due to memory overflow.”

Zhao Qinghong was relieved, “Teacher Zhang, this means that there is not much relation right?”

Zhang Song smiled and replied, “Rest assured, there is no problem!”

Shi Lei who was besides them patted his chest, “Aiyaya, then this is good. Just now, it really scared me to death!”

“Alright, the computer is now back to normal. Student, do you still want to plug your phone to the computer?” Zhao Qinghong looked at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei quickly waved, “No, no, I think it will be better if I do this in an internet cafe. Sister Zhao, you help Xiao Mo to check for her room number first.”

Zhao Qinghong nodded, “Student Xiao Mo, pass me your admission notice.”

Ling Yumo passed her admission notice over. After Zhao Qinghong entered the number of her notice, she then checked for her room number.


Zhao Qinghong was surprised, “Student Xiao Mo, your luck is so good! This year the four places at the doctoral dormitory, you actually occupied one of them!”

Shi Lei said with a smile, “Xiao Mo, congratulation!” Shi Lei turned his head to look at Zhang Song.

Zhang Song was also looking at Shi Lei at the same time. His face was leaking a faint smiling expression.

Shi Lei blinked his eyes, that thumbs up of Zhang Song was indicating his praise.
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