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HK Chapter 23 – Initial capital

Translator: Yorasu 2.0
Editor: Fireclaws

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Chapter 0023    Initial capital

Shi Lei loathsomely looked at the currently raging Ma Yong.

“There are no impossibilities!”

“It is just the technical gap between us!”

“You have much to learn!”

Shi Lei continued to berate Ma Yong, “If you sincerely plead me, perhaps I could promise to teach you!”

Pangs of anger kept flaring within his heart as Ma Yong pointed his trembling right hand at Shi Lei.


Shi Lei coldly grunted, “What you, you? If you’re willing to bet then please pay me. For a poor student like me, thirty thousand is a huge sum of money!”

“So, I hope Manager Ma can fulfil your promise now!”

Feng Ke quietly instructed the technicians there, “Go and examine the server data.”

Several technicians returned back to their seat and began to look through the server.

A few moments later, they were all shocked.


“I remember these files were accidentally deleted by Xiao Chen more than 6 months ago.”

“Never would I expect that it could still be recovered half a year later!”

A technician with a beard pointed at the computer screen as if he had seen a ghost.

Another technician also voiced out, “Yeah!”

“He actually restored back the data from 6 months ago!”

About half an hour later, the technicians finished examining the recovered data and had a small meeting before the bearded technician reported to Feng Ke.

“Chief Feng, all data has been successfully recovered!”

“Even some accidentally deleted data were also recovered!”

Feng Ke’s black face finally revealed a smile.

He grabbed Shi Lei’s hand and shook it hard.

“Mr. Shi, really thanks a lot!”

Shi Lei with his leisurely attitude replied, “Well, you are paying me to solve the problem!”

Feng Ke didn’t mind his attitude. Instead, he clapped three times.

A woman who was about twenty-five years old with a sexy figure came in.

She first threw a flirtatious look at Shi Lei before greeting, “Good day boss!”

Feng Ke opened his hand and the woman immediately handed an envelope to his hand without questions.

“Mr. Shi, you do accept dollar bills right? There is a total of 60,000 here. Half of it is your pay and the other half is you bet with Xiao Ma.”

“I hope Mr. Shi will be forgiving and won’t have any ill intentions towards Xiao Ma.”

Shi Lei took the envelope. Without even looking at the contents, he directly handled it over to Sun Feng.

“Brother Feng, help me hold on to it first!”

Sun Feng smilingly took the envelope and opened it without any reserve. It was exactly 60,000 dollar in dollar bills which could be deposited immediately at a bank.

“Chief Feng, since the data has been restored, we’re still quite busy so we will have to excuse ourselves!”

Shi Lei politely said.

Feng Ke quickly stopped him, “Mr. Shi, it is noon now, let’s go for lunch together!”

It was almost 1 pm now, the right time for lunch.

Shi Lei shook his head, “Brother Feng and I still have things to do. Next time, I will be the one to invite us for lunch together!”

The truth was, Shi Lei, didn’t even have any important matters to complete.

It was just that he didn’t want to mix with Feng Ke too closely.

Also, Huanshi Anfang’s server just recovered a moment ago. Feng Ke had a lot to deal with, so how could he have the luxury for a meal?

Sure enough, Feng Ke didn’t insist anymore, “Alright, then I won’t delay Mr. Shi’s time any longer.”

“Mr. Shi, then let’s meet again next time!”

Shi Lei smiled as he nodded, “Brother Feng, let’s go!”

Sun Feng who was playing with the dollar bills, ridiculed Ma Yong, “Xiao Ma, thanks for this!”

In the elevator, Sun Feng handed it over to Shi Lei.

“Shitou, there is no problem with the bills. You are ready to go to a bank and deposit cash!”

Shi Lei laughed but didn’t reach out to take the bills.

“Of course I know the dollar bills are alright!”

“A CEO of such huge company, how could he dare to give me fake cash?”

“Brother Feng, you keep it first. After all, sooner or later, I will have to give it to you anyway.”

Sun Feng was surprised for a moment, “Shitou, you’re giving me my share?”


Shi Lei despise said, “Brother Feng, stop dreaming!”

“It is just that I need your help to buy me something!”

Only then did Sun Feng understood his intention. Pretending to cry, “Damn you Shitou, you just earned so much yet you’re not giving me a share?”

Shi Lei clapped his hand and pretended to ponder.

“Alright, if Brother Feng said so, then I…….”

Sun Feng joked, “How much are you giving me?”

Shi Lei put up a finger!

“Ten thousand?” Sun Feng roared with his big mouth.

Shi Lei rolled his eyes, “A meal!”

“Today’s lunch, I will pay for the takeaway!”

Sun Feng shook his head. Looking at Shi Lei, he sighed, “To be shameless is also a skill to train for!”

“When you have reached the shameless state of enlightenment, you will be invincible!”

“Shitou, congratulation as you have reached the enlightened state!”

Instead, Shi Lei continued to toy around, “Thanks, Brother Feng for your praise!”

“I will definitely continue to cultivate this art of shameless further!”

The elevator stopped at the third floor. Both of them returned to Flourishing Electronic and noticed that Sun Feng’s workers were having a meal.

Shi Lei opened his mouth, “Brother Feng, we came back at the right time. Just the right moment for a meal!”

Sun Feng laughed it off as he sat down. He was about to announce that today was Shi Lei’s treat.

However, looking at the table, with only a meat dish and soup, Shi Lei continued without reserve, “Xiao Liu, go call a restaurant to delivery some more dishes. Just order whatever you want!”

Xiao Liu subconsciously looked at Sun Feng. Seeing Sun Feng smiling and nodding, he quickly took the phone and began to order dishes.

Finally, with a few more dishes added, were they barely able to enjoy a ‘rich-like’ lunch.

Sitting on the chair, Sun Feng voiced out, “Brothers, don’t be reserved and enjoy your meal as much as you want!”

Shi Lei also spoke, “Brother Feng is right!”

“After all, Brother Feng is about to have a fifty thousand deal, to treat us to a meal is nothing!”

Sun Feng coldly stared at Shi Lei and immediately didn’t speak.

Xiao Liu surprisingly looked at Sun Feng.

Flourishing Electronic is a repair shop and not any sales shop. A business of fifty thousand, that’s a huge sum!

“Congratulation boss!”

The other four staffs also began to bootlick, “Congratulation boss! You’re gonna be rich!”

Then only now did Sun Feng reacted.


“Shitou, you cheap skate!”

“Just now in the elevator, you said you are going to treat!”

With right hand scratching his back, Shi Lei innocently smiled, “Is there such a thing?”

“In the elevator, I thought that I told you to help me building two servers?”

Sun Feng puzzledly looked at Shi Lei, “Shitou, you want the servers for what?”

“The price of a server is not cheap!”

The four staffs and Xiao Liu curiously looked at Shi Lei and Sun Feng. Although they didn’t understand what was happening, the feeling seemed to indicate a pretty large scale transaction!

“Brother Feng, I don’t want a department server or an enterprise class server. I only need a general workstation server!”

“One ordinary workstation and the other one will be a graphics workstation!”

Sun Feng rubbed his hands, “Two workstation servers, the cost is about fifty thousand!”

Shi Lei thought about this, “Brother Feng, help me have a look at them. Try to get a better one for the graphics workstation!”

“As for the other ordinary workstation, as long as the computing power is decent, then it’s alright!”

“Currently, Brother Shitou has money! So scrap the discount and just sell them to me at market price.”

Although the relation of Shi Lei and Sun Feng was good, if Shi Lei kept troubling Sun Feng, then the relationship would eventually become stiff!

Plus the fact that this time, Sun Feng took the initiative to act as guarantor for Shi Lei and Ma Yong’s bet.

Shi Lei’s heart was touched. To thank Sun Feng, he can’t just give the share to Sun Feng as he would definitely reject. That was why Shi Lei said beforehand to not offer any discount.

After lunch, Shi Lei leisurely sat in the store as Sun Feng was on the second floor, looking for acquaintances to acquire Shi Lei’s servers.

There are two reasons as to why Shi Lei wanted to buy two servers.

Shuangqing University’s campus software contest is about to start on the 25th of this month. Shi Lei had promised Li Zhiyue to get a good ranking.

Shi Lei had prepared to write a graphics software. However, the graphical processing power of the computer in his bedroom is not strong enough.

Shi Lei didn’t want to disappoint Li Zhiyue!

Li Zhiyue’s parents are both professors at Shuangqing University. Her father had a dream to nurture a Nobel Prize winner.

But until now, there was no success.

This dream had been passed over to Li Zhiyue.

Therefore, Li Zhiyue joined the education industry and strived to educate each student, hoping that one day, there would be one who would eventually receive the Nobel Prize award.

In his past life, the relationship of Shi Lei and Li Zhiyue was what allowed him to know about this.

“Zhiyue, I will definitely realize your dream for you!”

Sitting on a chair, Shi Lei quietly thought.

The campus software contest, it is co-hosted by Shuangqing University’s department of computer science, Jinyou Software and Zhisheng Internet Security.

Also, all expenses, as well as prizes, were all sponsored by Jinyou Software and Zhisheng Internet Security.

The ranking in the contest would be greatly determined by these two companies.

Zhisheng Internet Security just provided its name in participation but all operations are going to be carried out by Jinyou Software.

In other words, this campus contest is only being organised for Chen Ming!

According to Shi Lei’s understanding of Chen Ming, if he wanted to get a good ranking in this contest, it would be a difficult task for him!

Unless Shi Lei could come up with a valuable software or something else, he probably wouldn’t even be able to enter the top ten.

That was why Shi Lei needed a graphics workstation to design a formidable graphics software.

As for the other workstation, it would be used to recover back the baby which Shi Lei left in his past life.

Every world class hacker would be controlling a supercomputer in their hands.

In other words, without a supercomputer, they would not be worthy enough to be classified as a world-class hacker.

In his past life, Shi Lei had quite a number of supercomputers in his possession.

Shi Lei was once able to possess a supercomputer made in the year 2006. Now, Shi Lei wanted to build this server using the same supercomputer again.

As Shi Lei was in deep thought, a clear voice could be heard.

“Can you guys here handle images?”


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