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HK Chapter 22 – Wager

Translator: Yorasu 2.0
Editor: Fireclaws

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Chapter 0022    Wager

In Huanshi Anfang, Feng Ke, Ma Yong and the technicians, their face turned ugly.

(TL: Feng Ke is the name of Chief Feng if case you have forgotten)


Shi Lei dared to insult them!

Even Ma Yong who had been in this workplace for more than ten years couldn’t help but feel some anger building up.

“Mr. Shi, then you are saying that you would be able to recover every single piece of data in our server?”

Shi Lei proudly nodded.

“Of course!”

“What if you can’t restore it?”

Ma Yong sneered, “Talking big won’t pay your taxes!”

“Just like farting, once you do so, then you could only let it be!”

Shi Lei raised his eyebrows, “If I can recover back all the data, then what?”

“Forget about the apology!”

“Brother Shitou here is not interested in your apology!”

Ma Yong hesitated for a moment but Shi Lei was too young. Young men always believed that they have the best skill!

“M. Shi, then what do you want?”

“After all, Mr. Shi is still a student!”

Ma Yong looked at Shi Lei with a ridicule look. His words were all to belittle the youthful spirit of Shi Lei.

Shi Lei rolled his eyes and looked at Feng Ke, “Chief Feng, I can help you to recover all the data on your server!”

“But considering the current state of your server, the cost of data recovery might be a bit expensive!”

Feng Ke asked without any change in expression, “How much?”

Shi Lei put up three fingers and said it out loud, “Thirty thousand!”

“No problem!” Feng Ke didn’t even blink his eyes.

Shi Lei secretly thought in his heart, perhaps his asking price is too meager?

Although he had a bit of regret, Shi Lei wasn’t the kind of person who would increase the price to his preference. He turned around to look at Ma Yong.

“Manager Ma, how about we bet thirty thousand too!”

“If I am able to restore the data, you will give me thirty thousand!”

Ma Yong hesitated.

Shi Lei laughed, “Manager Ma, you don’t dare to bet?”

“What is there to be afraid of!”

Ma Yong lifted his head and continued in a mocking tone, “However, Mr. Shi, if you fail to do so, how are you going to pay me thirty thousand as you’re just a poor, little student?”

Shi Lei hadn’t spoken yet when Sun Feng voluntarily opened his mouth, “I will pay for Shitou!”

“Although I am just an owner of a small shop downstairs, thirty thousand is still something I can afford!”

Shi Lei was moved as he looked at Sun Feng, “Brother Feng, thank you so much!”

“Shitou, we have known each other for several years. If you lose this time, you will have to help out with the work in my shop!”

Sun Feng scornfully said.

Shi Lei heavily nodded his head.

“Chief Feng, you guys need to step out!”

“I am going to start recovering the data!”

Without hesitation, Feng Ke with all the staff in the IT department as well as Sun Feng stepped out together.

Shi Lei stopped, “Brother Feng, why are you going out?”

Sun Feng was caught in surprise for a moment. He laughed it off and then stayed.

After Feng Ke brought all the staff along out of the room, only then did Sun Feng ask, “Shitou, you brat, are you confident in this?”

Shi Lei laughed as he took out his own pen drive.

“Brother Feng, I thought you already saw my capability last time.”

Sun Feng mumbled, “Last time?”

“Last time, you spend more than four hours to recover that 62 photos?”

“What capability is this!”

Shi Lei rolled his eyes, “Brother Feng, I really don’t know how a guy like you who lacks the knowledge of any technical principles managed to open a computer repair store!”

“Let me tell you. Last time, I used a lot of time because I didn’t have any data recovery software!”

“That four hours period, more than 90 percent was used by me to write the data recovery software from scratch!”

Sun Feng was unsure, “Shitou, what you’re trying to say is that this time you won’t take that much time to recover the data?”

Shi Lei immediately nodded, “Brother Feng, find a computer and go play minesweeper!”

“Meanwhile I will restore the data!”

Shi Lei helplessly nodded. What minesweeper, this brat is so annoying!

Sitting on a chair, Shi Lei opened the server security system. After adding some changes and then using the antivirus software, he successfully eliminated the malicious virus from the server entirely.

Then, plugging his pen drive into the server USB port, he directly ran the ‘Deep Recovery’ software which he wrote.

To be frank, Shi Lei didn’t know how much data had been deleted from Huanshi Anfang’s server.

Even if he is to ask Ma Yong, that guy for sure wouldn’t tell Shi Lei. Instead, he would take that opportunity to ridicule Shi Lei more.

Still, Shi Lei didn’t have any intention to ask.

Although he didn’t know what needed to be restored, Shi Lei had his own ways.

The ‘Deep Recovery’ software which Shi Lei wrote was applied with the latest module of the year 2012.

In this year of 2006, it was like a fantasy!

For example, file deletion timeline technology.

‘Deep Recovery’ software, first off, it would build a timeline for all the dates when a file was deleted.

As an example, file A was deleted on 1st January 2006; file B on 2nd February 2006; File C on 9th September 2006.

Then, the file deletion timeline would have three points, starting with January 1st and ending on September 9th.

As long as he had the timeline, Shi Lei would be able to find out what were the documents deleted during the recent large scale data loss.

The malicious virus definitely would have to delete the actual files in the server first before it started to repeat the replication – deletion loop.

As long as he could find when the specific point of the 1st large scale deletion was, he would be able to use that point as a guideline for retrieving the lost data.

As for after that point, Shi Lei would then randomly recover some files and check whether they were junk files or not.

Huanshi Anfang didn’t use a non-X86 server. Instead, the X86 server used was for department level server.

The so-called X86 server, when compared to a non-X86 server, the main difference would be the instruction set. In other words, their operating system is different.

X86 servers are also commonly referred to as PC servers. Usually, X86 servers would be using an Intel processor and Windows with CISC complex instruction set.

This server has a wide range of applications. Although the compatibility is great with a cheap price, the shortcomings are pretty obvious. Poor stability and safety performances!

Non-X86 servers, generally would use RISC streamlined instruction set and also EPIC parallel instruction code.

These servers were categorized as high-end gadgets!

It is expensive with a closed system. At the same time, the stability is high and it did not lack in performance and security.

It is mainly used for the core business of major enterprises.

For example, the financial industry and the enormous industry of telecommunications!

X86 servers are roughly divided into four levels.

Entry level servers, in fact, when such server are comparable to a personal computer, the performance gap is not huge.

Even some small companies or business would simply buy a high-performance personal computer to act as a server.

Last time, when Shi Lei saw that two monstrous machines, that could be considered as an entry level server.

The second level would be a workstation server.

Although workstation servers are said to be stronger than entry level server, it is still considered as low-end servers!

The third level, medium servers, which is what Huanshi Anfang is currently using, are departmental servers.

This type of server has high performance while at the same time being pricier. Such servers could be found in medium enterprises.

Large enterprises would often use this grade of the server for their departments as well.

As for the fourth level, the enterprise-class servers, in fact, were the true high-end servers.

This level of servers, in general, were mostly non-X86 servers. A majority of them would be using Linux or Unix system.

In the year 2006, only large scale enterprises would use such a server.

While looking at the timeline, Shi Lei began to mumble.

“Such a miser. Such a big company yet only using departmental server!”

“I thought it would be an enterprise server. I can then leave a backdoor for me to borrow its computing resources. Never did I expect it to be trash!”

Sun Feng, who was sitting beside and concentrating on his minesweeper, heard Shi Lei’s grumbling and casually asked, “Shitou, is something wrong?”

Shi Lei quickly replied, “Nothing!”

“The data recovery is about to be completed!”

Sun Feng was shocked for a moment. Looking at the time in the lower right corner of the screen, it had only been a bit over ten minutes.

“That fast?”

Shi Lei was speechless, “This is considered fast?”

“If not because of Huanshi Anfang’s trash security, this would probably take five minutes at most!”

Sun Feng’s eyes shined as he admired at the pen drive plugged into the USB port as if he was looking at a peerless beauty.

“Shitou, such an easy job yet you asked for thirty thousand?”

Shi Lei jeered, “Brother Feng, there is this saying that goes like this: for those that can’t, it is difficult; for those that can, it is not difficult!”

“I have mastered this knowledge. So rest assured!”

“If you let another studio restore it, although they can do so, at least one week is needed. Furthermore, the price is definitely higher than mine!”

“I take a shorter time to recover yet am cheaper than others. Am I not kind!”

Sun Feng enviously looked at Shi Lei.

“Shitou, indeed you guys who understand technology will possess a great future!”

Shi Lei laughed it off, “Brother Feng, you will have your own benefits in a moment!”

On the monitor, the interface of the ‘Deep Recovery’ software had shown a complete recovery.

Pulling out his pen drive, Shi Lei kept it in his pocket and then walked towards the door to shout.

“Chief Feng, it has been completed!”

Feng Ke quickly came over. There was one person who was faster than Feng Ke, that person is none other than Ma Yong!

After Ma Yong ran back into the room, he quickly sat in front of his own computer and began to use an internal management software to search for all sorts of data within the server.

No matter what data he searched for, they were clearly displayed on the monitor!

“This…..How is this possible!”

“It’s only been twenty minutes!”


Ma Yong’s face turned extremely rigid!

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