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HK Chapter 21 – Don’t steal!

Translator: Yorasu 2.0
Editor: Fireclaws

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Chapter 0021   Don’t steal!

Bidding farewell to the mess of Keji University, Shi Lei cleaned up all his records in the Shuangqing University’s server and even went on to further improve the security of the server.

Standing up from his chair, Shi Lei stretched and casually ate some snacks. Not even washing his face, he headed straight to his bed and slept.

The next morning, exactly at 9 am, Shi Lei’s phone rang.

Shi Lei answered his phone in a sleepy manner without bothering to even look at the caller ID.

“No matter who are you, you better tell me something good.”

The person on the other end went silent for a moment before a mocking voice came from his phone.

“Yo, Shitou! Your temper is quite bad!”

“Still in bed?”

Shi Lei opened his eyes, “Brother Feng, what are you calling me so early in the morning for?”

“Don’t tell me you’re here just for some small talk!”

The one who called him is none other than Sun Feng, the small boss of Flourishing Electronic in the Bainao Complex of Shiqiao District.

Sun Feng cleared his throat, “Shitou, I have good news to share with you!”

“Do you still remember Chief Feng?”

Shi Lei recalled for a moment before he finally remembered.

“Brother Feng, what about Chief Feng?”

Sun Feng smiled as he said, “Of course it involves a job for you!”

“Last time, you helped Chief Feng recover some digital photos right?”

“Chief Feng called me just now as he needs a data server to be restored. He is asking whether you’re free or not!”

Shi Lei considered for a moment. Last time, he and Chief Feng already had quite a good relationship there. He even gave an extra tip. Obviously, he was hoping to get paid more for the second request.

Furthermore, it wasn’t bad to earn some quick cash!

Shi Lei didn’t refuse but asked, “Brother Feng, time and location?”

“Today, are you free or not?” Sun Feng immediately asked back.

“From Chief Feng’s tone, this must be an urgent matter.”

“The location is at Chief Feng’s company.”

Shi Lei considered for a moment, “Is Brother Feng coming too?”

If Sun Feng didn’t want to go, then Shi Lei would have to consider. If Sun Feng is following, then he wouldn’t have any worries!

“Shitou, Chief Feng is not going to eat you!”

“You’re already an adult yet you still need me to accompany you!”

Shi Lei laughed it off, “Who knows if he is gay!”

Sun Feng tighten his grip on his phone, “Shitou, such words, it is alright to say that among us but not in front of Chief Feng!”

“Of course. I’m not stupid!” Shi Lei replied.

Sun Feng seemed to calm down, “Alright, I will accompany you!”

Both of them agreed to meet in Shiqiao District.

Approaching 11 am, Shi Lei took the bus and finally arrived at the Bainao Building.

Taking a bus to get here was a tragedy!

More than one hour had been wasted on the bus.

Shi Lei couldn’t help himself but miss his sports car in his previous life!

Walking into the Bainao Building, he headed straight towards Flourishing Electronic. Never did he expect that Chief Feng was already waiting for him there!

Although Chief Feng was smiling, an anxious look could be seen within his eyes.

“Mr. Shi, you’re finally here!”

Shi Lei pretended to complain,”What can I do. From Shuanghu District by bus, it takes more than an hour!”

Chief Feng also understood this and replied, “No problem. We can wait!”

“Mr. Shi, how about we go and have your lunch before you start working?”

Shi Lei shook his head. How could he not notice that Chief Feng was unable to sit still?

“Chief Feng, we better finish the work first!”

“After all, you’re my source of income!”

Chief Feng took a deep breath and said, “Here, please. My company is also in the Bainao Building.”

Shi Lei looked at Sun Feng. Noticing him following Chief Feng only then did Shi Lei smilingly nod.

In the elevator, Chief Feng pressed the button for the 28th floor.

The whole 28th floor was filled with security measures!

Following behind Chief Feng, he secretly nodded in his heart. As expected, this is a company worth more than 100 million, such an imposing manner.

Chief Feng and Shi Lei directly went to the IT department.

As they walked, Chief Feng offered his apology, “I’m sorry, Mr. Shi, for not taking you for a little tour of our company. We will first have a look at our company’s server, to see whether there is a remote chance to restore the data.”

“Then we would have a good tour here!”

Shi Lei didn’t care at all, “The customer is God!”

The IT department of Huanshi Company had more than a dozen staff members busy handling paper materials.

As Chief Feng walked in, a bald middle-aged man hurriedly came over.

“Chairman, hello!”

Chief Feng waved his hand and then introduced him to Shi Lei, “Mr. Shi, this is the head of our IT department, Ma Yong. If there are any problems, just ask him!”

Ma Yong looked at Shi Lei in surprise.

From his outer appearance, Shi Lei seemed to be a 20-year-old young man, just an ordinary guy. He doesn’t even have the vibe of those second generation rich kid.

Ma Yong didn’t understand why Chief Feng called Shi Lei here.

However, since the chairman already said so, Ma Yong reached out with his hand and greeted, “Mr. Shi, hello!”

Shi Lei raised his hand and shook for a bit.

“Manager Ma, hello!”

Ma Yong had a glance at Sun Feng. Since Chief Feng didn’t introduce him, then Ma Yong also was not interested in him.

“Xiao Ma, how is the situation now?”

Ma Yong frowned.

“Chairman, the situation is not good!”

“This time, although our server has not been invaded by an enemy, that mail bomb virus has turned our server into a mess!”

“Almost all the data has been destroyed!”

Chief Feng stared at Ma Yong as he ferociously asked.

“What about our backup server?”

Ma Yong looked down and continued, “ Due to unknown reasons, the data in our backup server all appears to be wrong!”

“We’re still trying to recover the data back!”

Chief Feng shouted angrily, “You bunch of trash!”

Ma Yong could feel cold sweat on his forehead. He didn’t dare raise up his head.

Chief Feng took a deep breath and then said, “Mr. Shi, you’re our only hope now.”

Shi Lei wasn’t modest at all and confidently replied.

“Chief Feng, as long as it is not a hardware problem, I think it shouldn’t be a big problem!”

In the year 2006, to completely remove the data from hard disk, that is still something difficult even today.

The software which Shi Lei had written before could even recover the deleted data at another level.

“Manager Ma, please bring me to the damaged server and I’ll have a look at it!”

Ma Yong raised his head and glanced at Shi Lei.

A sneer could be seen from his mouth, “Mr. Shi, you know how to do data recovery?”

“Why?” Shi Lei smiled and asked, “I don’t look like it?”

Ma Yong coldly grumped, “Mr. Shi, our server data is the fate of Huangshi Anfang.”

“This is not something where you could casually use EasyRecovery and restore the data back!”

Facing Ma Yong who was trying to make things difficult, Shi Lei blatantly counterattacked.

“Wow, Manager Ma actually knows about EasyRecovery!”

“Then, you must have used it before right?”

Ma Yong’s face turned black as he grunted, “Hmmphh!”

“We ourselves wrote our very own data recovery software!”

“And it is now recovering the data!”

Shi Lei continued to ridicule, “Manager Ma, you guys actually developed your own data recovery software!”

“Let me pay my respects to you!”

“So you’re a master!”

“I wonder how the progress of your data recovery is going?”

Chief Feng coldly watched at the side. He chose to stay neutral, not getting in between this scuffle with Shi and Ma.

Shi Lei knew very well that this was a test from Chief Feng.

From Ma Yong’s report just now, Shi Lei already understood the general situation here. The Huanshi Anfang’s server was infected with a mail bomb virus and also the malicious trojan virus which then resulted in data loss in the server.

Shi Lei knew that Chief Feng was also worried about his strength. That was why he was using Ma Yong to test Shi Lei.

Facing Shi Lei’s question, Ma Yong felt like blowing his own trumpet but they actually didn’t make any progress at all.

The mail bomb virus stayed in the malicious program of the server and kept creating trash files to be deleted and then created and deleted again. Thus, it kept repeating in a loop.

It was extremely difficult to restore the data from Huanshi Anfang’s server after being masked by layers of deletion!

“It is currently still recovering!”

With his indifferent face, Ma Yong opened his mouth, “Just wait for a moment and it will naturally be done!”

Shi Lei sneered in his heart. If this guy has a plan, will Chief Feng find him?

“If this is the case, then Chief Feng, I will go back first!”

“I still have stuff to do at school. It would be bad to disturb Chief Feng’s time.”

Chief Feng quickly scolded Ma Yong.

“Xiao Ma, quickly apologize to Mr. Shi!”

Ma Yong totally didn’t care about his face at all. As if it was nothing, with the same facial expression, he quickly apologized, “Mr. Shi, I’m sorry!”

“I hope Mr. Shi will forgive me for offending you just now!”

Shi Lei had long ago noticed the act by these two men. Although he wasn’t feeling great in his heart, he still won’t make his life difficult to earn money.

But, since Chief Feng was trying to play some tricks, then don’t blame him later for not being honest!

“It’s alright, Manager Ma!”

“Let’s go and have a look at the company server!”

Ma Yong walked in front as he led Shi Lei.

A room with more than 100 square feet, that was where Anfang’s company server was currently located. A few technicians wearing safety goggles immediately greeted, “Manager, it’s still not done yet!”

Ma Yong raised his hand to stop them from continuing.

“You all can just leave for now. Chairman has invited a master here!” Ma Yong’s tone had a hint of ridicule. Obviously, there was some dissatisfaction with Shi Lei.

Shi Lei went to the side of the server. Sitting down, he controlled the mouse and looked at the server casually.

“How is it?”

Chief Feng was the first to ask.

Shi Lei didn’t even turn his head, “Although the situation is quite severe, it is still not at the point where it can’t be saved!”

“But then……..”

Speaking of this, Shi Lei looked at Ma Yong for a moment.

“Mr. Shi, what you mean by that?” Chief Feng who was worried about the server data, hurriedly asked.

Shi Lei slowly replied, “Chief Feng, your company’s technicians are so talented!”

“Although they seem like professionals, their lack of skill caused a mediocre attempt to resolve the problem. There simply is a lack of work ethics!”

“This was originally a problem easy to solve but after they tried to solve it, it became more serious!”

Chief Feng frowned as he stared at those technicians.

“Mr. Shi, can the data in server be saved?”

Shi Lei nodded, “It’s possible!”

“Chief Feng, rest assured!”

“I can start to recover it now but I have a request!”

Chief Feng unwillingly asked, “What request?”

“Chief Feng, this is not a difficult request.”

“I just hope that your technicians can get lost!”

“If not, they might steal my techniques!”

Lets welcome our new editor, Fireclaws. I’m glad that we are finally able to get a permanent editor for this project. Time to concentrate in translating this wonderful web novel 🙂

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