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HK Chapter 20 – More than 5 million economic loss!

Translator: Yorasu 2.0
Editor: Hashimishi

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Chapter 0020    More than 5 million economic loss!

Keji University, within the campus server, Shi Lei sent out all thirty two corresponding IP address and dormitory address. Those thirty two members from Computer Society stopped attacking at once!

Chen Feng muttered in the voice chat channel, “Who is this guy?”

“It’s impossible for him to be a student from Shuangqing University!”

“How can a student achieve such degree?”

Xiao Bai replied, “Vice president, what you said is true!”

“In such a short time, he was able to track all 32 IP address!”

“This is too unimaginable!”

“O yea, vice president. How did you guess that the foe is from Shuangqing University?” Xiao Bai casually asked.

Chen Feng calmly bragged, “Xiao Bai, before you called me, I traced the foe’s IP address. Indeed it is from Shuangqing University’s server!”

In the voice chat room, curses started to come out.

“That grandson from Shuangqing University?”

“Vice president, since when were they so formidable?”


Chen Feng also voiced out, “I guess it’s impossible too!”

“Those Shuangqing brats from Department of Computer Science, they are all garbage!”

“We have trampled upon them for two years. How could we not understand about their capability the best!”

Xiao Bai hesitated: “Vice president, perhaps it could be new students in Shuangqing University?”

Chen Feng pondered for a moment.

“New student?”


“New student should not be that skillful!”

In fact, in Chen Feng’s heart, there was another idea.

Perhaps it might be some master capturing Shuangqing University’s server and use it as a proxy to browse in Hacker Alliance site.

Thinking of this, Chen Feng couldn’t help but to feel depress.

Why was his hand so itchy!

Just because he saw an IP address from Shuangqing University, he just rushed over without thinking!

This time it is a huge disaster!

He brought upon a formidable master here!

Seeing that there was no response from these thirty two people, Shi Lei continued to pressure them by posting a statement in the forum.

“Hey little trash who tried to attack me from Hacker Alliance?”

“How come you are still not willing to come out?”

“I will give you one last chance. State your real name, class and department in school forum; apologize to your daddy!”

“Otherwise, I will make sure Keji University has a nice drama!”

Once his statement was updated on the forum, Shi Lei shook his legs while humming.

“Little slag, you dare to attack Brother Shitou!”

“Brother Shitou will give you a nice lesson!”

Keji University, in the voice channel of Computer Society’s members, Xiao Bai reported, “Vice president, the foe is sending his provocation again!”

“What should we do?”

Looking at Shi Lei’s provocation, Chen Feng’s mood was extremely complicated.

Fortunately, the other party didn’t know about his identity; at the same time he was mad. Why must a master be so short tempered to keep bothering him?

Chen Feng cleared his throat, shamelessly opened his mouth, “Just now, anyone here went and challenged this master in Hacker Alliance site?”

Such shameless thing to say, Chen Feng is a typical kettle calling a pot black.

In the voice channel, everyone was in silence.

Xiao Bai curiously asked, “Vice president, we really have to apologize to him?”

“Those guys from Shuangqing University would definitely laugh at us!”

Chen Feng confidently replied. “Why must we apologize!”

“I just want to know what’s the ID of this foe in Hacker Alliance!”

“Then I will ask my friend to help finding the identity of the foe from Hacker Alliance!”

Xiao Bai let out a sigh of relief.

If Keji University is to give in, then all their two years plus glory would be all gone!

Shuangqing University’s forum, a guy went and reposted the situation of Keji University’s forum here.

The admin of Department of Computer Science went ahead to pin the post so that it would appear at the very top of forum.

For more than two years, Department of Computer Science in Shuangqing University was not a reckon force, often defeated by the other side which resulted in an extreme low status for them.

This time, the attack in Keji University’s forum was spread like wildfire by those from Shuangqing University’s Department of Computer Science.

Students from other faculties too were taking their chance to add wood into fire due to the deep hatred between both universities.

A large number of Shuangqing University’s students went to Keji University’s forum and registered account there. Then on the one and only post, they posted a variety of cursing and condemning remarks.

Not only did Shi Lei didn’t stop them, he even went to create a second post.

“This post is only for Shuangqing University!”

In his super authority account, Shi Lei set up to only allow those from Shuangqing University’s IP address to reply in the post.

Once this post was updated, Shuangqing University’s students were all cheering up.

Under the post, comments like ‘Shuangqing University number 1’, ‘Keji University is garbage’ etc were left.

A large number of Shuangqing University’s students went ahead to save the screenshot of the forum.

Looking at the messy state in the forum, Chen Feng was mad till he nearly vomited blood!

The foe was really too wicked.

The members of Computer Society all kept their silence.

Students from other department began to slice their own people’s heart, scolding their computer department being too useless!

If you don’t have ability, then don’t provoke people!

If you have provoked then find ways to protect yourself!

Shi Lei looked at the time. It had long ago passed his deadline but the one he hunted still didn’t take the initiative to step forward.

“So he is just a coward!”

Shi Lei said so himself and began typing on his keyboard.

Keji University, there are many areas which use the application of computer network in order to show the strength of the campus hardware.

For example, every dormitory Internet access is allocated via LAN under the control of campus server.

When students online, generally there are two kind of billing methods.

One of them is monthly fees. You have to pay a certain amount of fees and then within a month, you can freely use Internet.

The other method is calculated by hour!

To get access to campus LAN account, students would have to use their own student ID number.

Shi Lei invaded into the campus broadband billing system and sinisterly smiled.

In his past life, those bastards from Keji University went and posted Wosang Empire’s porn on Shuangqing University’s forum.

Yet, the leader from Keji University actually had no response on this!

That time, Shi Lei was extremely angry without doubt!

But, Shi Lei’s skill at that time was not as godlike as his current skill.

The campus broadband  billing system database was also stored in the server. Shi Lei directly searched the server database and found the billing system data.

Shi Lei didn’t delete the data. Instead, he changed the data that everyone has paid three months in advance for the Internet.

After modifying the data, Shi Lei immediately deleted the database backup.

Then, he announced what he did in the forum.

The students from Keji University who originally cursed Shi Lei suddenly cheered up.

Three months of free Internet, this is good news!

In contrast to other students, Chen Feng’s face turned pale!

This move of Shi Lei was really too harsh!

The Internet fee of Keji University is 90 dollars per month. With more than 20,000 students multiplied by three months, that is a revenue more than 5 millions!

Such income, it is impossible for Keji University to get it back!

The number of people involved is too huge!

The scope of influence is too great!

If the leader of Keji University dares to cancel the monthly payment, then nobody can guarantee if those more than 20,000 students will revolt or not!

If the public is angered, then the situation would be a mess!

Shi Lei casually typed and harassed those thirty two people.

“I know it is one of you guys who tried to attack me!”

“It is alright if you don’t want to admit!”

“This daddy has given you a punishment!”

“Enjoy it then!”

After cutting off the connection of those thirty two people, Shi Lei began to erase every single trace he left in the server.

This time, he had mercilessly caused Keji University to have more than 5 millions economic loss. This is no joke, so Shi Lei didn’t want to leave any trace behind.

If Keji University is able to get any clue, then he would be in deep shit!

Not only would he be dropped out from university, he would also be charged for public riot and sentenced to X years of imprisonment.

Thus, when Shi Lei was cleaning up his traces, he did it very carefully.

After completing his spring cleaning, Shi Lei viciously placed an information bomb.

Once the other party managed to get back full control of the server system, the information bomb would be triggered, causing the server to be in a mess.

Shi Lei just retreated at the moment when lecturers from computer department of Keji University as well as the leader gave up their holiday, returning to campus.

The dean of computer department in Keji University, his name is Huang Qiulin.

Dean Huang’s strength was not bad. The reason why Shuangqing University was never able to defeat Keji University was closely related to Huang Qiulin working behind the scene.

In his past life, Huang Qiulin is no doubt, one of those Shi Lei hated the most!

In the conference room of Computer Society, all lecturers and thirty two members were all present.

Huang Qiulin with his angry expression hit on the table hard.

“What on earth is this?”

He had already planned on such beautiful National Day, he was going to travel to Hong Kong. Even his ticket and passport had already been prepared.

Never did he expect that such incident would happen in campus!

All the lecturers lowered their head. They were also on vacation, who knew what exactly happen here!

On the table of Huang Qiulin, a notebook was placed on top.

With his notebook, he browsed through the school forum.

Although Shi Lei had retreated, Chen Feng and co dared not modify the school forum nor tamper with the server since this was a huge incident.

They could only let Huang Qiulin personally reviewed them.

After reading the school forum, the cup on the table was forcefully thrown to the ground.

“Shuangqing University!”

“You have such huge balls yea!”

“Dare to bully my Keji University!”

Shi Lei modifying the Internet monthly service, such action had caused Keji University to lose more than 5 millions. This is an astronomical figure!

Feeling headache, Huang Qiulin rubbed his temple. Even he himself didn’t know how to deal with this!

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