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HK Chapter 2 – God has given me an opportunity to be a good man

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Nick0


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Chapter 0002    God has given me an opportunity to be a good man

I just wanted to be a good man, why am I not given the chance?

Shi Lei who was standing in front of the Shuangqing University, let go of his luggage and slightly raised his head as he opened both arms. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath.

“God has given me the chance to be a good man!”

Shi Lei didn’t know that this chance was not granted by God; instead it was granted by that mysterious cluster of purple light.


While Shi Lei was embracing the sky, enjoying his rebirth, he was suddenly hit by someone. The sound which came from his back was a female voice.

Shi Lei quickly turned around; noticing that a girl fell on the ground.

This girl has a black shoulder-length straight hair with a standard bob hairstyle. A pair of bright eyes in which traces of timidness could be found within. She was apparently shy. Her eyebrows wrinkled and showed a painful expression on her small delicate face. On her upper body was she wearing a white cotton shirt which brand was unknown. However, the material seemed to be not that bad from the way it looked. As for her slender long legs, she was wearing a pair of jeans.

Shi Lei looked at this girl in front of him. His eyes lit up.

Unexpectedly it is her!

Shuangqing University Department of Computer Science’s flower, also at the same time, the prettiest one among the flowers – Ling Yumo!

Shi Lei exposed an embarrassed expression and said, “Are you alright?”

Ling Yumo immediately shook her head, “I’m sorry, I…..I was staring at the map just now, I didn’t……didn’t notice you.” Ling Yumo’s voice was so timid as if she was an injured little kitten. As for Shi Lei, he is obviously a ferocious wolf!

Shi Lei was surprised for a moment and recalled back his past live. According to the information of Ling Yumo, her sense of direction was not that good. To be more frank, she is a girl with poor sense of direction.

Shuangqing University covers a wide area. Thus, between each department, the distance between them is not that close at all.

Shi Lei happily squatted down, both hands holding the arms of Ling Yumo and helped her getting up. The soft sensation from the touch made Shi Lei’s heart throbbing faster.

A trace of redness emerged on Ling Yumo’s delicate cheek.

Shi Lei acted naturally, releasing his hands, “If I did not guess wrongly, then you must be a new student of the Computer Science department, right?”

“You, how did you know?” The small pinkish lips of Ling Yumo opened up, looking at Shi Lei with a shocked expression.

Shi Lei of course won’t say that he was reborned and already knew her since his past life.

“Shuangqing University Computer Science department is at the deepest region of the campus. Almost all the freshman would be cheated by buying a map of Shuangqing University campus!” Shi Lei pointed at a place not far away, a middle aged man was busy selling maps of Shuangqing University.

Ling Yumo nodded her head, her pair of shining eyes were as if there was a faint star in between them.

“You are so smart!”

Shi Lei used his right index finger to push his spectacles and extended his right hand, “Hi, my name is Shi Lei! You can call me Stone, Brother Stone, or even Strange Stone.”

Ling Yumo’s pinkish lip revealed a beautiful curve.

“Senior Shi Lei, hi, I am Ling Yumo. You can call me….Xiao Mo….” Between her cheek, again two red clouds appeared.

Shi Lei laughed out loud. He did not reveal his secret of his being reborned.

“Xiao Mo, since you have called this man your senior, then this senior will take you then to register!”

Ling Yumo slightly nodded her head. With her head down, she replied with her soft voice, “Thanks senior.”

Shi Lei took the initiative to carry the luggage of Ling Yumo. One luggage on each hand and while dragging the luggages he then voiced out, “Xiao Mo, come here! To go to Computer Science department, this way is much shorter compared to the one on the map!”

While Shi Lei was guiding Ling Yumo, she noted the shortcut down on the map. After spending about 20 minutes, they finally reached the counter at Computer Science department for registration.

Shuangqing University registration, you need to pass through several counters for different departments to  register. As for the Computer Science department, there were a total of four receptions. Besides the first reception being handled by a dinosaur-like senior sister, the other three counters were all handled by thirsty and hungry senior brothers!

The so-called welcoming junior event was of course to serve the purpose of getting closer to these freshmen.

These hungry yet thirsty seniors were all very keen on this matter!

Afterall, during the registration time, there will be the need to fill in the admission form which meant that a lot of personal information will be disclosed!

Among the four receptions, the dinosaur-like senior sisters counter had the longest queue. There were about twenty to thirty girls lining up there. As for the other three hungry senior brothers, there were only about two or three little kittens.

Shi Lei and Ling Yumo walked to the front of one of thirsty senior brothers. These hungry seniors were looking at the eyes of Ling Yumo, as if they were starving wolves staring at a little white goat.

“You two, don’t try to compete with me! This high quality little girl, she herself took the initiative to come here!”

The other two hungry yet thirsty seniors, curled their lips, “Look at the one beside her, you sure that he is not her boyfriend?”

After reaching the reception counter, Shi Lei let go the two luggages and said, “Alright, stop admiring the beautiful girl. Quickly help this pretty girl settle her admission procedure.”

These seniors glanced at Shi Lei and grumped, “Do you need to remind us?”

Shi Lei did not mind their words. He turned around and said, “Xiao Mo, come here and fill in the admission form.”

“En, thanks senior.”

Ling Yumo obediently sat on the chair prepared at the reception counter and carefully filled in the admission form.

Sitting opposite of Ling Yumo, these few seniors were staring fixedly at her.

Shi Lei coughed, “Brothers, let me remind you. Why do you all keep staring at my girlfriend, that is not a good manner.”

These hungry and thirsty seniors were caught in a surprise for a moment, looking at Shi Lei in a unbelievable expression.

Ling Yumo’s face blushed, as she protested in a very soft tone, “Senior, what nonsense are you talking!”

Shi Lei who was standing behind Ling Yumo, suddenly extended his hand and held on Ling Yumo’s right hand and halted her action of filling in the form.

“Xiao Mo, this admission form, you don’t have to fill it in that carefully.”

Ling Yumo was puzzled, “Senior, why so?”

These seniors were staring at Shi Lei unwillingly; their hearts were filled with anger.

“Damn, this beast has taken the first step!”

“Hehe, these admission forms, there are only two informations which you need to fill, your name and admission number. As for the ID number, mobile phone number, QQ account, hobby etc, those are obviously them trying to dig for more information of new students!”

The two seniors besides them laughed, “Yo, Wu Ming, you have met an old bird!” Wu Ming is none other than the senior sitting in front of Ling Yumo.

Wu Ming bitterly smiled at Shi Lei, “Hey, brother. Which course are you in?”

Shi Lei smiled, “The Department of Computer Science, the batch of 2004!”

“So it is senior!” Wu Ming is a second year student from the ‘05 batch. He stared at Shi Lei with malicious intent, “Senior, the girls from our batch have all been taken by you guys. As for the ‘06 batch, they should be left for us!”

Shi Lei shrugged his shoulder and patted Wu Ming’s arm.

“Brother, then you have to work harder!”

Ling Yumo glanced at Shi Lei, stood up and with her soft tone and said, “Senior, where are we supposed to go now?”

Shi Lei pondered for a moment before he laughed it off.

“Xiao Mo, do you live in the campus or..?”

Ling Yumo was still not aware of the malicious word of Shi Lei and asked in curiosity, “What’s the difference?”

“Well, if you live in the campus, we will then have to go to the dormitory. If you want to rent a room outside of the the campus….”

Ling Yumo protested coquettishly, “This hateful senior, I live in dormitory!”

“OK, come here then!”

Shi Lei once again carried along the two luggages and headed in the direction of the dormitory. When they were halfway there, Shi Lei stopped and voiced out, “Xiao Mo, wait a moment. This senior wants to reply to a message!”

The mobile phone of the year 2006, the mainstream was still Nokia. And the one Shi Lei is using was indeed a model of Nokia. While holding his phone, he quickly opened a notepad and then entered a string of codes. Without even one minute passing, Shi Lei placed his phone back in his pocket and smiled, “Have I made you wait for long?”

“It’s alright, senior.” Ling Yumo smiled warmly and took the initiative, “Senior, which dormitory are you living in?”

Shi Lei pretended, showing a depressed expression, “I still do not know!”

Ling Yumo was puzzled, “Senior, don’t tell me that after the holidays you have even forgotten your own hostel?”

“Of course not!” Shi Lei explained, “In fact, during the holiday, I have received an e-mail notification from my mentor which informed me that the hostel has changed and I have to ask for the latest one when the school reopens!”

“So it is like that!” Ling Yumo replied while not exactly understanding it.

They continued walking for about seven to eight minutes and then reached the dormitory area. The number one room of the first floor is the management office of the dormitory. All new students had to give their admission number there to acquire their hostel address.

At the management office of the dormitories, a middle aged woman who had undergone her menopause was sitting in front of a computer. Shi Lei and Ling Yumo walked into the room.

The menopausal woman noticed both of them entering and said, “Give me your admission notice.”

The moment when Ling Yumo was about to take out the notice and pass it to the menopausal woman, Shi Lei immediately stepped forward and revealed a bright smile.

“Sister Zhao, hello!”

The administrator of the dormitory office, named Zhao Qinghong was exactly this menopausal woman in front of Shi Lei.

Zhao Qinghong glanced at Shi Lei. Since Shi Lei had called her Sister Zhao and not Aunty Zhao or even Grandma Zhao, this really made her have a very good impression on Shi Lei.

“Is there any problems? Student, don’t tell me you have misplaced your admission notice elsewhere?”

Shi Lei repeatedly shook his head and smiled, “Sister Zhao, it is actually like that. During the holiday, the quartermaster had informed me of my room being changed. However, I could not recall the number of my new room which the quartermaster told me.”

Zhao Qinghong frowned, “You are old students? This is not an easy matter to handle. What is your student ID number?”

Shi Lei scratched his head, with an embarrassed smile as he replied, “Sister Zhao, my student card, I have lost it during the holiday!”

Although Zhao Qinghong had a good first impression of Shi Lei, she still could not help to voice out her complain, “Student, this is really difficult to handle.”

“Sister Zhao, there should still be some information about my dormitory number left in one of the files on my phone.” Shi Lei then continued, “Sister Zhao, can you let me use your computer for a while? Let me connect my phone to the computer to take out the file.”

Zhao Qinghong considered for a moment and asked, “Student, will there be any viruses within your phone? Today is afterall a registration day. Many students need to check their hostel number. If there is any virus on it then this will be troublesome!”

Shi Lei deliberately frowned, “Sister Zhao, I….I also don’t know….or else…..lets not look for it then!”

Zhao Qinghong’s heart softened by his words, “Well, forget about it….even if there is virus, it still does not matter.”

“Thank you Sister Zhao!” Shi Lei continued bootlicking Zhao Qinghong, “No wonder everyone says Sister Zhao is kind hearted!”

Zhao Qinghong smiled and said, “ As long as I can help, I will definitely do so.”

Shi Lei took out a phone data cable and inserted the head on the USB port.

“Ding dong~”

The speakers emitted the sound of the USB connection and then…

The computer screen directly went to a blue screen!


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